‘Marcuse’s Chuckle’ Follow Up, by Ray Zwarich

Hello all:

Copied below are comments I posted last evening to an international discussion group, in response to a member, actually the group’s administrator, who challenged me to back up my ‘allegations’, (I think is an apt word), against “New Left icon” (as that person called him), Herbert Marcuse.

That discussion group was assembled by an international writer of considerable renown, who now lives (last I heard) in Russia. Although many people who participate in this large discussion group, (whose membership I think I recall hearing numbers in the thousands), are just thoughtful people who want to discuss the difficult and dangerous affairs of our times, other international writers of renown also participate in these discussions.

Herbert Marcuse was a brilliant genius. He had as much impact on our nation’s history as any other single person. In the throes of our current deadly predicament, one could argue that he had MORE impact on our nation than any other single person, as the principle architect of the warped theories of Postmodernism, and its evil stepchild, Critical Theory, the precursor to Critical Race Theory, which has torn our nation, possibly fatally, into primitive and unreasoning warring tribes of people whose primary motivation is pure burning hatred of one another.

It was Marcuse who ‘gave birth’ to the evil self-defeating ideology of Identity Politics, and thereby gave our nation over completely under the power of the Ruling Elites.

If you have never heard of Marcuse, or else have only vaguely heard of him, that’s because he was a ‘spook’. Although he did, toward the end of his life, establish a prominent public profile, especially during the turmoil of the late 1960s, (he died in ’79), he liked to pursue his keen focused political and cultural objectives while ‘keeping to the shadows’.

The name of this discussion group, and the person to whom I am responding, are removed out of simple courtesy, not because these people have any need or desire for secrecy.

I should add that my comments below are slightly edited, hopefully for clarity, from the comments I posted.

My comments:


Many thanks to Mr. Xxxxx for his comments. Indeed there is no ‘proof’ yet publicly available, at least none that I have yet found, of what Marcuse’s inner-motives were for inducing the New Left to jettison Class Analysis to embrace the self-defeating ideology of Identity Politics.

We DO know, however, that this is what he DID do.

We ALSO know that he played a crucially important role for US Intelligence, as a top-ranking official ‘operative’, before he went on to become the ‘father of the new left’ by convincing it to completely abandon Class Analysis in favor of this self-defeating ideology of Identity Politics and Critical Race Theory.

Am I safe in assuming that all, such as Mr. Xxxxx, who are interested in pursuing this line of inquiry, have (at the very least) read Marcuse’s wikipedia entry, including following the MANY links provided therein to lucrative sources of information?

I have done whatever research I can, as an individual, and a layperson. (I make no claim to be a formally disciplined scholar. I don’t even have a BA degree). I’m not going to set out here to try to present my research in more than a greatly abbreviated form. I would essentially have to repeat it, in order to cite actual links to the many sources of information that have led me to my beliefs.

My own thinking along these lines was jogged in this direction only a relative few years ago, (less than five I think), when I was stunned to learn that glamorous feminist icon, Gloria Steinem was, in established fact, a CIA operative. Yea… Look it up

Some of my conclusions concerning Marcuse are ‘deductive’ in nature. Thus, building off premises that are themselves deductions, (as logic is constructed), they are not proven, or even necessarily provable. I don’t even think that it is even necessary that people need to fully understand this slice of History in order to understand just how our society, and our population of confused individuals, has been deliberately ‘engineered’ into the deeply divided state that has rendered our population unable to even so much as mount the slightest bit of political opposition to the power of the Ruling Elites.

There is NO organized political opposition in the US to the totalitarian political power of the Ruling Elites. None at ALL! Again… (As I stated in my previous essay)… We are witnessing as absolutely PERFECT an execution of the age-old strategy of ‘divide and rule’ as all of human history has EVER seen.

