Israel cannot be allowed to continue its occupation and apartheid policies, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Sympathy with victims and knowledge are not sufficient..Action is the best
antidote to despair.
Please act. There are actions listed in this page and
actions listed on my website PLEASE act
in your own capacity but do go out in the streets today (Wednesday) to
demand an end to the genocide committed by Israel aided and abetted by US
and Western governments.

Small correction/addition to my last email: the hospital that Israel
targeted massacring >500 civilians (most children) is Al-Ahli hospital
which was first established by the Church Mission Society of the Church of
England, managed between 1954 and 1982 by the Medical Mission of the
Southern Baptist Church, and since 1980 was run by the Episcopal Church in
Jerusalem (see
Most of the families murdered are those who came to the area in front of
the hospital thinking it was safer there since for 140 years it was a model
of Christian-Muslim coexistence in Gaza. The images of body parts
scattered even a hundred meter away from the site of the Israeli attack are
so horrific and beyond description. But even more horrific was that even
this incident did not stop the carnage. Israel continued its onslaught
against the civilians of Gaza. Israel continues its onslaught on truth and
spend billions on propaganda and media manipulation (much of it comes from
tax-deductible donations and direct aid from the USA).

Some disgusting western (Zionist) media thus still parrot Zionist lies or
give them the benefit of the doubt! Millions around the world are stunned
at the depth of depravity of targeting even one of the last remaining
bakeries after targeting several hospitals, residential areas, schools,
universities, ambulances etc. Denying food, water, and medicine alone
should be sufficient to expel Israeli ambassadors from every country on
earth. Israel continues this and the bombing of civilians relentlessly. But
demonstrations around the world grew.

As I wrote before, pleading to the US dominated western world to accept
international law and international humanitarian law is not useful. They
are intentionally destroying such law at the altar of the Golden Calf of
Zionism. But now the game is up. Since the Nazi era ended, deliberate
targeting of civilians was practiced by the US in Vietnam, Iraq and
elsewhere (Martin Luther King said that the US is the biggest purveyor of
violence in the world).In 2023 (pivotal year), civilized and decent people
and governments everywhere must band together to stop Israel and its US
mentor and benefactor. The stakes are very high. If Israel succeeds then
other ruthless regimes will be encouraged to also get their way by might of
arms and ignore international law.

There should be no ‘compromise’ that allows Israel to continue its
occupation and apartheid policies in Palestine. A “cease-fire” and having
other countries donate to rebuild some parts of the damage happened
repeatedly in the past as a face-saving measure. It is like having a rapist
stop for a while, treat the victim briefly and then allow the rapist to
resume. Apartheid, colonization, siege, oppression continued after
previous onslaughts (2008, 2014, 2021). Now, there MUST be a different
outcome if nothing else because of the scale of the devastation of Gaza and
the vulgarity and open statements by Israeli leaders saying they intend to
wipe and punish the population (the “human animals” in the words of the
Israeli minister of war and “no innocent civilians” in the words of the
Israeli president).

Again condemnations, showing concern, and prayers are not sufficient.
Actions to hold the genocidal criminals accountable are needed NOW. See
Demand the expulsion the Israeli ambassadors from your countries.(and
the US ambassadors if they do not stop funding and arming the criminals)

Please join the struggle for ending apartheid/colonialism to build a better
society (see my book “Sharing the Land of Canaan” available online at