Freeing Jules, by Ray Zwarich

Copied below are the comments I attached to two different article concerning our courageous journalist and hero, Julian Assange. One was published by Consortium News, and one by ScheerPost.

Hope all are well and strong

Simius C


My comments:

People like Joe Lauria, mentee of one of the greatest journalists our nation has ever produced, Robery Parry, now running one of our best alt-media sites, Consortium News, (which the late Mr. Parry founded), may remember that many months ago, probably a year or more, maybe even two, I thought it was possible that the morally demented Elites who run the US Empire might release Julian Assange, if only to prevent him from rising to the status of ever more widely revered icon and/or martyr. Their point was adequately made, it seemed they might think. They had, at that point, cruelly tortured his life to such a heinously and barbarically depraved extent that they might think that an adequate deterrent effect had been achieved.

More recently, others have entertained similar speculation, that the Evil Empire would unlock Jules’ dank dungeon cell, figuring that they’d done enough already, by torturing him for these long years, to deter others from following his courageous example, and that allowing him to become a more widely revered icon or martyr, (he’s reportedly in poor health and could die in his dungeon cell), could only be counter-productive to their own evil designs.

But with this latest major ‘leak’ of the Empire’s dark, evil secrets, (I’ve heard it being called the Discord Leak), revealing to all the depraved extent of their constant self-serving lies, I don’t see how they could possibly release Jules now. Doing so would comprise an admission that keeping their evil deeds secret is essentially impossible. The Ruling Elites who run the US Empire are in a fatally difficult position, after all. Their “Empire of Lies”, as Mr. Putin dubbed it, is built upon such a precarious web of inculcated delusions among the population, which they have built through decades of lying propaganda, that it IS, in fact, impossible now for them to keep the winds of truth from sweeping their “house of cards” away.

But what else can they do? They have to try.

These evil, lying Elites are sweating bullets. They are in an increasingly desperate and rapidly deteriorating position.The Empire is indeed built upon a sandy foundation of utter lies, of course, and it cannot continue to function if the peon functionaries it must employ to accomplish its objectives make a habit of exposing its lies. The peon functionaries, by the very nature of the functions they perform, cannot be prevented from being aware of the lies. In the long run, too many people will not hold to induced bonds of patriotic loyalty to a regime that they can see is rooted in lies and evil deeds. How else but by threat of heinously barbaric torture can such potential whistleblowers be prevented from exposing proof of what they know?

It seems more likely now that as the Evil Empire seeks to wreak more torture on this latest heroic whistleblower’s  life, they will be forced to double down on their torture of poor Jules.

Thus there is bitter irony to chew on here. Jules’ own example of heroism has inspired yet another heroic soul to follow that example. Thus he has again succeeded, even while locked incommunicado in a dungeon cell, in advancing his own courageous agenda. He has again struck a deep wounding blow on the Evil Dragon, even while growing weak from the barbaric conditions of his tortures. But the bitter irony that we, and he, must chew on is that his very success is likely to bring yet more barbaric torture down on his own head.

This is the intrinsic nature of authentic ‘resistance’, and none could possibly be more authentic than Jules. There is irony in every success. There is pain in every victory. There is sacrifice in every achievement. There is sadness to suffer even as we rejoice. This is the intrinsic nature of struggle against immense power. This is the inherent nature of the bitter-sweet process of slaying an Evil Dragon. Blood must be spilled. (Figuratively speaking, of course. I am a firm advocate of non-violence). We weep when it is the blood of our own, as we do when we watch as Jules grows ever more pale as his own lifeblood flows. But we rejoice when the Evil Dragon’s blood flows. Jules can surely claim some considerable credit for striking the Dragon this latest grievous wound, by inspiring the Discord whistleblower, but his wan smile over yet another triumph cannot comfort us as we watch him suffer and grow weaker.


It now seems very unlikely that the Evil Empire will EVER release Jules. It now seems more likely that he will not again live free until the Evil Dragon lies slain, until the Evil Empire is brought to complete and utter defeat.

But look and see, good folks, that the Empire is hard pressed on every side. Its economic power is rapidly waning, as the power of the US Dollar remains under withering assault. The utter defeat looming in Ukraine will embolden every nation that is chafing under the Empire’s imperious dictates to snub its nose at this toothless Paper Tiger’s pretense of military might. The already powerful alliance of nations united against the Empire continues its rapid growth.

Never in my own long life, (born in ’48, only 19 years after Wyatt Earp died), have I ever seen conditions exist that are conducive to victory over this Evil Regime.

But they exist now, if only we can seize the advantage.

We can actually free poor Jules. We really CAN. This horrible murderous beast is now vulnerable. We can actually slay this Evil Dragon and wrest the keys to all its evil dungeons from its cold dead claws. Heavy blows are falling on this once mighty Dragon from every quarter. It yet bellows out its horrible roar of fiery death, but any direction it turns to face another foe, it only feels the pain of deep wounds from behind. It’s surrounded. It’s own increasingly fearful allies are backing away, preparing to save themselves.

But the Empire is immensely cunning, let us never forget that. In its determination to survive, (which every creature has), it will not fall without first expending every measure of the evil energy and raw power of its cruel, murderous spirit. No creature is more dangerous than when backed into a corner, fighting for its very life. Just because it is weakened and under duress on every side around the world, that does not mean that this murderous Evil Dragon is not still immensely powerful and dangerous, most especially to us here at home, to our nation’s heretofore powerless Common People, living under the Empire’s totalitarian rule.

