Peter Myers Digest: Anti-Israel Protesters Block LGBTQ Parade

(1) Georgia to ban LGBT; US will sanction it
(2) Anti-Israel Protesters Block LGBTQ Pride Parade in Philadelphia
(3) George Galloway breaks with LGBT: I am a family values man, I believe in mum, dad and the kids
(4) Alan Sokal and Richard Dawkins: There are only 2 Sexes
(5) All New Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens

(1) Georgia to ban LGBT; US will sanction it

4 Jun, 2024 23:20

EU applicant wants to ban ‘LGBTQ movement’

Georgia has introduced a set of bills against propaganda and gender reassignment

FILE PHOTO: People protest against the ‘transparency of foreign influence’ bill in Tbilisi, Georgia, on May 28, 2024 © Davit Kachkachishvili / Anadolu via Getty Images

The speaker of the Georgian parliament, Shalva Papuashvili, has announced a sweeping initiative aimed at protecting traditional family values, in a move branded by critics as another Russia-inspired crackdown.

The set of proposals includes a ban on gay marriage and the adoption of minors by homosexual couples. In addition, the ruling Georgian Dream party seeks to ban LGBTQ and incest propaganda aimed at minors, and to prohibit broadcasters and advertisers from airing intimate same-sex scenes. Reassignment surgery and changing gender in official documents would also be banned under the proposals.

“Today, the parliamentary majority is initiating a package of bills on Family Values and Protection of Minors, which consists of one main bill… and 18 related bills that amend various laws, civil code, labor code, education legislation and so on,” Papuashvili <>said at a government briefing on Tuesday.

<> READ MORE: US says it ‘will not hesitate’ to sanction Georgia

According to Papuashvili, the proposed bill may be passed in its first reading as early as this month.

Western media have already <>branded the proposals a “Russian-style <>crackdown,” pointing at how Moscow has increasingly tightened its legislation on “LGBT propaganda” since the early 2010s, first banning its dissemination among minors and ultimately expanding the prohibition to adults in 2022. Last November, the Russian Supreme Court designated the “international LGBT public movement” as an extremist group.

On Monday, Papuashvili signed into law a controversial bill on foreign agent transparency, after lawmakers voted last week to override a veto by President Salome Zourabichvili. It requires NGOs and media organizations that receive at least 20% of their funding from abroad to disclose this fact to the public.

Opponents of the new law, including the president, have branded it “Russian” and an attack on democracy. Supporters have countered that it is similar to what some Western countries, including the US, have in place.

<> READ MORE: Has Georgia disarmed the West’s secret weapon?

The actions taken by Tbilisi against so-called ‘foreign agents’ will “fundamentally alter the US relationship with Georgia,” US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said during a briefing on Monday. Washington has launched a review of its ties with the South Caucasus nation, which is an EU and NATO hopeful, he added.

In 2018, Georgia amended the constitution to explicitly define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. The ruling party now wants to introduce further changes, which would require support from the opposition to achieve a three-quarters majority vote in the parliament.

Georgia applied to join the EU in 2022 and was granted candidate status a year later. The bloc’s members have repeatedly criticized the treatment of the LGBTQ community in the country, where pride events are regularly met with threats and counter-protests.

(2) Anti-Israel Protesters Block LGBTQ Pride Parade in Philadelphia

2 Jun 20241,593

A cadre of anti-Israel protesters blocked an LGBTQ pride parade on the streets of Philadelphia on Sunday, halting the procession.

The protesters were heard chanting a variety of anti-Israel slogans that have been said at protests around the country. They could be heard shouting, “Palestine will live forever! From the sea to the river!” and “No pride in genocide.” Video captured the moment:

“No pride in genocide!” A scene of rare beauty as PaIestine protesters in Philadelphia refuse to let the ‘Pride’ march through. PLEASE LET THIS GO GLOBAL ???????? <>

— Way of the World (@wayotworld) <>June 2, 2024

Pro-“Palestine” thugs blocking the way for the Philadelphia Pride Parade

It’s like some kind of intersectional civil war


— Nioh Berg ? ?? ???? (@NiohBerg) <>June 2, 2024

According to the New York Post, the blockade <>happened “at the intersection of 11th Street and Locust Street after the Philly Pride March and Festival kicked off around 10:30 a.m. at Washington Square and headed to the city’s Gayborhood section.”


