More lies, unprecedented destruction, “humanitarian truce” broken, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

More details emerge about the level of deception about what happened on
October 7 to justify the genocide. Israeli October 7 poster child was
killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal:

Israeli October 7 posterchild was killed by Israeli tank, eyewitnesses reveal

But the lies continueto justify the genocide:

Here is Fox News also engaging in an elaborate theatrical play of
“capturing a terrorist” but their own footage showed the same actor putting
back his pants after the end of the play

And here is a previous Israeli prime minister admitting they knew bunkers
under hospitals exist because Israel built them

more lies are listed at

Experts including human rights organizations showed that the rate of
destruction of civilian infrastructure destruction and level of killing
civilians is unprecedented since the bombing of Dresden and Hiroshima and

Damning evidence of war crimes as Israeli attacks wipe out entire families in Gaza

But even in the second world war, food, medicine, and water denial were not
used as a weapon to punish people. More than 2.3 million Palestinians have
been denied all basics of life. Healthcare system was also targeted. We see
horror stories of injuries not treated, wounds festering, no anesthesia, no
surgeries and no medicines. Diabetic patients and incubator babies dying.
Will the word punish Israeli leaders and their military commanders for this
unprecedented level of sadism and cruelty? Will we hear apologies from teh
Western leaders that said they stand with Israel (in its genocide!). The
only redeeming aspect is that Zionists, despite spending billions to own
and operate many mainstream media and many politicians, have seen their
lies exposed and have lost the public relations battle because millions
around the world had their conscience awakened. Now 95% of social media
posts are pro-Palestine/pro-human rights.
The Harvard Law Review Refused to Run This Piece About Genocide in Gaza
US bankrolling genocide

Americans are Bankrolling Israel’s Unfolding Genocide in Gaza

Countdown to genocide by Jewish Voice for Peace

What is pathetic is that all this destruction was admitted to in genocidal
statements of Israeli leaders who were not not shy about what they intended
to do (seek vengeance against the civilian population). The level of
destruction is also related to Israel’s failure against the Islamic
Resistance Movement (IRM arabic acronym Hamas) as hundreds of Israeli
soldiers and over 180 tanks and armored personnel carriers were destroyed
by the IRM. Under Ilocal Israeli pressures (families of abducted) and
international pressure about the level of civilian casualties and denial of
food, water,medicine etc, Israel finally agreed to a deal of exchange of
prisoners/hostages and allowing some aid. Israel broke the truce by
shooting at unarmed empty-handed Palestinians trying to use the lull in
fighting to go back to their homes. Two killed and several injured, by
flying drones, and by restricting aid

Palestinian children and women released recounted horrors of their
treatment in Israeli gulags. Israel sequestered the Iraelis released and
their security officers are interrogating and pushing them in inhumane
ways. to ensure they do not tell about being treated well in IRM custody
(after the embarrassing comments from the four released before this deal):

A Victory for the Palestinian People as the Struggle Continues! the U.S.
Palestinian Community Network (USPCN) Statement on Temporary “Truce

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh