New Spirit Rising, by Ray Zwarich

The material below is a long essay, (5500 words), but covers ground that is crucially important. People who want to ‘take back our country’ from the cabal of Elites who have captured power over us, need to realize that this ground is our potential Common Ground.

If the Elites who rule over us are our enemies, then the enemies of those Elites are NOT, (at least not necessarily), our enemies, even though the always-cunning Elites want us to regard them as enemies.

Whether foreign or domestic, the enemies of our enemies are our potential friends.

And people who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies. Many people on this list who regard each other as factional enemies, have a Common Enemy, and therefore should regard one another as, at least potential, allies.

This essay is a response to a deeply thoughtful essay, entitled ‘The Rise of China, (and the Fall of the US?), written by a History professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, named Alfred McCoy, published last week on alt-media sites. (I read it on ScheerPost). I know nothing about Professor McCoy, nor about his political beliefs or orientation. All I know about him is the impression I’ve gotten from reading his essay a number of times. Not knowing him at all, I’m sure that at least some of my impressions may be off-base, or even unfair. If so, I apologize to him in advance.

Hope all are well and strong.

Simius C


New Spirit Rising

3 May, ’23

This essay responds to an essay by Dr. Alfred McCoy, entitled ‘The Rise of China, (and the Fall of the US?)‘.

Professor McCoy clearly writes from the perspective of his apparently bone-deep internalization of our nation’s most basic imperialistic ethos of a divinely ordained ‘Manifest Destiny‘. This ethereal concept, that America was always destined for Empire, has always been rooted in the starkly delusional narcissistic hubris that our nation, and its people, have been divinely ordained with special virtues of moral superiority that lift us to a higher moral plane, superior to that of all our fellow humans on the planet.

This is not exactly a ‘racist’ concept, but it is a primitive tribal concept akin to racism. Racism is but a sub-category of human tribalism, of course, and our human tribal instincts are deeply rooted in our human DNA itself. These deep primordial human instincts are always, and have always been, the easiest of our human characteristics and foibles for cunning Ruling Elites to manipulate to their advantage.

Professor McCoy clearly writes from this ‘tribal’ perspective, as he fears for his tribe’s safety due to its loss of status and power to another tribe. And it’s certainly no surprise that in expressing his fear, he erroneously imputes his own tribe’s deep internalized motives to the other tribe he fears. Just as we have wanted to subjugate and dominate them, he assumes, they surely now, even as they rise, want to do the same to us. (Not faulting Professor McCoy, or his very deeply thoughtful essay. There’s nothing more characteristically human than to ‘project’ our motives onto others).

We Americans live under such a pervasive bubble of confining propaganda that relatively few of us are even aware of very exciting new developments in our war-torn and dangerous world. All evidence now extant suggests that Professor McCoy’s natural fears are needless and groundless. All extant evidence points to the rise of an exciting and hopeful New Spirit among Humanity. All evidence suggests that as our own American tribe’s status is being supplanted, the New Power Rising is motivated not as we have been, the new power is not intent on subjugation or domination, but rather on using its rising hegemonic influence to create democratic ‘win-win’ relations between all the Earth’s nations, and all the Earth’s people.

If we Americans, our Common People, our yeomen folk, could awaken from our own tribal fears, we could see that this New Spirit Rising among Humanity is rapidly attracting nations representing over 85% of the world’s population to join, or support in some way, an Alliance of Nations that is uniting for the keenly focused purpose of defeating the Evil US Empire that has subjugated most of Humanity under its horrifically brutal and murderous reign. This rapidly burgeoning Alliance of Nations is intently focused on undermining the power of the US Dollar, which, since the signing of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944, has been the very foundation cornerstone of ALL the US Empire’s power.

If the US Dollar is toppled from its perch as the world’s reserve currency, the US will no longer be able to pay its debts, or to finance its top-heavy military juggernaut, by simply printing ever more paper dollars. Even worse than that, it virtually impossible to imagine how the entire US debt-overhang Ponzi-scheme economy, which is barely kept afloat now by printing paper dollars, can be prevented from collapsing into devastating utter ruin.