The most important thing for people to understand is the nerarious degree to which the forces that rule over us have deliberately, and with a very high degree of sophisticated skill, advised by the nation’s most brilliant minds in mass psychology, used refined psychological techniques, empowered by their total (as in totalitarian) control of Mass Media, to shape our culture, our beliefs, and our behaviors over both the short term, and over the long term, over decades, over generations, to suit their own nefarious, self-serving purposes.

The Shhhhh Readers Group have in the past heard me cite lessons I learned as a young boy from my grandfather (on my mother’s side), a man of Cymru ethnic descent named ‘Owen’, who was a country boy who was born in the early 20th century, and was in grade school when Jack London published ‘The Iron Heel‘, and as Geronimo was an old man living in Florida, and as Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid were robbing trains in Utah, and being pursued by Pinkertton agents, (who ARE those guys?), and as Wyatt Earp was a man in his mid-50s living in California, and taking Alaskan cruises with his beautiful wife.

My grandfather grew up on a farm just outside Houston, Missouri, (in Texas County, Missouri, so there was a ‘logic’ in the town’s name). Houston, MO was then a small town of a few dozen souls. (It has now burgeoned to a population of 2,000). Houston is about as WAYY deep down in the boondocks of the Missouri Ozarks as it’s possible to get.

My grandfather taught me many things. He was an effusively loving and enthusiastic teacher. Anyway, he taught me how to hunt and fish. He taught me that if you want to catch a bass, (or hunt a rabbit), you have to think like a bass, (or a rabbit). “If I were a bass, where would I be right NOW, on THIS day, in THIS weather, and at THIS time of day. What would my motives be?” (Country folk know how complex are the motives of even more primitive living creatures, even those of fish, and birds, and bees, etc, let alone we humans).

When I read the teachings of the famed Chinese military general and philosopher, Sun-Tzu, I hear but echoes of my grandfather’s teachings. “You must know your enemy, and you must know yourself”, in order to be victorious. I have no way of ‘proving’ it, but it seems clear to me that if Sun-Tzu were hunting rabbit for his evening’s stew pot, he would inhabit a rabbit’s perspective. He would ‘think like a rabbit’, just as my grandfather taught me to do.

Much of Sun-Tzu’s teachings did not consist of advanced and learned wisdom, but rather of the innate ‘sense’ that intelligent people who live simple lives close to Nature come to instinctively grasp and employ. My grandfather called this “horse sense”. He warned me, VERY emphatically, that however ‘smart’ I might be, (he knew my test. scores), all my intelligence would NOT serve me well unless it were couched in “horse sense”.

If one reads Sun-Tzu from that perspective, one might realize that much of the wisdom he imparted consisted of just plain old ‘country horse sense’. I doubt if my grandfather ever even heard of Sun-Tzu, but if he had read the Chinese general’s ‘philosophy’, he would have said something like “well yea… ANYbody knows this… Geez…maybe I should write a book”.

Many of my ‘deductive’ conclusions, which in an exacting (scientifically skeptical) sense are not more than ‘conjecture’, (aka: ‘hypotheses’), have been arrived at through this process that my grandfather, (and Sun-Tzu as well), taught me.

To understand people like those who set up and organized post-WW2 US Intelligence, (i.e.: ‘the CIA’, using that as an amorphous term for US Intelligence), I try to inhabit their perspective, their motives, and what must have been their priorities. Then I look at the tools they have, and have had, at their disposal, and I imagine what I would do if I had their motives, and if I had the tools they have to pursue and affect their priorities.

What would I do if I had their immense power, an unlimited budget, (as they do), and my priority was no less than to rule over the entire Earth?

I believe that anything these people CAN do, they WILL do, and DO do. I believe that it is naive and foolish to believe that these people, who have killed or caused the deaths of an estimated 6-10 million people since the END of WW2, feel any moral restraints whatsoever restricting them from using any and all tools and techniques available to them to pursue their priorities.

Are any really so foolish that they think prohibiting them from spying on US citizens, for example, actually interferes with them doing so? Do any believe that such people are not reading THIS message? (High guys…) I always assume that ‘they’ read ALL my communication…

There is no oversight whatsoever over their behavior, other than from whistleblowers. Why do we think they are now torturing Assange? They know how bad it makes them look, but their higher priority is demonstrating their ruthlessness to deter any possible future whistleblowers.

