“Heh-Heh-Heh”… Hear Marcuse’s Evil Chuckle? Dr. Táíwò clearly does NOT, by Ray Zwarich

Marcuse’s Evil Chuckle

To all Caliban’s Really Good Ones, and to all who now dwell in fear, as we hear the pounding deadly hoofbeats of ‘The Four’ fast approaching:

I am writing this in response to an article in ‘The Nation’ magazine, re-published on the Bolshevik Marionette web site, ‘Portside’, entitled “When Did the Ruling Class Get Woke?‘.

The article consists of an interview with an assistant professor of philosophy at Georgetown named Olúfẹmi O. Táíwò. The interview is conducted by a man who is an editor at The New Press named Ishan Desai-Geller. This note is copied to both men, and also to long-time feminist activist Jo Freeman, whose work is cited in the article.

In his introduction, Mr. Desai-Geller describes Dr. Táíwò as a ‘philosopher’. Interesting use of the language. Does one who studies philosophy become a philosopher? Did Diogenes study philosophy? Did he earn a PhD? Does Dr. Táíwò then consider himself to be Diogenes’ ‘peer’?

I write as an AUTHENTIC leftist. By that I mean that I understand the meaning of ‘Class Analysis’, and the crucial importance of the application of Class Analysis to the ongoing struggle of the Common People against the Ruling Elites.

In the article under discussioin here, the conception of Identity Politics, as an ideology to supplant and ultimately to destroy Class Analysis as the fundamental defining principle of an AUTHENTIC Left, is attributed to a collective of Black feminists that call themselves the Combahee River Collective, which the article tells us has been meeting since the 1970s. Dr. Táíwò tells us he decries the erosion and corporate co-optation of Identity Politics. He is dedicated, he tells us, to the conception of a BETTER version of Identity Politics, one that can better “reach across class lines”.

The ‘philosophy’ of Class Analysis clearly has been supplanted by a philosophy that was introduced to the “New Left” by German ‘philosopher’ Herbert Marcuse, who is widely proclaimed as “the father of the New Left”. Marcuse was truly a brilliant genius.

Right after he helped Wild Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles, (with whom he worked intimately in the WW2 era OSS), get the CIA all set up and squared away, (immediately after the war ended, Marcuse was tasked with shaping European Mass Media to support CIA objectives), he began recruiting brilliant and impressionable young students, like the brilliant young Angela Davis, to assist him in birthing the Identity Politics centered New Left, which completely abandoned Class Analysis in favor of its self-defeating fascination with feminism, the aggrandizement of homosexuality, and, of course, the elevation and exaltation of racial hatred.

It was Marcuse, the ‘OG’ CIA genius, who was the ‘philosopher’ who clearly had the most influence over other ‘philosophers’, like Dr. Táíwò.

Long before the Combahee Collective ever first met, long before Black feminists ever conceived of Identity Politics, at least 20 years before, and perhaps 25 or more, (before WW2 even ended), the brilliant ‘philosopher’ Dr. Marcuse explained his brilliant plan to Donovan and Dulles. He outlined his brilliant plan to induce the New Left to abandon Class Analysis completely, to instead embrace Identity Politics, as a means to affect the age old, (as old as human civilization itself), political strategy commonly known as “divide and rule”, a devastatingly effective strategy by which small classes of Elites have ruled over the masses of the Common People in human societies throughout human history.

Unlike the crazed Woke Cult, to which the brilliant ‘OG’ CIA genius, Dr. Marcuse gave birth, I am engaged, as an AUTHENTIC Leftist, in a struggle against the Enemy of ALL the Common People, of EVERY race. I am fighting the Ruling Elites. I understand that this fight against this IMMENSELY powerful Enemy can NEVER be won until or unless the Common People can lay aside our more primitive tribal divisions, to UNITE for that single purpose, to defeat the Ruling Elites’ power, so we can create a ‘just’ society in which ALL smaller ‘tribes’, of ALL races and genders, can live together in Peace and fully shared prosperity.

Well… The crazed, bamboozled Identity Politics Woke Cult, led by Dr. Marcuse’s duped disciples, like Dr. Táíwò, does not have time to fight the Ruling Elites, because they are FAR too busy “fighting racism”.

I have no way of knowing what kind of philosophy Dr. Táíwò has studied. When I delved into such study myself, as a college student in the late 1960s, (at UCLA, Dr. Táíwò’s own ‘alma mater’), we studied philosophers like Bishop Berkeley, who delved into ‘basics’, such as the basic nature of ‘reality’ itself. We humans experience a ‘table’, (or any concrete object), for example, (Berkeley posited), as no more than a group of sensory perceptions. Other than what our limited five senses tell us, we know nothing about what a table actually IS in a larger reality.