We all have surely heard the stories told from Germany’s post WW1 Weimar Republic, when people used wheel barrows to transport enough paper currency to the corner bakery to buy a loaf of bread.

The rising anti-US Alliance of Nations, this New Spirit Rising, MUST defeat the US Empire, which for so long has relegated so many into misery for the profit of so few, so that the new spirit of cooperative ‘win-win’ relations can prevail among ALL nations.

This is what is happening in the world, and although about 7/8ths of the world’s population is holding its breath in excited anticipation of such a momentously historical development in the history of Humanity, relatively few Americans are even aware of it. In his article, Professor McCoy gives no indication at all that he is aware of it. He clearly thinks that China simply wants to replace the US as the world’s exploitative ruling power.

This New Spirit Rising (my own terminology) openly declares that it is NOT vengeful. It is crucially important that we Americans understand that. Quite the opposite. this New Spirit Rising is promoting the concept of forgiving past sins among and between nations, so that the past does not hinder Humanity’s future, so that past transgressions do not forestall Humanity’s ability to embrace an historic new age of peace and cooperation among ALL nations.

The American polity, our young impetuous nation, and our Common People, our yeomen. folk, have been induced by our nation’s Elites, since our nation’s earliest years of existence, to deeply internalize the tribal concept of our own tribe’s divine ordination to a “manifest destiny”, to a divine God-ordained destiny to rule over all the rest of Humanity, due to our moral superiority over the rest of Humanity.

Just as Jewish people would do well to consider how much pain and suffering they’ve endured as a result of their hubristic claim to be “God’s Chosen People”, Americans could avoid a great deal of the suffering that seems sure to lie dead ahead if we would just stop and consider how our claims of moral superiority over all our fellow humans make all those people feel toward us, and therefore think about us. What do any of us feel and think about someone who ‘mounts a high horse‘ and claims moral superiority over us? (That pesky old ‘golden rule’ again, which is merely the taproot of ALL human morality).

If people like Professor McCoy can awaken from our primordial tribal instincts and fears, we, our tribe, the American nation, have nothing to fear from this benevolent and non-vengeful New Spirit Rising. If we can awaken from our deliberately induced primeval tribal instincts to subjugate and dominate other nations and people, we will be enthusiastically welcomed to participate as a full and honorable member of the New Family of Human Nations that is rising.

When the US Empire falls, as it is already inevitable that it soon will, the American nation, as a polity, as a people, are going to be swept into deadly dangerous waters. Our economy is going to crumble into a degree of complete and utter ruin that is going to make the Great Depression of the 1930s look like a minor recession. We are going to have to reorganize our nation from the ground up, in the most fundamental ways imaginable. We will be in great danger of falling under the power of horrific fascist tyranny, with huge degrees of deadly social violence released in our heavily armed nation.

To forestall our deadly misery, to avoid this kind of intense social suffering, we, our nation’s Common People, our yeomen folk, the polity that comprises our American nation,  are going to need the help of the world’s Alliance of Nations that are now uniting in New Spirit. The New Spirit Alliance will be eager to help us, because they will be eager to prevent the rise of a new fascist tyranny in our nation that will be as much a danger to them as to us.

Can we not awaken from our bone-deep internalized domination by our tribal narcissism? That is all we need to do. Wake the ‘eff’ UP! We only need to awaken into the New Spirit Rising.

This essay, written in response to Professor McCoy’s expressed fears, is written for that purpose alone, to awaken us into a New Spirit. The past is past. What’s done is done. Despite the evil Woke Cult forces now running rampant in our bleeding nation, which, steeped in deadly toxic hatred, want to punish the living for the sins of the dead, what we need to do is simply awaken from our narcissistic delusions, acknowledge our, and our ancestors’ sins, and forgive ourselves for our transgressions as we forgive others for theirs against us. (That pesky old ‘golden rule’ again).

If we can do that, we will find forgiveness from others, and we can then apply our own strong and able shoulders to History’s Great Wheel, in turning it to favor the New Spirit Rising.

