Ole Joe Hill – “Don’t Mourn… Organize!” by Ray Zwarich

I recently chided the good citizen who runs the left-oriented communications site, Consortium News, Mr. Joe Lauria, for his failure to use his communications capacities to ‘organize’ on behalf of Julian Assange. I was just using him as an example. As far as I’m aware, other than copious tearless weeping, there is NO organized effort in our nation to support poor Jules. Caliban intends to not just ‘support’ him. I intend to FREE him…. HEAR?
This confused hodge-podge collection of hysterical emotional ideologies that like to call themselves ‘the left’ is so confused in its priorities, that it is passionately enraged about abortion, but a little thing like our loss of Freedom of Speech?… all ‘the left’ can do is some ineffectual pathetic bitching, before getting back to being enraged about an ancillary issue like abortion.
It’s NOT that this issue matters, and that one doesn’t, but some matter more than others. ‘Priority’ is an organized analysis that recognizes that loss of some powers ‘naturally’ leads to cascading losses of ALL powers. Thus there is a ‘natural’ order of priorities, (‘natural’ from a functional analysis).
When the Common People lose our Freedom of Speech, (as we largely already have), we lose our MOST basic democratic power. When the loss of our right to speak our minds freely is complete, next our freedom of thought will come under withering assault.
This is already happening… The regime currently in power, which this bizarre, artificially engineered edifice that calls itself ‘the left’ actually supports, is now ‘gaslighting’, (or trying to), the American population. This EVIL regime, holding up a half-senile brainless sock puppet as its mask, and the Democratic Party as its currently dominant political agency, (the evil regime of the Ruling Elites owns BOTH political parties, and has fooled about half the population into believing that bringing the Republican Party into power will change things in any meaningful way)… This EVIL, morally demented and spiritualy depraved regime is currently succeeding in inducing about HALF the popualtion into actually believing that what we all saw was a large ‘demonstration’, by people pursuing their constitution RIGHT to assemble seeking redress of grievances, was actually an “Insurrection”. The term ‘attempted coup’ is often used.
Didn’t any even read Orwell?
It’s true that the Evil Regime’s provocateurs were successful in goading a relatively small contingent of the crowd, about an estimated 900 people out of a teeming mass of well over 10,000, into entering the Capitol building itself. Only an even MUCH smaller contingent, maybe a few dozen people, led by Regime provocateurs, actually attacked the building aggressively, smashing glass doors, etc, to gain entry. One of those people, a young woman, was shot and killed by Police. Once that small contingent successfully entered the building, the Police then actually opened the doors, stood aside, and welcomed people to enter the building, whereupon they explored their way around, looking like tourists, taking selfies, making phone calls to friends and relatives, (“You’ll never guess where I am, Ma!”), and then after a couple few hours, they simply all got bored and left the building. No one forced them out. Very little vandalism was done. These people simple left the building of their OWN accord.
Calling this event an “insurraction: is just completely dingbat nutball crazy. Yet the EVIL Regime of the Ruling Elites have convinced the bizzarro-left to believe it was indeed an “insurrection”. Under the influence of a bizarre, though  powerful ideology an ideology engineered and inculcated by the Ruling Elites themselves, this bizzarro-left has actually fully embraced actual, CLINICAL, “delusional insanity”. These people  have voluntarily agreed to believe what any reasoning and reasonable person can ‘see’, with our own damn eyes, (having watched hundreds of hours of video of the events), is COMPLETELY, totally, absolutely, untrue.
This represents Orwellian mind control, people. That is EXACTLY what it is.
What the Evil Ruling Elites are doing would be called a “whipsaw” in traditional Union/Labor parlance. They are playing one mass contingent of the Common People against the other. “Divide et impera” is an actual quote from Caesar himself. “Divide and rule”… Some say… (The Latin can be translated into either).
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies….
We, our nation’s Common People, will NEVER throw off the DEADLY yoke of the Ruling Elites as long as we remain divided into mutually hateful camps. We, the Common People, will NEVER throw off that accursed yoke until or unless we UNITE.
“The people united will never be defeated”, the bizzarro-left so likes to chant, and then in their next breath they start hurling hateful, hysterical accusations, and ugly epithets at their ‘comrades’ among the Common People.