Hundreds of anti-Israel protesters bring Philly gay pride parade to a halt

Hundreds of LGBTQ+ revelers were met by the political protesters chanting the anti-Israel slogan, “Palestine wil…

“Others wore Palestinian-style Kufiya scarves around their heads, and one protester could be seen holding a white sheet stuffed to look like a deceased child wrapped in a shroud,” the outlet added.

The protest highlights a growing tension between segments of the Democrat Party base who believe that anti-Israel protests should take precedent over other causes like LGBTQ activism.

(3) George Galloway breaks with LGBT: I am a family values man, I believe in mum, dad and the kids

George Galloway defends comments on gay people as he launches Workers Party campaign

The Rochdale candidate has ‘high hopes’ for success in Greater Manchester

By Stephen ToppingSenior reporter

17:53, 1 JUN 2024
<> George Galloway doubled down on controversial remarks about people who identify as homosexual after launching his party’s campaign in <> Tameside. The Workers Party of Britain leader became MP for <> Rochdale in January’s by-election and is standing for re-election on July 4.

He told a gathering of dozens outside <> Ashton Town Hall on Saturday (June 1) he was one of 326 Workers Party candidates who will campaign for votes nationwide in the next five weeks. Mr Galloway has ‘high hopes’ across Greater Manchester, following his win in Rochdale and the <> unseating of Labour’s deputy council leader in Manchester last month.

But the region is home to one of the country’s largest <> LGBTQ+ communities – and last month, Mr Galloway drew criticism for comments he made to <> Novara Media, when he suggested gay relationships were ‘not normal’. His <> remarks were blasted as ‘blatant homophobia’ by left-wing campaign group Momentum.

READ MORE: <> Despair on the leafy streets of south Manchester

And gay veteran <> Labour MP Chris Bryant tweeted that his ‘sense of deep unease has increased significantly recently with moments like this’. Asked if he recognised the upset his comments had caused, Mr Galloway told the Manchester Evening News: “It hasn’t upset any of my constituents. You can take your question round, I’ll give you the wards to go to.

“No, I am a family values man, I believe in mum, dad and the kids as the way forward for society. I fully respect other lifestyle choices, I fully respect other orientations, but if we run out of mums, dads and kids, we run out of humanity altogether, and that’s all I said in that interview.

George Galloway addresses the crowd outside Ashton town hall (Image: Manchester Evening News)

“The norm in Britain, nine out of 10 people in Britain and indeed in society across the world – because it seems that we’ve been made in pairs, and if those pairs can’t procreate then the species dies. So it’s not an issue in my constituency, it’s not an issue that anybody’s raised here – except you – and so I’ve really said all I want to say on it.

“I’m a religious believer and I have a conscience and I’m entitled to exercise it. In our party are lots of gay people and there are some people who don’t agree with my take on these things, and they are fully entitled to that because this is a conscience matter.”

‘I think people want change’

Mr Galloway was warmly received by the small crowd that had gathered outside Ashton town hall – with just one man walking past who chose to heckle him, shouting he should ‘go back to Scotland’. The Workers Party leader told the crowd: “If you want peace, if you want justice, if you want equality, vote Workers Party.”

He stated he was looking to secure ‘thousands and thousands of votes’ in Greater Manchester – naming <> Bury, <> Oldham and Ashton as towns where he hoped to win – and insisted his party’s candidates would make a ‘decisive difference the outcome of the election wherever they stand’. Mr Galloway stated Labour and the <> Conservatives were ‘indistinguishable’, likening them to ‘two cheeks of the same a***’.

He told the M.E.N. the biggest thing he could promise Greater Mancunians was ‘change’. “I think people want change,” he said. “They want hope, they want respectable political leaders that they can be proud of, rather than ashamed of.”