When considered from such a ‘basic’ perspective, ‘racism’ is no more than a human tribal emotion. Tribal emotions are programmed into human DNA. It is our human instinct to identify ourselves as loyal members of a specific group (tribe), in competition, often deadly competition, with other tribes for territory and survival.

Race is only one tribal identifier that humans have always used to define the tribes to which individual humans have belonged in order to enhance their survival against other tribes. Racism is a human tribal ’emotion of loyalty’ to a specific ‘tribe’.

The crazed Woke Left can’t be bothered to fight the Ruling Elites because these poor duped people are too busy fighting basic human human tribal emotions.

Worse, they are not tilting at these windmills of human emotions in order to overcome them, so the Common People can UNITE into a larger, more powerful tribe, (to defeat the Ruling Elites), they are rather INTENTIONALLY exacerbating human tribal emotions to specifically PREVENT people from uniting.

The brilliant evil genius, Marcuse, convinced the New Left to abandon the struggle of the larger, more powerful ‘tribe’ of the Common People against the much smaller ‘tribe’ of the Ruling Elites. Rather than working to define and solidify the tribal loyalty of the Common People, so that together, UNITED, we could easily defeat the much smaller tribe of the Ruling Elites, Marcuse cunningly convinced the New Left to instead divide itself into a larger number of smaller and weaker ‘tribes’. OG CIA Marcuse cunningly convinced the New Left that instead of fighting the Ruling Elite tribe, all those smaller weaker tribes must conjure up their own imagined ‘enemies’ among the irrational palette of human emotions to fight.

The Woke Cult is fighting politically incorrect human feelings. And the Ruling Elites are AVIDLY helping this crazed cult in doing so.

Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. A near PERFECT execution of the age-old strategy of social control by The Few over The Many… Divide and rule.

And here we have the ‘philosopher’, Dr. Táíwò, pouring forth his pathetic confusions, of which he is clearly quite unduly proud. Identity Politics is clearly not working, this poor pathetic intellectually confused man tells us. His proposed ‘solution’? We need to make Identity Politics ‘better’. Better how? Better in what sense? Better in the manner in which it divides the Common People into hopelessly weak tribes, so the Ruling Elites can more easily rule over us?

Yes… That is basically what this ‘philosopher’ tells us. Black and brown people must get ‘better’ in the manner they hate and fight white people. Women must get ‘better’ in their manner of hating and fighting men. Homosexuals must get ‘better’ at hating and fighting heterosexuals. And, (the kicker), people with a tragic birth defect, people ‘born into the wrong body’, (transgender people), must get ‘better’ at hating and fighting normally born people.

Meanwhile, as all this hating and fighting of the Common People against one another proceeds, NO ONE is fighting the Ruling Elites.

“Heh-heh-heh”… I can hear Marcuse’s evil spirit chuckling from his moldy grave.

Like the crazed Woke Cult in general, this Woke Cult ‘philosopher’, Dr. Táíwò, is clearly delusional in his belief that the Woke Cult rose up and then was “co-opted” by the Ruling Elites.

Every picture of poor Trayvon Martin in the Mass Media was of an angelic looking 12 year old boy. No picture ever appeared of the strong and powerful 18 year old young man that young Trayvon had grown into at the time of his tragic and senseless death, or the glowering ‘hooded gansta wannabe‘ (imitating his ‘heros’) he had become. Young Trayvon was MUCH stronger than the pudgy pathetic ‘cop wannabe’, on a vigilant ‘neighborhood watch program’, who (mistakenly or not), identified poor young Trayvon as a suspicious person.

That pudgy weak man did NOT ‘attack’ young Trayvon. Quite the opposite. This younger MUCH stronger man attacked the person who was following him. He was beating the holy begeezus out of that pudgy and weak ‘vigilante’. He was pounding his head onto a concrete pavement. The pudgy weak man was LEGALLY armed, and took out his firearm and shot this poor young man in self-defense.

The FACTS presented as George Zimmerman’s trial were as clear as those that proved that OJ Simpson cut a woman’s head nearly clean off.

But mere facts do NOT matter to this crazed Woke Cult.

The Woke Left insists that is crazed delusions are ‘true’. Never mind the mere FACTS. The crazed Woke Cult INSISTS that poor young Trayvon, that angelic looking 12 year old boy, as the Ruling Elites’ Mass Media ALWAYS presented him, was murdered.

OJ Simpson left a trail of dripping blood from the murder scene right to his own house. But the mere FACTS be damned… Crazed delusional people, driven crazy by accumulated racial hatred, celebrated his ‘innocence’.

Never mind that the FACTS tell us that George Floyd was a pathetic aging life-long drug addict and criminal, with a drug-diseased heart, who was sky-high on crystal meth AND fentanyl, (his serum level of these and several other drugs, according to the actual autopsy report, would have been LETHAL to a non-addict), when he went violently berserk while already handcuffed, and who then (according to the actual autopsy report) died of a heart attack while being forcibly restrained in his violent rage.

