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(0) Israel Plans For Long War And The Expulsion Of People From Gaza
(1) Russia defeats gps-guided drones & missiles in Ukraine war
(2) Boycott Musk’s Boycotters – Disney Apple IBM WarnerBros Sony
(3) Advertisers have no spine and can be easily cowed by special interest groups
(4) WHO proposed pandemic treaty will be a Soft Coup – Meryl Nass
(5) WEF, WHO, GAVI are based in Geneva & have diplomatic immunity – Joseph Mercola
(6) JFK Assassination Doctors say there were TWO Shooters
(7) Civilisation X – By Israel Shamir

(0) Israel Plans For Long War And The Expulsion Of People From Gaza

(1) Russia defeats gps-guided drones & missiles in Ukraine war

The Economist magazine appears to be the Command-and Control Centre of the Ukraine War, and also of the Culture War. I don’t mean that it’s in charge of details on the ground, but rather of the top-level agenda-setting and decision-making. It kept egging the Ukraine side on, but now is more realistic, accepting that Russia cannot be defeated. This article shows why. Peace talks appear to be under way between the Generals in charge of the two sides – Peter M.

Europe | Hidden battle

Russia is starting to make its superiority in electronic warfare count

There may not be much the West either can or will do to help Ukraine

Nov 23rd 2023

Most of the attention to what Ukraine needs in its protracted struggle to free its territory from the invading Russian forces has focused on hardware: tanks, fighter jets, missiles, air-defence batteries, artillery and vast quantities of munitions. But a less discussed weakness lies in electronic warfare (ew); something that Ukraine’s Western supporters have so far shown little interest in tackling.

Russia, says Seth Jones of the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, a think-tank in Washington, has for many years placed a “huge focus” on using its military-industrial complex to produce and develop an impressive range of ew capabilities to counter nato’s highly networked systems. But Ukraine, according to its commander-in-chief, General Valery Zaluzhny, found itself at the beginning of the war with mainly Soviet-era ew systems. Initially the discrepancy had only limited impact, but as relatively static lines of contact have emerged Russia has been able to position its formidable ew assets where they can have the greatest effect.

Ukraine discovered in March that its Excalibur gps-guided shells suddenly started going off-target, thanks to Russian jamming. Something similar started happening to the jdam-er guided bombs that America had supplied to the Ukrainian air force, while Ukraine’s himars-launched gmlrs long-range rockets also started missing their targets. In some areas, a majority of gmlrs rounds now go astray.

Even more worrying has been the increasing ability of Russian ew to counter the multitudes of cheap unmanned aerial vehicles (uavs) that Ukraine has been using for everything from battlefield reconnaissance and communications to exploding on impact against targets such as tanks or command nodes.

Ukraine has trained an army of some 10,000 drone pilots who are now constantly engaged in a cat-and-mouse game with increasingly adept Russian ew operators. The favoured drones are cheap, costing not much more than $1,000 each, and Ukraine is building enormous quantities of them. But losses to Russian ew, which either scrambles their guidance systems or jams their radio-control links with their operators, have at times been running at over 2,000 a week. The smitten drones hover aimlessly until their batteries run out and they fall to the ground.

Neither hardening them against jamming nor investing them with artificial intelligence to fly without a live link to a human operator are feasible options yet, at least for mini-drones. Quantity still wins out over quality, but Russia may have an advantage there too. The skies over the battlefield are now thick with Russian drones. Around Bakhmut, Ukrainian soldiers estimate that Russia is deploying twice the number of assault drones they are able to.

Growing Russian success in the drone war is partly explained by the density of ew systems it is able to field, thanks to those years of investment. A report published in May by Jack Watling and Nick Reynolds of rusi, a think-tank in London, reckoned the Russians are fielding one major ew system every 10km along the frontline. They think that among many Russian ew systems the truck-mounted Shipovnic-Aero (pictured) is proving especially deadly to Ukrainian drones. The system has a 10km range and can take over control of the drone, while acquiring the co-ordinates of the place from where it is being piloted, with an accuracy of one metre, for transmission to an artillery battery.

Starting from a much lower level of technical and operational skill, Ukraine is struggling to develop home-grown ew capabilities to match those of the Russians. Some progress is being made. The nationwide Pokrova system is being deployed. It can both suppress satellite-based navigation systems, such as Russia’s glonass, and spoof them by replacing genuine signals with false ones, making the missile think it is somewhere it is not.

Pokrova should be highly effective against the Iranian-designed Shahed-136 loitering munition, but less so against cruise missiles that rely more on terrain-matching systems, which compare the ground below to a library of stored images rather than being guided all the way in. As well as Pokrova, so-called “Frankenstein” systems, cobbled together with typically Ukrainian ingenuity by combining Soviet systems with more modern technology, are also making an appearance.

But what is missing is much in the way of help from Ukraine’s Western allies when it comes to the ew contest with Russia. Mr Jones says that, as far as America is concerned, that is not likely to change. ew falls into a category of technology transfer restricted by an export-control regime that is rigidly policed by the State Department.

Nico Lange, an expert on Ukraine with the Munich Security Conference, is similarly pessimistic. For one thing, he suspects that nato’s capabilities may not be as good as Russia’s. Worse, when it comes to the latest systems, he thinks that there is also some reluctance, especially on the part of the Americans, to show Russia its hand because actionable information, for instance on the frequencies and the channel-hopping techniques employed, is likely to be passed on to the Chinese.