US Intelligence honcho James Clapper outright lied, under OATH, to Congress. It’s a proven fact that he did. But he did so with impunity, with the implicit understanding that ‘spooks’ have a special ‘license to lie’, just by claiming it’s a matter of national security.

To do actual research to either prove or disprove my hypotheses would be very expensive and exhaustingly difficult, and may or may not even uncover anything. It would involve searching out and interviewing people who had first-hand knowledge of the intimate relationship between Marcuse, and  CIA ‘founders’ Bill Donovan and Allen Dulles. Since very few (if any) such people are still alive, research would involve gaining access to their correspondence and other papers. A diligent researcher would have to look into the communications and other records left by the nation’s leading ‘spooks’.

Well… as they say…. “good luck with that”.

I am a retired carpenter, and now a chicken farmer. (We currently have about 300 laying hens… We have had as many as 400, but the local coyotes, foxes, and hawks do take their toll over time. We’re currently considering getting out of the ‘egg business’, so we have not yet purchased a new crop of 400 spring chicks). If I had some source of funds, I might attempt to do that research. Hey… I shovel chicken shit (by multiples of tons) to keep the lights on. Does that sound like a person with resources to do expensive investigations? (LOL…)

If I were a young doctoral student, (are there any out there looking for a ‘ripe’ subject for their doctoral thesis?), I would be highly motivated to pursue that line of research. Do any think I would find encouragement from the current US Academic Establishment to do such research? At which university? In what department? Do you have contact info? (I’ll use it. Can I drop your name?).

Marcuse, a German Jewish intellectual, fled Germany for the US as Hitler’s power was rising. He was ‘immediately’ (a term left undefined for the moment) enlisted by US Intelligence, (he likely was in contact before even leaving Germany), which at that time was the Office of Strategic Services, the OSS, the wartime precursor to the CIA. The CIA itself was created on July 26, 1947, when Harry Truman signed the ‘National Security Act of 1947’.

Vladimir Zworykin, a Russian scientist who fled to the US as the Bolsheviks gained control over Russia, first applied for a patent for ‘television’ in 1923, when he was employed by Westinghouse Labs in Pittsburg, PA. The basic research and experimentation in television, conducted by people Zworykin had studied under, dates back to at least 1907, (when Geronimo, who died in 1909 was an old man, etc).

As WW2 was nearing an end, the top ranks of US Intelligence were surely already planning to press forward with a determination that the US must exert its power, (unscarred by the war that had devastated the rest of the world), to achieve imperial hegemony over the entire world economy. The top echelons of US Intelligence, specifically Bill Donovan, Allen Dulles, and the top people whose expertise they enlisted, like Herbert Marcuse, who served them with his expertise in using Mass Media for propaganda purposes, were surely not merely aware of Zwoykin’s work, but were also keenly aware of the power of social control it would impart, when it would soon be rolled out, which it was, en masse, in the very early 1950s. (I remember the very night we got our first TV, feeling smug because we were the first on our block to get one, but about two weeks or so later, EVERY family had one).

Surely late in WW2, with the issue already decided, (with the atom bomb about to be deployed, and Russian and American forces racing one another to capture Berlin), i.e.: during Marcuse’s OSS days, there must have been intense and detailed discussions among such people about how they would use this powerful new propaganda technology, (as they surely would have viewed it), television,  to affect their own motives and priorities upon not merely the US population, but also on the entire world.

While still in Germany Marcuse was a primary founder of the Institute for Social Research, which would become known as the “Frankfurt School”. It was this “school of ideology” which Marcuse would later bring to the US, first setting up the ISR at Columbia, and then at several other elite US universities. in order to penetrate, and eventually to dominate US Academia. Marcuse’s ISR developed and promoted the concept of Postmodernism, which I think of as the ‘Relativity of Reality’. This theory, spawned by Marcuse, denigrates Reason itself, and states that ‘objective truth’ does not even exist. Once ‘reality’ itself was conveniently laid aside, this ‘relativity of reality’, postmodernism, laid the illogical/irrational groundwork for ‘Critical Theory’, which would one day famously spawn the irrational Critical Race Theory, which is totally divorced from reality, even from the most firmly established facts of History itself.

