Good news, actions, and Christmas ألأمل وعريضة, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

While Palestinian church leaders wrote good position papers on Gaza (thank
you) and we circulated those before, 500 people signed signed a petition
over just a few hours today demanding boycott of those church leaders who
met with the Israeli genocidal regime president (a president who said
there are no civilians in the Gaza strip and we act accordingly), whose
father participated in the ethnic cleansing in 1948, and who want another
Nakba. The petition is in Arabic (you can use google translate) and is open
to people who live in our region and Palestinians/Arabs (especially
Christians) who live in exile. Please sign and pass along this link:
وقع 500 شخص على عريضة تطالب بمقاطعة قادة الكنيسة الذين التقوا برئيس نظام
الإبادة الجماعية الإسرائيلي (الرئيس الذي قال إنه لا يوجد مدنيون في قطاع
غزة)، والذي شارك والده في التطهير العرقي عام 1948، والذين يريد نكبة أخرى.
العريضة باللغة العربية ومفتوحة للأشخاص الذين يعيشون في منطقتنا والفلسطينيين
(وخاصة المسيحيين الذين يعيشون في المنفى).
Unfortunately the Palestinian Authority (police, internal security, and
intelligence services) illegal held us up and prevented us from going up to
the Nativity square to do a peaceful protest. See
لسوء الحظ، قامت السلطة الفلسطينية (الشرطة والأمن الداخلي والمخابرات)
باحتجازنا بشكل غير قانوني ومنعتنا من الصعود إلى ساحة المهد للقيام بمظاهرة

The Christmas message from Bethlehem was poignant: A nativity square with
an art installation showing Christmas under the rubble. Many sad and
anxious faces but the hope and light of Christmas shines through because
Jesus did bringa message of peace and we will have peace: in our hearts
first then in the world.

Children sing for the children of Gaza

Something to cheer your spirits during these dark times, as Eight Palestine
Action defendants were acquitted of their targeting of Elbit Systems. Read
the story below from the Morning Star

Another thing to chear is that many countries the US claimed will support
it in a “coalition” to protect Israeli owned or Israeli bound ships from
using the Red Sea to suport genocide have announced they will not support.
The US also declared it does not have enough naval ships to cover the huge
area that now extends to the Indian ocean. This is even without Iran
getting into the fray. see

An Israeli soldier describes the state of affairs for their military

Chris Hedges on the Death of Israel: Settler colonial states have a
terminal shelf life. Israel is no exception

Israeli Plans to Pump Seawater into Alleged Tunnels under Gaza Could Render
it Uninhabitable and Destroy Historical Cultural Heritage Sites

Peace requires confrontation with Israel

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive especially in this season

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home