Now THAT’s What I’m Talking About, by Ray Zwarich

Gentlemen: (Mr’s Scheer, Hedges, Lauria, and Lawrence, and I pray this note will be forwarded as appropriate, and all who may read it can feel free to share it with anyone you please).

The Narrative is Coming Apart‘. Now THAT is the Patrick Lawrence I’ve come to consider as among the finest commentators of our times. Thank you, sir… Thank you again… Thank you one more time… And yet again. (And so on).
And thank you for what I might be so bold, (or deluded?), as to guess is a nod my way? “There he goes again!”… indeed… LOL… (wink)

“Independent media—“There he goes again!”—have made accurate accounts of the Ukraine conflict available to those paying attention and within the limits of their resources”.

I would not challenge that statement too vigorously, although I’ve never even heard of ‘The National Interest’, let alone read it. There ARE ‘some’ independent media as Mr. Lawrence describes above, but NOT independent media in general as Mr. Lawrence implies here. Many independent correspondents  strive for journalism while eschewing propaganda. Aaron Mate, Ben Norton, and Crystal Ball (her parents must have been hippies who enjoyed the 60s immensely), come to mind. But they are a relatively miniscule percent of all independent media correspondents.
There are many others we could name. Taibbi, like Hedges, is a magnificently skilled writer, but has now settled in to be a self-adoring entertainer. Greenwald is an EXCELLENT journalist, but he lacks the courage to even draw the conclusions he himself promotes with such skill. He keeps arguing the same points over and over, as if still trying to convince himself. It gets tiresome. Where’s he been lately, anyway?  Like Taibbi, he seems to be smugly self-satisfied playing in his substack sandbox that Goebbels Committee Magnate Peter Chernin built for people like this.
Why would Peter Chernin, and the Goebbels Committee, which manages The Empire’s Mass Media, do that? Why would The Empire’s agencies help such people as these big tough ‘rogue’/independent journalists. Because those people, Chernin and The Committee, are cunning enough to prevent them from being out of work and angry. Lord forbid… They might actually become SERIOUS, rather than be so smugly happy building their happy little sand castles, and raking in more “Do-Re-Mi” (ole Woody Guthrie), than they EVER have before, even when they were ‘mainstream’ Mass Media ‘stars’.
Peter Chernin is WAY too cunning to allow people of that caliber to be ‘seriously’ pissed off at The Empire. Build them a nice sandbox. Voila! Substack was born EXACTLY as the last decent journalists were being expelled from The Empire’s Mass Media.
Young journalists like those named above, (Norton, Mate, and Ball), show great promise, but I don’t actually read them too much, and I’ve never been inclined to want to communicate with them. ‘Preaching to the choir’ is not my inclination. Why would a ‘serious’ person waste precious time proselytizing before people who already agree with her or him? I want to affect the minds of people whom I highly value who are ‘misguided’. I want to affect THOSE kinds of people’s ‘hearts and minds’.
I’m not a ‘troll’. I don’t waste time even trying to communicate with disgusting characters like Tom Englehardt, one of the most dangerously self-righteous ideologues on the current scene. If the DPM, (the Democratic Party Machine) should ever succeed in its transparent efforts, (transparent to all but its hosts of crazed, mesmerized ideologue cult members), to create a totalitarian one-party state, I’m sure it can count on Tom Englehardt, and the scores like him on the pseudo-left, to play a major role assisting the Goebbels Committee.
Scheer and Hedges are naught but poor little lambs who’ve lost their way. (baa- baa- baa…). I want to rescue them from their disgrace. Sure I’ve been harsh at times. Call it ‘tough love’. Again, I would not waste my time on the disgusting Englehardt, or people of that ilk. I communicate most avidly with people I think still have ‘potential’ to be ‘serious’.
Ask Mr. Scheer about his publishing propaganda late last February straight from the CIA’s mouthpieces, (like ex-CIA head John Brennan).
Ask Cane, er… Mr. Hedges about his scarthing denuciation of Russia for daring to defend itself against The Empire’s overt and deadly aggression, as if any powerful nation would not do the same, as if The Empire would not ‘invade’ Mexico if Russia fomented a coup, installed a puppet junta in Mexico City, after expressing its desire to weaken and/or destroy the US, and then began shelling Americans living in border towns along the Rio Grande, like The Empire’s Ukro-Nazi henchmen were shelling ethnic Russian Ukrainians in residential Donbas neighborhoods, reportedly killing an estimated 14,000 people, mostly defenseless civilians.
Yea… poor obsequious Mr. Hedges, his ego so desperate for a larger audience, will always lick his finger and hold it up to the political winds before he decides what he thinks. Witness his enthusiastic support of The Empire’s Race War in the US, The Empire’s desperate emergency plan to divide and rule. Mr. Hedges was happily telling outright LIES to pander before the hysteria of the crazed BLM/antifa mobs. Outright LIES.
What a tragedy it is to see a person of that high caliber squader his talents at the command of his always desperate ego. When he is ‘on’, there are few writers on the planet with his skill with the language, with his powerful command to stir hearts and minds. But in his desperation for applause, his desperation to pander before whatever mob the Mass Media aggrandizes, he’ll gladly trim his sails to any prevailing political wind.
Scheer is just pathetic. Poor man… It’s tragic to witness. He was once a SERIOUS person. He actually has ‘changed his ways’ markedly since my ‘guerilla theater’ frontal assault on him. Last February, when Putin crossed the Rubicon to directly challenge The Empire, poor Mr. Scheer was offering mostly either ‘liberal’ Bullcrap, hysterical mob rants, or actual CIA propaganda, (dutifully published directly from the CIA). Now, indeed, he  “makes available”, (Mr. Lawrence’s term), at least a broader spectrum of opinion. Even from someone as brilliantly perceptive in pursuit of the actual truth as Mr. Lawrence himself. ScheerPost is now publishing what seems like, (I’ve not actually counted), five or more times the number of articles each day as it was as recently as last February. Often 2 or 3 per day back then. Now so many that one can’t possibly read them all without dedicating their whole lives to the task.
Robert Scheer was once a SERIOUS person. Now he’s in the entertainment business. Now he’s fashioned himself into the ‘Ed Sullivan‘ of the fictitious ‘movement’ that only exists in the Pirouetting Bolsheviks’ crazed-with-ideology minds.
I believe such people as these can reclaim their lost souls. I TRULY do. In my efforts in challenging them to do so, I have used an affected personality to get their attention, (how’d I do, boys?), to try to deliver the kind of tough love that might shock them into an ‘awakening’.
Ding-Dong the wicked First Dragon is greatly weakened, but not yet dead. Can I claim any credit for this obvious weakening? An irrelevant question in my estimation. Credit is irrelevant. Purpose before position… Objectives before ego… “Either lead, follow, or at least get your sorry ass out of the way”.– old carpenter’s saying.
I’ve now abandoned my affected guerilla theater tactics, hoping these men are now receptive to hear actual Reason, that they are ready to suffer painful epiphanies of self-awareness. I’m planning to be their friend one day, hopefully soon. We’ll see.
I make as good a friend as I can be a formidable (“hound from hell”, in Mr. Hedges words), enemy.
Enough of this drivel for now.
Am I being presumptious, the dumb old ape, Caliban, wonders, in thanking Mr. Lawrence for the “there he goes again” nod? LOL…
Imitating ole Walt Whitman: Am I being presumptuous? Very well then, I’m being presumptuous…