Genocide in Gaza, pogroms in the West Bank, occupation in USA, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

There is an an ongoing genocide in Gaza. Just in the three days of the
Ramadan Eid (the most important and equivalent to Christmas in the
Christian world), the Israeli occupation forces committed over 20 massacres
of entire families killing over 170 women and children. In these same
72hours, Israeli colonial settlers and soldiers were on a rampage here in
the occupied West Bank. This pogrom involved burning cars, houses, shops,
destroying streets and more. Meanwhile after Israel broke yet again
International conventions and nternational law by attacking the Iranian
embassy area destroying its consulate in Damascus. Some people call Israel
US’s proxy in the region but I tend to think it is the other way around:
the US is largely occupied by “Israel” via its lobbies in Washington and in
state legislatures (see xxx). The US has two alleged “parties” democrats
and republicans but both seem run by the same entity whose allegiance is
Zionists not US interests. The fascist regime running Israel failing to
achieve its imperial interests and floundering in the past six months (only
succeeding to kill civilians despite billions in US military aid) is trying
to draw the US into a regional and possibly a global war hoping to change
the dynamic. If they succeed in this (and I give it a 60% chance), they
will end Zionism in the most catastrophic way. If humanity survives his,
certainly “Israel” ass an apartheid racist, genocidal state will not
survive it. Stay tuned for outcome. But in the meantime, we Palestinians
will continue to struggle for our right to return to all of Palestine, for
our self-determination in our country (all of Palestine), for equality of
all people here (Jews, Christian, Muslim, Bahai, Druze etc), and for
accountability all who murdered civilians. La Luta Continua (the struggle
continues) but in the meantime here are things to help us all do better:
information and actions not seen in mainstream corporate media (again more
positive than negative items followed by action items).

Abandoned pup saved by one of our volunteers

The Hebrew University in Jerusalem has reinstated Professor Nadera
Shalhoub-Kevorkian, the internationally renowned feminist Palestinian
professor, who was suspended earlier this month after saying in an
interview Israel was committing genocide in Gaza.

The Miracle of Kindness: What Chris Hedges learned from the Palestinians

12 year old Gaza hospital volunteer

Nicaragua Slams Germany at ICJ for Supporting Israel

‘Pontius Pilate-like’ – Nicaragua Slams Germany at ICJ for Supporting Israel

Following Aaron Bushnell: American Veterans speak out

Radio Interview relevant to my trip toAustralia 52:50 to 1:12:23

Land, Biodiversity & the Colony: an introduction

I shared this song (children singing to Children) during Christmas. I still
get emotional when I hear it so I share it again

One person can make a difference

Tucker Carlson interviews Rev. Munther Ishaq

American Surgeons Return from Gaza, Call for End of U.S. Culpability in


The killing of Walid Daqqa by denying medical care

Walid Daqqa: The Killing of a Palestinian Spartacus

Watch this Israeli documentary, the lab
israel’s moral dilemma

Arrested and held unlawfully, thousands of Palestinians are suffering abuse
at the hands of Israeli captors

Congress Introduces ADL-Backed ‘Countering Antisemitism Act’ to Police
Online Speech to end criticism of Israel’s genocide and ethnic cleansing

Zionist until he visited here became anti-zionist

Israeli regime kills the children and grandchildren of Hamas political
bureau chief hoping to end a potential deal for a ceasefire. Similarly the
attack on the consulate of Iran in Damascus was intended to scuttle a deal.
Remains to be seen whether Israel succeeds in its intention: finding itself
in a deep hole, it wants to dig deeper and get the US to dig with it.


Monday 15 April: Global strike to end the genocide and demand accountability

Ban Israel from Eurovision

UK Stop arming Israel

US Boats to Gaza helps Freedom Flotilla Effort to Break the Siege

From IJV canada: on six months of genocide

Today marks six months of genocide.

U.S.: Investigate Israel Bonds for Failure to Register as Foreign Agent,
Potential Sanctions Violations

U.S.: Investigate Israel Bonds for Failure to Register as Foreign Agent, Potential Sanctions Violations

War is not green. Ecocide=genocide

Amplify Gaza Stories on Instagram:


Is Italy’s support for Israel linked to Gaza’s offshore gas?

Elephant in the room: the Israeli occupation

Helena Cobban: Past time to stop demonizing Ha.mas

It’s past time to end the demonization of Hamas

The destruction of Palestined is the destruction of the earth

Bassam Sharif remarkable insightful speech

Is Israel above the law?
Footballers last words

Videos of malnourished children show Gaza’s forced starvation crisis:
Starvation is getting worse in north Gaza where 31% of children under the
age of 2 are suffering from acute malnutrition, a percentage which has
doubled since January

‘If I were injured there, the best thing would be to die’: An ICU doctor’s
devastating mission to Gaza
The Red Cow and the temple

US President Biden signed the spending bill, which includes provi
sions to cut funding to UNRWA (a UN humanitarian agency that aids
Palestinian refugees) & gives Israel $3.8 billion, even after as the latter
is committing genocide.

Francesca Albanese a heroic UN official reports to the UN Human Rights

Israel is dragging the US into a future regional war

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home