Hypocrite’s Song – from Robin Wrong, by Ray Zwarich

To all in this morally torn and twisted land, that once pretended it was a noble ideal to strive for, which we called ‘America’ :

This is Caliban’s reply to brilliant and beautiful American actress Robin Wright, who has decided she is qualified to lead us in demonizing other people’s and nations with outright lies, under the cunning guise of her crocodile concern for the danger of nuclear war.

This is blatant mainstream CIA propaganda that Ms. Wright is regurgitating… Note that this blatant CIA propaganda is being further propagated by the PseudoLeft, even Bloody Angela Davis’ ‘Portside’, as the entire American PseudoLeft is now in FULL de facto alliance with the CIA brain-trust of the Ruling Elites Empire.

First let me say that Ms. Robin Wright has long been one of my favorite actresses. It’s not merely her keen intelligence, it’s as much the humility with which she has seemed to carry and wield it. My wife of 48 years and I were talking just yesterday about Ms. Wright’s performance in ‘Message in a Bottle’, with Costner, and Paul Newman, the latter playing one of his last later roles. Much smarter than the ‘new man’ in her life that made her heart flutter cautiously, (no spring chicken she, with a son on the brink of puberty), she schools him on the basic art of human conversation.

“This is the part where you say. “I’m fine… You?..” “, she teasingly cajoles him, coddling his tender male male ego so wisely, just as she cautiously coddled his still passionate love for his deceased wife. No one could have played that part more perfectly, or engagingly, than Ms. Wright. Brilliant intelligence. Female wisdom and resolve, even when bearing pain. The archetypical Earth Mother. Isn’t that how Forrest Gump saw Jenny?

We saw Ms. Wright project a much different spirit in ‘House of Cards’, eh? A narrow-eyed female serpent, tongue flicking out with sulfurous evil, her fangs kept cleverly folded behind her ‘helpless’ female serpent’s cunning smile… a smile more in the secret cunning in her eyes, than on her mouth, a slit in her skirt, a teasing lace garter, hiding a deadly .44 Derringer, kept so close to her ‘lady parts’.

That was sure quite a role, eh? Ms. wright, as Claire, was shudderingly frightening in her patient ‘wise’ female confidence that in the end she would destroy this man she so skillfully, and artfully, even poetically, romantically, pretended to love…

Not just her husband, but her lover as well…

A real live Black Widow, this one…. A typical modern American woman? Fess up, girls… A stiletto heel to the heart. Isn’t that your corporate engineered ego’s fantasy? Or is Hollywood just telling us it is?

You can’t act, dress, talk, and generally behave like alley-cat Jezebels, while fantasizing about kicking men’s butts like Wonder Woman, (in a skimpy sexy sequined little outfit, of course), and think that men are so stupid that they won’t notice how toxically dangerous to them so many American women have deliberately fashioned yourselves to be.

Granted men are pretty stupid during those years their ‘command center’ lies below their belts, but those years pass, and then half your years of life remain. Do you know Rodin’s ‘The Old Courtesan‘? What is more pathetic than a lonely dried up old slut taking care of her cats? Shall we ask ex-CIA operative Gloria Steinem?

Was Ms. Wright being honest in portraying this deadly evil female Harpy spirit, Claire Underwood? Was she simply using her skill as an actress to portray a despicable character? Or was the Claire character simply a part ‘made for her’ because she only need be herself to play it? How deep into herself did she have to reach to ‘find’ this deadly serpent spirit in herself?

Yea… I know… I know… She’s just an actress, playing a part. Yea… well… For some Reason this ‘actress’ now thinks she is somehow qualified to propagate Big Lies on behalf of the SAME people who brazenly lied us into Iraq.

As Robin Wright has now embarked on her career as Jezebel Jane, the Hollywood star turned CIA mouthpiece, she looks MUCH more like the serpent Claire, than like Forrest Gump’s loving Jenny…

Listening to her propagate the US Empire’s ugly, hateful lies, listening to her parrot CIA propaganda, one question presents itself first. Is Robin Wright really the cold lying serpent woman, Claire, or is she just so gullible stupid that she’d make Pollyanna herself look like a wise old sage?

Is she lying coldly, batting her eyes, smiling like Mona Lisa… like Claire? (We already KNOW she could if she wanted to, eh?) Or is she merely as innocent as a foolishly fluttering maiden still longing for a first kiss?

