Mazin Qumsiyeh’s Newsletter Mar 2, 2023

We have been traveling with a mobile educational unit to enhance creativity
and promote the message of human and biological diversity and sustainable
human and natural communities to marginalized areas of the occupied
Palestinian territories. So far, thousands benefitted. Check this 40 second
promotional video here
and the two minute video here:

In last week’s message some people got a link to my blog that was split on
two lines and did not work. Here it is (please make sure you have the full
link in your browser window)

Have you ever wondered why humans have 46 chromosomes? What is the
advantage of chromosome number increases or decreases in mammals and other
groups? If curious here is a research paper from our team that addresses
Qumsiyeh, MB and EN Handal. 2022. Revisiting adaptive nature of chromosome
evolution in placental mammals. Hystrix, Italian Journal of Mammalogy

And if this is too technical, you might like this paper on protected areas
Qumsiyeh, MB and B. Al-Sheikh. 2023. Flora and Conservation Issues in Two
Protected Areas in Palestine: Wadi Al-Zarqa Al-Ulwi and Wadi Qana.
Diversity 15, no. 2: 142. part of the Special Issue Ecology, Conservation
and Restoration of Plant Species”

Our spring collecting and research season just started. If you like to
volunteer or intern with us, do email us at
You may also check our activities at our facebook page:
(e.g. activity tomorrow on World Wildlife Day)
Pogrom in Huwwara supported by he fascist Israeli government
[Note Israeli ministers and Members of Knesset suppored the pogrom and
Israeli minister Smotrich who was given charge of the occupied territories
called for whiping Huwara village off the map]

OCHA: impact of segregation and annexation wall/barrier on humanitarian

Adalah’s Analysis of the New Israeli Government’s Guiding Principles and
Coalition Agreements and their Implications on Palestinians’ Rights

Decoding Israeli Extremism

Decoding Israeli ‘Extremism’

I asked the question below on a list of 5000 individuals majority of them
Zionists and I got only one answer which was “Since you asked it this way:

Question to any person who claims they can be both Zionist and pro-human
rights: Do you support the right of refugees to return to their homes and
lands, compensated for their suffering, and treated equally? Yes or no. No
ifs or demurring please. If I get ten acknowledged political Zionists
(those who believe in a Jewish state) here to affirm this right and support
full equality after the right is excercized and work with me on it (write
letters, pressure the government) in 2023 then I will be happy and stop
speaking of all political Zionists as racists!!!

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home
Professor, Founder, and (volunteer) Director
Palestine Museum of Natural History
Palestine Institute of Biodiversity and Sustainability
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