Where the West could help directly, says Mr Lange, is to use its long-range surveillance drones for more systematic collection of data on Russian jamming and spoofing techniques and to work with the Ukrainians on developing counters to them. Otherwise, it looks as though Ukraine is fated to have to meet its urgent ew challenge largely on its own. _

This article appeared in the Europe section of the print edition under the headline “Hidden battle”

(2) Boycott Musk’s Boycotters – Disney Apple IBM WarnerBros Sony

Time To Boycott Elon’s Boycotters

FRIDAY, DEC 01, 2023 – 04:20 AM

It was about four years ago that ZeroHedge went through ad monetization hell, having lost most of our advertisers because they did not approve of the content on this website and as a result they – together with such members of the <>Censorship Industrial Complex such as Sleeping Giants and <>CheckMyAds and various three letter US government agencies – did everything in their power to kill the site by starving it of ad revenue (it’s what prompted us to launch a premium, subscription-supported version without which we would not have survived, and therefore we wish to personally thank all of our premium subscribers).

Fast forward to today, when Elon Musk is going through the same hell, as a growing group of companies are trying to do to X/Twitter what they tried to do to us by targeting the social media network and trying to starve it of ad revenue (their stated trigger of responding to the <> Media Matters fake news “report” was just a red herring: if it hadn’t been for Media Matters, they would have found some other point of “virtue” to rally around, and pull their ads).

Of course, there is one key difference: Elon is the world’s richest man, and if Twitter does not generate even one additional dollar of revenue, Elon will still be a multi-billionaire, and X can continue to operate for a long, long time if not in perpetuity (if costs are trimmed enough). It’s also why Elon yesterday had some choice words for those advertisers who had halted advertising, telling them “go fuck yourself” (with a shout out to Disney chief Bob Iger) if they think they can blackmail Musk… which is precisely what ad demonetization is: a not so subtle way of pushing content and editorial direction in exchange for a monthly stipend.

??WATCH?? – ELON MUSK GOING VIRAL ON NATIONAL TV?? “Go Fuck Yourselves” to all advertisers threatening to leave X ?????? <>

— Nelson Epega (@nelsonepega) <>November 29, 2023

Here, a brief tangent: for the most part, advertising spending is rarely about actual “advertising” and instead it is about endorsing, encouraging and funding certain ideologies and party lines which corporations agree with, encourage and seek to make default. It is about influencing the content decisions and editorial slant by implicitly threatening that the ad money can disappear at a moment’s notice if something is published the company disagrees with. It’s why when Pfizer or Moderna spend tens of millions for advertising in the NYT it is not so people are aware that Pfizer makes a covid booster shot – they know that from non-stop news coverage; it is to make sure that the NYT never questions the corporate party line. In other words, it is public relations in an advertising wrapper. Add to this lobby spending and political donations by those same corporations, and you have a fusion of the corporate, political and media branches, all superglued together with lots of money (and in the case of Pfizer and Moderna, it’s taxpayer money) something which in simpler times has been called fascism. Glenn Greenwald recaps this dynamic in the clip below:

Elon Musk to boycotting corporate advertisers: “Go F*ck Yourself!”

That corporate “journalists” were shocked and horrified by this defiance of establishment power so perfectly encapsulates the fraud at the center of their increasingly irrelevant industry: <> @GGreenwald: “If… <>

— System Update (@SystemUpdate_) <>November 30, 2023

As a result, ad companies have unlimited leverage when it comes to dealing with most media companies… except one: X, which as noted above, is controlled by the world’s richest man, and thus advertiser leverage in this particular case is virtually non-existent. It’s also why instead of pretending they can influence the narrative (and force X to pursue the same censorship as were implemented by the former management team of its predecessor, Twitter) they are simply pulling away and hoping to crush this bastion of free speech, the same way they did to us.

The problem, as Musk laid out, is that while X can sustain without ad revenue for a long time, a complete ad boycott will likely eventually kill X as Musk is unlikely to shoulder the burden of its costs and expenses out of his own pocket indefinitely, and as a result, “what the advertising boycott is going to do is it’s going to kill the company.”

Elon Musk will let X die before he caves to advertisers:

“What the advertising boycott is going to do is it’s going to kill the company. The whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail. Let’s see how Earth responds.” <>

— Citizen Free Press (@CitizenFreePres) <>November 30, 2023

And while Musk is ready to let X die before he folds to advertiser blackmail, he is confident that “the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company and we will document it in great detail. Let’s see how Earth responds.”

In other words, the only way these corporations, whether for woke, neo-conservative, militant, progressive, or any other reason, will stop trying to demonetize websites such a X, ZH or any other media outlet they have no leverage over in hopes of snuffing them out, is if the public takes the fight straight to them and starves them of revenue. Think the sales <> implosion at Tranheuser Busch/Bud Light after the Dylan Mulvaney fiasco, or the collapse of Target stock after the anti-woke backlash.

So yes, the only way that corporate management teams will ever stop weaponizing ad dollars – especially if it means losing access to one of the <> wealthiest audiences, such as that of Zerohedge, or one of the most engaged readership bases such as that of X, is if their shareholders lose enough money and force management to either change or be fired.

Which is why it is time to boycott the boycotters: below we have summarized the names of those companies which have publicly signaled their “virtue” by pulling their ads from X/Musk.

We are confident there are many more companies that have also pulled their influence “ad” dollars, and we will update the list as more become public. These are the companies that Musk told to “go fuck yourselves” because, well, he can afford to. And while ordinary Americans have far less recourse and don’t have nearly enough “fuck you money” as Elon, they have the ability to chose who gets their money instead, and the only way to retaliate to the Musk boycott is by boycotting the boycotters themselves, and stop spending money on products like Disney streaming services, or getting every new iPhone or buying whatever it is that Paris Hilton is selling.

Yes, Apple has no obligation to advertise on X, and neither does Disney, but nobody has an obligation to buy iPhones or to go to (the idiotically overpriced) Disney World. And since boycotting Musk is nothing more than a ploy to project influence (where else does one have the guarantee of reaching the eyeballs of the world’s most influential, powerful and richest), it’s only fair that retaliation against corporate attempts to starve the First Amendment, takes place in kind.