Russia has lost 25% of its forces? LOL… Is poor Ms. Wright a total idiot, or a craven, cold-hearted liar? How could such an obviously intelligent person be this gullibly stupid? Such gullibility is hardly credible in such an intelligent woman, and the degree to which it stretches credulity does not speak well for her.

Is she lying or stupid?

Well… She just doesn’t look or sound stupid to me. Will she join people like Colin Powell and Lawrence Wilkerson in their disgraceful infamy as American traitors who lied us into war, causing the deaths of millions? Will she help lie her nation into utter disaster and ruin? She wants to be famous as Jezebel Jane?

Does she know, for example, what the casualty rate was on DDay, the historical WW2 allied landing in France? 156k men hit that beach, directly in the teeth of deeply dug in and fast-burping M-42s, and the deadly rapid-fire German 88s, that all allied soldiers quickly came to fear, and then  dread.

6.4% killed or missing. About 5,000 Americans dead or missing, and that many more among the British. Do the math. 10,000/156,000 = .0641 = 6.4%

Yet she writes that:

“Russia has lost some twenty-five per cent of its combat power in the last two months, a Pentagon official estimated this week.”

Gee… Losses 4 times heavier than on Normandy and Omaha beaches? And they’re still doggedly advancing?

Russia has clearly stated, (out LOUD! fer crissakes), that it has no intention of ‘conquering’ Ukraine. It said this before its forces crossed its border into Ukraine. Russia does not intend, it says, to even depose/overthrow the US puppet Zelensky Regime, whose agents are now publicly threatening to summarily execute any Ukrainian caught ‘collaborating’ with Russia.

Russia’s forces were kept near Kiev as a diversion, as the battlefields in Donbas and Mariupol were assessed and staged up. Russia never had, and still does not have, it says, any desire or intention to ‘capture’ Kiev. It seems apparent, ‘military experts’, (people who say they are such), say, that Russia’s military objectives are exactly what Russia said they were. The Ukrainian military has already been decapitated. The primary Ukro-Nazi stronghold in Mariupol is under full control. The Ukrainian army has no communication’s capacity, and thus is not capable of more than self directed ‘raiding’ as individual smaller units. The holdouts in Mariupol can just stay down in their steel plant tomb, Russia says. They can’t be re-supplied.

Most of the arms the US is sending will likely just end up on the international black market, enriching Ukrainian Jewish Oligarchs when terrorists buy them. All those javelin anti-tank/anti AA missiles are going to make it more exciting to fly on air-liners in the times ahead. Whooppee!

It appears that Russia will occupy the already seceded territories of Donbas, and now also intends to secure a land bridge across the north shore of the Azov Sea, occupying Mariupol, securing Crimea’s water supply, (which had been cut off by the ruthlessly murderous Ukro-Nazi battalions.

The US Empire is getting its ass handed to it on a greasy filthy maggot-infested platter. The Dollar is already teetering ominously, soon to come crashing down.

The Empire went ‘all in’ on an obvious bluff… Russia called, and shoved in its chips… The Empire is now sitting with a stupid wide-eyed look on its face, as Russia begins to patiently mop up what remains of the decimated Nazi battalions.

Since the Ukraine military now consists of isolated units acting on their own initiative, and since there is no remaining Ukrainian military command or communications structure, Russia’s clearly stated objective is within reach. But Russia will patient, Russia itself says, as the Mariupol Nazis cannot be re-supplied, and it is only a matter of time until they starve. Their defeat is as inevitable as was that of the Jews on the Masada plateau, as they watched the Romans build the ramp that would be the Jews’ doom.

Quoting a US Empire mouthpiece, Ms. Wright writes:

“Today, U.S. and Russian capabilities have “completely inverted,” McKenzie said. The U.S. has superiority in conventional arms, while Moscow has more nuclear weapons—and more options to deliver them.”

Well… Folks can believe what they want. but eventually the Empire’s ‘yo-momma’ empty boasting is going to be fully exposed. A bluff is one thing, but when you fold, rather than shove ALL your chips across the table, as Russia has, your bluster only then fools the desperate and/or stupid.