Noted commentator Chris Hedges knows what we, the Common People, need to do to slay this Dragon. In his recent article, he wrote:

The public has been siloed into antagonistic tribes. Catering to these antagonistic tribes is the business model of the media, whether Fox News or MSNBC. Not only are these competing demographics fed what they want to hear, but the opposing tribe is demonized, with the scalding rhetoric widening the chasms within the public. This delights the oligarchs.

If we are to wrest power back from corporations and the billionaire class who have carried out this coup d’état in slow motion, as well as prevent the rise of neofascism, we must build a left-right coalition free from the moral absolutism of woke zealots”.

Any among us with even a modicum of just plain old-fashioned common sense can easily see the truth in Mr. Hedges’ words. We, the nation’s Common People, are now fatally divided into complete political impotence. We can NEVER defeat our Enemy, we can NEVER slay this Evil Dragon that rules over ALL our lives, as long as we allow ourselves to remain divided into these mutually hateful, raw, primitive, self-defeating tribal factions.

As long as we remain fatally divided along the fault lines of our most primitive tribal animosities, (as we so obviously are now), as long as we allow our powers of Reason to be completely controlled by our primitive tribal passions, that is EXACTLY how long we will remain utterly powerless to defeat this deadly murderous Enemy, this Regime of Elites that is torturing all our lives into ever increasing degrees of ever more deadly misery.

As any in possession of their rational powers of Reason can see, (and as Mr. Hedges points out so capably), it is the crazed forces of the Woke Cult that are the Enemy’s most powerful weapon against the nation’s Common People. It is these crazed forces of the Woke Cult that have been used with such cunning skill to so fatally divide us, the Common People, into COMPLETE political impotence.

These poor, crazed, unreasoning Woke Zealots, who have been induced to embrace this evil, hate-soaked Woke Cult ideology, have completely disconnected their human powers of rational Reason. They are completely under the control of their hysterical passions. These poor dupes of the Empire can no longer think rationally. They can only emote.

These ‘woke folks’ are GOOD people at heart. It has been their own noble instincts for Justice that have been so cunningly warped by the Enemy Dragon into the crazed, hate-mongering ideology of Identity Politics. This is what our cunning Enemy always does. They exploit the foibles of our human nature to leverage even our most noble inclinations into demented and divisive extremes of hatred.

These good people can recover their good senses. They can awaken from the enslaving fog of this evil, hate-mongering ideology. They are our brothers and sisters. They are our fellow citizens among the Common People. In order for us, the Common People, to unite in all our power to defeat the Ruling Elites, we must eradicate this crazed, evil, hate-mongering ideology from these GOOD people’s minds. We must NOT think in terms of ‘defeating’ these good people. We must think in terms of winning them to our side by eradicating this crazed, Woke Cult ideology from their hearts and minds.

This crazed, evil, hate-mongering Woke Cult ideology, (the ideology, NOT the good people who have fallen under the influence of its enslaving cult power), is itself a dragon. It is the spawn of the Evil Dragon itself. And it is the ‘first dragon’ we, the nation’s Common People, must slay.

We must find a way to free these duped Woke Cult Marionettes from their enslavement by their own unreasoning hysterical passions. We must awaken them from the spell of this evil hate-mongering ideology. We must beseech them to bring their wild, unthinking emotions under the dominion of their human powers of Reason. If they do, when they do, they will immediately ‘see’ how they have been used to defeat their OWN aspirations. They will ‘see’ how their own Enemy has cunningly used them to foster virulent racial hatred under the crazed cult delusion of “fighting racism”. They will ‘see’ how cunningly they have been duped, by their OWN self-avowed Enemy, into being that Enemy’s most effective force serving to keep the Common People fatally divided by raw tribal passions, and thus completely politically impotent.

We, the Common People, must slay this ‘first dragon’ before we can ever even hope to unite our own forces to meet, and to DEFEAT, our Enemy in the field. It is the Woke Cult that is serving the Enemy, that is serving the Evil Dragon, that is serving the Evil Empire so crucially, by guarding the Enemy’s crucial left flank.

It is on this crucially weak left flank that the united forces of the Common People will assault the Enemy, to then sweep around behind, to enclose the Evil Dragon within a ‘cauldron’. We will sweep around, over, and past the Enemy’s left flank, to surround the Evil Dragon, and then we will slay it.

Follow the bouncing ball folks. The beauty in Logic, the beauty in Reason, is in its very simplicity. If it’s true that we can’t free Jules until we can defeat the Empire, and if it’s true that we can’t defeat the Empire until we defeat the Woke Cult, then this Woke Cult is currently the primary impediment to Jules breathing free.

It does NOT matter that these crazed Woke Zealots give lip service to ‘freeing Julian Assange’. Words are cheap. Their deeds speak much louder. These people are the Enemy’s primary force that is serving to divide us into fatal political impotence. Even as the Enemy is under duress on every side all over the Empire, domestically they are currently facing NO credible political opposition at ALL, NONE whatsoever, because our population remains fatally divided by this evil Woke Cult ideology.

C’mon, folks. Let’s eradicate this crazed ideology so we, the Common People, can UNITE in all our unstoppable power. Let’s then kick some Dragon ass, let’s defeat this Evil Empire. Let’s “take back our country”. Then we can “free Julian Assange”.