Israeli crimes against Palestinians, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

.. Here are just six examples of this pillage for which we have data:

1-Pillaging tourism so that even Christian tourists coming to Palestine
spend their money with Israeli tour operators and hotels. They are even
taxed to stay in Palestinian communities like Bethlehem (to discourage
them), Israeli tour guides are also empowered while Palestinian tour guides
are severely restricted.

2-Destroying green areas and replacing some with with pine trees
(monoculture) and others with Jewish only colonies, greenwashing
colonization, and designating “nature reserves” in Palestinian lands to
exclude us and allow Israeli settlement expansion and military exercises in
those same areas
3-Israel prevents authorizing Palestinian wastewater treatment facilities
while forcibly taking money from Palestinians for treating some sewage.
Settlements dump their sewage on Palestinian areas

4-Israeli industrial colonies dump toxic waste in Palestinian areas causing
DNA damage and chromosome breaks and leading to

5-Israel stealing our tax money to compensate itself for any acts of
resistance (legitimate by International law): collective punishment

6-Israeli pillage of Palestinian natural resources like water (95% taken),
gas (off the coast of Gaza), building material (stone quarries in
Palestinian areas) and much more

The total losses to Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza is estimated at
nearly one trillion dollars since 1967. This is not counting the
destruction of 530 communities in 1948 and the pillage of their lands and
resources which amounted by one estimate at $12 trillion. Nor does this
take into account the suffering that refugees and displaced Palestinians
(now numbering 8 million) endured.

But despite this bleak picture, millions of points of light are there:
organizations and individuals work hard and do make a difference.
Watch for our next message which will focus on that.

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh