Meeting At the Last Waterhole? by Ray Zwarich

Long essay… 3700 words… At least a ‘two-crap’ read for most. (Old joke from ‘The Big Chill‘, when the Jeff Goldblum character, who writes for ‘Me’ magazine, (or some such), says his articles “are edited down to the length of a good crap”).

I like reading The Unz Review, (which I do pretty much ‘cover to cover’, often in considerable distress, because the site is uncensored, and thus contains a good measure of ‘disturbing’ material, but I’m always eager to learn what ALL ‘sides’ are thinking), because Ron Unz always lists the length in words of every article, right under the title, so the reader knows what she or he is getting into.

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Meeting At the Last Waterhole?

The Human Family, the bond of sacred family love between woman, man, and child, is the very heart of human civilization. It is from this holy grail, from this ‘sacred’ bond, that families drink together from each other’s love. It is from and within this sacred bond of the Human Family, that Human Civilization itself is passed laboriously from one generation to the next.

Children are born as wild beasts… Children are NOT born in innocence, however… There is no creature as cruelly selfish as a baby, (or any other newborn living creature). Feed me. Love me. Give me. Do for me. A baby selfish demands are incessant. A baby has no concept of her or his parents’ needs or desires. A baby does not ask. A baby demands. Every human parent at one time or another, comes to know the meaning of the old parents’ joke. “If they weren’t so doggone, heart-rending cute, we’d pick them up by their feet and beat their brains out against the wall”.

Tragically, some parents, debilitated in some way, perhaps by drugs, or some other mental debility, do indeed violently kill their own babies. In their own debilitation, such people just can’t cope with the tiny creatures’ incessant and cruelly insistent demands.

A hungry baby’s cry goes through a progression of tones in its demanding commands. First it announces that it needs something. If that need is not met, the baby becomes filled with wrath, it’s cry an ever angrier demand. If its need is still not met, it progresses to a plaintive heart-rending plea of helplessness. The baby will then alternate between demanding wrath and helpless pleading pathos. If its needs are still not met, it will fall silent, as it sinks into the hopeless despair of starvation.

When a human mother hears her baby cry, she has much more than a cognitive response. An autonomic physiological response takes place in her body. Her ‘milk lets down’. She herself then ‘needs’ her baby just as the baby needs her. (Nature is indeed a clever task-master, eh?)… If her need is not met, she can experience ‘mastitis‘, which can not only be very painful, but can become a serious infection.

A human father is an ‘outsider’. A father has no instinct in his very bodily tissues, and no ability, no glands, to feed his baby. His natural bond with woman and child is dependent on the woman. A father’s instinctive responses to his baby’s cries are much different. For him, there is no sound, no stimulus, no feeling, as powerful as his hungry baby’s cry… if that baby is not fed. He will feel powerfully compelled to action, and as his baby grows hungrier, and the baby’s cries grow to anger and pathos, a man’s compulsion will grow into anger, and then quickly into rage. He will do ANYTHING to silence his baby’s angry and plaintive cries, even steal food from another man’s baby.

So blood will flow… So war will reign… Our tragic Human Condition… A VERY old story… A tragedy so often told, for 10,000 years… and even more… Is our ‘Mother and Child Reunion‘ “only a motion away”?

Oh, little darling of mine
I just can’t believe it’s so
Though it seems strange to say
I never been laid so low
In such a mysterious way
And the course of a lifetime runs
Over and over again

How many fathers have knows the pain, of sacred vows broken, to be separated from their own children? “Flesh and blood breaking down”, Dylan had cried out in his howling pain, (Blood on the Tracks).

