Great News.. The CIA now begs for ‘quarter,’ by Ray Zwarich

The comments copied below were attached to an article by a person named Karen J Greenberg, who anyone can clearly see is a CIA sock-puppet, as published by alt-media sites TomDispatch and ScheerPost. In this article, which clearly adheres to the propaganda form factor that the CIA itself calls a ‘limited hangout‘, Ms. Greenberg cunningly poses as a ‘peace advocate’. Great news, folks… The actual CIA is now advocating for Peace on Earth (cough cough).

My comments, as posted on ScheerPost:

Ms. Karen J Greenberg is very obviously a CIA sock-puppet. Even some light ‘google’ research would prove this to anyone. She is an intimate associate of ex-CIA director John Brennan, (the one who lied to the US Congress with complete impunity). Mr. Brennan is a major controlling figure in Ms. Greenberg’s organization at Fordham Law, the ominously named Center on National Security. If we could research the grants funding Fordham Law’s intimate association with the CIA, (the grants funding this Center on National Security), we would doubtless find back-door CIA funding sources involved.

If Ms. Greenberg denies that, (she’s reading this), would she please reveal the Center on National Security’s primary funding sources, so we could independently research any possible past or present CIA associations with these sources of grant funds? National Endowment for Democracy? Rockefeller Foundation? Who signs your no-doubt generous paycheck, Ms. Greenberg?

The CIA, of course, has numerous back-door funding mechanisms for the illegal ‘psy-ops’ it has been constantly and clandestinely running illegally on our domestic population since Harry Truman signed the CIA’s creation into law in 1946. Please advise, Ms. Greenberg. Who is funding your illegal association with the CIA?

Knowing that Ms. Greenberg is an actual ‘civilian’ spokesperson for the CIA itself, we, the American Common People, might ask ourselves why our so-called ‘alt-media’ sites, like ScheerPost and TomDispatch, so agreeably feed us direct CIA propaganda. As all can read for themselves in this article’s introductions, Ms. Greenberg is, after all, a ‘regular’ on both these sites.

In this case, the CIA is clearly using its sock-puppet access to ‘alt-media’ to prepare the US population for the inevitably and rapidly dawning realization that our vaunted trillion dollar a year military is simply not capable of fighting wars against major-power adversaries like Russia and China, (on THEIR territory).

The Empire’s over-priced military is specifically designed for wars of ‘colonial’ enforcement of the Empire’s dictates against weak ‘colonial’ nations. The US Empire’s military is only capable of bullying weaker nations, like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Grenada, Panama, etc, etc, whenever any defy the Empire’s imperious commands. When faced with the power of major nations like Russia and China, our military forces would lose quickly and decisively, (in other words disastrously), in any direct head to head conflict.

In a very highly sophisticated form of propaganda that the CIA itself calls a ‘limited hangout‘, this CIA sock-puppet, Ms. Greenberg, is clearly asking for ‘quarter’. By expressing these transparently disingenuous pleas for ‘peace’, the Empire’s controlling braintrust is actually confessing the Empire’s hopeless position. Are any so naive that they think the CIA is a force that wants peace? The Empire is preparing its population for inevitable defeat.

Indeed, there will only be ‘peace on Earth’ when the Empire falls in utter defeat, which it soon will as Ukraine is destroyed.

On behalf of her CIA handlers, Ms. Greenberg is revealing, in a dishonest, backhanded way, that the CIA, as well as the US Military itself, know full well that the US Empire is so corrupt to the very core of its operations that it has made of itself a literal ‘paper tiger’. It has become, quite literally, “all roar but no fang or claw”.

If the US Empire sends its own troops to fight Slavic people in Ukraine, right on Russia’s own border, the result would be a calamitous disaster of epic proportions for US forces. If it’s any consolation to foolish people who have believed that the US Military is invincible, if Russian and/or Chinese forces tried to fight the US Empire in Mexico, such idiocy would result in as big a calamitous disaster for those nations.

The CIA is sweating bullets as it becomes ever more apparent to ALL informed people that the days of the US Empire are numbered. Led by Russia and China, the international alliance of nations who are openly defying the paper tiger authority of the Empire is steadily growing, both in size and raw power, the latter as much (or more) economic as military. ALL informed people can see that the power of the US Dollar, the world’s reserve currency since Bretton Woods¬†almost 80 years ago, (in ’44), is already toppling.

Anyone who has ever felled a sizable tree, (I heat with wood, and cut my own), say an oak tree with a 30″ diameter trunk at its base, knows how slowly, at first almost imperceptibly, a large tree starts to fall. A subtle creak, pop, or cracking sound is the first sensory awareness of motion, as all that immensity of vertically stored energy starts to move. Once its motion is visibly perceptible, it accelerates rapidly, of course, as that mass of up to 20 tons moves from the vertical to the horizontal, and when such a huge mass strikes the forest floor, (it actually bounces), one feels something akin to an earthquake through one’s boots.

The creaks, pops, and cracking phase of the toppling dollar have already passed. The huge mass of the US Fiat Dollar is beginning to accelerate toward the horizontal. When it strikes the ground, which could come suddenly, and soon, the earthquake-caliber reverberations in the heart of the US Empire will be awesome and terrible to behold. Not only will the Empire’s economy crash into complete and utter ruin, as our entire Ponzi-scheme debt overhang house-of-cards system collapses, but the US Empire will suddenly be unable to finance its paper tiger military ‘juggernaut’ by printing more suddenly worthless paper dollars.

No other nation will then accept dollars in exchange for the oil we need to fuel our death planes and ships. No one will accept the Empire’s suddenly worthless paper dollars for the raw steel we need to build ships, planes, tanks, and rifles. We no longer have the capacity to manufacture our own steel in the quantities we need, let alone the rare earth metals we need to build modern weapons systems.

Deprived of its lifeblood, deprived of the printed paper dollars that only have value now due to the Dollar’s reserve currency status, the gears of US military ‘juggernaut’ will grind to a halt.

This is happening, folks. This is REAL! The US Empire, through its CIA sock-puppets like Karen J Greenberg, is preparing the Empire’s native peons (us) for the inevitable defeat that lies dead ahead.

“All your seasick sailors will be rowing home

All your reindeer armies are all marching home

Strike another match, we’ll start anew

‘Cause it’s all over now, Baby Blue”

I don’t know why alt-media publishers like Tom Englehardt and Robert Scheer feel that it’s appropriate to publish direct CIA propaganda on a regular ongoing basis, (lies from the proverbial horse’s mouth), but in this case it’s certainly interesting to hear the CIA’s sock-puppet, Ms. Greenberg, begging the US population for mercy by posing so ridiculously as a peace advocate.

You can hear their bullets of sweat as they fall from their brows to hit the table with a steady and ever more rapid patter.

Great news, folks! The Evil Empire’s brain trust, the CIA itself, is now begging for quarter, by clownishly posing as peace advocates.

Eh? Mr. Brennan? (He’s reading this too).