George Galloway told supporters his party would fight for all 326 seats it is contesting (Image: Manchester Evening News)

Mr Galloway stated his belief that the recent by-election campaign in Rochdale and his work since would see him re-elected in the town. He reiterated his stance that Rochdale’s maternity unit would be rebuilt, insisting he had received the commitment from the Conservatives and ‘Labour will have to match it’ – despite <> the relevant NHS bodies telling the M.E.N. they were ‘not aware’ of the plans.

Workers Party members held signs saying ‘For Britain, For Gaza’ as they stood alongside Mr Galloway in Ashton, and he suggested voting for his party and other pro-Palestine candidates was the ‘most effective thing to do’ for people who are concerned about the conflict. Mr Galloway also insisted he would ‘work with any party’ if they needed Workers Party votes following the July 4 election – but his support would ‘have a price’, particularly on policy surrounding Gaza.

‘The heist of a lifetime’

Much of Mr Galloway’s speech to the crowd – and his comments made to media later on – were about the incumbent in Ashton, Angela Rayner. He insisted Workers Party candidate, Aroma Hassan, would be a ‘tremendous breath of fresh air for the town’ compared to Labour’s deputy leader, adding: “She’s going to surprise you with the votes she gets, I can promise you that.”

Addressing the crowd, Ms Hassan criticised successive governments who she claimed had shown ‘no humanity’ by using taxpayers’ money ‘to wage wars’. She also slammed the closure of Ashton’s swimming baths and Tameside council’s children’s services – which <> went into special measures earlier this year – as she promised would-be voters she would be held ‘accountable’.

Ashton candidate Aroma Hassan with George Galloway (Image: Manchester Evening News)

She added: “You want to make sure that you send a very loud message… to the establishment, to the status quo. What we are trying to pull off here is the heist of a lifetime. They’ve given us six weeks, less than that, to challenge them. Let’s show them that they can’t stop this change, the change has already begun.”

(4) Alan Sokal and Richard Dawkins: There are only 2 Sexes


Sex and gender: The medical establishment’s reluctance to speak honestly about biological reality

It is never justified to distort the facts in the service of a social or political cause, no matter how just.

By Alan Sokal and Richard Dawkins

Updated April 8, 2024, 3:00 a.m.

The American Medical Association says that <> the word “sex” — as in male or female — is problematic and outdated; we should all now use the <> “more precise” phrase “sex assigned at birth.” The <> American Psychological Association concurs: Terms like “birth sex” and “natal sex” are “disparaging” and misleadingly “imply that sex is an immutable characteristic.” The American Academy of Pediatrics is on board too: “sex,” it declares, is <> “an assignment that is made at birth.” And now <> the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urge us to say “assigned male/female at birth” or “designated male/female at birth” instead of “biologically male/female” or “genetically male/female.”

Advocates defend this lexical revision, both on purported scientific grounds and because the traditional terminology of male and female is said to undermine “inclusivity” and “equity.” But these justifications do not hold water. And the medical associations’ newspeak twists simple scientific facts beyond recognition.

Nearly all animals, as well as many plants, reproduce sexually. In all sexually reproducing species this occurs by combining a large gamete, called an ovum — or egg — with a small gamete, called a sperm. Though some hermaphrodite plants and animals produce both ova and sperm, there are no mammalian species that do. In mammals, each individual produces only one kind of gamete. Those individuals that produce (relatively few) ova are called female; those that produce (large numbers of) sperm are called male. Whether a mammal embryo develops into a male or a female is determined by a pair of sex chromosomes: XX for females, XY for males.

In short, sex in all animals is defined by gamete size; sex in all mammals is determined by sex chromosomes; and there are two and only two sexes: male and female. All this is, of course, hardly news: It has been known for over a century, and it is basic stuff from any half-decent high school course in biology. For sure, quirks of mutation or prenatal development may leave some individuals unable to produce viable gametes at all. But an infertile individual with a Y chromosome is still male, just as a one-legged person remains a full member of our bipedal species.