Punishing the living for the sins of the dead, as this crazed and evil Woke Cult does, is an ugly deadly exercise in deliberately fomenting hatred between and among our nation’s folk, among and between our Common People. These poor, crazed Woke Cult people are the duped tools of the morally demented Elite Forces who run the US Empire. These evil forces, for obvious reasons, do not WANT us, the nation’s yeomen folk, to awaken, because their power depends entirely on us continuing to embrace our delusional national narcissism, our belief that we are morally superior, “exceptional”, and divinely ordained to rule the world.

Self-awareness is the CRUCIAL key to our survival, folks. We MUST become self-aware if we hope to escape the worst consequences of the ‘interesting times’ that lie dead ahead, like an a sharp-edged iceberg lying unseen and deadly quiet in a still, glassy sea, waiting patiently for our titanic ship of state, now captained, full speed ahead, toward disaster, by colossal fools. The US Empire is already toppling. Like a giant tree, still standing vertical, but whose trunk is already cut-through at its base, once the Evil Empire begins falling from the vertical, its motion will start slowly, barely perceptible, but its fall will accelerate rapidly, and when it crashes to the forest floor, it will shake our nation with tectonic-caliber reverberations.

So, in the interest of developing our CRUCIAL self-awareness, rather than point at the transgressions of others, (as Professor McCoy urges us to do), let’s undertake the difficult process of acknowledging our OWN. Self-awareness is the crucial key. Let’s acknowledge what we’ve done, as History has already recorded it.


From the first years of America’s existence, our nation’s Ruling Elite class claimed that their voracious instinct to conquer and rule over other people, to increase their own wealth and power, was our national birthright, rooted in the starkly delusional assumption of own moral superiority over all other people and nations on Earth. By appealing to the primordial tribal instincts of the young nation’s Common People, the Elites easily infused this delusional narcissistic belief into the minds of our nation’s general population, which consisted mostly of uneducated people, prone to superstitious religious beliefs, only recently freed from a miserable indentured existence in Europe, where they had been virtual slaves in service to European Elites.

How hard would it have been to get such a primitive population of poor European immigrants, prone to deep religious beliefs, so recently freed from the miseries of servitude, to adopt a conviction that in their new nation, in America, they were now divinely ordained with a ‘holy’ mission as “saviors” of Humanity?

The nation was not even 35 years old when its Ruling Elites declared their hegemony over the entire western hemisphere, with the proclamation of the Monroe Doctrine in 1823. Influential editorialist of that day, John O’Sullivan, expressed the nation’s burgeoning Jacksonian zeitgeist of national moral superiority in 1839, in an acclaimed and universally read newspaper editorial, in which he boasted about our still relatively new nation’s “divine destiny”… “to establish on earth the moral dignity and salvation of man”.

How hard would it have been to get our primitive, uneducated, and superstitiously religious population to adopt and internalize this concept of a “mission from God”?

Barely 50 years from the birth of our nation, the nation’s Ruling Elites openly proclaimed that morally superior Americans would be the ‘saviors’ of all Humanity. The actual term “manifest destiny” was first coined by O’Sullivan in 1845. We Americans would march forth, our Ruling Elites, (then as now controlling Mass Media), induced the Common People to believe, to fulfill our  “mission from God”. We Americans would march forth, as Christian Soldiers, to save the morally inferior heathens of the rest of Humanity from themselves.

This imperialistic concept of ourselves, as Humanity’s morally superior ‘saviors’, became, within the span of barely more than half a human lifetime since the nation’s birth, the delusional moral guise under which our nation’s Ruling Elites set out to conquer and dominate North America, essentially by exterminating its indigenous population, and by simultaneously importing ever more primitive, destitute, uneducated, and superstitious European immigrants, newly freed from lives of miserable servitude, to colonize those indigenous stone age people’s territory. The Ruling Elites immediately laid claim to hegemony over the entire Western Hemisphere, thereby proclaiming their intention to drive out all rival imperial colonial powers.