In the years immediately following the end of WW2, Marcuse was employed by the US State Department, as the ‘czar’ over the re-constitution of European Mass Media. Much of Europe, at that time, of course, lay in ruins. Marcuse’s job was to re-organize European Mass Media, ostensibly to ‘de-Nazify’ Europe, as a virtual US anti-communist and pro-US Empire propaganda network.

People who are sufficiently motivated, (as a serious and diligent doctoral student presumably would be), can actually read the reports Marcuse wrote and supplied to the US government, (as its paid employee), which were just recently published in 2013. I have not acquired or read those reports. If I did read them, I would pay special attention to Part VII, in which he reportedly discusses communism and trade unionism, since his Frankfurt School Critical Theory ideology already had rejected Class struggle in favor of Identity Politics.

[As an aside, I’d like to interject here that though I am an AUTHENTIC Leftist, I am NOT a ‘marxist’, per se. I believe that Marx’s theories of governance have been thoroughly proven, by History itself, to be entirely erroneous and unworkable among real human beings. I do, however, recognize Marx as one of History’s foremost geniuses, in formulating his theories of Class Analysis, and Class Struggle. Marx’s groundbreaking work in that regard is among Human History’s very most important advancements in human consciousness itself].

Marcuse never actually drew a paycheck from the CIA ‘proper’. His paychecks from the US government came from the OSS, and then from the US State Department. When his work organizing European Mass Media as a US propaganda network on behalf of US Intelligence was sufficiently-enough advanced to be handed-off, he then ostensibly ‘retired’ (at least publically) from serving US Intelligence, and immediately embarked on his career as “the father of the New Left”.

He returned to the US and secured a generous grant from the Rockefeller Foundation, to launch his US academic career, as a “political theorist”, at Columbia University, where he first established, in US Academia, his Frankfurt School/Institute for Social Research’s ideology of “Postmodernism” and “Critical Theory” that would, over succeeding decades, come to completely dominate all of US Academia.

From Marcuse’s Wikipedia entry”

In the post-war period, Marcuse rejected the theory of class struggle and the Marxist concern with labor, instead claiming, according to Leszek Kołakowski, that since “all questions of material existence have been solved, moral commands and prohibitions are no longer relevant.” He regarded the realization of man’s erotic nature as the true liberation of humanity, which inspired the utopias of Jerry Rubin and others.[18]

The Rockefeller Foundation, like many wealth foundations of that period, (or now, for that matter), was well known to be working closely with the CIA, (again, using that term as a generic term for US Intelligence), to fund its various domestic priorities, since the CIA itself was forbidden (by the Security Act of ’47 that Truman had signed) from applying itself directly to domestic social and/or political affairs.

The CIA was prohibited from conducting its characteristic “psy-ops”, which it has since avidly conducted in every nation on Earth, on the US population. Are any so naive and foolish that they think the CIA has felt, or does feel, in the least inhibited, (let alone prohibited), by this ‘prohibition’ in the mere laws passed by the mere US Congress?

It was circa 1951 when Marcuse launched his post-war US Academic career with funding from Rockefeller, after just recently retiring from managing the Mass Media over the entire war-ravaged continent of Europe on behalf of US Intelligence.  Angela Davis was then a 7 year old girl in Birmingham, Alabama. It would have been about 10 years later, circa 1961, during her freshman year at Brandeis, that Ms. Davis first encountered her life-shaping mentor, Marcuse. She was so inspired that she ‘went to the source’. She went to Germany, to Frankfurt University itself, to be fully indoctrinated with Identity Politics and the ideology of reality-denying Critical Theory.