Military insiders have reported for some time that morale in the ‘feminized’ US military has been dangerously low for years. it’s one thing to harbor secret Wonder Woman fantasies, its quite another when women on the battlefield force out the men’s protective instincts, which greatly hinders focus on the mission. Morale is so low among male military combat pilots, men who once used sheer raw male swagger to find the courage to do what they do, (face constant sudden death at Mach speeds), that the US is suffering an emergency degree dearth of new pilots. As the swaggering veterans retire in disgust, sufficient numbers of new male pilots are not enlisting into the the new feminized US air forces. “Walk AROUND, Sugar britches… Walk AROUND”… She does so while crying. now there’s not just crying in baseball, but on the battlefield?…

In the end, Mayo, the alpha male, is about to set an all-time warriors’ record, but then gallantly sets aside the actual military mission, to help Sugar Britches, “walk that wall!“.

Well… I’m not in the military, never have been, (perhaps in another lifetime), but hey… just google “feminized US military” … I do know that one hears international taunts growing more commonplace, that the Empire’s diverse LBGTQFEM military is a quivering joke. What happen’s in the movie is what happen’s. The men gallantly sacrifice, both themselves and the mission, to protect the weaker women pretending to be Wonder Woman.

Our military weapons procurement process is said to be so stinking corrupt, that over half the high tech weapons systems with which we equip our feminized troops don’t work for more than a few hours, or at best days, under battlefield conditions.

Our nation has no remaining manufacturing base. We exported it in its entirely, so the Barons of Greed and Lust who rule over us could get ever richer. We think we can fight a world war? We sdon’y even have any cars to buy on our car lots. Go on out and buy yourself a Chevy. Good luck finding, and expect to pay $5k over sticker if you do.

Zero manufacturing base. And we think we can fight a world war because our weapon manufactures are fat and rich?

I would like to ask CIA mouthpiece Robin Wright.

1) What US government agency first approached you to play this part of Jezebel Jane?

2) I assume you have ‘volunteered’? Surely you haven’t been stupid enough to tell these lies for pay? What were you promised? What did they promise you, in exchange for your loyal service to Empire? Are there any expense accounts involved? If you incur expenses in the course of your war-mongering, who pays them? The New Yorker? Is Conde Nast making direct cash contributions, even to th3 extent of covering expenses, to the US Empires warmongering?

Conde Nast… Hmm…Will WW3 be a corporate war, shilled by narrow eyed serpent Jezebels who lie as easily as they breathe?

Be careful what you say now, Ms. Wright. You’ve chosen to take to the Big Stage… “Emmy winning Robin Wright as Jezebel Jane, the new Mata Hari of the Evil Empire”, marques will declare.

No Academy Award yet. You going for the Evil Empire’s Medal of Freedom? Are ya? Clever career move.

The worst aspect of Ms. Wright’s moral disgrace is her raw, rank hypocrisy. She feigns her cunning serpent’s (or stupid, gullible Pollyanna’s) concern for nuclear danger, as she promotes, advances, and INCREASES that VERY danger with her disgusting vapid stupidity, (despite all her keen intelligence), or else Claire’s cunning narrow-eyed serpent’s cold shuddering evil.

Play to the raging mob, Ms. Wright, if you please, but don’t count on ‘fans’ like me buy another ticket. Loved your work in ‘Land’… Brilliant interpretation of a lost soul’s frustrated yearning for meaning. Is this where you decided to find your life’s meaning?

As Jezebel Jane?… Telling CIA lies?

Do you know Dylan’s ‘Sad-Eyed Lady?’

“My warehouse eyes… Arabian drum… Should I leave them by your gate?… sad-eyed lady, should I wait?…”

Even in parting, a stupid man will serve beauty, even when he sees the ugly serpent owning the beauty.

We still feel gallant, fools that we are. Shall we wait? Leave a present at your gate? “Beauty is truth,… truth beauty… That is all ye know and all ye need to know” –Keats

He was a romantic fool… A typical stupid male like me… We can’t help it… It’s programmed into our DNA.

Lying for the Evil Empire is not a good look on you, Ms. Wright. Neither is this incredible degree of Pollyanna stupidity, should that actually be the case.

Who can see the subtlety? Claire Underwood now promoting WW3 on behalf of The Empire.

Do we REALLY think things get lined up this way by accident?… LOL… Brooklyn Bridge, and I’ll throw in the 59th St Bridge, no extra-charge… Ah… Marcuse was an evil genius… Orwell saw it…