Kshama Sawant… Budding Politician?… Or Nascent Leader? by Ray Zwarich

I am responding here to Christopher Hedges’ piece, entitled “How to Defeat the Billionaire Class”. The article consists of a condensed interview with Seattle (USA, for my international readers) City Councilwoman Kshama Sawant, a stunningly beautiful and VERY highly spirited young woman. Fair warning, girl… You are just EXACTLY my ‘type’… (Just kidding… She’s reading this… I’m 74… been married to the ONE I chose for 48 years… Faithfully too)….

I’d heard of Ms. Sawant before, but never really knew anything about her… I LIKE her… A LOT….

She’s VERY confused yet… I can ‘see’ that… But she’s ‘on’ to the right ideas… Watch out for this one, folks… She could grow into a ‘great leader’ someday….

First impressions can be way off the mark, of course… When AOC first rose up, I had great hopes for her as well, but she’s now been fully exposed, or rather has fully exposed herself, as an empty white silk suit airhead… AOC has a courageous enough spirit, awright… but spirit alone does not make a ‘leader’…. It takes a brain, and enough experience to gain wisdom, to be a ‘leader’… As soon as I saw AOC’s idiotically vain makeup video for Vogue, I was ‘cured’ of any ‘fascination’, (or hope), I once had for her….

They should switch places…. Ms. Sawant belongs on the national stage, which, of course, is PRECISELY why she is NOT. AOC belongs on some backwater city council, which, of course, is PRECISLY why the Ruling Elites’ Mass Media have promoted her to the national stage.

I don’t have any inkling that Ms. Sawant can yet fully understand that last paragraph… Her interview reveals that although she’s thinking in the right directions, she does not yet NEARLY understand the full vexing reality of our deadly predicament. Yea… She’s still VERY confused, but hey… she’s way beyond, WAYY beyond, where I was at her age… (At least in some ways)…

I got my eye on her now… (Thanks to ole Cane Toad)… Maybe a broke-down old silverback ape could teach a young spirited filly a couple new tricks?… She’s plenty smart enough to learn… I can ‘see’ that… Yea… but the spirited ones are always so headstrong… I sure was at her age… Well… Time passes… Experience always teaches humility to the wise… It’s when you stop being so proud of what little you know, and learn how MUCH you don’t know… that you start to ‘grow’…

Just a quick word on Cane Toad, (my affectionate name for Mr. Hedges)… This kind of article is what keeps me assessing him at about a 20% probability of being an ‘operative’… 80% he’s not… 80% he’s just a poor man with a very Hungry Heart… Ego… I go… you go… ergo ALL go… We ALL are constantly put-upon by our egos. Ego is what we pretend to be… Character is what we really ARE… I don’t know how poor Cane Toad’s ego got SO desperate, SO hungry… (we all have a sad story we could tell)… I can just see that it is.

An operative? Well… Yea… What he does here with Ms. Sawant is EXACTLY what a cunning operative would do. Expose her confusion while feeding HER ego by calling her confusion “how to defeat the billionaire class”. Nothing that Ms. Sawant offers us here has a proverbial ‘snowball’s chance in a blast furnace’ of “defeating the Billionaire Class”… (But she’s thinking in the right direction). Cunning operatives know how to spot budding ‘leaders’, and how to manipulate their egos to lead them astray of any higher destiny. Is that what Cane Toad is doing here?

20% an operative…. 80% Cane Toad is just a ‘sincere’ guy with such a desperate need for applause that he’s ‘sincerely’ pretending to be what he very obviously is not… As the great historians, the Durants, said of Cicero… “He trims his sails to whatever breeze prevails”…

Poor Cane Toad thinks I’m his enemy. “A hound from hell”, he once actually called me… LOL… Hate to admit… but I’ve been called far worse… That’s OK… We’re gonna be good friends someday… soon’s he figures out that I’m trying to give him something… Not take something from him…

He’s a HUGE talent, and could be an important part of what some folks and I are figuring on doing, (actually DEFEATING the Ruling Class, not just talking about it)… But he just needs to get his desperate ego out d’way… (Hate to disillusion ya, but you’re NOT Jesus, Cane ole buddy)…

Anyway… Ms. Sawant is ALSO trimming her sails to the prevailing breezes. Never a good sign… If she wants to become a ‘great leader’, she’ll need to first learn to stop being a ‘politician’. Playing to The Mob, (as cane Toad does), does NOT a ‘great leader’ make.

She eschews Identity Politics… Well… ‘praise be’… But the Woke Mob is her primary constituency… Yea… ummm… I can ‘see’ that is one heck of a ‘fix’ to be in…

For those who don’t remember… Ms. Sawant’s territory, Seattle, was where the crazed Woke Mob actually seized territory downtown. From this linked article:

Raz Simone, a local rapper with an AK-47 slung from his shoulder and a pistol attached to his hip, screamed, “This is war!” into a white-and-red megaphone and instructed armed paramilitaries to guard the barricades in shifts. Later in the night, Simone was filmed allegedly assaulting multiple protestors who disobeyed his orders, informing them that he was the “police” now, sparking fears that he was becoming the de facto warlord of the autonomous zone.