Much is speciously made of the fact that a very few humans are born with chromosomal patterns other than XX and XY. The most common, <> Klinefelter syndrome with XXY chromosomes, occurs in <> about 0.1 percent of live births; these individuals are anatomically male, though often infertile. Some extremely rare conditions, such as <> de la Chapelle syndrome (0.003 percent) and <> Swyer syndrome (0.0005 percent), arguably fall outside the standard male/female classification. Even so, the sexual divide is an exceedingly clear binary, as binary as any distinction you can find in biology.

So where does this leave the medical associations’ claims about “sex assigned at birth”?

A baby’s name is assigned at birth; no one doubts that. But a baby’s sex is not “assigned”; it is determined at conception and is then observed at birth, first by examination of the external genital organs and then, in cases of doubt, by chromosomal analysis. Of course, any observation can be erroneous, and in rare cases the sex reported on the birth certificate is inaccurate and needs to be subsequently corrected. But the fallibility of observation does not change the fact that what is being observed — a person’s sex — is an objective biological reality, just like their blood group or fingerprint pattern, not something that is “assigned.” The medical associations’ pronouncements are social constructionism gone amok.

Sex is a fundamental feature of the human species; it is a key variable in psychology, sociology, and public policy. Worldwide, men commit the vast majority of homicides; women are far more likely than men to be single parents. While these distinctions are statistical, not absolute, they matter. Our public discourse becomes impoverished and distorted if we are unable to speak and write straightforwardly about sex. And nowhere is this loss clearer than in medicine.

For decades, feminists have protested against the neglect of sex as a variable in medical diagnosis and treatment, and the tacit assumption that women’s bodies react similarly to men’s bodies. Two years ago, the prestigious medical journal The Lancet finally acknowledged this criticism, but the editors apparently could not bring themselves to use the word “women.” Instead the journal’s cover proclaimed: “ <> Historically, the anatomy and physiology of bodies with vaginas have been neglected.” But now even this double-edged concession may be lost, as the denial of biological sex threatens to undermine the training of future doctors.

The medical establishment’s newfound reluctance to speak honestly about biological reality most likely stems from a laudable desire to defend the human rights of transgender people. But while the goal is praiseworthy, the chosen method is misguided. Protecting transgender people from discrimination and harassment does not require pretending that sex is merely “assigned.”

It is never justified to distort the facts in the service of a social or political cause, no matter how just. If the cause is truly just, then it can be defended in full acceptance of the facts about the real world.
And when an organization that proclaims itself scientific distorts the scientific facts in the service of a social cause, it undermines not only its own credibility but that of science generally. How can the public be expected to trust the medical establishment’s declarations on other controversial issues, such as vaccines — issues on which the medical consensus is indeed correct — when it has so visibly and blatantly misstated the facts about something so simple as sex?

Alan Sokal is professor of mathematics at University College London and professor emeritus of physics at New York University. He is coauthor (with Jean Bricmont) of “ <“> Fashionable Nonsense: Postmodern Intellectuals’ Abuse of Science” and author of “ <“> Beyond the Hoax: Science, Philosophy and Culture.” Richard Dawkins is professor emeritus for the public understanding of science at the University of Oxford. He is the author of 17 books, including “ <> The Selfish Gene” and “ <> The Ancestor’s Tale.”

(5) All New Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens

Business is a major driver of Mass Immigration; they can bully immigrants more than natives. The Trotskyist Left also supports Mass Immigration. – Peter M.


Wall Street Admits The Biggest Economic Shocker: All Jobs In The Past Year Have Gone To Illegal Aliens

THURSDAY, JUN 06, 2024 – 11:40 AM

For much of the past year we had been pounding the table on two very simple facts: not only has the US labor market been <> appallingly weak, with most of the jobs “gained” in 2023 and meant to signal how strong the Biden “recovery” has been, about to be revised away (as <> first the Philly Fed and now <> Bloomberg both admit), but more shockingly, all the job growth in the past few years has gone to illegal aliens.