And then, within another half a lifetime, in 1899, following up their successful offensive against rival imperial power Spain, the American Imperial Elites sent the US Marines to use water-cooled machine guns, firing 600 .30-06 caliber rounds per minute, (ten per second), to slaughter hundreds of thousands of Filipino tribespeople, armed only with bolo knives (machetes), spears, and bows and arrows.

US Ruling Elites did all this within the first eleven decades of our nation’s existence. The very children born to people who witnessed the ratification of the US Constitution, the very children of the people who heard the nation’s founding Elites warn against our new nation from entering into “entangling foreign alliances”, (Jefferson’s words), witnessed the US Marines’ wanton bloody slaughter of hundreds of thousands of primitive Filipino tribespeople, so our Elites could conquer more territory from indigenous people, now many thousands of miles from our own North American shores.

And all this bloody conquering and slaughter of millions, (the population of indigenous people in North America was reduced from an estimated 5 million or more at its peak, to 237,000, according to the US Census bureau, in 1900), was done under the starkly delusional, narcissistic guise of presumed ‘moral superiority’, under the claim of divine ordination to be the “saviors” of Humanity. American Ruling Elites claimed to be, from the moment they created the United States of America, “on a mission from God“.

This starkly delusional presumption of divinely ordained moral superiority, this starkly delusional concept of ourselves as “the exceptional nation”, STILL insanely proclaimed in our own times by morally depraved representatives of our Ruling Elites, like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, was always our nation’s ‘fatal flaw’. It was always destined to be our inevitable downfall. It’s just taken these 235 years of our nation’s existence for the impending horrific consequences of our morally demented hubris to catch up to us.

[As an aside derived from my own personal fascinations with the mysteries of spiritual matters, in his writings over 2000 years ago, Caesar comments several times on his belief that those ‘the gods’ want to punish most severely, they first allow to prosper, so that when the punishment is delivered, it is felt more deeply. Punishing the poor with more poverty is not as painful to the punished, was Caesar’s thesis, as relegating the wealthy and privileged into the miseries of poverty.

And some of my own favorite writers, like Thomas Wolfe and his spiritual mentee, Jack Kerouac, thought that arrogant America was always destined to be Humanity’s ‘crucible’. Many say poor Ti Jean’s wild and free spirit met its doom on Desolation Peak. Jesus emerged unscathed, they say, from his last torment by the Devil in the desert, but poor Ti Jean never recovered from meeting his own Demon on Desolation Peak. He died besotted at the bottom of a bottle, a pathetic caricature of himself. I first made a pilgrimage to his grave, (not an hour’s drive from where I now live), only a few months ago, and I was surprised when I was overcome with uncontrollable emotion, unrestrained weeping, from the moment I approached his headstone, and imagined his sad bones, so close beneath my feet.

Anyway… Sorry… Such familiar spirits always beckon, and often distract… It’s all relevant in a disordered searching mind. America was ALWAYS destined to arrive at this fatal cusp, with Humanity’s survival, suspended at our mercy, over a white hot fire. That’s how I always interpreted what writers like Wolfe and Kerouac, (others too) said. Back to the narrative at hand…]

The openly stated and starkly delusional belief in our “exceptional” moral superiority over all the rest of Humanity has always doomed our proud and arrogant young nation, now already torn and bleeding, and teetering on the narrow, sharp edge of a horrific precipice of deadly violence, to the terrible approaching fate about which Professor McCoy so tentatively warns us here. Our narcissistic and starkly delusional moral hubris, our presumption of divine auspices, always doomed us to the fate now rapidly closing in on us, as a powerful Alliance of Nations, already far more powerful than the US Empire, both economically and militarily, is rapidly taking shape for the specific purpose of ridding the world of the US Empire’s cruel, murderous domination.