Which is why the time to boycott the boycotters has arrived: let’s find out how these leftist corporations – and their shareholders – like it when their revenues suffer the way that they hope to make Musk suffer; judging by the grassroots response already, we won’t have long to wait.

JUST IN – Users on X report mass cancellation of Disney subscriptions after Elon Musk’s interview <>

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) <>November 30, 2023

FREE SPEECH: I support <> @elonmusk’s decision not to cave to pressure from <>@disney to censor X users. To demonstrate that I’ve cancelled my Disney+ subscription and subscribed to X’s Premium+. Will you do the same? <> <>

— @amuse (@amuse) <>November 30, 2023

Support <>@elonmusk, join ?? Premium +, and cancel your Disney subscription.

?? is the only big tech platform fighting for freedom of speech online.

These slimy corporations should feel ashamed of themselves for trying to suppress free speech in America:

-<>@comcast… <>

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) <>November 30, 2023

I just canceled my Disney+ Subscription. I’m so tired of these communists scumbags that are against free speech. <>@Disney <>@DisneyStudios <>@WaltDisneyWorld <>#CancelDisney <>

— MatthewXRP (@Matthew_XRP) <>November 30, 2023

JUST IN – Users on X report mass cancellation of Disney subscriptions after Elon Musk’s interview <>

— Insider Paper (@TheInsiderPaper) <>November 30, 2023

(3) Advertisers have no spine and can be easily cowed by special interest groups

“Two Words… Tucker Carlson”: Greg Gutfeld Gores Fox After Musk Blasts Activist Advertisers

SUNDAY, DEC 03, 2023 – 04:25 AM

Greg Gutfeld just took a major shot at his employer, Fox News, saying what we all knew: Tucker Carlson, the highest-rated on-air host in television history, was fired due to pressure from special interest groups.

<> While discussing Elon Musk’s “fuck you” moment over advertiser attempts to blackmail the billionaire, Gutfeld joked that it would be like “extorting Jerry Nadler with salad, or blackmailing sports fans by threatening to cancel PBS.”

He then said that Musk was the last man standing against “the censorship-industrial complex, which is made up of government, media and tech forces.”

Then, Gutfeld stated what we’ve all suspected since it happened…

“He [Musk] realizes that advertisers have no spine and can be easily cowed by special interest groups in cahoots with political allies – if you don’t believe me I got two words for ya – Tucker Carlson.”

Watch (h/t <>

Carlson says ‘global freedom hinges on Musk and X’

Meanwhile, in an interview with VC David Sacks, Tucker Carlson says he thinks that the fate of free speech hinges on X.

“I’m worried about the pressure being brought to bear on X because it’s the only huge international free speech platform with hundreds of millions of people,” said Carlson, adding “The existence of X where anyone around the world can get for free a whole range of opinions that aren’t controlled — that changes everything.”

Tucker Carlson Says Global Freedom Hinges on the Success of <>@ElonMusk & <>@X

“I’m worried about the pressure being brought to bear on X because it’s the only huge international free speech platform with hundreds of millions of people.”

“The existence of X where anyone around the… <>

— KanekoaTheGreat (@KanekoaTheGreat) <>December 2, 2023

Watch the full interview below:

E155: In conversation with <>@TuckerCarlson (plus 25+ mins at the end breaking down the <>@OpenAI chaos)

— departure from Fox News

— biggest issue facing the US today: rediscovering national alignment

— why prosperity begets self-destruction

— media control

— current… <>

— The All-In Podcast (@theallinpod) <>December 1, 2023

(4) WHO proposed pandemic treaty will be a Soft Coup – Meryl Nass


“We’re undergoing a soft coup… under the pretext of pandemic preparedness and the biosecurity agenda.” Dr. Meryl Nass explains how the WHO’s proposed pandemic treaty will enable the WHO “to take over jurisdiction of everything in the world by saying that climate change, animals, plants, water systems [and] ecosystems are all central to health”. In addition to that, it will remove human rights protections, enforce censorship and digital passports, require governments to push a single “official” narrative, and enable the WHO to declare “pandemics” on a whim. Source:

(5) WEF, WHO, GAVI are based in Geneva & have diplomatic immunity – Joseph Mercola

Geneva: The Head of the Snake

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola
December 02, 2023

Pascal Najadi, son of World Economic Forum (WEF) cofounder Hussain Najadi, is calling on the Swiss authorities to arrest the leaders of the World Economic Forum, the World Health Organization and GAVI, all of which are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, as well as Big Tech and Big Pharma executives, for injecting a bioweapon into 5.7 billion people
In 2022, Najadi filed criminal charges against Swiss president Alain Berset for misleading the Swiss people about the COVID shots
Najadi has also filed a civil case against Pfizer at the New York Supreme Court for harm done to him by the Pfizer COVID injection
GAVI, founded by Bill Gates, has diplomatic immunity in Switzerland, and its immunity clauses go beyond even that of diplomats. GAVI’s immunity covers all aspects of engagement, including criminal business dealings. They can do whatever they want without repercussions. GAVI is also completely tax exempt
Another Gates-founded and funded organization headquartered in Geneva — the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — also has diplomatic immunity

“Everything evil in the world, related to democide … comes from Geneva.” That’s a quote from Pascal Najadi, a former banker and son of World Economic Forum (WEF) cofounder Hussain Najadi, who claims his father left the WEF “out of disgust” in the early ‘80s.1 Hussain, founder of AmBank, one of the largest banks in Malaysia, was assassinated in Ceylon in 2013.2,3

According to Najadi, “evil” organizations engaged in democide — the murder of people by government — include the World Health Organization, the Global Alliance for Vaccine Immunization (GAVI) and the WEF, all of which are headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

This is why he calls Geneva “the head of the snake.” Najadi is now calling on the Swiss authorities to arrest the leaders of these organizations, along with Big Tech and Big Pharma executives, because:

“… the WEF, WHO, GAVI, Big Pharma, Big Tech [and] Bill Gates all advocated for a global humanity injection [with] a bioweapon — injecting nanolipids [which are classified as toxic4] into 5.7 billion people. And we Swiss are hosting them? That’s terrible. We cannot tolerate any entity that promotes poison to be injected into humanity.”