We first pointed this out <> more than a year ago, and since then we have routinely repeated – <> again, <> again, and <> again – yet even though we made it abundantly clear what was happening…

Stunning statistic: there has been ZERO INCREASE in jobs for native-born workers in over five years, since July 2018! <>

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) <> January 5, 2024

… going so far as to point out the specific immigration loophole illegals were using to work in the US for up to 5 years…

Why have all new jobs since 2018 gone to foreign-born workers (i.e. immigrants)? Because you can be an illegal immigrant in deportation proceedings (not to mention anyone seeking asylum) and get authorization to work in the US for up to 5 years, no questions asked. <>

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) <> March 10, 2024

… and even fact-checking the senile, ballot-harvesting White House occupant on multiple occasions…


1. Prices have never been higher and are starting to accelerate to the upside again
2. All the jobs created in the past year have been part time.
3. There has been zero job growth for native-born Americans since 2018; all jobs have gone to immigrants (mostly illegal… <> <>

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) <> February 29, 2024

… we were shocked that the topic of most if not all US jobs going to illegals was still not “the biggest political talking point” of all.

How is this not the biggest political talking point right now: since October 2019, native-born US workers have lost 1.4 million jobs; over the same period foreign-born workers have gained 3 million jobs. <>

— zerohedge (@zerohedge) <> January 15, 2024

That’s about to change, however, because with just under 5 months left until the election, and with immigration by far the hottest political topic out there, others are finally starting to connect the dots we laid out more than a year ago.

The first Wall Street analyst daring to point out that the employment emperor is naked, is Standard Chartered’s global head of macro, Steve Englander who in a note titled simply enough “Immigration leading to labor-market surge” (and available to pro subscribers in the usualk place), writes that according to his estimates “undocumented immigrants account for half of job growth in FY24 so far” (the actual number is far higher but we understand his initial conservatism), and adds that “asylum seekers and humanitarian parolees explain the surge in undocumented immigrants” before concluding that the continued rise in EAD approvals likely will extend strong employment growth in 2024. In other words, “strong employment growth” for American citizens, always was and remains a fabulation, and the only job growth in the US is for illegals, who will work for below minimum wage, which also explains why inflation hasn’t spiked in the past year as millions of illegals were hired.

Below we excerpt from the Englander note because we hope that more economists, strategists and politicians will read it and grasp what we have been saying for over a year.

Echoing what we have said for months, Englander writes that immigration, particularly illegal immigration, “is a political flashpoint that has also become an important factor in assessing economic performance. Detailed data from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) suggest that half of non-farm payroll (NFP) growth to date for FY24 (started 1 October 2023) has been from undocumented immigrants who have received an Employment Authorization Document (EAD)” (he defines undocumented immigrants as those who entered the US through non-traditional immigration pathways, such as asylum seekers, parolees, and refugees).

The ability to track EAD issuance to undocumented workers is an advantage in estimating how much they have contributed to employment growth. NFP counts workers with an EAD just like any other. Using that data, it is easy to estimate that undocumented workers have added 109k jobs per month to NFP out of the average 231k increase so far in FY24.

<> Which is staggering since last night we showed that about <> 100K monthly jobs are purely statistical distortions, and the real pace of job growth in the past year has been around 130K.

<> So if 100K jobs per month are fabricated birth/death artifacts (i.e., not real jobs but a statistically goalseeked fudge factor), and another 109K jobs per month are illegal aliens, that leaves just about 11K jobs for everyone else, i.e., law abiding Americans.

It also means that the labor market in the US has – for the past year – been an absolute catastrophe and harbinger of economic disaster (and is why last night we pointed out “<> The “Unexpected” Reason Why The Fed Will Rush To Cut Rates As Soon As Possible”).

But wait, as Englander himself admits, the 109K estimate of illegal aliens “may be an underestimate since undocumented immigrants often have limited access to benefits, so they may be heavily motivated to find employment. The GDP impact might be lower if these workers are less educated and face language barriers in the work force.”

