In God’s Own Eyes, by Ray Zwarich

Consider please the word ‘semitic’. What is a ‘semite’? If one is either pro-semitic, or anti-semitic, what does that even mean?

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  1.  relating to or denoting a family of languages that includes Hebrew, Arabic, and Aramaic and certain ancient languages such as Phoenician and Akkadian, constituting the main subgroup of the Afro-Asiatic family.
  2.  relating to the peoples who speak Semitic languages, especially Hebrew and Arabic.

Following from the brilliant work of Isreali scholar Dr. Schlomo Sand, a preponderance of scholars now agree that when the Romans cast the Jews out of Palestine forever, it was not all Jews. In fact, it was, most likely, not even most Jews.

It was the Sanhedrin that was cast out. Well… Of course they used all their ‘inside influence’ with G-d, (that’s what they call God, to show their remarkable humility), to call all Jews to follow them into their wandering millennia. But not all Jewish people did. Nobody knows, but some people who study these things think it’s likely that well less than half of the Jewish ‘folks on the street’, the Jewish Common People, (as distinct from the wealthy and all-powerful (until the Romans) religious forces, the Sanhedrin), picked up whatever they could carry and left their lives behind to wander as a banished and homeless people.

Most of them just hunkered down… kept their heads down, and just kept doing what they, and their ancestors, had been doing for many centuries… They just kept being poor and put-upon. The Romans were ‘fair’ in their tyranny. They cared not if you starved or thrived… Pay your tax and they’d leave you alone. Religion?… The Romans gave two-effs what the peons believed… Pay your tax… Once the Romans bagmen collected, folks could worship a horned goat with an erection for all they cared.

Most of the indigenous Semitic people of Roman Palestine did NOT follow the Sanhedrin’s commands to follow. They hunkered down, stayed put, and kept slogging… The Romans frowned and sniffed at them. The were not ‘fooled’, of course. They just did not care. Pay your tax… And we will protect you, (from us). It wasn’t really all that much different than life under the Sanhedrin, (or under Capone). The Sanhedsrin kilt’ that fella, after all, who never done nuthin’ but say folks had lost our humility before God, and that we must obey God by being kind to one another, as kind as we wished others’d be toward us.

The Sanhedrin killed him for such insolence, (or… rather… With threats of fomenting unrest, the Sanhedrin forced the Roman governor, Pilate, to kill him. I know that History is not exactly a popular subject, but you folks probably have heard about that).

Anyway… The Semitic people who stayed behind when the Sanhedrin and their followers marched out of the gates ‘into the wilderness’, had no focused religious leadership for some time, until the Prophet Mohhamed appeared circa 700 AD. This new Prophet never called himself the Son of God. He never claimed to be related to God. ‘Chosen’… that word is yet a bit awkward, but will have to do. (Who, or what, chose whom, or what?) The Prophet Mohammed merely claimed that God was communicating through him… (There is a story of ‘visitation’, etc).

You know, folks… That’s actually what that Jesus fella had said… According to the written legends, the Four Gospels, (first written down a century or more after Jesus lived and died), Jesus ALWAYS called himself the “Son of Man”. He NEVER called himself the “Son of God”.

Son of Man? Hmm… The legend gets a little cloudy there… Was the beautiful Mary not somehow still a virgin when she held her baby Jesus in her arms? How could he then be a “son of man”?

Is there any wonder that real living women have ALWAYS resented this halitosis-Rabbi injected denunciation of women, no… worse… of womanhood itself? There was a movie where a woman over the edge of raging delirium after her man and child were killed, was being comforted in her wild hysteria of disbelieving raw pain by a Virgin Sister. “What do YOU know?”, the aggrieved woman snarls, one fist full of that poor girl’s ‘habit’, in the face of the young nun’s shameless empty pretense of self-righteousness, (being a virgin, just like the Holy Mary). “I had that man inside of me!” She screamed through snarling grinding teeth. “I had that child inside of me!! You dry soulless witch!… You NEVER had ANYONE inside of YOU!!!!”

Or do these religious ‘dictators’ not reject men even more? A holy child cannot possibly be born from a stupid beast’s snorting animal passion… Right?… “Which of you is more wickedly evil?”, thunder the phlegm-harrumphing old men wearing gilded lacy dresses. “Split tails, or hang tails? Nasty evil creatures… ALL of you”, say the Old Men, spewing spittle into the shafts of the cathedral’s ‘blessed’ light, the cathedral which slaves had built with scarlet lashes on their backs, dripping red into their every footstep at hard labor.

Anyway… (Sorry folks… that’s just a poor old ape getting all ‘carried-away’ again)… Back to me story of the Semitic people.

When Mohammed came along, the Sanhedrin had already made it’s way up into the Caucasus, and was migrating slowly west, across the north shore of the Black Sea, across modern day Ukraine, where they convinced the leadership of a large and influential tribe, the Khazars, to covert, en masse, to Judaism. Ukraine remains dominated by a class of Jewish Oligarchs, by people who consider themselves as Royalty, to this very day.

As the centuries grew into millennia, the Jewish Power Structure, the Sanhedrin, migrated on west into all of Europe. They soon came to be hated among all the tribes of peoples they lived among.

Why? Why did all other tribes come to hate this one tribe of people?

Well… It sure didn’t kick things off on the right foot with the non-Jewish folks when Jews kept saying they were God’s Favorite People. How does that make YOU feel? Yea… That’s exactly how it’s ALWAYS made people feel.

But if that were all there was to it, it never would have amounted to any more than any other of the stupid tribal squabbles that STILL plague Humanity, and are now threatening us ALL with sudden annihilation.