If we, our nation’s Common People, could awaken from our imposed national delusion of moral superiority, (imposed on us by our Ruling Elites as a guise to cover their greed and lust for power), if we could begin to conceptualize our nation’s place among Humanity’s Family of Nations, in a ‘multi-polar’ world, (rather than as rulers of the world), as mere mortals, and thus as mere equals, (rather than the moral superiors of the rest of Humanity), joining together with all other nations in democratic negotiations to create a world economy that would serve the yearning hopes and aspirations of ALL people in ALL nations, if we, our nation’s Common People, freed ourselves from these demented US Ruling Elites’ cruel yoke, we could awaken from our deadly fatal delusions of moral superiority, and thus we could still save ourselves from the worst ravages of this terrible fast-approaching fate, as our imperial debt-overhang Ponzi scheme economy is already beginning to topple into an inevitable degree of utter ruin.

My Slavic-American uncle lectured me as a boy about the foolish arrogance of Americans. His own parents, my beloved grandparents, who barely spoke English, and in whose home I was partly raised, had watched, he told me, as desperate people in Europe had “scraped garbage cans with spoons”. Do we really think we are ‘divinely’ immune from the kind of suffering that our fellow mortal humans have endured?

The hour is very late, folks, but the fatal hour has not yet tolled. There is still time to awaken.

Before delving any more into Professor McCoy’s fundamental misconceptions concerning China’s clearly stated motives, (as the professor imputes his own internalized imperial motives to China), I’d like to first quickly comment on aspects of Professor McCoy’s hubristic bias in his one-sided account of the ‘heroic’ history of the US Empire since WW2, which he covers in his essay.

1) The US was not, by a LONG shot, the primary contributor to the victory over Nazi Germany. The US played an important role, to be sure, but the Soviet Union was, by FAR, the more important factor in defeating Hitler’s Wehrmacht.

2) In invoking the presumed ‘heroism’ of the US military commanders who emerged victorious from WW2, Professor McCoy seems to conveniently forget that the primary strategy the US used to defeat Japan consisted of a savagely murderous policy of killing Japanese civilians, by the MILLIONS, by burning them alive through US Air Force General Curtis Lemay’s policy of firebombing raids.

The Japanese population lived mostly in housing built from light wood products, which US B-29s easily turned into murderous infernos by first dropping high explosives to create plenty of kindling, and then dropping thousands upon tens of thousands of small incendiary devices, (akin to 4th of July ‘sparklers’), to ignite huge areas of residential neighborhoods, dozens of square miles of dense residential housing, into inescapable raging infernos, which burned so white hot that they incinerated even large metal objects, like cars and trucks, into vapor.

These hellish infernos incinerated tens, and even hundreds of thousands of Japanese civilians, (men, women, children, and babies) in single raids. The first Tokyo firestorm killed well over 100,000 civilian people in a single night. These horrible, murderous fire-bombing raids killed an estimated 3-5 million or more Japanese civilians BEFORE the two nuclear bombs were then dropped to demonstrate our murderous power to kill civilian people in even more devastating numbers.

This was just how our morally superior “exceptional nation” conducted warfare. We slaughtered our enemies’ civilian populations. Isn’t that what we still do? Isn’t that what we did more recently in places like Fallujah? Isn’t that what we help our Elites’ close ally, Israel, do in Gaza?

In the famed documentary, ‘The Fog of War‘, Robert McNamara, a high ranking military aid to Curtis Lemay, (one of the legendary American military commanders of WW2, as referenced by Professor McCoy), describes how he helped organize and command our ‘morally superior’ nation’s murderous firebombing campaign on the Japanese civilian population. In this powerful  documentary, (which all American youth should  be required to watch before they graduate from high school), McNamara, (who went on to become Secretary of Defense in the Kennedy Administration), reports that Lemay himself said, “If we’d lost the war we’d have all been hung as war criminals”. McNamara went on to confess, in the same scene linked above, that he himself WAS, without ANY doubt, a “war criminal”.

3) Even though relatively unscathed by the horrors of WW2, the ‘heroic’, and ‘morally superior’ US commanders so feared the rise of Chinese communist power only a few short years after the war ended, that we, quite literally, bombed North Korea “back to the stone age”. Ruthless US airpower destroyed virtually every standing building in that entire nation. We destroyed dams and irrigation systems to cause mass starvation. In the process, we killed an estimated 30% of the entire civilian population of around 10 million at that time. (Another 3 million or so civilians killed by our morally superior “exceptional” forces). The remaining population was living in caves they dug into the sides of hills. There were literally no civilian habitations left un-destroyed by our ‘morally superior’ bombs.