Here, Englander – who did not do the Birth/Death analysis – writes that if one excludes these illegal immigrant workers, “NFP may be running at c.125k per month” and adds that “such a pace is not recession but is hardly boom time and represents a moderate underlying pace of labor demand. It should make the 231k FY24 pace of headline NFP less worrisome to the FOMC. FOMC participants might be less hawkish if the impact of undocumented immigrants on NFP was well estimated and understood.”

Of course, if the Std Chartered analyst were to factor for the <> true collapse in Birth-Death adjustments discussed yesterday by Bloomberg…

<> … the real number would be, well, zero!

While the political reason behind the propaganda misrepresentation of the US jobs market is simple: after all, in an election year it is imperative that the Biden economy be portrayed as glowingly as possible, even if it means lying about everything, the cascading consequences from this fabrication are staggering. As Englander concedes, “this added labor supply also may have shifted trend employment and GDP growth, making it hard to gauge whether a strong NFP or even GDP number reflects supply or demand. If supply is driving upside surprises, the takeaway is more optimism that inflation will slow. If demand, the opposite. Soft economic data should be seen through the lens of added labor supply, while strong data releases are ambiguous.”

Taking a closer look, such increased labor supply – from illegals – should put downward pressure on wage growth relative to a baseline with less immigration (documented or not). In measures such as average hourly earnings, the disinflationary impact would be two-fold:

1. lower wages overall from an increase of labour supply relative to labour demand and
2. a composition effect because the undocumented immigrants often work in low wage industries even with EADs.

However, this is likely to be a gradual process, so the low wage impact may not be immediately visible. In addition, insofar as these workers’ wages reflect relatively low productivity, the composition effect on wages will be offset by a composition effect on productivity – unit labour cost growth may be unchanged.

These observations notwithstanding, one can assume that the contribution of undocumented immigrants to employment is unlikely to change any time soon. Indeed, over the last 12 months an average of 280k undocumented immigrants per month have been encountered nationally, most whom can or will be eligible to work legally in coming months. The same methodology suggests that these workers contributed about one-third of FY23 employment growth.

It gets worse.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimated that in fiscal 2023 a further 860k individuals crossed the border without contact with US immigration authorities. While these people are not eligible for EADs they may still work off the books or with fake or borrowed documents. As such, their output and spending will show up in GDP, although it is unlikely that much if any of their “labor input” is captured. These, along with others (tourists who overstay visas, students whose visas have expired, etc.) are technically undocumented as well. But since few are eligible for EADs, it is unlikely that they are captured in any BLS survey.

In any event, Englander estimates that over 800k undocumented immigrants found jobs in FY23, and assumes that 64.2% of EAD recipients (the average for the foreign-born population) are working. However, the employment rate may well be higher since these are likely to be “very motivated” workers, since they are not generally eligible for unemployment insurance and other benefits, so work is a necessity for many.

Ssing this calculation, and since Nonfarm Payrolls grew 3.1 million in FY23, the 800k would represent more than 25% of NFP growth.


But what about those record numbers of multiple job-holders we have also discussed.

Ah yes, to address that Englander next calculates an augmented version of NFP that includes agricultural workers, self- and family-employed workers from the household survey (CPS), and subtracts multiple-job holders. By this measure employment grew 2.7 million (this is largely due to a rise in multiple-job holders, which are subtracted to avoid double counting). So far in FY24, on average over 170k undocumented immigrants have received EAD approvals every month and c.109k have found work based on employment rates. And since NFP has averaged 230k per month, these workers likely accounted for around half of job growth. Again, this number excludes the roughly 100k per month addition coming from birth/death calculation distortions which will soon be revised away as Bloomberg’s chief economist Anna Wong calculated, before concluding that “by the end of the year the printed level of nonfarm-payrolls for 2024 likely will overstate true employment by at least one million.”

Again, this means that when stripping away the 100K in statistical “jobs” from the 230K monthly payroll number, and then removing the 109K in illegal alien workers, the number of jobs added by ordinary, legal, native-born, Americans in the past year has been – more or less – zero.

We, for one, can’t wait for Joe Biden to explain how this was remotely possible during his upcoming debate with Trump in three weeks time.