Genocide news, six actions, and 5 more items, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

I start with genocide news, go to actions YOU can take and then five more
items of relevance (please share and act)

Item 1: (Genocide) Seven Babies died in one of the only remaining hospital
with incubators. They died…. for lack of milk. They add to over hundreds
of babies (less than 1 year old) who died by carpet bombing residential
neighborhoods. But now, the deaths of babies is already more from
malnutrition and diseases (genocide by famine) than from bombings. It is
expected to rise. Amnesty on genocide by hunger

Israel defying ICJ ruling to prevent genocide by failing to allow adequate humanitarian aid to reach Gaza

Former Mossad official: Children over 4 deserve to be starved

In the early morning Thursday few aid trucks drove to reach Gaza City
where 700,000 people are in a state of famine and despair. As >3000 rushed
to get the sacs of flour, the nearby Israeli military post opened fire with
machine guns and tank fire. Over a thousand were injured by Israeli bullets
and a minimum of 112 were reported dead on the scene (but dozens of fallen
nearer to check point could not be reached so the numbers in this one
massacre are liable to climb higher. Many of the injured will die because
the only major hospital in the area (Al-Shifa) is only able to provide
minimal treatment as it has been attacked with its supplies almost gone and
many of its medical staff were kidnapped by the occupation army. Again look
for amputations and bullet extraction with kitchen knives and no

What Israelis think: Kill more civilians

Israel engineering deep pockets of starvation in Gaza

As a friend wrote “The strategy of genocide has increased its efficiency of
murder by hitting into the places where more people can be eliminated with
less use of ammunitions, or, in the case of babies, even without any
ammunition and in silence.” This child and his bird were killed

How is Israel’s arms industry profiting from war on Gaza

No Access, No Information: Thousands of Gazans “Forcibly Disappeared” by
Israeli Forces

No Access, No Information: Thousands of Gazans “Forcibly Disappeared” by Israeli Forces 

ITEM 2: ACTIONS you can take
Action 1: Join the millions protesting in dozens of cities and countries
Saturday 2 March. Global partial list here

ACTION 2: Please send or hand deliver this letter from Veterans for peace
to US state department offices, embassies and consulates abroad and to the
media. (also Record your action with a photo, video, or text and send it to )

ACTION 3: Act to stop members of US congress who support genocide
“Silence in the face of Evil is itself evil” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German
Pastor, theologian and anti-Nazi dissident (1906-1946)

ACTION 4: You want peace? Here an Israeli and a Palestinian acting for it.

ACTION 5: Do BDS. Boycott

Israeli universities are key partners of the apartheid regime (not one
Israeli university complained about the destruction of Palestinian
Follow and donate

ACTION 6: Change complicit government officials
George Galloways’s workers party just got voted in in British elections.
Expect more like this. As people discover horrors from infiltration of
politics by the Zionist (racist genocidal) lobby
Lowkey EXPOSES Israel’s Secret Role in Britain

New Labour MK is married to Israel spy recruiter and served in the
genocidal army
Sign petition: We deserve to know: Is the U.S. complicit in human rights

ITEM 3 This is an interview I did thursday night live on instagram (10,000
saw it)

ITEM 4 Accolades and statements keep coming on the self sacrifice of Aaon
Bushnell. I would like to see a bronze monument erected to him, exactly
where he self-immolated himself. His extreme sacrifice must not be
forgotten. Indeed people are waking up:

Veterans For Peace statement about Aaron Bushnell protesting to the death

US Airman Aaron Bushnell’s Self-Immolation Outside the Israeli Embassy In Washington D.C.

Scott Ritter

ITEM 5: More on government hypocrisy:
-Hamas Rape Narrative COLLAPSES, Israeli Forces Accused of SEXUAL VIOLENCE
in Gaza: Briahna Joy Gray
– Egypt selling the Palestinians for 10 billion

Egypt Sells Out Palestinians for $10 Billion Loan Package. Mike Whitney

– Suing the German government
-EU just restored funding to UNRWA after they discovered the Israeli lies.
Even the US intelligence casts doubt on Israeli claims of UNRWA-Hamas
links, report says

ITEM 6: Scholasticide – Destroying Gaza universities and education is part
and parcel of colonial activities

International Call to Action Against Scholasticide


Zionist Israeli universities are complicit: That is why academic and
cultural boycotts are also as important as economic boycotts globally of
Israeli (and US!) products. See

ITEM 7: While many governments stand with aparthed Israel and its genocide
of Palestinians, the people stand with human rights and against teir
government. Hre is an example from Australia (where I am heading in Apri).

Australian Civil Society submits statement on Gaza genocide to the International Court of Justice

Ireland imposes sanctions on apartheid “Israel”

The ultimate chutzpah to cap: the US administration will give 53 million in
humanitarian aid to people in the West Bank and Gaza. That is after cutting
funding of $350 million to UNRWA (which is devastating this UN agency).
This after sending billions to Israel (more per capita than any other
country or even any state of the union in the US). This after sending over
200 billion of weapons to commit genocide and ethnic cleansing of
Palestinians in the past five decades. This after the US weapons delivered
over the past 5 months leveled Gaza strip causing over $6 BILLION n damage
(let alove over 110,000 casualties proportionally equivalent to 15 million
US Citizens)

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh