Isn’t Greenwald “Conforming to the System of Death’? by Ray Zwarich

Conforming to the System of Death

To all Caliban’s Really Good Ones, and to all in grave peril on storm-tossed seas.

I often ask myself if any of my efforts are having any effect. Surely, one would think, any person who makes ongoing efforts to affect the unfolding of her or his life and times does the same. One would think so…

There’s seldom any clear answer to that question. Sometimes there are indications that give one hope that one’s efforts are having at least SOME positive effect. Sometimes there are none, and one feels a sense of futility and discouragement.

Reading the work of people like Matt Taibbi, and especially from Glenn Greenwald, (both of whom I have long considered among our finest writers/commentators), such as this most recent article from Mr. Greenwald, I feel especially discouraged.

I have long tried to get these two writers to ‘see’ that they themselves fail to draw the very conclusions that all their efforts are leading their intended audience to draw. They promote a point of view, but they ALWAYS ‘pull their punches’. They are consummately eloquent in describing spades, but they NEVER come right out and “call a spade a spade”.

Why? What motivates them in this odd behavior?

Some months ago, Mr. Greenwald wrote an article about the events of 1/6, (I tried to find it just now to provide a link, but such research is very time consuming and difficult, especially when the writer limits access to his writing behind a paywall, as the mercenary Mr. Greenwald does, and as does Taibbi as well), that laid out a powerful ‘case’ that showed that the Capitol break-in on 1/6 was caused by a large number of US Government provocateurs generously seeded among the crowd, who goaded the crowd into breaking into the Capitol. He concluded by declaring, “I’m not saying this constituted a government conspiracy……”

Say what??… LOL…. Geezus H… That is what the man actually said out LOUD…

He laid out a meticulous case to ‘prove’ that there was a conspiracy at a very high level of government, then in conclusion negated his own case. It sounded exactly like a prosecuting attorney, after laying out a strong case, saying in her or his summation to the jury, “I’m not saying the defendant is guilty”.

I try very hard to understand people’s motives. Why? Why would this excellent writer and incisive commentator behave this way?

Well, for evidence of an explanation, look at the subscription portal to Mr. Greenwald’s Substack page. For some reason this crass mercenary, pretending to be a highly concerned, highly ‘committed’ political activist who is trying to improve his nation’s dangerous predicament, feels the need to boast that he has tens (plural) of thousands of subscribers. The minimum a writer can charge readers for membership on Substack is $5/month. Assuming the minimum number, tens (plural) of thousands would be at least 20k. At $5 per, Mr. Greenwald actually feels the need to BOAST that he is pulling down at least $100k per month for his ‘heroic’ efforts as a ‘committed’ political activist.

Isn’t that interesting?…

What are this man’s motives for boasting that he is pulling down at least $1.2 mil per year? Gee, he was only reportedly making $500k at The Intecept, before his ‘partner’ (he thought) fired him for daring to tell the truth, as he tried to expose the Mass Media Coup that put Skinny Joe in the White House by burying the compelling evidence, the Biden Laptop story, that Skinny Joe, (“and his whole fucking family”), is a two bit crook, as we ALL know he has been throughout his entire 50 year career as a shamless bagman for Big Money.

Of course there’s no such thing as a ‘free lunch’. Substack investors earn 10% (plus credit card fees) raked off the top. So Mr. Greenwald is actually bragging that his ‘committed’ political activism earns at least $120k per year for the Super Wealthy investors who operate Substack. He personally earns that much for the Ruling Elites that have captured our bleeding nation into their clawed clutches.

And he feels the need to BRAG about it….

Here’s an article that reports that Greenwald actually has as many as 40,000 subscribers. That would be a yearly gross of $2.4 Mil, earning $240k for his Super Wealthy Substack patrons, and over $2 Mill for himself. That would put Mr. Greenwald in approximately the top two-tenths of one percent, the top .2%, of income in the US.

Gee… the political activism ‘hero’ bid’ness has sure been good to Glenn Greewald, eh?

How are we to ‘process’ the stupendous irony that this man’s ‘committed’ activism earns as much as $240k per year for the VERY people whose behavior and activities that Mr. Greenwald’s supposed ‘activism’ pretends to oppose?