Again, killing millions upon millions of civilians was just our ‘morally superior’ nation’s standard policy in the manner in which we conducted warfare. Killing millions upon millions of defenseless civilians was just what our “exceptional” nation did. We canNOT erase these facts from history, This is, indeed, what our nation DID!

Almost 37,000 US soldiers, of course, also died in Korea.

4) The US, even though relatively unscathed by the horrors of WW2, did NOT dominate the postwar world. Russian scientists quickly caught up in nuclear weapons technology, then quickly surpassed the US in rocketry and missile technology. I went up on our suburban roof with my father in Kansas, in 1957, to actually watch Sputnik 1, the first human-made object put into orbit, pass overhead.

The nation was shocked and afraid. Only 15 years after the end of the war, the ‘missile gap’, the Soviet’s dramatically demonstrated superiority in rocket science, was a major issue pushed by John Kennedy in the 1960 election. US fear of the Soviet Union’s superior rocket science technology was palpable.

Greatly inspired by Kennedy, we made that big effort to land men on the moon, but we never actually caught up with Russian scientists in terms of advanced rocket science. It was barely a year ago that, in retaliation for US sanctions, Russia stopped supplying its advanced rocket engines, far superior to anything we even yet know how to build, to NASA.

Russia is an estimated decades ahead of the US in hypersonic rocket science, which has ALREADY rendered our entire US Navy fleet, including our 11 carrier fleets, into complete obsolescence. Our surface ships, (as opposed to our nuclear-armed submarine fleet), have no defense whatsoever against Russia’s AND China’s already deployed hypersonic missile technology. The only way to defend the US Navy surface ship fleet, including our ‘mighty’ (though now obsolete) carriers, is to keep them well out of range of any actual combat.

5) Within a matter of few months of the ’60 election, US ongoing fear of the burgeoning spread of communism, (the infamous ‘domino theory’), enticed us into the disastrous and deadly morass of SE Asia, first in Laos, (in late ’60, and early’61, before Kennedy took the oath of office), and then in Vietnam. Kennedy sent 400 Green Berets into Vietnam in May of ’61, as “advisers”. By the time Lyndon Johnson sent the first 3500 acknowledged combat troops into Vietnam in March of ’65, there were already some 25,000 US soldiers there, supposedly acting as ‘advisers’ to the South Vietnamese military.

Before the last helicopter took off ignominiously from the US Embassy in Saigon in April of ’75, over 58,000 US soldiers had died, and our ‘morally superior’ nation had killed ANOTHER estimated 3 million civilian people. Yet despite the FULL commitment of the FULL non-nuclear power of the US Military, the US could not defeat the army of the tiny nation of North Vietnam, a nation with a population of about 16 million, (compared to our 194 million in ’65). To be more accurate, the US was also fighting the Viet Cong, which were they tough guerilla fighters comprised from most of the primitive peasant population of South Vietnam. Together, the population of North and South Vietnam, when united after the US’s ignominious defeat, was about 32 million at that time, over 6 times less than ours.

More recently, of course, we also failed to defeat the primitive nation of Afghanistan, whose population was less than 20 million when we illegally invaded it, compared to our 285 million in ’01.

6) Profesor McCoy incredibly cites Ukrainian propaganda sources, the Ukrainian press itself, which has been completely taken over by the totalitarian Zelensky Regime, as his primary source for his assessment of claimed Russian failures in Ukraine, and worse, his claims that Russia has committed atrocities, which investigation has shown were actually perpetrated by the hate-infused neo-Nazi dominated Ukrainian army on its own people, in deadly vindictiveness for those people’s expressed sympathies, and sometimes action, favoring Russian troops. As Professor McCoy presumably should know, about 18% of the population of Ukraine, before the US engineered violent coup in 2014, (which overthrew Ukraine’s elected government and installed a US puppet junta), was ethnic Russian. These were Russian people whose homelands were arbitrarily transferred to Ukraine, when both Russia and Ukraine were federated states of the same nation, the Soviet Union.

