Holy War in Ukraine, by Declan Hayes

The spirit of those Galicians, who collaborated with the Nazis, is once more abroad, not only on the front against Russian troops but throughout Zelensky-controlled Ukraine.

Recent violent assaults on Russian Orthodox priests inside their churches in the city of Stryi, Lviv region, in Zelensky-controlled Ukraine have NATO’s divide and conquer paw marks all over them. This can be easily seen by reviewing previous bouts of NATO sectarianism in Yugoslavia, Palestine, Syria, Ireland, Iraq and Ukraine itself, where NATO have deliberately weaponized the confessional differences that are integral to the historical and cultural mosaics of those countries.

The Polish Pope

The 1978 election of the charismatic Polish citizen Karol Józef Wojtyła as Pope (John Paul II) had profound effects not only in his native Poland but further afield where confessional differences have also been, at times, volatile.

Pope John Paul II addressed these very issues during his June 2001 visit to Ukraine, where he proclaimed that ending the Great Schism was at the top of his bucket list. Although Pope John Paul II later apologized to the Greeks for his Catholics’ 1204 sacking of Constantinople, he did not specify under what conditions the Great Schism could end and, as he said in his 1988 Euntes in Mundum paper, Europe could once again breathe easily with its two lungs of East and West.

Europe’s two lungs were always at the heart of Pope John Paul II’s reign. Even when he was being elevated to the papacy, Pope John Paul II broke protocol by raising Cardinals Józef Glemp, Primate of Poland; Marian Jaworski, the Latin Rite Archbishop of Lviv; and Lubomyr Huzar, the head of the Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church above all the world’s other cardinals in attendance. Pope John Paul II had, in other words, shown where his Papal priorities lay and those priorities would later be confirmed by his triumphant return to his Polish homeland which, as he freely acknowledged, had often had a very testy relationship with Ukraine to its east and Russia to its further east.

The issue, one the Vatican and NATO’s agents embedded there have long been well aware of, is Ukraine, like Syria, Yugoslavia and Iraq, is a religious mosaic, whose fragile diversity must be respected, lest history’s demons be unleashed. That the CIA periodically, cynically and deliberately unleashes those demons is fodder for another day.

Although Pope John Paul II, alongside Greek Orthodox Archbishop Christodoulos of Athens, condemned the CIA’s excessive proselytism, the CIA’s proselytism has only accelerated not only in Eastern Europe but in Latin America and South East Asia as well. The CIA, as part of their divide and conquer policy, aided and abetted the Catholic Church as well as their own rogue Protestant cults in their fake evangelization projects in Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Russia and the Baltic states.

Just as with Ireland, Yugoslavia and all of Latin America, these were no innocent CIA and MI5 actions done for the greater glory of God. In Latin America, Pope John Paul promoted far right groups like the child molesting Legionaries of Christ, who worked almost exclusively with the rich and powerful, whilst marginalizing those Catholic groups working on behalf of Latin America’s poor, who were in POTUS Reagan’s cross hairs.

Importantly for our own time, this was not the work of some bumbling Polish Pontiff but it was the centuries-long policy of the Jesuits which Blaise Pascal, the great Jansenist mathematician, so eloquently denounced in the seventeenth century and which today explains the role of the Jesuits’ Georgetown University as a vital CIA hub and World Economic Forum anchor on religion.

The truth, as per Pascal, is that the Jesuits, who count Pope Francis in their number, have always sought the favor of the rich and powerful and in the vast Catholic reserves of Poland, Croatia, Ukraine and the Baltics, they saw increased leverage for themselves to be again at the center of European events and to hell with the collateral damage we have already seen in Yugoslavia, that we see in Ukraine and that the Russian government and the Russian Orthodox Church both saw long before us.

Putin’s Altar Boy

Returning to Pope Francis grossly defaming Patriarch Kirill by calling him Putin’s altar boy that, as the fascist attacks on Russian priests in Galicia show, is far from the end of the matter, either in Ukraine, in England or in Russia. Britain’s far right media have attacked Sir Edward Leigh who, as one of Britain’s most influential Latin Catholics, has helped me immensely over Syria, because his aristocratic wife Mary — herself descended from the Russian Empress Catherine The Great — is a trustee of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad.