But when the needs of women and their babes are well provided for, men will revere, more than that, they will worship at the alter of the ‘magical’ bond between mother and child. Men will feel small, they will shrink in reverent humility, in regard of that magical bond between mother and child… “How I miss the sweet sound, of the baby’s cry, and the soothing soft sound, of the lullaby

The Human Family is a ‘sacred‘ thing, from the Latin sacrare, to “immortalize, set apart, dedicate”. We make ‘sacrifices’ (same Latin root), for our families. Oh sure… as we all well know… Our clashing animals instincts do not leave us when we swear a vow… Men still are compelled to ‘spread their seed’, and women are still compelled to collect the best seed their beauty and wiles can secure for their unborn progeny… When we choose one, forsaking all others, our sexual instincts do not magically dissipate. We make a conscious choice, a CIVILIZED choice,  to control them…

In that one choice lies the very taproot of human civilization itself.

It is from the sacrifices of their own happiness for their children’s sake, human civilization is passed from one generation to the next, for parents so love these horridly selfish creatures born to them, that they patiently teach them to be more than animals. Parents teach their children to become more than wild beasts… Through their own sacrifices, through uncountable thousands of hours of patient teaching, they teach those selfish wild animals to be ‘human’.

Share your toys with your sister. How do you like it when she won’t share with you? Don’t hit your brother. How do you like it when he hits you?

Is that ‘golden rule’ not the very taproot of human civilization itself? Has not EVERY human prophet taught the same?

It’s not a lesson that is taught once, or learned once, and then forever after held dear. It’s a lesson that requires teaching again and again, and learning again and again, throughout not just our children’s lives as they grow, but in our own lives, as all the wild animal instincts in us compete against civilization.

The sacrifices we make to be ‘human’, to make the moral choices that raise us above the other animals, is not made once and then done… It must be constantly re-made, as our animal biological urges compete against our ‘civilized’ human moral choice… What Jack London called “the call of the wild” will always compete in our human souls against our sacrifice. against civilization itself.

The great American historians, Will and Ariel Durant, (who were married for over 60 years, then died within days ofb each other), wrote:

”No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss customs or institutions of his society, for these are the wisdom of the generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history. A youth boiling with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedom to his sexual desires; and if he`s unchecked by custom, morals or laws, he may ruin his life before he matures sufficiently to understand that sex is a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints if it is not to consume in chaos both the individual and the group.”

I’m not a ‘Christian’, per se. I’m not ‘religious’ at all, per se. But best as we can tell, (there’s no definitive proof), Jesus, whatever else he may have been, was a real human creature who lived and walked on the Earth, and then died. The lessons he tried to teach us, with very limited success, (cynics might say with no success at all), are the self-same lessons we all are still trying to learn. They are the lessons of sacrifice of our wild animal desires. They are the lessons of the moral choices we must make to rise above the other animals to be Human.

Jesus met the woman at the well. “Where is your husband?”, he asked. “I have no husband”, the woman answered, flirtatiously, no doubt batting her pretty lashes suggestively. “Woman, you have five husbands, and the one you have now is not even your own”. Jesus told her everything she’d EVER done….

Today, after some twenty additional centuries of relentless human tragedy, women have been seduced into adopting an ideology that serves their selfish animal desires. It is a crazed, twisted ‘sacrilege‘ of an ideology that teaches them to not just completely forget about making any sacrifice, but instead to fully indulge their jezebel animal instincts. And even much WORSE, this evil seductive ideology teaches them to feel so PROUD in renouncing all sacrifice for the benefit of human civilization itself, that they actually feel morally superior in their reversion to the behavior of alley cats ‘in heat’, to the behavior of wild beasts.

I have tried to get people to ‘see’ that this ideology was intentionally engendered in our minds, in the minds of men and women both, by people with evil intent. “Eros and Civilization“, and “The Playboy Philosophy” were closely connected in chronological sequence. I believe they were MUCH more directly connected than that, (and not just ‘OG’ CIA Marcuse, but Gloria Steinem WAS a CIA operative ).