Ah… but the Jews did not merely claim to be God’s favorite people, they also forbad their children from marrying one of the ‘goyim‘, (a word roughly equatable to the famous ‘n word’, when spoken among God’s Favorite People). Then they were not merely insular, (heaven forbid should a Jewish prince look upon a ‘shiksa‘, a slang word meaning ‘slut’ among God’s Favorite folks). While living as a small minority among large societies, Jews worked together, in fanatical tribal devotion, toward a fanatically organized tribal objective, which was that God’s Favorite People should just naturally dominate the tribes of stupid goyim.

Always politically cunning, using their old world sophistication against these younger wilder western tribes, the Jews slowly, methodically, and steadily captured control of every society’s primary levers of political power… Its banking system, leading to control of its currency itself, its legal system, its system of education, particularly The Academy, and, of course, (most important of ALL), its communications system. (The means of communication are the means of power).

Jewish American people today comprise less than, (if we’re counting all our newest Americans who are struggling with their English), 2% of the American population. Yet Jews dominate our government, our education system, our legal system, our money itself, (not merely our banking system), and, of course, most ‘telling’ of ALL, Jews comprise well over 35%, (some say almost 50%, as corporate consolidation proceeds at an accelerating rate), of all management executives who control ALL our nation’s Mass Media, and a MUCH higher percentage of those in the most crucial seats on the Goebbels Committee, are Jewish.

No…. REALLY!… You can look it up your own dang selves, right on Google.

The modern Palestinian People are the descendent’s of the Semitic people who stayed behind when the old Halitosis-Rabbis were marched off into the wilderness. They never left. Many of them, (almost all), converted to Islam in the 7th through 9th centuries.

It is the European Jews, the Askenazim, who now feel racially superior to actual Semitic people. No… Really… Is this the height of Irony?… They hold themselves in nakedly racist superiority to not just Semitic Muslims, the indigenous peoples of Palestine, but to the indigenous Semitic Jews of Palestine as well. The Sepharic Jews, the ONLY indigenous Jews, are looked down upon, in blatantly racist disdain, by the European Ashkenazim, in the blessed, crazed land of Israel.

So… Now… Here we are… Poor bleeding America… Poor bleeding Humanity… Here we are, still saddled with this one long-hated tribe’s fanatical determination, this tribe which STILL preaches that it is God’s “chosen people”, this insular tribe which STILL operates to organize itself, like a demented tribe of fire ants, to dominate the 98% of Humanity these people consider to be their inferiors, in God’s Own Eyes.

How ’bout ole Cane Toad Hedges with his artful tapdance here, furiously lining up every skirt and petticoat to hide among, in his priest’s lovely lacy frock. Talk about ‘intersectional’. The godmother of Alice Walker’s only child is CIA operative Gloria Steinem her own damn self.. Poor Sniveling Alice (as this heartless cad cunningly ‘frames’ this noble and dignified woman) is an OG Feminist, just exactly like Marcuse’s trained glamor-girl orcs, like Gloria, to be. Is Ms. Walker a lesbian? That would vault her into the rarefied heights of the highest ranks of ‘intersectionality’. And… OMG… What is she’s TRANSGENDER?… (wink… )

Yea… Once again Cane Toad shows us the mental gymnastics of a brilliant mind pretending to be what a stupid human (like he, and me) does not have the courage to be, (as I do, but he so obviously does not). At the behest of those who put the ‘bop’ in the bop-she-bop-shebop, for ANYONE allowed to access American Mass Media…. at the behest of the Hollywood Jews, lined up by his randy paymaster, (have all yet read ‘the confession’ recently piublished Robert Scheer’s hot-blooded ex-lovergirl? Sheesh!!), at the behest of the Hollywood ews lined up and bankrolling Robert Scheer enetrtainment business,aka: the Jewish Eagle, those nice Jewish American folks who put the kaching! in Hedges’ checking account, Cane Toad ‘slpains to all us mere mortal goyim how we can hate what the whole international Jewish Tribe is fanatically organized to do, (Including making vassals of non-Jewish Americans), we can hate the murderous ugly brutality of heinous evil Zionism, as it monstrously renders babies to meat and calls its heinous evil deed “mowing the grass“.

But we should NOT hate or denounce those nice Jewish folks just because they truly believe they are God’s Favorite People. We can be anti-Zionist… without being anti-Semitic…

Anti-Semitic? But the Palestinian Arabs are the most authentically Semitic people, along with gthe indigenous (and looked down upon by the Askenazim) Sephadic Jews… Well… It’s a bit to wrap one’s mind around… As a stupid goy, … “One thing I know… I’m ‘younger’ than you, and that even Jesus could never forgive what you do”….

Who knew a toad could dance like a quick horny frog? (wink.. “he wears glasses and he’s 6 foot 3”)… Hedges’ artful tap dance for his Jewish patrons is impressive… Ms. Abulhawa is certainly so… Where’s Oprah’s bejeweled ruby red jezebel lips?… An hour of poorly lit talking head selfies? Who’s gonna watch that?… Is this your version of ‘flexing’ your immense power, Cane Toad? Where’r all Ms. Walker’s ‘heroic’ black female feminist allies? You think those wealthy pampered girls don’t know who butters their bread? You think they could not deflate a pompous self-involved gasbag like rich old Orpah? You think she does not KNOW that?

They are losing their children. The rate of intermareriage is accelerating. They can’t stop it. They know it. They already know that once the blood mixes, things will be much more..uhh.. complex… Angles to play… See how each day’s dew affects the ball’s roll… Whatever the game… do not feel restricted by any rules… Always remember…

You are God’s OWN Chosen People.