The Ukrainian neo-Nazis hate these ethnic Russian people, who were Ukrainian citizens before Russia recently annexed their homelands back into Russia, with such vehement passion, that the neo-Nazi battalions wantonly killed an estimated 14,000 of them, by artillery shelling of residential neighborhoods, and were amassing their forces for a deadly invasion of those ethnic Russian people’s homelands when Putin realized he had no other choice but to invade to protect those people.

In the areas now controlled and being securely defended  by deeply entrenched Russia troops, on whose margins where the fiercest combat is now taking place, the majority of the population are ethnic Russians, whom the hate-mongering neo-Nazi Ukrainian forces hate with great passion.

The massacres committed against Ukrainian civilians were the work of the hate-mongering neo-Nazi Ukrainians. Russia has taken pains, at considerable cost to its own forces, to avoid unnecessary civilian casualties. Ironically, the ICC politically inspired indictment of Putin for alleged ‘war crimes’ consisted of accusing him of moving children out of harm’s way.

According to the most highly credible sources, (US Army-retired Colonel Douglas MacGregor is far and away the best, most credible source, although there are many others. Colonel MacGregor now being buried in propaganda on Youtube, but scroll down, dozens of hours of informative video is there), Russia has NOT been stalemated in Ukraine. Russia is merely satisfied with a patient strategy, while it pursues myriad diplomatic victories over America, the obvious aggressor in this tragic, deadly war.

Russia has an estimated 700,000 or more troops staged on Ukraine’s borders that it is not even yet using. Russia has less than 200,000 troops fighting in Ukraine, only about 29% of its available forces. As Russia clearly stated in February 2022, as its troops crossed the border, Russia never intended to, or wanted to conquer the nation of Ukraine. Russia had specific objectives, which it has patiently now largely accomplished. Russia never intended, nor attempted to ‘take Kiev’, although at the outset it feinted a thrust in that direction to occupy Ukrainian forces while Russia deployed its forces in preparation for securing the safety of Donbas from deadly neo-Nazi violence.

Russia’s entire strategy, vociferously criticized by many, who think Russia should have committed maximum force to obliterate Ukraine’s Zelensky Regime at the outset, has been patient and slow, for the express purpose of minimizing, as much as possible, civilian casualties, as well as casualties among its own troops.

Under the influence of US Mass Media propaganda, most Americans think that Russia has been trapped into a stalemate by the US, the same way that US propaganda claimed that Russia has been ‘isolated’. In actual fact, it is Russia that has the US pinned down in an untenable position.

FAR from being isolated, Russia is working diligently with its close ally, China, to build the rapidly growing Alliance of Nations mentioned at the outset of this essay. This Alliance is working intently to rapidly erode US economic power, through a direct frontal assault on the reserve currency status of the US Dollar. The anti-US Alliance is experiencing great success in this regard. Far from being isolated, nations representing well over 85% of the world’s population are maintaining friendly relations with Russia, and are showing great interest in the success of the anti-US Alliance.

As Russian President Putin, and also Chinese President Xi have often stated, Humanity is already launched on an unstoppable new course that will soon render the US Empire into history’s proverbial dustbin.

Russia simply has no pressing incentive to be in a hurry to put its soldiers’ lives in danger by launching a major offensive, using ALL its available forces, including the 700k or more poised on Ukraine’s borders.

As the US Empire’s closest allies are steadily edging away, in a posture obviously moving toward saving themselves from the consequences of impending ignominious defeat, (with US European allies making overt overtures to Russia’s close ally, China, etc), and with rumors of the actual breakup of NATO becoming ever louder and more insistent, why should Russia be in any hurry to risk the safety of well dug-in Russian troops with an offensive?

By all appearances, suggested by the actual facts, which are heedless of US Mass Media propaganda, it is the US, and not Russia, that is mired in an ever more hopeless position in Ukraine.

