Many Mariuses, by Ray Zwarich

To all Caliban’s Really Good Ones, and to all who may be sick as I am of all the constants lies:

Here I am in warrior’s garb again… I’m getting pretty old for this, although Gaius Marius, Caesar’s great uncle, was still a vigorous warrior at my age. Plutarch tells us that at the age of 70, he regularly put his fine Arabian war stallion through vigorous military exercises, alone, in public, on Rome’s Campus Martius, to express his defiance of Sulla. He was, however, eventually forced to flee to Africa to escape Sulla’s reign of terror. Caesar (according to Plutarch) met Sulla. After their meeting, Sulla reportedly said “There go many Mariuses in that young man”. The young Caesar also fled Rome, to avoid Sulla’s murderous ‘proscriptions’, (lists of politicians to be killed).

The optimates v. the populares. The Roman Ruling Elites against the Roman Common People. Not many Americans know that Caesar was a great champion of the Common People, (highly recommend Michal Parenti’s excellent book, ‘The Assassination of Julius Caesar‘), not unlike Trump.

But Donald Trump is certainly no Caesar. We’d be in BIG trouble if he was. I think he is a con man, a shill… but he is VERY convincing to MANY people… Many Americans, likely well over 100 MILLION, revere him as the Roman populares, the Roman Common People, did Caesar.

Trump is no Caesar, but we’re in enough trouble as it is, with the recent massacre the Democratic Party Machine suffered in the primaries. Looks like a bloodbath for the Dems this fall. Trump will likely be POTUS again in January of ’25.

Which side will initiate the next American Civil War? I think they’ll shoot Trump during his inauguration parade. They’ll grab some poor Antifa schlock off his barstool in Brooklyn, to put the blame on him. Like Oswald, and/or Sirhan, the poor idiot will himself be gunned gown, or else thrown into a dungeon to rot, (like Sirhan).

Remember when they shot Aquino in the Philippines in ’83? Everyone knew Aquino was walking into danger by returning to his homeland from exile, to vie with a ruthless tyrant for power. But his political opponents didn’t mess around. They shot him in the head, at close range, right on the tarmac, the moment he stepped off the plane.

That event catapulted his widow, Corazon, (‘heart’ in Spanish), into power, AFTER a revolution. AFTER Marcos fled for his life.

What’s the difference between a ‘civil war’ and a ‘revolution’? Excellent question… Anyone?

Trump’s heavily armed forces will, of course, be enraged. Trump’s murder will ‘set it off’. Will Colonel Larry Wilkerson lead US Army troops in gunning down US citizens? (Just kidding… The dashing cavalry officer, who helped lie our nation into the deadly predicament we’re now in, is long retired from active military command. He’s simply a propaganda operative for the DPM now).

Immediately before the rigged Mass Media coup of ’20 that vaulted the DPM (Demo Party Machine) into power, Colonel Wilkerson, infamous as Colin Powell’s Chief of Staff, who helped Powell lie our nation into the disastrous wars and crushing US defeats that have followed from the invasion of Iraq, was conducting interviews on NPR, informing the American people that the US Army was fully prepared to gun down US citizens.

I think they’ll shoot Trump during the inauguration parade. I also think the result will be the same as it was for Aqino’s murderer, Marcos. Trump’s heavily armed forces will rise up in unbridled rage. The bloodbath will be terrible. In every city in the nation, the cold icy January street gutters will run red.

The troops will turn on their commanders, rather than continue to gun down their own fellow citizens.

Well… Anyway… It’s just a guess… Not a prediction… No one has a crystal ball… The thing is, though, folks, how do ANY think our nation’s bleeding self destruction is going to pan out? What does anyone else think the ‘end game’ is going to look like?

How are we going to emerge from our current insanity without a bloodbath?… Is anybody asking themselves that?

During his NPR interviews, Colonel Wilkerson warned us that most of the estimated 400 MILLION firearms in private hands in the US are in the hands of Trump supporters. There could be tens of billions of rounds of ammo cached. Tens of billions of bullets, in a nation of 330 million people.

Full disclosure… I own NO firearms, or other weapons, and never plan to. I am in communication with some of these people. Distant indirect communications, (NOT direct), and as an avid follower of Gandhi’s theories, I am doing what I can to convince these people that there are better means to ‘rise up’ against this DPM tyranny than with violence.