Never mind the mere FACTS. The author of the article under discussion here tells us poor Mr. Floyd was “murdered”, despite the clear evidence presented that he died of a heart attack. The officer’s trained and approved restraint, (sitting on a prisoner’s back with a knee controlling his head), a restraint that the officer was trained to use to control a violently berserk person, as Mr. Floyd OBVIOUSLY was, did NOT kill Mr. Floyd, who was dying of heart attack, and thus ‘couldn’t breathe’, a classic symptom of a heart attack.

No one in America, outside of maybe people in Minneapolis watching a local “if it bleeds it leads” story on local news, would have ever heard of George Floyd. But the Ruling Elites chose that graphic image of the White police officer restraining a Black man as PERFECT for what they wanted to accomplish, just as the angelic picture of poor Trayvon Martin as a 12year old child was PERFECT for what they wanted to accomplish then, to lead up to the Race War the Elites intentionally engendered using the tragedy of a criminal junkie’s death.

Divide and Rule.

At the EXACT moment that the US economy was on the verge of cratering, at the exact moment that an AUTHENTIC Left would have organized the Common People to UNITE against the Elites, it was the Ruling Elites themselves who initiated a Race War, with the FULL duped cooperation of the crazed Marcusian Woke Cult Identity Politics Left.

The dramatically graphic footage of Chauvin sitting on the violently berserk Floyd’s back was shown in a non-stop loupe, 24/7, as the Woke Mob’s unreasoning rage grew until it exploded into the mindless rage of riotous violence.

The Ruling Elites did NOT co-opt this crazed duped Woke Cult. They cunningly CREATED it. The Ruling Elites did NOT co-opt the violent uprising of raw racist hatred. They CREATED it.

This ‘philosopher’, Dr. Táíwò, has been duped into dutifully fashioning himself into a trained unreasoning animal, just as surely as Trumps’ followers have been trained to be dutiful unreasoning animals obeying their Ruling Elite masters.

PERFECT execution of divide and rule. All of Human History has NEVER seen a more PERFECT execution of divide and rule.

This ‘philosopher’, Dr. Táíwò, now is completely delusional in his crazed belief that an uprising firts spontaneously occurred, and THEN was co-opted by the Ruling Elites. Any reasoning person can easily ‘see’ that the Ruling Elites themselves CREATED this ‘uprising’, through the highly skilled use of their wholly owned Mass Media, because it served their nefarious long-planned intention to initiate a Race War at the EXACT moment they otherwise might have been in danger of the Common People UNITING against them.

Dr. Táíwò’s crazed and disordered ‘philosophy’ is just bursting with Irony. The Woke Left must heal its divisions, he tells us. LOL… After Identity Politics has divided this crazed Woke Cult ITSELF into mutually hateful factions, the Woke Cult now needs BETTER Identity Politics, this ‘philosopher’ so comically declares, in his crazed delusional ‘philosophy’, to heal those divisions. LOL… LOL… Okey doke, then…. LOL…

And an AUTHENTIC Left Class Analysis never so much as even crosses this crazed, delusional ‘philosopher’s’  mind.

Arghhh… CURSE you, Marcuse, you BRILLIANT evil genius… CURSE you for destroying the AUTHENTIC Left is America.

I am an AUTHENTIC Leftist. I intend to build a new AUtHENTIC Left in our poor bleeding nation. I intend that this AUTHENTIC Left will UNITE our nation’s Common People behind a powerful message, and then this AUTHENTIC Left will cast the evil Ruling Elites into History’s proverbial dustbin, so we can build a NEW Nation on the ruins of the old, a nation where True Democracy will create actual GENUINE ‘justice for ALL’, a nation in which poverty will no longer exist, at ALL… a nation in which children of ALL races will grow under an entire nation’s loving nurture, to be free to pursue their dreams.

Dr. Táíwò could be a part of that, if he can clear his mind of the evil self-defeating ‘philosophy’ that the evil genius, the ‘OG’ CIA Marcuse, planted there.

This essay is already long. I intended to also discuss the stupendous IRONY in Dr. Táíwò talking about ‘internationalism’, and about uniting with the Global South, at a time when the entire Woke Cult is united in supporting the Global North-rooted US Empire’s military aggression against a nation which has courageously stood up, with the support of the entire bloc of the Global South, to defend itself against this DEADLY evil US Empire. The Global North-Global South divide could hardly be more starkly clear.

Yet this crazed, duped-and-confused Woke Cult is foursquare in support of Global North-rooted US Empire, even as its ‘philosophers’ clownishly extoll solidarity with the Global South.