One of the reasons Najadi is so adamant about holding these organizations accountable is because he trusted the information given, got three doses of Pfizer’s mRNA shot in 2021, and is now dying from the effects. “It’s a democide, and you’ll be judged,” he says. “It will be corrected in the name of humanity.”

In December 2022, Najadi filed criminal charges against Swiss President Alain Berset (formerly the Swiss minister of health) for misleading the Swiss people about the COVID shots.5

Among the false statements highlighted by Najadi was Berset’s claim that vaccinated people were not contagious and could not spread the virus6 — a claim he must have known was untrue at the time he said it, October 27, 2021.

First of all, Pfizer never conducted any tests to determine transmissibility among the jabbed, so they had no data. Moreover, three months earlier, August 3, 2021, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) had announced findings showing “Vaccinated people can spread the coronavirus just as frequently as unvaccinated people.”7

Criminal charges include assault, bodily harm and abuse of office. The charges are reportedly still under investigation. He discusses this case with Rebel News in the video above.

In March 2023, he also filed a civil case against Pfizer and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at the New York Supreme Court in Manhattan for harm done to him by the Pfizer COVID shot.8,9,10 That case is discussed in the video below. Charges were also filed against the two doctors who “injected him with a toxic substance.”11

According to her bio,12,13 Astrid Stuckelberger “is an internationally recognized expert on issues related to evaluating scientific research for policymakers, in particular in health and innovation assessment, pandemic and emergency management training and in optimizing individual and population health and well-being.”

She’s also a published author, with a dozen books to her credit, as well as more than 180 scientific articles, policy papers and governmental and international reports.

Between 2010 and 2020, Stuckelberger was also a professor at the Universities of Applied Science in Switzerland, and a senior lecturer at the University of Lausanne. When she started speaking out against the COVID-19 narrative, her university positions were canceled.

Stuckelberger refers to what she calls “the Geneva syndrome.” What she means is that most of the people who work in these Geneva-based organizations do not understand what they’re working toward, and those who do understand are too afraid to speak out because the power wielded by these entities is so great.

Instead, they speak in code or try to wake people up to the reality of what’s planned in indirect ways. What’s planned, of course, is a one world government ruled by an unelected cadre of technocrats.

The agenda that has become apparent over the past three years has been in the works for decades, but there was always some semblance of law and order, some checks and balances. What we’re seeing now is that the individuals involved have become so emboldened they don’t even care that people can see them flouting the rules and changing them to fit their own aims.

The WHO, for example, does not have the authority to dictate orders to the world, yet that’s what they did. Now, they’re simply trying to “legalize” and make permanent their power grab through the implementation of a new pandemic treaty, amendments to the international health regulations and One Health — none of which can be voted on by the public.

Why Do Gates’ Organizations Enjoy Diplomatic immunity?
Stuckelberger was the first to publicly point out that GAVI, the vaccine alliance founded by Bill Gates, has diplomatic immunity in Switzerland.14,15 More specifically, GAVI has “qualified diplomatic immunity,” which is odd, considering the organization has no political power that would warrant it.

Odder still is that GAVI’s immunity clauses go beyond even that of diplomats. GAVI’s immunity covers all aspects of engagement, including criminal business dealings.

GAVI is a nongovernmental organization that is allowed to operate without paying any taxes, while also having total immunity for anything they do wrong.
They can do whatever they want, without repercussions. Equally strange, GAVI is completely tax exempt. So, to summarize, GAVI is a nongovernmental organization (NGO) that is allowed to operate in Switzerland without paying any taxes, while also having total immunity for anything they do wrong, willfully or otherwise.

Another Gates-founded and funded organization headquartered in Geneva — the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — also has diplomatic immunity.16,17 Like that of GAVI, the agreement between the Swiss Federal Council and the Global Fund includes articles specifying the “inviolability” of their premises and archives.

No agent of the Swiss public authority can enter or search them without express consent of the executive director of the organization. Their archives may not be searched, regardless of their location, and “in the conduct of its business,” the organizations “enjoy immunity from every form of legal process and enforcement.”

The only person who can waive this immunity is the executive director himself, or an authorized representative. But if you’re engaged in criminal activity, would you waive your immunity to search, seizure and prosecution?

The inclusion of that article alone reveals volumes. It’s what you’d want if you knew that what you were doing could get you in legal trouble, sooner or later. One of the few exceptions to the ironclad immunity clause is the civil liability for damages caused by a vehicle belonging to the operation.

The Nation-State of Gates
In her 2021 testimony to the German Corona Extra-Parliamentary Inquiry Committee, Stuckelberger also detailed the highly unusual agreement between the WHO, Gates and Swissmedic (the Food and Drug Administration of Switzerland).

According to Stuckelberger, Gates requested to be part of the WHO’s executive board in 2017, ostensibly because he’s one of its largest funders. Essentially, he, as an individual, sought to gain the status of a member state. There’s no evidence that Gates was ever granted this status, but he may still have more power over the WHO than his funding already grants him.

Essentially, it appears that when he did not get voted in as a one-man nation state, Gates created three-party contracts with member states and the WHO instead, essentially placing himself on par with the WHO. According to Stuckelberger, on one of those three-way contracts is between Gates, the WHO and Swissmedic.

This arrangement is yet another piece of evidence that private-public partnerships have been hijacked by private interests, which also happen to enjoy the same or even greater liability protections than nation states!