Anyway… There I go rambling again…

A warrior’s garb is heavy and hot. I much prefer more comfortable robes, but when a battle is raging, that is hardly the time for soft clothes.

As all who read my writing know, I am targeting Robert Scheer, once a great hero of mine, as a primary representative of the Woke Cult Crazies who are now fully supporting the Ruling Elites who finance them, and are now fully supporting the US Empire’s war against Russia.

This must grow tiresome to many, I know… but this type of ‘warfare’ engulfs us in our poor sick crazed and bleeding nation. I didn’t start this fire. (“The cause was there before we came”). I’m trying to put it out. Robert Scheer’s behavior and disgraceful actions are presenting a direct threat to my family’s, to my beloved grandchildren’s, safety.

I ‘see’ VERY clearly that this crazed Woke Cult is fully financed by the Ruling Elites, and in exchange is tasked with guarding the Ruling Elites’ weak left flank. These poor crazed people’s minds are all twisted up into a crazed knot of pure, raw, unreasoning hatred.

I’m pleading with the more rational ‘side’. No public figure in the nation is making more sense than Tucker Carlson, who has actually taken to issuing ‘warnings’ to the DPM. “We, the American people, are NOT going to allow you to do that, you senile old twit”, he said recently, addressing poor old bagman and two-bit crook, Skinny Joe Biden. I’m pleading with these people to realize that these poor crazed woke cult folks are GOOD people who have simply been artfully ‘engineered’ by the Ruling Elites’ complete control of Mass Media, to play the crazed idiotically nonsensical role they are playing.

I won’t go into the whole Marcuse thing now… suffice it to say that OG CIA Marcuse cunningly became the “Father of the New Left”. This cunning OG CIA, (he helped Wild Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles organize the CIA), is the architect of postmodernism, (the Relativity of Reality itself), as a precursor to the crazed CRT ideology, (which is TOTALLY divorced from reality), and the war of females against males, (and the gender wars in general, between all 72 human genders these insane people have now named).

Anyway… For any interested… Copied below is a message sent this morning to QuislingBob Scheer.

Hope all are well.


My ‘love letter’ to QuislingBob:

If you folks there at Scheer think this is going to ‘let up’, you don’t know me at ALL. I was just a little boy when I was so greatly inspired by JP Jones’ reply to the captain of the HMS Serapis.

Want to negotiate? Tell the execrable Tom Englehardt, so happily now publishing US Empire propaganda from the Security State maven Karen Greenberg, that he’s next… I just haven’t gotten to him yet…

I’m going to make CERTAIN that History remembers this disgusting QuislingBob Scheer for who and what he is: a miserable disgusting quisling traitor who sold his soul for 30 pieces.

Want to negotiate?

Isn’t it nice to be able to publish propaganda, while pretending to allow public commentary, while invisibly censoring voices that challenge the propaganda?

How do you folks think a person who has been censored feels when you HYPOCRITES, (you HEAR me Joe Lauria?), decry censorship, while acting as slime-ball censors yourselves?

How might the Old Quisling Eagle himself respond, if HIS voice was censored? Would he pack up his marbles and slink home?

I didn’t have time yet to respond to Karen J Greenberg’s Security State vomitus from her FBI, CIA, and US Army Intelligence backers. Geezus… The Robert Scheer I so admired, nay revered, reduced in his dotage to supporting the US Empire by printing propaganda DIRECTLY  from the mouth of the Security State itself..

I am just thankful that I DO have the power to affect how History will remember this disgusting quisling character who has fashioned himself into a de facto Security State operative.

I am commenting here on the vomitus of John Quigley, of the Institute for Responsible Statecraft, financed primarily by Charles Koch and George Soros.

Who signs this Quigley’s paychecks?  Koch or Soros?

Russia has wanted negotiations, in fact has advocated avidly and constantly for negotiations, since at least 2014, when the US engineered the overthrow of Ukraine’s legally elected democratic government. Russia was the driving force behind the Minsk Accords. Putin worked tirelessly for that agreement to be reached, and after it was, he worked tirelessly for it to be implemented.

Where does Quigley mention that?

