Genocide and silence, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Just now Israel bombed Al-Ahli Baptist hospital in Gaza estimated >500
killed (patients, doctors, visitors etc). This followed the bombing of
another Anglican Hospital in Gaza. !!!! Aided by western governments, the
wanton Israeli destruction continues: of civilian buildings, attacks on
hospitals (four hospitals so far) and medical personnel, destroying
universities, targeting civil defense teams/first responders including
ambulances, wiping out whole families, and denying people water, medicine,
food, electricity, and fuel.

Thousands of tonnes of bombs were dropped on
heavily populated areas leveling whole neighborhoods: 3500-5000 Palestinian
killed (number uncertain because of those under rubble of flattened
neighborhoods) and over 10,000 injured. Tens of thousands will die soon
of deprivation and lack of medical care (e.g. thousands on
kidney dialysis).

Even Raz Segal Israeli historian, professor of Holocaust
and genocide studies at Stockton University says it is “A Textbook Case of
Genocide: Israel has been explicit about what it’s carrying out in Gaza.
Why isn’t the world listening?”
Why indeed the silence?????????????????????????????????

So far, many governments are acting spineless and subservient to US/Israeli
governments (themselves losing credibility among their own people). US
War-monger-in-chief Biden is going to meet tomorrow with the Palestinian
President (term expired 11 years ago), Jordan’s king, and the Egyptian
President. Shame on all four of them for aiding and abetting
murder/genocide. Even Arab and Islamic countries which have relations with
Israel have not expelled “Israeli” ambassadors. Columbia (thankfully)
did. More countries must follow suit (and also deal with Israel’s partner
in crime, the USA!). Enough is enough. Estimated 1500 children murdered in
10 days (many still under the rubble).

Here were my predictions for this terrible year 2023 (sadly much of it came
and even 20 years ago, I wrote a book explaining how to get out of this
mess created by Zionism and predicting that unless human rights are
centralized, endless wars will reslt that impact the whole world (not just
Palestine). The book Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the
Israeli-Palestinian Struggle” can be read here:

A group of young Palestinian activists just set up a webpage <> being circulated on social media
to answer questions like: Isn’t Israel defending itself? What about
international law? US and Arab countries? Do the Palestinians have a fair
chance to get their reality to the world? Where can I get real information?
They answer with useful links/resources and actions that you can do for
peace and justice and hoping that this will stay even if they will be gone: <>

Now I do want to say something I said before many times over the past 40
years. There is no win-lose or lose-win scenario here. There is only 1) a
lose-lose scenario which is the destruction of 7.2 million Palestinians and
7 million Israelis living between the river and the sea under Zionist
hegemony OR 2) a win-win situation of stopping 75 year old oppression and
implementing justice (human rights, secular democratic state, equality)
based on international law including UNGA resolution 194 for return of
refugees. Yet, the immediate action is to stop the genocide because every
day creates more killings and millions will become radicalized. (we saw the
murder of a 6 year old Palestinian in Illinois yesterday).

Stay human (I know it is much harder now in a deaf, blind world)

With tears,
Mazin Qumsiyeh