The ‘sexual revolution’ was a CIA plot… LOL… Yea… well… I know how that sounds… Pass the man a tin hat… LOL… But it doesn’t even matter… It doesn’t matter whether you can make that connection or not… What matters is to become aware of the devastating effects that renouncing “wisdom of the generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history” has had upon the proverbial ‘moral fabric’ of our nation.

“Forget any notion of sacrifice”, such people taught our children. “Give in to your animal urges”… Yea… well… talk about an ‘easy sell’? Does anyone think its was hard to induce a whole generation of hormone fueled youth to suddenly throw off civilized human behavior to instead freely indulge the power of our sexual appetites? (“Heh-heh-heh”, chickles the brilliant OG CIA Marcuse from his moldy grave).

If it was YOU, and if YOUR intent was to rule over your nation without opposition, and then to rule over all the other nations of Earth, what better way to pursue that intent than to weaken, and then destroy, if possible, the very institution of the Human Family. Is that not where people derive our moral and spiritual fiber? Is that not where we absorb our families’ love, and become STRONG in our own sense of who we are, and what our inalienable human RIGHTS are? Is that not where we absorb our sense of our own powerful ‘social agency’ as individual people?

How many of us today are feeling any sense of the power of our ‘social agency’? How many of us instead feel helpless, even hopeless, as The Four gallop free, growing ever closer to our shires?

A recent CDC study reports that fully 44% of our youth feel hopeless.

USA!… USA!… Is this the greatest nation on Earth… Or what?…

In China… meanwhile… where a Harvard study found that 95.5% of the Chinese people LIKE their government, their youth are burgeoning, just brimming over, with a sense of profound hope, with their belief that their futures will be filled with achievement of their dreams…

A brilliant academic named Dr. Micael Rectenwald, (the family name Rectenwald means “forest of rights” in German, and a variation thereof means “attorney”) is now trying to get people to ‘see’ that the evil powers that rule over us are already in the process of imposing a totalitarian regime over all the Earth. It’s NOT a ‘conspiracy theory’, Dr Rectenwald pleads. These evil people are NOT ‘conspiring’ in secret. Their nefariously grandiose plot is being conducted OPENLY, in the full light of day. These evil people call their ‘plot’, The Great Reset. It’s NO secret. They are doing it in broad daylight, right before our very eyes.

Just this morning yet another brilliant essay from Dr. Rectenwald arrived in my inbox. This one is short, but very dense in the information it conveys. It will thus mostly only appeal to people familiar with such concepts as Hegelian philosophy, but Dr. Rectenwald’s energies and efforts are prodigious, and he writes and speaks prolifically in the vernacular as well.

Dr. Rectenwald was ‘canceled’ by the crazed Marcusian (CIA engendered) Cult of Wokeness that has pretty much totally taken over the American Academic Establishment. He was a professor at NYU before being driven from his job because he dared to challenge that crazed irrational cult ideology with Reason.

That EVIL Cult of Wokeness, the evil genius Marcuse’s brainchild, totally divorced from reality as it is, cannot defend itself with Reason. Therefore it’s ONLY ‘weapon’ is to ‘assassinate’ anyone who opposes it.

Many of our nation’s children’s minds have been captured by this EVIL ideology, which openly, and obviously, seeks to destroy the Human Family, which openly seeks to cut Humanity off from the very taproot of decent and moral Human Civilization.

This EVIL ideology has taught our nation’s daughters to not just behave like alley cats in heat, to not merely be shameless in that anti-family behavior, but to actually feel morally superior in acting like primitive animals rather than civilized human women.

Already ever more of our nation’s young women choose not to marry. They have been seduced into the pursuit of selfish ego-fulfillment instead, (their morally bereft corporate ‘careers’ are as ‘precious’ to them as the One Ring was to poor Gollum). Some sociologists have hypothesized that fewer than 40% of our nation’s girls now in grade school will EVER marry.

How many grandmothers once passed down their ‘eternal’ women’s wisdom to young girls? “He ain’t ‘a gonna buy the cow, dearie, if he’s a gettin’ all the milk he can drink fer FREE”.