Building a Global ‘We the People’ Movement
Najadi insists that Switzerland must return to its neutral roots. “Swiss neutrality has to be restored,” he says, and once restored, the country must never again allow institutions like the WEF, WHO and GAVI to gain foothold.

“The snake head is in Geneva,” Najadi says. “I call it a direct, clear and present danger to the Swiss population. But I can tell you, it is being cut off. If you have a house of cards … of a criminal [entity]… one card pulled by justice and the whole card house collapses.

But from hope alone it is not done. Everybody must now change the spirit. All the vaccinated, the injected, knowing that they are poisoned — we are the masses. We are billions of people. Let’s just stand up and say ‘Stop. We will not comply.’ Because we are the guardians of humanity and our light obliterates the darkness of evil.”

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(6) JFK Assassination Doctors say there were TWO Shooters

JFK Assassination Doctors Break Silence, Dispute Key Government Claim

Multiple doctors who were in the emergency room with President John F. Kennedy raised doubts about official narratives.

By Jack Phillips

Several doctors who were in the emergency room when former President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963 raised serious doubts about the official narrative that says a lone gunman was responsible, according to a new documentary featuring interviews conducted in 2013.

The federal Warren Commission <> established that two shots fired by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, who was located in the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository, struck President Kennedy from behind as he was traveling in a motorcade in Dallas. One of the bullets entered his upper back and exited near his larynx, while the second bullet entered the right side of his head and exited via his forehead.

The former president was breathing when he entered Parkland Hospital before he was pronounced dead about a half an hour later. However, what seven doctors said in the recent footage disputes the commission’s claims about the event.

Jacquelynn Lueth, executive producer of “JFK: What the Doctors Saw,” interviewed the seven Parkland doctors for the documentary. She wrote for <> CBS News last week that the doctors’ “recollections were precise and clear, as if the intervening decades had melted away.”

“Each of them reacted strongly when the autopsy pictures were projected on a screen,” Ms. Lueth wrote. “They didn’t agree on everything, but it became obvious that the way the president looked at Parkland did not match the autopsy photos taken at Bethesda even before the official autopsy began.”

She added that the Parkland doctors “had no agenda other than trying to save the president’s life” but stipulated that those who witnessed the wound to the president’s neck “believed it was an entrance wound,” which would dispute the Warren Commission’s findings. “Several of them saw a gaping hole in the back of JFK’s head,” she said.

Warning to Keep Silent

In <> one of the clips from the documentary, several of the doctors recalled what was said by Dr. Malcolm Perry, the surgeon who attended to President Kennedy. He also attended to Mr. Oswald.

“So, at the press conference, Dr. Perry, in describing the [throat] wound here, said that he thought it looked like an entrance wound,” said Dr. Robert McClelland in the video taken from the documentary, released this month.

“So, we were thinking there were two wounds. Had to be an entrance wound and an exit wound. That was the only way we could put it together. And so, I thought it was an entrance wound,” said Dr. Ronald Jones, another Parkland doctor.

Later, Dr. McClelland recalled that he noticed something unusual after the press conference with Dr. Perry about the JFK assassination.

“When [Dr. Perry] left the room, someone came up to him who Dr. Perry thought maybe was a Secret Service man, and he told Dr. Perry, ‘You must never, ever say that was an entrance wound again if you know what’s good for you,’” he said.

Dr. McClelland, who died aged 89 in 2019, said that he believed that “in all probability there was a conspiracy, i.e. there was more than one shooter,” according to footage of the documentary released by the <> Daily Mail.

And Dr. Jones said that “in retrospect,” if Mr. Oswald “was in the sixth floor depository, how could he have been shot from the front then? And so was there more than one assailant?”

Another doctor, Joe Goldstrich, who was a medical student at the time of the assassination, asked: “How could a gunshot from the rear peel the scalp from the front back?

Other than the Warren Commission, established by former President Lyndon B. Johnson, the CIA also has long maintained that Mr. Oswald, who was shot and killed just days later, was the sole perpetrator.

Other Claims

The revelations come as a former U.S. Secret Service agent went public for the first time in 60 years and appeared to refute the “magic bullet” theory.

Paul Landis, an 88-year-old former agent, was only a few feet away from President Kennedy when he was shot and killed. He had been assigned to protect Jackie Kennedy, the former first lady.

In an interview with <> The New York Times, published on Sept. 9, Mr. Landis recalled hearing multiple gunshots at Dealy Plaza in Dallas as he went behind President Kennedy’s limousine, seeing the president moving forward after being shot in the head. After the assassination, Mr. Landis recalled picking up what he called a near-perfect-condition bullet from the back seat of President Kennedy’s limousine, near where the president had been sitting.

The former agent then transported the bullet to the hospital where President Kennedy was taken and put on a stretcher to be examined. He said he believed someone might pocket the bullet—which he did not describe in detail—as a keepsake.

Mr. Landis suggested that the reason investigators suspected that a “magic bullet” struck the former president is because the bullet that Mr. Landis discovered was later found on a stretcher belonging to President Kennedy. It wasn’t until the New York Times interview that Mr. Landis confirmed that it was he who found the bullet and placed it there.

It wasn’t until 2014 that he realized that the location of the bullet’s recovery that was cited by him was different than what was mentioned in the Warren Commission, he told the outlet. He then checked with several U.S. officials but was met with skepticism.

That same year, a former Secret Service colleague, Clint Hill, warned Mr. Landis that he shouldn’t speak out about what he saw on that day. If he did, there might be “many ramifications” for Mr. Landis, he recalled Mr. Hill as saying.

‘There was more than one shooter’: Unseen footage shows doctors who treated JFK after his 1963 assassination challenging official narrative that Lee Harvey Oswald was lone gunman

Footage features in documentary airing on Channel 5 on Sunday evening
Warren Commission concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter


PUBLISHED: 18:59 AEDT, 19 November 2023 | UPDATED: 02:15 AEDT, 21 November 2023

Doctors who tried to save the life of President John F Kennedy after he was shot in 1963 said they believed there was ‘more than one shooter’ in interviews that are set to air for the first time.