com·rade ˈkäm-ˌrad  



 especially British  -ˌrād

an intimate friend or associate COMPANION

” … reflecting upon all my comrades that were drowned … “ Daniel Defoe

a fellow soldier

comrades in battle
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies… Whatsamatter people… Why you no Capisce?
I KNOW why. People who cannot understand these BASIC things have been ensnared in the cunning web of a crazed ideology. It was Marcuse, a close associate of the founders of the CIA, went on to become the acclaimed “father of the New Left”. “Eros and Civilization“…. It was Marcuse who induced a generation of children, under the rubric of a cunning application of Freudian psychology, to abandon Class Analysis, representing a consciousness aware of the natural bonds among the Common People, to glorify our own animal sexual desires, to embrace the delusional, divisive craziness of Identity Politics. It’s taken some 60+ years, but this crazed cult ideology of ‘Wokeness’ has successfully divided the Common People into mutually hateful camps.
“Heh-heh-heh”, laugheth the Ruling Elites on the way to the bank, to deposit the Common People’s money into the Eliotes’ already bursting vaults.
C’mon, people… fer crissakes… We must ‘awaken’ from this engineered craziness to begin to find our NATURAL bonds with our sisters and brothers among the suffering, bleeding, teeming hosts of our nation’s Common People.
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies…
According to a report I encountered this morning from Dr. Michael Rectenwald’s newsletter, Citizens for Legitimate Government (run by Ms. Lori Price), a Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans has overturned a decision handed down by a District Count, said overruled decision being that corporations, (Facebook, Twitter, Google, et al), have a RIGHT to impose a draconian regime of evil political censorship on our nation’s Common People. The Federal Appeals Court in New Orleans has struck down that decision. Wow!!
THIS is OPPORTUNITY its own damn SELF.
But who among the delusional throngs of the Woke Mobs is even capable of recognizing it as such?
This is THE issue that can UNITE the Common People…
Ah, but the Woke Mob, under the influence of its crazed cult ideology, cannot even recognize it as such. C’mon people… fer crissakes… Wake the fuck up and smell the fucking coffee! (‘Scuse my ‘french’).
The Common People United… We are going to start a newspaper, a national newspaper, with that exact name… The antidote to the Evil Ruling Regime’s propaganda is NOT better propaganda. The BEST antidote to propaganda in The Truth. The ONE overriding principle of The Common People United will be Truth, not merely paying empty lip service to that principle, but rather dedicated to The Truth with the proverbial “every fiber of our being”.
What say ye, Mr. Joe Lauria? Wanna help? Or are you having to much ‘fun’ being the ineffectual bull goose of a propaganda rag sheet pretending to be an outlet for actual journalism?
What say ye Scheer? Mr. Glenn Ford? Ms. Chrystal Ball? Mr. Ben Norton? Mr. Aaron Mate? Mr. Greenwald? Mr. Taibbi? Mr. Patrick Lawrence? Dr. Rectenwald? Mr. Unz? What say ye all? Are you smugly satisfied with your ineffectual powerless, or do you want to be a part of something that will UNITE the nation’s Common People? Do yopu want to be something that will have the power to throw off the deadly accursed yoke of this EVIL Regime of these morally demented and spiritually depraved Ruling Elites?
What say ye ALL?
I will NEVER tell you who I am… It is simply NOT my place to do so… It is YOU who will tell me…
I dreamed I saw Joe Hill last night… live as you or me… But Joe you lie so long dead… I NEVER died, sez he… I NEVER died sez he… The copper bosses killed you Joe, they shot you Joe, sez I… Takes more than guns to kill a man… sez Joe I NEVER died…
People who should be allies must FIRST stop being enemies.
You want to FREE poor Jules, Mr. Lauria? I know HOW… And I fully intend to do just that… Thongs, millions strong, will take to the streets holding aloft the Brave Man’s picture, DEMANDING Jules be freed.
THIS is our most BASIC issue. Forget this left v right bullshit. Awaken from this crazed, delusionally insane ideology of ‘wokeness’… THIS is the issue that can UNITE the Common People…
What say ye ALL?…
R Zwarich
Bent Birch Farm
63 Webber Rd
Brookfield, MA 01506
774 449-8030
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