Marcuse published “Eros and Civilization“, which many consider his ‘landmark work’, (along with his later “One Dimensional Man“), in 1955, which means he was likely working on this seminal work in late 1953, which marked a crucially important milestone in the development of our now completely ‘pornified’ American culture. The first issue of ‘Playboy’ was published in December of 1953, by an unknown ‘nobody’ in suburban Chicago, somehow featuring a nude layout of the biggest Hollywood movie star and sex symbol in the entire world, (then, or arguably since), Marilyn Monroe.

If I were to embark on serious formal research on the role Marcuse played in advising the CIA’s desire to exert control over the US population by weakening the US Family as a cultural institution, (how better to control a population than to weaken its spiritual base, the Family, from which people gain their strongest sense of themselves, and their strongest sense of the power of their social agency?), I would have a whole team of researchers/investigators interviewing people who knew the then 26 year old Hugh Hefner, a ‘nobody’ young husband and father then living in a two-bedroom one bath split-level (or ranch) in suburban Chicago, to investigate how he came to possess a nude layout of the biggest international movie star sex symbol on Earth.

Like so many young girls eager to be movie stars, (then as now), Ms. Monroe ‘sold her sex’ to make ends meet while she was a ‘nobody starlet’. (Think things have changed? #metoo and all? LOL.. Develop your ‘oral skills’, girls, preferably on disgusting old men, if you want to leave Peoria for Hollywood to become a ‘movie star’). Ms. Norma Jean Mortenson, (who would one day be immortalized as a ‘victim’ by Elton John’s ‘Candle in the Wind‘, which introduced her ‘sanctification’), was reportedly paid $50 by some sleazy ‘calendar art’ shutterbug, for the nude layout Hefner would publish.

How did a 26 year old ‘nobody’ get his hands on that nude layout of MM in the early 1950s? What were the specific ‘connections’ that put those photos in his hands, some say for $600?

Do people really believe that those nude photos, in the early 1950s, when pictures of naked women were only available in places where sailors on leave hung out and got tattoos when they were good and drunk, that those photos of THE biggest international movie star/sex symbol, before or since, were only worth $600, and were available to a ‘nobody’ 26 year old suburban Chicago husband and father? $600. Is it credible that that sleazy photgrapher, or whoever had come to possess that nude layout of MM, was THAT stupid?

Well… Now I’m ‘far gone’ into ‘wild speculation’. Here’s more: Is it more than coincidence that Hugh Hefner’s “The Playboy Philosophy” amounted to a virtual direct translation of Marcuse’s “Eros and Civilization” into the vernacular of the American population?

Before the publication of Playboy, if an American male wanted to view pictures of naked women, he would park blocks away, (for fear his car might be recognized), and wear a hat with brim strategically pulled low, before entering some sleazy downtown ‘magazine store’ in some sleazy, and likely dangerous neighborhood.

Today, in our wonderful nation, which so many regard as the BEST nation on Earth, virtually every child in America old enough to figure a way around the ‘joke’ of ‘parental controls’ over internet access, (or else has a friend who has figured them out), has viewed not just pictures, but movies of every conceivable sex act, including those of the most retchingly, disgustingly perverted nature, that a man and a women can egage in, and has likely even viewed movies of women engaging is sex acts with animals such as dogs and even horses. (I’ll defer from linking any here).

If any have viewed very much actual pornography, (of course I haven’t… harrumph…cue the batting eyes… LOL…), they know that our children are learning that almost all ‘normal’ sex acts between women and men end with the man ejaculating on the woman’s face. I don’t know why, because in my own experience, no woman I ever ‘knew’ would have enjoyed that at ALL, and in fact would not have allowed it to happen. But our great nation is teaching our children that men ejaculating on women’s faces is not just common, but is ubiquitous. That’s just what men do. It’s ‘normal’.

Do people think this all just happened accidentally in our culture??… After thousands of years of human civilization developing restraints on human animal sexuality, in order to cate social order by supporting the institution of the human family, within a couple of generations our American civilizations just spontaneously evolved into the disgusting perversions that now pervade our lives, and our children’s lives?