The ridiculous US posture of its bluff of preparing to attack China, (according to recent article by American left propagandist Chris Hedges, the NY Times has recently reported that US Marines are training for a landing on Chinese beaches), is beyond absurd. The US military is a toothless paper tiger that has NO capacity, whatsoever, to wage an all-out war against even one major power adversary, let alone Russia and China at the same time.

The entire US manufacturing capacity is located in China. The US economy would crash into utter ruin within hours if the US Military attacked China. The US is bluffing on a pair of deuces, against an opponent holding a straight flush. Even worse, the US is trying to run this clownish bluff when the entire world, save for Americans still under the US Empire’s propaganda bubble, can already see the Empire’s losing hand of two deuces, (and the Russian-Chinese Alliance’s straight flush).



Anyway… This is getting long. I hate writing essays this long, although I do read a LOT of them. I read extensively, every day, from across a broad spectrum of the so-called alt-media. Essays stretching much beyond short simplistic analyses are relatively rare on the American left, and almost none ever have anything new to say. It’s like reading from an endless AI generated repetition loop, (hmm…),  and one seldom ever sees more than a dozen or so, (once in a while two), comments to any article on the left end of the so-called alt-media.

But deeply thoughtful essays of 5,000 to 8,000 words are commonplace in the American right alt-media, and they often attract 300 comments or more. (Just sayin’).

As an authentic leftist myself, it is, as people can imagine, very frustrating to witness that people on the right are much more aware of what is actually happening in the world, whereas people on the left, which is dominated by the Elite puppets, people are much less aware because they tend to remain much more influenced by the Elites’ mainstream rivers of propaganda.


The point of this essay, responding to Professor McCoy’s deeply thoughtful essay, is that the picture Professor McCoy paints of the ‘heroic’ US victors in WW2 consolidating the US Empire is not NEAR as uncomplicated as he avers, nor is the current position of the US Empire anywhere NEAR as tenable as Professor McCoy seems to think it is.

It IS true that both Russia and China were greatly hampered after WW2 by having adopted a deadly horrific ideology (communism), which proved to be the temporary downfall of both. But both have recovered reasonably quickly after abandoning those ideologies, and have adopted hybrid economic systems that have been highly focused, with considerable success, on lifting their own people out of poverty.

As I stated at the outset, (wrapping up here), Professor McCoy should try hard to escape the narcissistic ideology of US moral superiority. And he should try to understand that Russia and China’s clearly stated, and clearly demonstrated motives are existentially, and exponentially different than those of the subjugating and murderously dominating US Empire.

Those two nations are now leading nations representing about 87% of the world’s population in the exploration of expanding the already existing Alliance of Nations that is rapidly building the monetary and economic infrastructure specifically designed to free them from the murderous, subjugating domination of the US Empire.

The anti-Empire Alliance of Nations, led by Russia and China, is NOT projecting a hateful or vindictive spirit. They do NOT seek ‘revenge’. They do NOT want our nation’s Common People to suffer for the sins of the morally depraved US Elites whose greed and lust have caused so much misery and death, for so long, among all Humanity.

Professor McCoy simply does not seem to yet understand the depth and breadth of the New Spirit Rising. In his essay, he decries China’s “stealth” in wresting imperial “control” from the dying US Empire. But there is nothing at ALL stealthy in the New Spirit Rising that China, and Russia, and their burgeoning Alliance of Nations, are building. They are building it right out in broad daylight. It is only because of the US Mass Media propaganda bubble that their activity may seem “stealthy” to people living under that bubble.

Russia ands China are avidly promoting the rise of a New Spirit among Humanity. They are NOT seeking to replace the cruel, murderous US Empire with their own subjugating and dominating empire. They are building a democratic Family of Nations, animated by a truly democratic spirit.

The rest of Humanity would welcome, with GREAT relief, our nation’s awakening, and thus would welcome us as full partners and participants in the new, democratically negotiated, multi-polar world economy the anti-Empire Alliance of Nations is already building.

Simius Cognitius