Minsk could not be implemented because the Ukro-Nazi parties would not allow it. Gee… Quigley never ONCE mentions the teeny-tiny little factor that Ukraine is dominated by the hateful violence of these Nazis. You boys s’pose maybe he didn’t hear about it? Or is he perhaps ‘shaping the narrative’ on behalf of his paymasters? Ya think?

Follow the money… You all are SO transparent. Whores for the Empire. Selling your souls for cold cash. Noted American commentator Paul Craig Roberts coined the term “presstitutes” for disgusting people like you.

Zelensky ran on a platform of reconciliation and peace. But once elected, his life was openly and PUBLICLY threatened if he should EVER try to go forward with implementing Minsk. He thus didn’t.

Where does Quigley mention that? Gee… You Scheer boys s’pose he just didn’t hear about it? What does Cane Toad think?

WW3 is on, boys and girls. The bullets are flying. Russia has stood up in self-defense against the power of US Empire, which has been mounting a proxy military assault on Russia for years now, with the publicly expressed purpose of overthrowing Russia’s elected government.

The US Empire will FALL unless Russia is defeated.  And Quigley wants us to believe that the US would EVER accept a negotiated peace? How much do Koch and Soros pay this Quigley to vomit up this stinky shit?

Russia is willing to negotiate, as it has been for many years now. The US is determined to pursue its clearly and publicly stated objective of complete world domination.

A negotiated settlement would be a US defeat. It will signal the END of US Empire. The US Ruling Elites are not going to accept defeat through negotiations.

Quigley KNOWS that…. He’s just pretending, (for pay, like a whore pretending passion), he does not…

Will these US Ruling Elites take us ALL with them, before they would accept defeat? WW3 is already ON… Will it end in nuclear annihilation?… Or will the US Ruling Elites accept defeat, end their crazed determination to rule over the Earth, and defer from taking us ALL with them?

THAT is the most relevant question now. You think this Quigley ‘presstitute’ character does not know that?

Why don’t you just run articles from John Brennan, QuislingBob, instead of from his mouthpieces, like Karen J Greenberg? I’m sure the current CIA Director would be glad to provide articles. Has QuislingBob applied for an NSA grant? They are quite generous to anyone who will publish their propaganda. Does Cane Toad know that? He could apply… (Poor boy has fallen on hard times)..

Doesn’t the NSA, and other Security State agencies, sign Karen Greenberg’s paychecks, at the Fordham Center on National Security?

BTW, I have been in direct communications with Kasia Anderson, apparently Robert Scheer’s ex-girlfriend, and work subordinate, who recently confessed publicly to lying when she claimed that Scheer bullied and abused her sexually over a work dispute.

She sounds quite contrite. She’s pleading for ‘mercy’… I offered her whatever encouragement I could… Now I’m wondering how to proceed.

I feel great sympathy for this woman in her shame. It’s a story that NEEDS to be told. #metoo Harpy sets her fangs and injects her #metoo venom? Believe women? This story could actually exonerate old QuislingBob from accusations of sexual abuse of female subordinates.

Given our current crazed Maoist-style Cultural Revolution, (believe women?… geezus H…), that story alone needs to be told. But the deeper question remains…. Did Scheer have an orgasm when he watched Cercei’s humiliation? Does he ‘get off’ on humiliating women? What exactly was the intended purpose of the published confession sent out by email?  What did Scheer gain? I have the email in my archives, of course. Why does it not appear on the ScheerPost site?


One thing I know, QuislingBob, I’m younger than you, (about 10 years, I think?), “and even Jesus would never forgive what you do”.

Hmm… “I’ll follow your casket, on the pale afternoon”…. (From ‘Masters of War‘)

“The Pale Afternoon”… Hmmm…  Good title… The story of this miserable disgusting QuislingBob Scheer contains the entire story of our bleeding nation’s deadly dire predicament. Bought off Bob Scheer… Sell-out… Sold his soul itself for 30 pieces.

Maybe I can find a writer capable of writing that story?  Hmm… I’ll check around…

Well… Cane Toad seems to have fallen on lean times. Poor man has ZERO job skills other than flapping his lips and spewing whatever lies please the mob he panders to, before holding out his cute little red hat, begging like an organ grinder’s monkey.

Me? I do NOT write for pay… A MUCH different purpose than profit motivates me… You’re threatening my babies, Bob ole buddy… You think I’m gonna quit on them?

Want to negotiate?…

Have a nice day, boys.