C’mon, folks… This just is NOT that complicated…. This is NOT ‘rocket science’… Just “follow the bouncing ball“… This is how “divide and rule” is being executed. All of Human History has NEVER seen a more PERFECT execution of this age-old strategy used by Ruling Elites, since the dawn of Human Civilization to rule over the always MUCH larger number of the Common People. In former times, however, Ruling Elites sought to crush all opposition. But what we see in our bleeding nation now is the highly skilled and highly sophisticated execution of ancient Talmidic wisdom that Marcuse taught Wild Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles.

Don’t crush the opposition. That just motivates them. Just control them instead. Finance them. Get them addicted to your ‘generosity’.

Gee… If Mr. Greenwald was unemployed and penniless after being fired by his Super Wealthy boss, (whom he foolishly thought was his ‘partner’), at The Intercept, don’t we think his advocacy now might be a little more, uhhh, ‘pointed’, (shall we say)?

Gee… Don’t we think that his current lucrative income might be having something to do with the weird way that he “pulls his punches”, the weird way in which he, and others such as Taibbi, themselves fail to draw the very conclusions that their advocacy leads their own audiences to draw? “I’m not saying the defendant is guilty”, says the weird prosecuting attorney in her or his summation to the jury.

Finance is fungible, of course. The fact that George Soros was the original funder of BLM, for example, (now converted into a lucrative slush fund for it’s now wealthy (but downtrodden. and oppressed, of course) founders, soon attracted many other Super Wealthy investors to back BLM.

The original money-man who green-lighted Substack was none other than Peter Chernin himself, who is among the very most powerful among the people who own and control ALL our nation’s Mass Media, (a rarefied group of people whom I call the “Goebbels Committee”).

Mr. Greenwald’s latest article (linked above) decries the “disinformation” activities of a loyal employee of the Goebbels Committee. Writing article after article about the lying propaganda regularly produced by individual employees of the Goebbels Committee, describing how they serve the Goebbels Committee by churning out lying propaganda, is a lucrative source of material, and thus income, for Mr. Greenwald, as Mr. Greenwald’s articles, themselves, serve as a lucrative source of income for the Goebbels Committee.

Isn’t that interesting?

Don’t silence the opposition. Just control them with generous financing. The Ancient Tribe, to which the brilliant Marcuse belonged, has used this technique (among others), for over 2000 years, to gain control, as a very small minority of 1%-2% of the population, of all the levers of political and social power in every society they have lived among. Every single one of those MANY societies has grown to hate and resent that Ancient Tribe, which has learned to cry crocodile tears over how all those evil inferior goyim have hated them for what they so cunningly do to those people.

The entire American edifice that I call the Bolshevik Marionettes, which are commonly, but ERRONEOUSLY referred to as ‘the left’, (they in NO way even resemble an AUTHENTIC Left), is incorporated as taxpayer-subsidized 501c corporations, which are ALL primarily financed by Super Wealth foundations.

I came across a quote just a couple days ago, which explains the intense anger I feel over the blatantly quisiling behavior of Robert Scheer, who anyone who reads my writing knows I consider among the most disgusting characters among the generally disgusting Woke Cult, aka: the PseudoLeft, aka: the Bolshevik Marionettes. We all know the second line of this quote, but I had never before heard the first line. The entire quote:

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, nor hell a fury like a woman scorned.” — W Congreve

I have been a Leftist since 1968, (the Tet Offensive ‘awakened’ me). When I was a very young man in those days, (I turned 21 in ’69), Robert Scheer was a great hero of mine. The old Irish IRA song, ‘The Patriot Game‘ well captures how people feel when a cause for which they have sacrificed is so egregiously ‘sold out’ by a low-life disgusting character like HollywoodBob Scheer, ( a Jewish man whose primary funding comes from the wealthy Jewish people who control Hollywood).

The song’s last verse:

Now I am dying, my body unwhole
I think of those traitors who bargained in soul
I wish that my rifle had given the same
To the Quislings who sold out the patriot game

As sure as I am that my readers must be rolling their eyes over my continued expression of my deep animosity toward this disgusting QuislingBob character, I remain determined that History will remember HollywoodBob not as the young man who so inspired me in my youth, but as the disgusting ‘sell-out’ he now has become. (geez… don’t let me even get started on the retching disgust I feel for Scheer’s business partner, the ridiculously self-righteous Chris ‘Cane Toad’ Hedges, a starkly delusional character who thinks he’s Jesus).