Oh geez… Wouldn’t ya just know?… This is EXACTLY what Bolsheviks ALWAYS do. As soon as they gain ANY power, they immediately reveal themselves as the crazed totalitarian monsters they ARE…

From the same article:

“The following day, a coalition of black activists associated with the autonomous zone released a more specific list of demands, including the total abolition of the Seattle Police Department”

Yea… LOL… Okey doke then… The first thing our crime-ridden nation needs, this crazed Woke Mob, (Ms. Sawant’s constituency), contends, is to get rid of all polize, except for Woke Crazies with AKs and Glocks… LOL…

What’s your position on that, Ms. Sawant?

The police can be cruel murderous thugs… Every big city PD surely has its share of renegade cops… Is anyone watching the tremendous series ‘We Own This City”? It’s kind of a follow-up to ‘The Wire’ from two decades ago…

Ahhh… unintended consequences… eh?

I don’t live in Baltimore, so I have no idea how ‘real’ this TV drama is, (as it purports to be)… It’s about a gang of thug cops… The premise of the plot is that the ‘good police’ refuse to do their jobs any longer. In one early scene two police are arresting a criminal who is violently resisting, (as George Floyd did). As the two police have the man down on the sidewalk, cuffing him, a small hysterical mob forms, each yelling hysterically, and each with their phone videoing the arrest. “Fuck this!”, the police say, and release the criminal back to prey freely on the community… One police stabs an angry finger at the crowd, saying “Police your fuckin’ SELVES!” They get in their patrol car and leave…

Is it a victory for the people in the community when criminals run the streets with impunity? Ms. Sawant? Care to comment? (Again… She’s reading this).

The ‘good police’ are all on a ‘paid sit-down strike’, just sitting in their patrol cars drinking coffee and eating donuts, (figuratively speaking), refusing to risk their lives and livelihoods to help people who desperately need their help but are too confused to know it.

Crimes rates, including murder rates, rapes, robberies, etc, are SOARING in every big city in America, ever since a police, Chauvin, who was just doing the job he was paid to do, (arresting a criminal), was thrown in prison… for doing his job… arresting a violently resisting criminal junkie with a drug-diseased heart, who was sky high on both crystal meth and fentanyl. His blood level of BOTH was so high that EITHER would have been a fatal dose to a non-junkie.

Poor Mr. Floyd had a heart attack from his violent exertion while under arrest. “I can’t breath” is a classic sign of a heart attack. The hapless police, Chauvin, is now in prison because The Mob now rules our nation.

What is Ms. Sawant’s ‘take’ on the tragedy of poor Mr. Floyd’s death? What is her ‘take’ on the tragedy that The Mob threw a police in prison for simply doing the job he was paid to do? Is the obviously keenly intelligent Ms. Sawant able to draw the cause-and-effect connection between the unintended consequences of ‘canceling’ Chauvin, and the resulting refusal of police all across America to any longer do their jobs, after seeing what happened to Chauvin?

The soaring murder and crime rate? How many people does Ms. Sawant think have been murdered, who would not have been, had the nation’s police not stopped doing their jobs? We’re STILL paying them, but now for eating donuts, not arresting criminals. How many people have died because this Crazed Woke Mob took over our nation?

Ms. Sawant?…. Care to comment?…

Seems the gangs of police thugs are now the ONLY police that will make arrests.

Well, in the TV drama, a federal agent comes to town to investigate the police ‘task force’ that has become a bona fide gang of cruel shameless thugs. What she finds out is that the desperate Baltimore Police Department knows about them, but is actually protecting them, because they are the ONLY police in Baltimore any longer who will do any actual policing…

Anyway… Highly recommend this TV drama for any who want to understand the impact the delusionally insane Woke Mob has wrought upon our poor bleeding nation… Hundreds (at least) have died at the hands of murderers who on longer fear the law. We can’t have ‘law’ without ‘law enforcement’, can we, Ms. Sawant?

Anyway… Highly recommend ‘We Own This City’ for anyone who wants to understand the horrible ‘unintended consequences’ of ‘canceling’ the police in high crime communities.

The “total abolition of the Seattle Police Department”? That’s the Woke Mobs’ demands… Aren’t these crazy people your constituency, Ms. Sawant?… Yea… just what every community needs. A crazed Bolshevik ‘rapper’ like Raz Simone, with an AK and a Glock, beating people up if they refuse to obey his orders.

