Everyone must get out on the streets Friday on every country on earth to stop genocide, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth to
stop genocide and reclaim international law and human rights

International law and international system are ending to
serve special interests. Some people said it was ended long ago. But what
is happening now is truly spectacular. 4000 tons of bombs dropped on 2.3
million people while denying them medicines, food, water, electricity and
fuels. By the internationa law on paper this is a war rime and crime
against humanity and is a violation of the International Convention on
Genocide. This is what is supported by the US, Egland and France.

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth to
stop killing for profits

Israel is one of the biggest arms exporters and its elites profit
handsomely from this industry (companies like Elbit). The colossal military
failure Israel suffered from the breakout of the imprisoned people o
Gaza out of the largest open air prison.. Succeeding in overcomng this is
bad for business, a publuc relations disaster. That is why the Zionist
lobby went crazy and managed to even get the US to send an aircraft carrier
and the French government to issue directives prohibiting speech against
Israeli apartheid or support the colonized people in their legitimate
struggles for freedom.

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth to
challenge the lies and the distortions

Some people are still focused on the symptom and asked for data/sources
relating to Hamas action in their breaking out of the Ghetto/concentration
camp of Gaza (2.3 million people most of them refugees). Even though I
really think the conversation should be steered elsewhere (like why do we
still have refugees in Ghettos 75 years after ethnic cleansing and not
allowed to return home), here goes: Here is a video that shows Israeli
forces firing at Hamas militants with Israeli party goers caught in cross
fire so it is not true that shooting at party goers was a slaughter of
unarmed civiliasn as told to us by the Israeli media for that particular
incident https://twitter.com/FiorellaIsabelM/status/1711795219916636662
Grayzone investigates origin of the dubious 40 babies killed by hamas, some

Source of dubious ‘beheaded babies’ claim is Israeli settler leader who incited riots to ‘wipe out’ Palestinian village

also see https://theintercept.com/2023/10/11/israel-hamas-disinformation/
US President Biden said he saw pictures of atrocities including beheadings.
When challenged to reveal the pictures, White House spokesman said we had
no such things and we do not have independent verification beyond what the
known liar Netanyahu told them (even 90% of Israelis distrust Netanyahu in
a latest survey). Hamas vehemently denied that its fighters targeted
civilians in this incursion. See also

No Proof of Beheaded Israeli Babies: White House Backtracks on Biden’s Comments – BREAKING

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth to
stop the dehumanization and attempts to demonize people.

In South Africa they tried to demonize the struggle against apartheid by
picking and choosing certain actions of one or two of the factions in that
struggle. They imposed apartheid but it never reached this level of
destruction and dehumanization. You cannot use real or imagined Hamas
atrocities to dehumanize 15 million Palestinian yearning for freedom.
Occupiers/oppressors do not have a right to “self-defense” and
International law says oppressed people have a right to resist by the
methods they choose. Israeli racist colonial settlers try to peddle
oppression by playing on emotions and to justify the ongoing genocide in
Gaza where some 500 children where murdered so far in six days and whole
neighborhoods flattened and half a million left their neighborhoods being
bombed. Israeli leaders proudlty explain this as collective punishment
against a whole population. Even here in Bethlehem (largely Christian
area) and other ghettos left in the West Bank we are denied freedom of
movement, freedom of education etc.. No matter how you/I think of Hamas,
apartheid Israel killed literally 100 times more people (99% civilian) than

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth to
say we can and must stop genocide now.

The Zionists now (egged on by Western support) are engaged in literal
genocide (denying food, water, electricity and carper bvombing Gaza like
never before). Zionism aimed to create a Jewish state in a land that was
97% not Jewish. The native people of Palestine were to be ethnically
cleansed. 8 million of us are thus refugees or displaced people. Demonizing
us was done before. Massacres were committed before (over 120,000 killed).
But carpet bombing and denying food, water and medicines on such large
scale has never been done before. Its aim is nothing less than genocide.

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth to
insist on truth, independent investigations, and implementation of
international law

Palestinians have always called for independent investigation. In fact all
human rights organizations described Israel as an apartheid state. We also
called for international protection
and implementing all relevant UN resolutions especially the one calling
for refugees to return home.

Everyone must get out to the streets Friday on every country on earth

A global uprising is needed now—The future of humanity is at stake.

Mazin Qumsiyeh
in besieged Bethlehem