As much as I admire the writing skill of people like Taibbi and Greenwald, and as much as I ‘see’ that they pretend to be opposing the very system that provides them with such lucrative incomes, I also ‘see’ that they, like Scheer, have been ‘bought off’. In exchange for their lucrative income, paid to them for their skill in describing ‘spades’, I am increasingly aware that people like this NEVER actually come out and ‘call a spade a spade’.

They NEVER draw the very conclusions that ALL their advocacy pretends to want to lead us toward.

As bad as ‘censorship’ is, voluntary self-censorship is far WORSE. These people are guarding their lucrative incomes. It’s plain as day… Are we so naive that we think Substack, wholly financed by the Ruling Elites, won’t eventually ‘censor’ those who refuse to censor themselves? Do we think people like Taibbi and Greenwald don’t ‘know’ that?

The clown-like Cane Toad Hedges likes to preach self-righteous sermons about “inverted totalitarianism“. Indeed, who could possibly be more eloquent than the silver-tongued Cane Toad in expressing his razor sharp perceptions of such. But poor pathetic Cane Toad is entirely devoid of even a trace of self-awareness. He is completely blind to how his own behavior serves the very forces he so likes to pretend to oppose.

To the cadence of a jump-rope ditty: “The pot and the kettle got into a nettle and called each other “black”. Each could see the other, but neither one could bother to see their own self-lack”… Hedges is the most ridiculous and blackest of pots, self-righteously (and clownishly) deriding all the black kettles, for being as black as he is.

Do we think Matt Taibbi and Glenn Greenwald don’t ‘know’, at least on a deep subliminal level, that if they came right out and SAID, out LOUD, what they are ‘saying’, it might endanger their top tier, (top .2%), incomes?

We are living in the belly of a terrible beast, an evil fire breathing Nazgul Dragon that has wantonly killed, or caused the deaths of, an estimated 6-10 MILLION humans since the END of WW2.

The best this wealthy man, Greenwald, can bring himself to do is deride this Nazgul Dragon for things like “hypocrisy”. Even as deadly fire pours death out of this Dragon’s evil mouth, Greenwald NEVER can bring himself to call this evil Dragon what it is.

Gee… That might make the Dragon so angry it might cut off poor Greenwald lucrative income.

This Evil Nazgul Dragon, the US Empire, is currently fully engaged in aggressively attacking Russia, and is preparing for war against China.

Why? Because both those defiant nations say, “One nation cannot rule over the Earth. Instead, all nations must engage in democratic negotiations to create a world economy that benefits ALL nations. In these democratic negotiations, each nation must represent the interests of its own people, but every nation must respect the interests of all other nations and peoples.”

THAT is both Russia’s and China’s official position, patiently and consistently expressed for many years.

“Those BASTARDS”, saith the US Empire, whose openly and publicly stated position is that the US Empire must rule over the entire Earth. Like all who dare defy The Empire, Russia and China must be DESTROYED!

WW3 is ALREADY in progress, folks. The “fast bullets” are already “flying”. (from ‘Masters of War‘). The young soldiers’ blood already “flows out of their bodies and is buried in the mud”.

See the slide appearing as ‘wallpaper’ in the above linked Masters of War video? it asks a question. Are you fighting this ‘good fight’? Are you fighting this “cause which was there before we came”? Are you “fighting it full, without regret or shame” (– Dylan, from ‘Restless Farewell‘).

Or, like QuislingBob, Cane Toad Hedges, and like Tabbi and Greenwald, are you “conforming to the very system that is driving us ALL to our certain deaths”.

These privileged people are living the Belly of a Terrible Beast, but they seem so happy. so pleased with themself. As I’ve told Taibbi before, his smarmy Mama’s-boy smart-aleck smile makes me want to slap that crooked smile off his self-adoring face.

In their fame and wealth, and with all the other opulent privileges that the Nazgul Dragon allows them, these people are NOT what they so like to pretend to be.

Do I want to ‘cancel’ them as the Woke Cult Crazies would? No… I do NOT… I just want them to ‘see’ themselves for what they ARE, so that maybe in their shame they can actually become what they so like to pretend to be.

They DO have that option. They can stop “conforming to the System of Death”. Some of us out here are putting our lives on the line to oppose The Empire, not asking a single PENNY in return. (I do NOT ‘write for pay’).

They won’t even put their gold at risk… Let alone their lives on the line…