The medics spoke out in 2013 but the footage was kept under wraps for a decade.

It will feature in new documentary JFK Assassination: What Happened in the Trauma Room?, which airs on <> Channel 5 on Sunday.

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Kennedy was shot during an official visit to Dallas, <> Texas, on November 22, 1963 and pronounced dead after arriving at the Parkland Memorial Hospital.

Official investigations concluded that he was assassinated by lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald from a sixth floor window of the Texas School Book Depository.

But numerous books and documentaries have challenged that conclusion in the six decades since the killing.

The seven doctors who spoke out treated Kennedy at Parkland, where he was taken to in his open-top limousine after being shot in the head.

Dr Robert McClelland, who died aged 89 in 2019 and was the assistant professor of surgery at the hospital in 1963, said: ‘In all probability there was a conspiracy. There was more than one shooter’.

Unseen footage shows doctors who treated JFK after his shooting

The official Warren Commission investigation concluded that Kennedy was shot from behind after his motorcade passed the depository, where Oswald was an employee.

But the doctors questioned this based on his horrifying injuries and the fact the bullet appeared to enter the front of his head.

Dr Ronald Jones, a senior doctor at Parkland, asked: ‘The issue in retrospect is if Oswald was in the sixth floor depository, how could he have been shot from the front then? And so was there more than assailant?’

Dr Joe Goldstrich, who was a fourth-year medical student at the time, asked: ‘How could a gunshot from the rear peel the scalp from the front back?’

The Parkland doctors were gathered by producer Jacque Lueth in 2013 after research indicated some of them had seen what they thought was a bullet hole in the front of Kennedy’s neck.

They also examined photos from Kennedy’s autopsy, which they had never looked at as a group.

They all concluded that the images looked different to what they had seen in the Parkland trauma room.

This could mean that the President’s body was tampered with.

The footage of the doctors’ recollections was not released until now because Mr Lueth had wanted to interview Jim Jenkins, the only surviving member of the autopsy team.

Dr Robert McClelland, who died aged 89 in 2019 and was the assistant professor of surgery at the hospital in 1963, said: ‘In all probability there was a conspiracy. There was more than one shooter’

Dr Joe Goldstrich, who was a fourth-year medical student at the time, asked: ‘How could a gunshot from the rear peel the scalp from the front back?’

Dr Ronald Jones, a senior doctor at Parkland, asked: ‘The issue in retrospect is if Oswald was in the sixth floor depository, how could he have been shot from the front then? And so was there more than assailant?’

Dr Lawrence Klein, a third-year medical student at the time, recalled his memories of being in the operating theatre where Kennedy was treated

Dr Kenneth Salyer, who was then a first-year resident at the hospital and died in 2020, said: ‘When I saw the autopsy pictures, I thought somebody had tampered with the whole thing and it made me very suspicious’

This was not possible until 2021.

She also wanted to speak with government medical pathologist Michael Baden and lawyer Robert Tannenbaum.

He was deputy counsel to the House of Representatives Select Committee on Assassinations, which investigated both Kennedy’s killing and the assassination of Martin Luther King.

The new documentary was made by Barbara Shearer.

Dr Kenneth Salyer, who was then a first-year resident at the hospital and died in 2020, said: ‘When I saw the autopsy pictures, I thought somebody had tampered with the whole thing and it made me very suspicious.’

Dr Lawrence Klein, a third-year medical student at the time, recalled his memories of being in the operating theatre where Kennedy was treated.

‘Dr [Malcolm] Perry and Dr [Charles] Baxter had just walked into that room ahead of me,’ he said.

‘And Dr Perry was standing on the right side of the cart the Preisdent was lying on. Dr Baxter [was] on the left side.’

He added: ‘It was a lie, they really didn’t tell the truth about it.’

The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald fired there bullets from a Mannlicher-Carcano rifle.

One bullet missed and is believed to have hit a sign.

The second – the so-called ‘magic’ bullet – hit Kennedy near the base of the back his neck.

The commission concluded that it then passed into Texas governor John Connally, who was sitting in front of the President and First Lady Jackie Kennedy with his wife Nellie.

Connally was injured in the back, chest, wrist and thigh.

The magic bullet theory made sense because the inquiry concluded that Oswald would not have been able to reload his weapon in time to shoot again.

The third bullet hit President Kennedy in the head.

A bullet – believed to be the one that had killed the President – was later found next to Governor Connally on his hospital stretcher and was assumed to have come from his body.

But theories that a second shooter was involved have persisted since the shocking killing.

The motorcade carrying the critically injured President is seen speeding towards Parkland Hospital as bodyguard Clint Hill pushes First Lady Jackie Kennedy back into her seat

The second shooter theory was given further credence last month when one of Kennedy’s bodyguards, Paul Landis, spoke to the Mail.

He had previously revealed that he found a bullet on the back of the presidential limousine and placed it next to the President on his stretcher.

He believed that in the chaotic aftermath of the shooting it got moved.

If the bullet found by Landis had not hit the governor but was the one found on his stretcher, then it raises questions about how he came to be shot.

Some witnesses had said that they heard shots from the ‘grassy knoll’, which was made famous in Oliver Stone’s film JFK.

Recalling the moment the President was shot, Landis told the Mail: ‘He was leaning slightly to his left, towards Mrs Kennedy, and I thought he was turning around to see where the noise came from.

‘I didn’t realise he had been hit by a bullet at that time.

‘I heard the second shot. From my position, standing on the running board of the follow-up car, I didn’t see any reaction in the President’s car, so I thought that shot had missed.’

