“On Hamas, Israeli Propaganda, and Our Common Humanity, by Rich Forer (Video)

This latest video from Yvette Bansal and myself provides important information about Hamas as well as an account of my transformation from AIPAC member and Israel defender to human rights advocate. In describing the transformation, I clarify the psychological defense mechanisms that induce normally decent people, who ordinarily believe in justice, to support indecency and injustice. Anyone who wants to understand why defenders of Israel hold on so tenaciously to easily refuted information, and why they refuse to study the history of Israel-Palestine, can learn a lot from this video. To my knowledge, no one else who is involved in this issue has ever articulated the reasons why people would rather sacrifice their humanity than know their own minds.

On Hamas, Israeli Propaganda, and Our Common Humanity #Israel, #Palestine

Also, here is my latest article, “Is Being Right More Important Than Peace?” It is short. Thanks, Rich

Richard Forer, Author of Wake Up and Reclaim Your Humanity: Essays on the Tragedy of Israel Palestine
And Breakthrough: Transforming Fear Into Compassion – A New Perspective on the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Interview on Fundamental Roots of Suffering