It’s a vicious vortex that the brilliant Marcuse conceived of, and taught, in his ancient Talmudic wisdom, to his intimate, but duller, CIA associates, Wild Bill Donovan, and to poor John Kennedy’s speculated murdered Allen Dulles. “Eros and Civilization”. Give in to your animal desires, and you will be happier?

Are we? Does anyone feel happier? Are so-called ‘liberated’ women happier? No… they’re not… Women were in fact MUCH happier before the slut CIA operative Gloria Steinem was assigned to convince women to follow her lead into being ‘liberated’ to behave like alley cats in heat… One wonders if this shameless slut, Gloria Steinem, has read or pondered what has been called “The paradox of declining female happiness“?

“The sexual revolution is OVER, boys, we WON”, Our nation’s sons now say to one another. “Pump and dump, boys. Don’t let these Black Widow creatures get their fangs into you. Pump and dump”…

So now say all too many of our nation’s lothario sons.

“Boo-hoo, Mama… He won’t commit. Boo-hoo. No matter how many I fuck, Mama, none of them will commit”… Geezus H… How did women get THIS stupid?

Their grandmothers tried to teach them about milk-besotted boys not in the market for a cow of their own, but the primitive animal temptations dangled before them, by CIA mavens like the evil genius Marcuse and the glamorous Slut Steinem, (who never married, until in her dotage, when, in best female gold-digger fashion, she latched onto a feeble old rich man to bury), just proved too powerful for the nation’s girls to resist.

“Have it ALL!”… Slut Steinem taught them. Instead they all too often have nothing, except a cat on their laps to pet inn their lonely old age, after menopuase, aftyer their ‘exciting’ careers as sex sirens are over. “Three cats and you’re done”, to die alone, no family to comfort you…

“You can have it ALL, girls”, Slut Steinem preached to them… No sacrifices are any longer required. You can behave like shameless sluts, but those stupid boys, with their little brains below their belts, will be so fascinated that they lay down for you to walk all over them with your sexy stiletto heels. Paint your jezebel faces. Wear your camel toe pants, flaunting your most intimate female ‘bait’.

And then, like so many female clowns, after painting on your jezebel faces, and trimming your pubic-dos, (or shaving), after decorating even your most intimate female charms with jewelry, you self-righteously denounce men for treating you like the sex objects you YOUSELVES have so stupidly make of your own stupid SELVES. Geezus… You are so ‘far gone’ into thyis crazed Marcusian ideology that you are not even vaguely able to hear how dingbat clownish you sound? #metoo? Believe women?? LOL…

C’mon ladies… LOL… Men are pretty stupid, awright, but unfortunately for you, they are not complete idiots. Yes, the little brain in their trousers commands them, especially from 14 t0n 40 or so… but the brain in their heads is well able to adapt to YOUR behavior.

“The revolution is over, boys… We won… Pump and dump is the ‘smart game’ now”… So say the nation’s lotharios…

With so many shameless sluts to choose from, with EVERY evening at ANY club a smorgasbord of aggressively displayed female meat, why should young men stop gorging themselves and choose any ONE of you?

“Heh-heh-heh”. I can hear Marcuse’s evil chuckle from his moldy grave…

40% of American babies are now born to single mothers. It’s much WORSE among the poor. 75% of the babies born in the nation’s Colonies of Misery, in the Black ‘Ghetto’, are born to single mothers.

40% is fast approaching a crucial ‘tipping point’. 75% is well beyond it.

With no families to hand down human civilization to them, these children of these Colonies of Misery grow up to be ‘wild’. They are ‘ineducable’ when they arrive in school. They have not had the benefit of their human birthright. They have not grown in the nurture of a loving family. They have not learned to ‘sacrifice’ their wild impulses and instincts. They have no discipline. They are ineducable because they are ‘wild’. They lack the simple discipline to simply sit still and be quiet so they can learn. (My youngest daughter teaches grade school among these children of our Colonies of Misery. They love her intensely, as she gives them the loving nurture for which they are desperate, but that only barely makes them just barely educable at all).

Jesus met the woman at the well… She flirted… A shameless jezebel… He told her everything she’d ever done…

Still the same old story… Same old fight for love and glory. Same old case of do or die.

I was but a lad of twenty when I first saw Kubrick’s ‘2001, A Space Odyssey’, in 1968. I just thought it was pretty boring… I was a football player on scholarship at UCLA. (We had played OJ Simpson’s USC squad for the national championship the year before). My fascination with the charms of all the pretty girls was still my primary motivation. As it is for every player, football was but a means to win glory, to become more attractive to the very prettiest girls.

Then came the Tet Offensive, to awaken me to reality. My football career was suddenly over. I rather suddenly cared about being drafted at least as much as I did about pretty girls.

I was hitchhiking around Europe in the summer of ’69, when I again saw ‘2001’ in a theater in Paris. This time I was fascinated from beginning to end. To this day, I think the opening ‘ape scenes’ are among the greatest ever set down in the medium of film. “Film is truth”, Jean Luc Godard, a pretentious filmmaker of that era. had said… “Film is truth, 24 times per second”… (for those who may not know, there are, or were before the digital age, 24 individual pictures comprising every second of film).

Jesus met the woman at the well, at the proverbial waterhole… The waterhole was where Kubrick depicted the first meeting between primitive tribes of human apes, in which one tribe had come to possess the technology to defeat the other. This was only the very short scene, (about ten minutes of a very long and often tedious film), but depicts humankind’s rise from primitive ape, to the still primitive naked ape creatures we so tragically yet remain.

In the short scene linked above, the humanoid apes are visited by a mysterious force. Soon after the mysterious visitation, an idle ape’s brain is stimulated to make a thigh-bone into a weapon. Then that ape’s tribe meets another tribe at the waterhole, kills a rival with the new technology, and gains possession of the waterhole. The ape then casts that thigh-bone into the air, where it becomes a Space Station.

Echoes of the legend of Samson… “The strongest man who ever lived on Earth“.

You read about Samson, all from his birth
He was the strongest man ever had lived on earth
One day while Samson was walking along
Looked down on the ground he saw an old jaw bone
Then he stretched out his arm and his chains broke like threads
And when he got to move, ten thousand were dead

From those apes at the waterhole, to this very day, with Humanity now having trapped ourselves at the very edge of the bottomless abyss, we have perfected that thigh-bone into our modern technology of death, but we have NOT grown our Human Spirit to keep pace.

We are now met again ‘at the waterhole’, this one on the fertile Steppes of my own Ukrainian grandfathers… Spiritually, we are no different from those hairy humanoid apes, met tribe against tribe, but now with every tribe armed with the technology to send us all, to send all Humanity, to our deaths.

One side is defending itself against the naked military aggression of the other. Each side thinks that describes them, but only one side is facing the truth in their beliefs. The other is clearly either lying, or delusional.

In ‘Dances with Wolves’, after the battle in which the protagonist’s adopted Lakota tribe is defending itself against attack by a Pawnee war-party, Costner’s voice-over talks about how war among his adopted people is not a matter of armies fighting far from their homes, in some distant land, but rather with people fighting for their families, their own homes and loved ones directly at their backs.

In the current ‘meeting at the waterhole’, any rational person willing to face the reality of US Empire’s years-long crazed determination to destroy Russia, for defying the Empire, can see which party is fighting 8,000 miles from their own nation’s borders, and which is fighting on their won borders, with their own families and loved ones at their backs.

USA!… USA!… BEST country in the world… So what if our children are sinking into hopeless despair.

How did a nation inspired by the concept of human freedom get THIS far gone crazy?