The presidential limousine sits outside Parkland Hospital after the shooting of John F Kennedy

He added: ‘I heard the third shot and I saw the President’s head explode in a mist of blood and flesh and brain matter — and I ducked to avoid getting splattered.

‘The third shot came fairly quickly after the second… and then we raced to Parkland Memorial Hospital.’

After Kennedy was confirmed dead, he was flown back to Washington DC aboard Air Force One.

Vice President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in as the new President on the flight.

Mrs Kennedy, who was still wearing the pink outfit that was stained with her husband’s blood, was present.

When asked if she wanted to change her clothes, she refused and said: ‘Let them see what they have done.’

JFK Assassination: What Happened in the Trauma Room? airs on Sunday at 9pm and will be available to stream on My5.

(7) Civilisation X – By Israel Shamir

(A talk given at “The Dialogue of Civilizations: the Contradictions of the Globalization” International Conference on May 23, 2003, in Kyiv, Ukraine. At the conference, Shamir was elected a member of the Ukrainian State Administration Academy)

The organisers of the conference could not find a better place to discuss its topic, for Ukraine is the borderlands between Civilizations; the ground where these ultimate personae of human history check their valour and vitality by prayer and sword. Founded by Vikings, peopled by Slavs, baptised by Byzantines, decorated by poplar and scented by lilac, Kyiv is the tolerant city of Igor’s Lay, the old epic poem of a battle waging between the Orthodox Christian Slavs and the Turkic horsemen. Its hero Prince Igor, a Roland of Eastern Europe, marries a daughter of a Turkic chieftain, for there is no reason for deadly enmity between cultures. Rudyard Kipling expressed it in the last less frequently quoted line: there is no East neither West when Men meet (please check quote!).

Though your thyme-perfumed steppes interspaced with chestnut groves served as the preferred battlefield of Germans, Turks and Slavs, paradoxically, the border skirmishes of Janissaries, Cossacks and Hussars, the let-go of excessive masculine energy, prove the civilizations have no reason for conflict. Orthodox Christians, Roman Catholics and Muslims have their own habitat and they do not stray out of it, while the warriors deeply respect their adversaries and display their chivalry between the wars.

It is a trite observation, and that is why the concept of Clash of Civilisations was shunned in political discourse since the Crusades. The confrontations were perceived as ideological ones, be it the Cold War of Communism and Capitalism, or colonial wars of Imperialism and Liberation. American political scientists revived the Neo-Darwinist and racist concept of Clash of Civilisations for practical reasons: to explain and encourage the war of America against the World. Its enemies are presented in ‘civilisational’ terms: ‘Old’ (read: independent) Europe, Dar al-Islam, China. If these are the enemies, who are the friends? What is ‘our’ civilisation of Huntington and Strauss, Perle and Wurmser, Feith and Rice? Whatever it is, this Civilisation X is equally rejected by people of Eastern and Western Europe, French and Ukrainian, Germans and Greeks, Chinese and Zulu.

Let us consider the qualities of this Civilisation X:

– It is exterritorial, knows no borders and able to attack and devour from Iraq to China, from Russia to Nicaragua. It has no natural habitat and able of endless expansion. Wherever there is a man to enslave, a house to bomb, a tree to fell, it is ready to come.

– Its main occupation is usury. They provide loans to states, ensnare them with impossible conditions and ruin them.

– It considers human solidarity and brotherhood – ‘totalitarianism’.

– It rejects Spirit and considers it ‘fanaticism and fundamentalism’.

– It equally abhors Apostolic Christianity and Islam; but it loves to set the Christians upon the Muslims, and vice versa.

– Its devotion is given to the Jewish State. Not only the JINSA Cabal is ethnically faithful to Israel; the US National Security Adviser Condoleezza Rice said that the security of Israel is the key to security of the world. Rice added that she feels a deep affinity with Israel.

– It is heavily engaged in drugs. Wherever they win, heroin has its field day. London’s The Independent newspaper, reported from Baghdad: The city, which had never seen heroin, is now flooded with narcotics. It is not unusual that where the Americans go, the narcotics flourish. Taliban had successfully eliminated the drugs from Afghanistan but since the US forces took over the control, Afghanistan has become the largest producer of heroin. Some reports suggest that the drug and arms trafficking is patronized by the CIA to finance its covert operations worldwide.

– It exalts vengeance. The war against Afghanistan was promoted as ‘vengeance for 9/11’.

– It has soul of dastardly knave, in its narrow meaning of ‘opposite to noble’. They did not dare to attack Iraq until it was fully disarmed by the UN.

– It produces no art. In vain archaeologists of Fourth Millennium will search for their Venus. The rusty American Venus a.k.a opus 5327 exhibited in the Guggenheim is identical to any heap of scrap metal. There are no glorious temples, no exciting architecture, absolutely nothing to miss if the gods would pour sulphur and brimstone on its cities.

– It is obsessed with paranoid fear. It is not enough that America spends on weapons ten times more money than the rest of the world. They want to disarm everybody. The war in Iraq was caused by desire to remove its weapons. Now they want to disarm Iran, Syria, Korea, and Ukraine and Russia just wait for its turn.

– Fear of weapons is not aimed exclusively outside: the proponents of Civilisation X try their best to disarm the American people as well. For this reason they committed the mass murder at Waco and implicated militias in Oklahoma bombing.

– It despises labour and labourers. American cinema, the only existing quasi-art output of Civilisation X, depicts millionaires and whores, gamblers and brokers, bums and gangsters, but its last worker was depicted in the pre-war Grapes of Wrath.

– It loves the rich. They believe the rich are virtuous, for they are blessed with wealth, while the poor are evil and damned just because they are poor.

The psychological portrait should be recognisable for the Ukrainians. Yes, the Civilisation X presently at war with the rest of the world, is this eminently familiar and contemptible figure, a medieval Ukrainian Jew, a usurer, tax collector and alcohol pusher magnified by a factor of million. Its size impeded our recognition, for it is not easy to recognise an elephant-size louse.