REALLY??… Okey doke then….

How many have read “Eros and Civilization”? How many have read ‘The Playboy Philosophy’? If you are so naive and foolish that you think this has been the accidental but natural evolution of our society, I’ll not only give you a rock bottom price on an old bridge, I’ll throw in the newer, shinier 59th St. bridge at no extra charge.

The American TV series, Mad Men, widely recognized as among the finest American TV programs that have ever aired, is yet only barely even understood by the American people. It is the story of how the ‘pornification’ of our culture, which took place hand-in-hand with what has absurdly been called the ‘liberation’ of American women, their ‘liberation’ from all sense of female ‘modesty’, (does anyone even remember that word?.. Oh how I remember how my mother labored to teach its importance to my sisters), their ‘liberation’ from all awareness that female promiscuity, though so GREATLY valued by men, is VERY deleterious to women’s happiness, their ‘liberation’ from being ‘worshipped’ as the nation’s ‘Mom and apple pie’ spiritual soul, as the nation’s mothers, their ‘liberation’ from having husbands to help them raise their children, or comfort them after menopause, with decades of life still ahead of them, after their now-cherished careers as ‘sex sirens ‘ are over.

Are any feminists out there (Ms. Jo Freeman?) aware of what is called ‘the paradox of declining female happiness‘? Seems despite all their claims of being ‘liberated’, American women have been mostly ‘liberated’ from being as happy as they were BEFORE being ‘liberated’.

Isn’t that interesting?

Are all surely by now aware that Gloria Steinem, whose illustrious career as a glamorous slutty ‘liberated woman’ was such a major factor in the birth of the modern ‘women’s movement’, was a CIA operative? Ohh… nooo… Yea… It’s a FACT of history… There is a tape recording of her telling us “in my experience the CIA is a liberal and broad-minded organization”… LOL… No shit, all ye feminist sherlocks…

Here’s a fascinating and richly informative article in the ‘New Yorker‘, dated March 2015, about the CIA’s infiltration of student groups in the 1960s, that mentions Steinem’s role in those efforts.

I’ve written quite extensively in the past about Mad Men, and about how women have been duped into embracing being ‘liberated’ from living in a decent and moral society that reveres, or at least respects, its women. Now they live in a nation whose Mass Media teach its children that men ‘normally’ should ejaculate in women’s faces.

Are women now happier?… Nooooo…. They are much unhappier….

Gee… Isn’t that interesting?

Under the influence of the CIA-Steinem inspired ‘Women’s Liberation Movement’, women now resent being women. They envy men, and want to BE men, whom they now denounce and hate as ‘toxic’ males. Just to be a human male is ‘toxic’, these charming little ‘liberated’ Black Widow darlings now insist.

They resent the fact that their precious ego-serving ‘careers’ are interrupted by child-bearing. “It’s not FAIR!” they insist, sounding like teenage girls stomping a foot while their hands are clenched in angry fists at their sides. Can’t they ‘have it ALL’? Didn’t the glamorous CIA operative Gloria Steinem teach them that they could?

Sure… sure… ladies… No problem… We’ll just alter human biology so you ridiculous vain Black Widow creatures can have your cake and eat it too.

Mr. Xxxxx calls on me to produce evidence? Gee… Does he consider any of the above as such?… Not sure I do… No.. It’s all, or mostly, just conjecture, or deductive reasoning, not hard evidence. But what we KNOW is that the man that Mr. Xxxxx calls a “New Left icon”, and whom many call “the father of the New Left”, played a crucially intrinsic role for the CIA as it was in its formative period, before he then so cunningly went on to ‘father’ the New Left.

Isn’t that interesting?

I would love to write another 5000 words here discussing how Mad Men is a story of how the Women’s Liberation Movement has only led women into ever increasing miseries, but I’ll shut the old pie hole, (figuratively speaking), at least for now.

R Zwarich