Ms. Sawant has apparently learned enough, at her young age, that she will tell Cane Toad that she eschews the Woke Mob’s Identity Politics. As an AUTHENTIC Leftist, my heart leaps up to hear her extoll Class Analysis… but… but… go to her Socialist Alternative Party’s website, and the Woke Mob’s Identity Politics immediately leaps off the page to assault you.

Abortion ‘rights’… Socialist Feminists…. Trans rights… Fighting the very working class, which the Woke Mob calls “the racist far right” because they are sane enough to recognize how delusionally INSANE the Woke Mob is…

Well… I get it, Ms. Sawant… You’re smart enough to realize that ‘reforming’ the Ruling Elites’ crooked Democratic Party Machine (DPM) is an idiots’ errand… Ahh… but do you think you can reform your own Woke Crazy SA Party from within?

‘Leaders’ do not pander to The Mob, Ms. Sawant…

Does Ms. Sawant know what they call people who say one thing, then do the opposite? Can she spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E? Did Ms. Sawant EVER meet a ‘politician’ who was anything but a hypocrite? Is Ms. Sawant planning a long career as a politician, or as a ‘leader’?

It’s an ‘either-or’ thing, girly-girl. It’s a fence topped with razor wire. No sitting on it is even possible. One side or the other.

I hear what you SAY… But I have eyes, ma’am… and I can ‘see’ where you STAND….

Care to comment, Ms. Sawant?

Well… She IS a highly spirited young woman… And she seems to be awakening at least enough to be thinking in the right directions, even though she remains befuddled and confused… even though she seemingly remains totally unaware of the true nature of our deadly predicament.

Class struggle?…. Working class?… Except for workers that are the wrong race?… If that it? Those working class people must be demonized and hated…. Right?… Half the working class must fight the other half?…. Hey… wait a dang minute Ms. Sawant… ‘Member that old guy a long time ago said that EXACT same thing?

“I can hire half the working class to kill the other half” — Jay Gould

Ms. Sawant is a pretty smart young woman, and she’s thinking in the right directions… but she demonstrates ZERO consciousness of the ‘true nature’ of our deadly predicament.

Neither she, nor poor Cane Toad, even mention immigration… She wants to buiold a new labor movement, she says? Do any remember Cesar Chavez? Do YOU, Ms. Sawant? What did he say about immigration, about trying to build a union among California’s abused farmworkers while the bosses were just importing ‘scabs’ from Mexico to take striking workers’ jobs? Did he not work tirelessly for border enforcement?

Is this young woman who proposes to rebuild a ‘labor movement’, while fighting half the working class, (which she demonized as “the far right”), planning to run effective strikes while millions of desperate ‘scabs’ still pour across the border?

Is she THAT foolish?….

Well… Other than demonizing HALF the American working class, and other than ignoring the most crucial factor weighing AGAINST building an effective ‘labor movement’, she has very perceptive things to say about such things as ‘business unionism’. Does she even know that Robert Scheer, and his close buddy, Cane Toad Hedges, are great champions of the most rankly EVIL ‘business union’ in the nation… Big Purple… SEIU?

Remember old Andy Stern? He’s Scheer’s and Hedges’ good buddy… Go ahead… ask them…I spent many years working with ‘labor dissidents’ fighting the Union Fat Cats. These dissidents called Andy Stern, and his SEIU gang of labor THUGS, the “Anti-Christ of American Labor”.

We should maybe talk this stuff over, Ms. Sawant… You wanna ‘start over’ and build a labor movement? We HAD a powerful labor movement already… Look where it got us… What are you planning to do different this time?… You going to fight for decades again to build it up, just to watch rthe Ruling Class hire half the working class to tear it down?… All I hear from you, in Cane Toad’s article, is rhetoric that amounts to a pile of meaningless gibberish…

You do NOT have a ‘plan’, DO you, ma’am? All you have is some gibberish rhetoric… Isn’t it?

You have NO IDEA what you’re doing… DO you, girly-girl? You will NOT even START to grow until you yourself KNOW that. A fool thinks she or he knows everything… Any wise person knows that she or he knows nothing..

Yea… well… You’re young…. You’re thinking in the right direction… Are you yet grown wise enough to realize that you have NO IDEA what you’re doing?

I ‘see’ GREAT potential in you. You do NOT appear to be an airhead like Sandy Ocasio-Cortez… At least not yet….

What is it you plan to become? A politician, or a ‘leader’?

What say, girl?… Wanna talk it over with an old silverback ape?… Yea… Well… I been around a couple blocks… Blocks that people like Cane Toad would be way too scared to even get near. (Watch… Now he’ll boast about when he was a big brave NY Times reporter who went to war zones)…

Maybe I could teach a young and inexperienced girl thing or two? Or does she think she already knows everything?

Or… is Cane Toad more your ‘type’?

Trim your sails to every prevailing breeze. Or tack against a fierce wind, with your eyes keenly focused on your destiny?


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