NATO’s Xinjiang and Related Problems, by Declan Hayes

Because China is bigger game, a bison rather than a hare, she needs much more firepower, many poison-tipped arrows to bring her and her Russian pal down to be bear rugs under America’s feet.

Way back in 2003, when NATO began laying waste to Iraq, and MI5 and Mossad were installing the loathsome Rev Andrew White as the Anglican Vicar of Baghdad even as they exterminated the Chaldeans, Mandaeans and Syriacs who had lived God’s Word there since the time of St John the Baptist and the Apostles, CIA agents Frederick Starr and Graham Fuller were publishing The Xinjiang Problem to justify NATO doing an Iraq on China.

All of those familiar with Gene Sharpe ‘s From Dictatorship to Democracy will know the drill that began 80 years ago with Ruth Benedict’s The Chrysanthemum and the Sword which the U.S. Marine Corps used in their Pacific War extermination campaign against the Japanese who, the racists in Time Magazine helpfully told us, could be easily differentiated from our friends, the Chinese, who are now no longer our friends.

The Chinese, many of whom were burned alive in Hong Kong by Gene Sharpe’s NGO storm troopers are, it seems, being nasty to Muslims in their Xinjiang province and the Americans who, the long incarcerated Julian Assange informed us, systematically tortured Muslims in Iraq and incinerated them in Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia and Yemen, are upset at that. And, of course, at the rise to economic power of the People’s Republic of China but that, of course is another matter that does not concern us, just as it did not, of course, concern Starr, Fuller and their cloven footed CIA paymasters.

The issue is how can Uncle Sam undermine China and send them, along with Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Ukraine on a one way ticket back to the stone age, a term America’s General Curtis Le May, he who repeatedly fire bombed a defenseless Tokyo, first used with respect to the USAF’s repeated terrorist attacks on Hanoi.

Because China is bigger game, a bison rather than a hare, she needs much more firepower, many poison-tipped arrows to bring her and her Russian pal down to be bear rugs under America’s feet. Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong are not enough.

Luckily, Hitler’s Abwehr gave us the formula A Mosque in Munich: Nazis, the CIA, and the Rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in the West outlines. The formula, not unlike that MI5 used in Baghdad with that Andrew White creep and which was very successfully used by MI5’s Muslim Brotherhood enforcers in Syria, was out with the old, in with the new, for the Muslim Brotherhood and their MI5 handlers to kill off the old Muslim imams and to replace them with their newer, semi-literate thugs who would preach jihad against Damascus, Tehran, Beijing, Moscow or whomsoever was in the cross hairs of MI5 and their CIA chums.

As MI5’s campaigns in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and the Southern Caucasus rumbled on, MI5 brought tens of thousands of Uighur ‘activists’ from Xinjiang to get practical experience spreading the Word of God and of the Pentagon with bullets and bombs against Christians, Druze, Yezidi, Twelvers and Syria’s secular minded Sunnis who refused to betray their homeland.

On the positive side, the CIA now has, at its disposal, hundreds of thousands of Uighur fanatics with prior ISIS experience in Iraq and Syria, and dreams of cashing in on a CIA aligned Caliphate, modeled on that the CIA inaugurated in Mosul and Raqqa. On the negative side, there is China, which has not yet learned the lessons Japan has learned from two atomic bombs, multiple fire bombings and countless gang rapes. Plus, China is using all the financial tactics Japan tried in the 1990s when their economy was booming.

The objective, as ever, has to be to divide and conquer, to isolate both Russia and China and to blame all the world’s ills on Xi and that Putin fellow. If that can be done, then all the ills that are now befalling the Global South, as part of Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, can be laid at their door. The CIA will come up with a catch phrase like Putin’s Price Hike and another young cretin like Greta Thunberg, Bana or that young whore who lied about Iraqi war crimes in Bahrain to get the bread and circuses set onboard.

Because China will have all of this and more visited upon her, she has to reduce NATO’s vectors so that she, rather than MI5, will call the shots. One important trick NATO can teach them is to put the squeeze on spreaders of mis-information, on MI5 mis information hubs like the BBC, the Times and Andrew White’s Anglican cult. If China were, at the most opportune time, to make a sweep of key BBC and Anglican cult operatives and to give them appropriate custodial sentences, that would certainly send MI5’s leaders an even more salutary opening message than the torture of Julian Assange sends to truth tellers, who don’t relish 24/7 torture in a NATO dungeon.

Compare and contrast the youtube channel of The Times with similar offerings from Ukraine and India. The Times, with its unkempt contributors from The Economist and similarly vile sources, is streets ahead in terms of top shelf venom and distilled bile. The Ukrainians are much too vulgar for polite society and MI5’s Indian shills are too clumsy in throwing their punches at Russia, China and Pakistan. When the CIA wants someone to spread their manure, they need never look further than Ye Olde Englande, where the BBC’s website resembles nothing more than an outlet for Zelensky’s 420 Kiev Brigades.

Nor did all these BBC chaps spend their youth with Jimmy Savile drinking warm beer, reading Harry Potter and chasing foxes around England’s green and pleasant lands. Paul Conroy, whose special needs’ heavies squander their time tracking me in Dublin, grew up on a crack ridden council estate before joining the SAS, where he got the chance to teach uppity Irish Catholics about the business end of sawn off shotguns and the other irregular weapons the SAS use in their various murder campaigns.

Tiring of stomping on uppity Irish Micks, Conroy scored a camera job with the BBC, where he ended up with CIA asset Marie Colvin directing the defense of the Muslim Brotherhood Caliphate in Homs before Syrian artillery sent Colvin on a one way ticket to Hell and Conroy scurrying like the human rat that he is through the escape holes Conroy’s Muslim Brotherhood mates made their Syrian slaves build. Conroy’s book, which these leading international terrorists photographed here with him all endorse, about his exploits promoting the Caliphate and his psychoses, may be bought here and Robert Stuart’s site gives information on Dr Rola Hallam, Dr Saleyha Ahsan, Ian Pannell, Darren Conway and other BBC stalwarts who likewise enabled the Muslim Brotherhood’s Caliphates in Libya and Syria.

If one looks at the last days of Gaddafi, one recalls BBC “journalists” stopping Libyan security officers doing their job and one only has to recall Andrew Marr gloating “with smiles like spit water melons” outside Tony Blair’s house when the RAF flattened Baghdad to see MI5’s BBC operatives have never been kosher in Tripoli, Damascus or Bagdad and are not kosher in China.

If the BBC, the Times and the Anglican cult are so proud when their SAS killers visit big boys’ boys’ rules on Darya Dugina, Julian Assange and hundreds of Syrian, Iraqi and Palestinian journalists, can’t one argue it’s time they got at least a taste of their own medicine? Thoughts to chew on there for the Chinese and those others MI5 wish to again subjugate. This is not to argue for violence against English innocents but to say that, if Xinjiang is to be a problem for China, then China should be a problem for all those responsible for making Xinjiang a problem.

Source: Strategic Culture