Mega-Boson-Quantum-Quark Theory – Close to a major breakthrough

To All… Long, Short, Tall:

I’m sorry, folks… I truly am… I’m tired of this as well… Flame wars are so boring… Beating a dead horse is pointless… But the thing is, letting an opponent in the ring revive and recover is stupid… Please understand that this is a CRUCIAL (sometimes called ‘mission critical’ in military jargon) priority. The American population quite simply can NEVER organize into ANY credible political opposition to the people who we ALL can see have captured our nation within their greed and lustful clawed clutches, until we get these kinds of ego-blinded idiots, like Christopher, (his Mama named him), ‘Cane Toad’ Hedges, out of our way.

As if to help me prove his bozo ‘messiah-in-his-own-mind’ delusional complex, in his reactionist piece, he opens with, “The hounds of hell pin you to the cross, hammering nails into your hands and feet”…

(Read it for yourselves)…. “The hounds of hell”?…. Eh? LOL… Yea, well… I probably shouldn’t fess up, but I’ve actually been called far worse by much higher caliber people than this poor pathetic ‘messiah-in-his-own-mind’ ego-maniac.

As far as the brilliant African American author, Alice (‘The Color Purple’) Walker’s difficulties as a high profile public personage, might I suggest that rather than crybabying publicly like a blithering sniveling child, she simply stay out of the kitchen if the heat is too much for her. The professional cooks are busy, darlin’ girl. Look, they’re ALL sweating profusely. You see them sniveling? Nobody wants to hear this kind of blubbery childishness from a grown woman.

MessiahDude quotes her:

“Whenever I come out with a book, or anything that will take me before the public, the world, I am assailed as this person I don’t recognize,” she said when I reached her by phone. “If I tried to keep track of all the attacks over the decades, I wouldn’t be able to keep working. I am happy people are standing up. It is all of us. Not just me. They are trying to shut us down, shut us up, erase us. That reality is what is important.”

Poor child… Someone pass her a hanky… There there, child… Lift up your heart… Corporate America, and the nation’s Super Wealthy Ruling Elites are showering BLM with hundreds of millions of dollars, and quite literally BILLIONS of dollars in free promotion and publicity.

And who is it, exactly, that is trying to “shut you down”? ‘They’. Who’s ‘they’, Darlin’ Alice? Has the boogie-man been hiding under your bed? Can we see your tax returns? How much you pull down last year in royalties, you poor helpless bawling little child? Did CIA operative, your child’s Godmother Steinem, comfort you?

You can’t make an omelet in the heat of a busy kitchen, without getting some yucky yolky mess on your hands and apron. Perhaps Ms. Walker could just wipe her hands on her work apron, (that’s what it’s for, ma’am, that’s why those folks back in the hot kitchen wear them), dry her sniveling tears, and start cooking again.

That’s just ‘how it is’ out here on the Arena’s hot sand, Darlin’ Alice. (Sorry to address a grown woman as a child, but if she’d stop acting like one, I wouldn’t be addressing her this way). The sun is always burning hot, melting the sand into a shimmering mirage. The razor sharp heavy blades are ALWAYS swinging, on EVERY side. Stay alert, child, or they’ll slice you to bloody stumps and a messy pile.

The Arena is no place for a crybaby child, darlin’ baby girl. (My youngest, of three daughters, is the mother of two, approaching 40, but she’ll always be my darlin’ baby girl…) You best keep yourself where you feel safe, in the home and ‘hood where your opulent riches have ensconced you. If you’re like most humans, your ‘voice’, the one that electrified our hearts in purple, will steadily lose its authenticity, as you enjoy the comforts your riches provide you, in a world of deprivation and fear.

You’ve clearly already lost contact with reality, continuing to claim, like Gollum, ‘your precious’, your ‘victimhood’, despite the fact of your opulent riches and celebrity.

It’s just going to get worse… The resentfulness of the have-nots, for the ‘haves’, like you, is just going to grow. You remind me of a Hollywood star complaining about the paparazzi… If the paparazzi ever didn’t show up, they’d have a whole army of agents and publicists making SURE they DO next time!

Moral of the story: If you wannabe anonymous, then stfu. If you are compelled to speak out, then pull up your big girl pants, (I raised three daughters), tighten your belt, set your jaw, and be a grown-ass WOMAN! (fer crissake!)

They call me nasty names too, darlin’ child. I laugh in their fuckin’ face… (‘scuse the ‘french’, folks)… That’s what a man does, darlin’ girl. What should a grown woman do? Hey… How should I know? Ask your sisters. (Well… I did give my daughters some advice. In grade school one came home all proud to tell her papa how she kicked the shit out of some bully-boy on the playground. “I kicked him in the shins, Papa. As hard as I could. I just kept kicking him in the shins, just like you said I should. He started crying and ran away”. That’s what MY girls learned to do. Don’t take no shit from nobody, least of all some stupid male.

Cane Toad, the PseudoLeft’s master lying propagandist, tries his best to make this article about race, which it actually is NOT, not one iota. Really it’s about the degree to which organized American Jewry, the so-called Jewish Lobby that controls a major share of the Ruling Syndicate, has initiated a wave of totalitarian censorship that is now rapidly spreading across the land, choking out freedom like a poisonous fog.

But poor old Cane Toad can’t hit too heavy on that. He can make a token mention, is passing, as he does here… He knows, after all, who signs his paychecks. Isn’t Robert Scheer Jewish? Aren’t Robert Scheer’s adoring, thankful, (and therefore generous), Hollywood Liberal patrons mostly Jewish people? Don’t Jewish people provide a good chunk of the ‘ka-ching!’ that goes into Cane Toad’s checking account?

Hmmm… Two plus two…. It’s a tough one… I’ll crack this mysterious mega-boson-quantum-quark theory any day now. Two plus two equals???? Hmm…

Boy oh boy… this is a tough one…

Back to you, Cane ole buddy…

You got anything besides race card poopy to sling at me?