Millions took to the streets around the world, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

The number of Israelis killed is about 1300 according to the Israeli
government (breakdown not given). The number of Palestinians killed: >1800
(1/3rd women, 1/3rd children). Israel targeted a group of Journalists in
Lebanon who are covering the events in the north killing one and injuring
several. They also targeted ambulances and medical personnel in Gaza
killing nine medics. Israel, having cut off water, medicine, food, fuel,
and electricity to 2.3 million Palestinians, asked that 1.1 million of them
leave their homes and head south (South Gaza and then to Egypt). The
Israeli army then bombed those (a minority) who actually complied with
their orders to leave thus killing 70 and injuring over 200 (again wiping
out whole families trying to flee).

The carpet bombing continued and as
medicine and water and food run out, an environmental and health
catastrophe is unfolding (Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the
UN, and the World Health Organization all warned of catastrophe).

Meanwhile the Zionist “secretary of state” (quotes are warrented because he
said he came to Israel as a Jew who supports Israel) bluntly supports
Israeli actions that amount to genocide. Not one of the Arab leaders
Blinken met with so far (Mahmoud Abbas, Jordan’s king, etc) was willing to
publicly call a spade a spade (that the USA is a full partner in getting us
where we are today and in the crime of genocide). Only Turkey’s Ordogan
said something openly about this.

Russian and Chinese leaders were
diplomatically “neutral” and refused to jump on the propaganda bandwagon.
The Zionist lobby having firm control on their lackeys in Western
Governments and western mainstream media resorted to silencing the last
remaining western opposition: PEOPLE. In Germany, Belgium, and France,
governments tried to ban demonstrations calling to end the genocide and to
comply with international law. Yet, millions took to the streets today in
>40 countries around the world (yes even in Germany and France). Here in
the West Bank 11 unarmed protesters were killed and dozens injured Friday
(see video of Israeli settlers protected by soldiers murdering young man
protesting a settler incursion ).

The propaganda and
attempts to suppress free speech is actually backfiring. Resentment is
increasing globally and a global uprising has started. We just hope that it
grows faster to limit the number of innocent children who will be murdered
going forward.

Human Rights organizations on the carnage in Gaza

In another email two days ago I listed websites for real information. Here
are a few more


*One of the best analyses of what is happening in Palestine, listen to Max
Blumenthal <>*
Dan Lieberman letter to Joe Biden
Norman Finkelstein on crocodile tears
Israel in Palestinian Gaza: Revenge is more satisfying than Peace

Scenes and stories from Gaza are too many to share and too depressing but
here is a glimpse (I avoided the most graphic links)
Video from aljazeera
The names of the 44 members of the Shehab family who were murdered in their
One of them had a message to the world he recorded and was killed

despite all please Stay human