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30th December 2023

I noticed recently on social media a lot of videos that tend to show several immigrants mercilessly beating lone white teenagers. Many of those videos are circulated by a Twitter account called Radio Genoa, which gathers thousands of likes per tweet despite not generating any original content, or analysis. The likes seen of Radio Genoa tweets (yellow) are 30x to 60x higher than the tweets of most well established journalists (blue).

Just looking at a sample of likes or retweets on Radio Genoa tweets indicates that around 80% are fake and generated by automated bot accounts. The level of fake traffic is so high and so obvious that I have to conclude that Twitter (X) implicitly (or even explicitly) allows this to happen.

The videos show distressing scenes that are very obviously designed to hit “hot buttons” and increase hatred towards immigrants and towards Muslims in particular.

We look at interest groups who may have a stake in stoking tensions in this way, including organisations looking to increase support for Israel in the Israel-Palestine war via the idea that your enemy is our enemy. We also look at a Deep State hypothesis, where rulers generally benefit from keeping the population at each others’ throats under a classic divide and conquer strategy.

None of this is to say that we do recognise that there is a problem resulting from very high levels of immigration and in some few cases low levels of integration. However, pushing out these videos is equivalent to throwing fuel on the fire.

We can’t know for sure, but it is always worth asking who is trying to manipulate you and why and to try to avoid the understandable reaction of getting very angry.

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