Centuries ago, this figure ruled your steppes. After expulsion from France and Spain, the immigrant Jews settled in the Ukraine, suborned the timid native Jews and in short time strategically placed themselves between Polish landlords and Ukrainian peasants. They had lent money to landlords and peasants, pushed alcohol, managed the feudal estates, and eventually became the ultimate source of power. The Jews fought the Church, for the Church objected to their liberal trade in alcohol and usury. Until nowadays, the Jewish word kabala (receipt) is used in the Ukrainian language for ‘debt enslavement’.[1]

The Civilisation X pushes heroin instead of vodka, loans out billions instead of two roubles, sucks out the wealth of nations instead of meagre livelihood of a peasant, fears nuclear weapons rather than moujik’s axe, but it is the same complex of ideas and methods. In short, Civilisation X is a dangerous and aggressive mutation of Jewish spirit grafted on the Anglo-American basis. Huntington was right – up to a point. The Conflict of Civilisations is unavoidable, but it is not a conflict of Christendom and Islam, but the conflict of Christians and Muslims versus Neo-Jews.

What a strange and dreadful thought, one would say. However, this thought is shared by many Jews, for instance, by a prominent Jewish thinker, ex-Rabbi of Oxford, author of a few books, a TV personality, Rabbi Shmuel Boteach, incidentally, a leader of Khabbad, the most racist and xenophobic Jewish movement. He notices and blesses similarity, almost identity of the traditional Jewish attitude and the ruling US paradigm. I do agree with him in his diagnosis, though our conclusions are diametrically opposed. Rabbi Boteach proclaims in The Jerusalem Post [2]: “America and the Jews are teaming up take over the world. But it is a conquest of ideas rather than armies, and you can be sure that when they give it back, it will be in much better shape than when they took it.”

It is a conquest of ideas, but they are backed up by Tomahawks. These ideas will improve the world, like the character of the Jewish joke ‘translated and improved’ Shakespeare. As for ‘give it back’, tell it to Palestinians.

The ideas are the worst part of Jewish heritage, for these ideas were already tried in the Ukraine and now they are tried in Palestine. These ideas force many young Palestinians (‘suicide bombers’) to commit suicide rather than to live under the unbearable Jewish rule. These old Jewish ideas were modernized by Leo Strauss, the brain behind the JINSA cabal. Pfaff[3] sums them up in a one-liner ‘The ostensibly hidden truth is that expediency works; there is no certain God to punish wrongdoing’, or in even shorter form, their power is based on the secret knowledge that there is no God[4].

It is not a new observation. The Prophets complained about the Jews who act as if there is no God to punish wrongdoing or apportion grace. Since God through Christ has opened his Covenant to the Gentiles, those from the Jews who do not consider themselves to be in one beloved Israel of God with righteous Christians from all other nations do not belong to Israel either and do not participate in the Covenant of God[5]. In plain words, by rejecting Gentiles, the Jews rebelled against God.

Now these rebels command the nuclear arsenal of the US. Pfaff names leading disciples of Strauss: Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz; Abram Shulsky of the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans, Richard Perle of the Pentagon advisory board, Elliott Abrams of the National Security Council. These men have now enough bombs to erase the mankind, or, to achieve the ultimate goal of Strauss, ensuring Jewish group dominance in the modern world[6]. This frightening thought provides also a glimpse of hope, for 95% of American people do not belong to the Neo-Jewish community. Instead of fighting Muslims and supporting the Neo-Jews in the style they are accustomed to, the Americans can borrow a leaf from the Ukrainian book.

For the Jewish dominance in Ukraine was undone in 1648, when the Christian Ukrainians and the Muslim Tartars led by a Polish noble Bohdan Chmielnicki and supported by Russian troops united in a ferocious Intifada and freed the Ukraine. (For centuries, the Ukrainians were libelled as mass murderers of the innocent Jews, until the modern British Jewish researcher Jonathan Israel[7] proved there was no massacre; though Jews suffered as much as everybody else in the ensuing civil war.)

The defeat of the Jewish ideas in 1648 was good for everybody, and good for Jews, as well. Jews lost their arrogance and gained some respect to their neighbours. They lost their exalted position and became better human beings. Thousands of Jews, followers of Jacob Frank, were received in the Church and became ordinary Ukrainians or Poles. Others followed Besht into new Hassidic movement which internalised many Christian concepts.

Yesterday I visited Uman, a charming old town with its famous 18th century landscaped park of Count Potocki, one of the world wonders, where young Ukrainian belles in dangerously brief miniskirts stroll under the white pyramidal candles of chestnut blossom. There I attended the tomb of Rabbi Nachman, for this Jewish philosopher-saint and contemporary of Napoleon was venerated by my ancestors, and he is still revered by thousands of Jews everywhere. He was much influenced by the Ukrainian folk ways and dreamed to unite his people with the Ukrainians in one Church. He felt affinity to the soul of Jesus and repeated His words ‘I came to fulfil the Law’ while ostensibly transgressing it. He made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land but chose to return to his native Ukraine. His mystic teaching is the best proof of blessed influence the Ukrainian Orthodox had on the rebellious Jewish soul. Thus the old withered oak of Jewish spirit blossomed again in the Ukraine after the victorious Intifada.

Likewise, the strategic mega-usurer from New York and his partner the butcher from Tel Aviv will be defeated in the new world-wide Intifada, and that will be the end of the Clash of Civilisations. —-

[1] Good collection of data on Jews in Ukraine is available in chapter 7, A Closer Look At Poland And Eastern Europe, in the {may now be at}
[2] Mar. 19, 2003 The secret conspiracy to conquer the world, By Shmuely Boteach
[3] The long reach of Leo Strauss William Pfaff IHT Thursday, May 15, 2003 Neoconservatives
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