If you don’t get this, let me spell it out for you. England’s rabid press are attacking Sir Edward, because he is linked, through marriage, into the Orthodox community, as is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, to whom Sir Edward is very devoted. Although Sir Edward, along with Queen Elizabeth, should suffer no adverse effects, beyond some media gutter sniping for that, CIA death squads have murdered Catholics in Ireland, along with Orthodox Christians in Serbia, Ukraine, Iraq and Syria, for less tenuous confessional connections. That is how the demonization of Orthodox priests through tenuous confessional associations works in Iraq and Syria, as it does in Stryi, Lviv region, Galicia.

That is not me preaching. Rather it is Zelensky’s Religious Information Services of Ukraine who see the visit of John Paul II to Ukraine as a vindication of their persecution of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is but a shadow of its former self in Galicia and which is now very vulnerable to the resurgent ghosts of the 1st Galician SS.

As this excellent academic article explains, Russia’s religious and political authorities were aware of the implicit and explicit risks the re-emergence of Polish and Lithuanian Catholicism presented in Ukraine, whose confessional mosaic is markedly more fragile than Romania‘s, or indeed than either Syria’s or Iraq’s whose mosaics MI5 and the CIA both continue to savagely pummel. Though Russia’s armed forced are, needless to say, honor bound to protect, as far as is practicable, vulnerable Orthodox priests in Galicia, the CIA and MI5, who are behind the attacks on those priests, are all too aware of the traps they are setting not only for the Russian Orthodox Church but for the Ukrainian Churches they are putting her at loggerheads with. Holy War in Belfast explains how they pulled that same sectarian stunt in Ireland.

Ghosts of the 1st Galician SS

Although the fascist assaults on vulnerable Russian priests in front of their Galician congregations are one manifestation that the ghosts of Ukraine’s dark past have resurfaced, murals of the Virgin Mary posing with American Javelin missiles are another.

Although Zelensky, along with the Israeli media, have been aware of the dangers the ghosts of Galicia’s past pose, that has not stopped them playing The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, summoning those demons, the most notorious of which is Hitler’s 1st Galician SS Division, who committed numerous atrocities against vulnerable confessional minorities across the region.

The spirit of those Galicians, who collaborated with the Nazis, is once more abroad, not only on the front against Russian troops but throughout Zelensky-controlled Ukraine, where Russian priests, Russian parishioners, pensioners and gypsies are all fair game.

Zelensky’s protests that his ethnic Jewish heritage somehow absolves him from his own culpability in this Faustian pact does not wash. He was (stupidly) elected on a policy of making peace with Russia and he has not only failed to do so but he has singularly stalled any means of doing do. Zelensky, the world’s richest comic, is a perverse joke on the Ukrainian people and an indictment of those oligarchs who engineered his election.

Although Zelensky and his major sponsor could best serve Ukraine by emigrating to do stand up comedy in Israel, the Catholic Church and all other institutions who helped lead Ukraine into the mire have to do some serious reflection on their own culpability in this disaster. First for reflection should be, on the principle that a very long spoon is needed when supping with the devil, Pope John Paul II’s establishing diplomatic relations with the USA, which has historically been adversarial to Catholicism throughout the former Spanish and Portuguese empires as well as in Europe itself and whose agents, as previously shown, have now got the run of the Vatican.

If the Catholic Church wishes to fulfill Pope John Paul II’s Euntes in Mundum wish that Europe should breathe easily with its two lungs of East and West, then Rome should stow its hollow apologies, forsake Georgetown and the World Economic Forum, forthrightly condemn America’s perversion of religion in Latin America, Asia, Africa and Europe itself and, starting on the ground in Galicia, begin building genuine and mutually respectful relationships with Moscow and Constantinople, the Second and Third Romes. All else is hocus-pocus.