Peter Myers Digest: Eric Clapton says Israel is running the world

(0) Eric Clapton says Israel is running the world
(1) Nurses Suing NHS Trust After Being Forced to Share Women’s Changing Room With Biological Male
(2) GERMANY: Women’s Gym Fined €1,000 After Denying Balding Trans-Identified Male Access to Showers
(3) Female Athletes sue Athletic Association for allowing males to compete in the women’s category.
(4) Britain’s Oldest Medical Journal Goes Full Woke
(5) Capitalists, having offshored jobs to China, now build factories again in the West

(0) Eric Clapton says Israel is running the world

Eric Clapton: ‘Israel is running the world’

Late last year, Clapton released a song called “Voice of a Child,” accompanied by a video featuring images of extensive destruction in Gaza that ignored the October 7 massacre committed by Hamas.


MAY 28, 2024 18:02

British rock guitar legend Eric Clapton moved one step closer to <> Roger Waters territory last week, telling an interviewer that “Israel is running the world, Israel is running the show.”

The 79-year-old musician, who has recently performed playing a guitar painted in the colors of <> the Palestinian flag, was interviewed on May 22 by David Spuria, an American Youtuber who hosts the popular Real Music Observer show.

Talking about the recent campus protests in the US against Israel, Clapton criticized the Senate hearings in which university presidents were asked about <> antisemitism on campus.

Clapton criticizes Senate hearings

“I was so enthused about what was going on at Columbia [University] and elsewhere. And then what I couldn’t believe, because it freaked me out, were the Senate hearings, which were like the Nuremberg trials, you know?” he said.

“The Senate committee chairman asked pointed questions to presidents of universities, saying, ‘I just want to hear yes or no. Don’t talk to me about context. Yes or no, are you promoting antisemitism on your campus?’ And I thought, what is this, the Spanish Inquisition? And it is! It’s AIPAC, it’s the lobby. Israel is running the show. Israel is running the world.”

Talking about the guitar painted with the Palestinian flag colors, Clapton said, “We’re doing a thing now on this tour that I wrote originally as a tribute to Jeff Beck [who died in 2023]. I performed it at a tribute concert and then I didn’t play it anymore. But for this tour I’m doing it under a different guise. It’s the same tune, but I devoted it to the situation in Gaza. It’s called ‘Blue Dust’ because that’s what’s probably going to be left there. And I play a guitar that’s painted like the Palestinian flag.”

Late last year, Clapton released a song called “Voice of a Child,” accompanied by a video featuring images of extensive destruction in Gaza that ignored the October 7 massacre committed by Hamas terrorists, which sparked the war.

In last week’s interview, Clapton also questioned the West’s support for Ukraine in its war with Russia. Talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, “he always tells you what he intends to do, and he tells the truth. So he gives you plenty of warning.”

(1) Nurses Suing NHS Trust After Being Forced to Share Women’s Changing Room With Biological Male

Nurses Suing NHS Trust After Being Forced to Share Women’s Changing Room With Biological Male

BY TOBY YOUNG 26 MAY 2024 5:00 PM

NHS chiefs are facing landmark legal action after 26 female hospital nurses protested about being forced to share a women’s changing room with a transgender colleague who is biologically male. The Mail has more.

The women complained that the transgender nurse – who has not had gender reassignment surgery – had taken a “keen interest” in female staff when they were getting undressed.

They say they have found the situation “intimidating and upsetting”.

In a formal complaint, the nurses say they were stunned after the “sexually active” trans nurse admitted to trying for a baby with a female partner and had stopped taking female hormones.

But a human resources manager at the hospital trust allegedly said that the female nurses need to “be more inclusive”, “broaden their mindset” and “be educated and attend training”.

Six of the nurses are taking legal action at an employment tribunal against the NHS trust in the North East for alleged sexual harassment and sexual discrimination in what is thought to be the first case of its kind.

One of the nurses told the Mail on Sunday: “We don’t feel safe because we strip down to our underwear and [the individual] doesn’t just stay by his locker. He walks around the changing room in his boxer shorts.”

Another nurse said she was “close to tears” during one incident in the changing room.

She said: “I was rummaging in my bag trying to find my lanyard and keys for the locker when a man’s voice behind me said, ‘Are you not getting changed yet?’ I found my keys and opened my locker and I was asked again, ‘Are you not getting changed yet?’”

The woman, who was sexually abused as a child, has posttraumatic stress disorder and struggles to be alone around men. She said: “He stood there, two metres away from me, with a scrub top on and with tight black boxer shorts with holes in them and asked a third time whether I was getting changed yet.

“Flight or fight mode kicked in but I felt glued to my seat, I could not move. My hands started to sweat. I was petrified and felt sick and began hyperventilating.”

(2) GERMANY: Women’s Gym Fined €1,000 After Denying Balding Trans-Identified Male Access to Showers

GERMANY: Women’s Gym Fined €1,000 After Denying Balding Trans-Identified Male Access to Showers

By<>Genevieve Gluck
May 30, 2024

A women-only fitness center in Erlangen, Bavaria, has been ordered by the government to pay compensation to a trans-identified male after the facility’s owner denied him permission to use the women’s showers.

Doris Lange, who has been the owner of <>the Lady’s First fitness studio for over three decades, received a notice from Ferda Ataman, the Independent Federal Commissioner for Anti-Discrimination, recommending “appropriate compensation” in the form of €1000 to a trans-identified male for the “personal injury suffered” at being rejected from using the women’s showers.

The incident, <>first reported by NIUS, occurred at the end of March, when a trans-identified male requested the use of the facilities, including the women-only showers. According to staff, the man’s identification designated him as male, and no official paperwork stating a legal sex change was presented.

However, the fitness center scheduled a training session with the man, who continued to insist on using the women’s showers. As a “compromise,” he offered to wear swimming trunks in the area where women would be present in the nude.

When the fitness center’s owner became aware of the situation, Lange instructed staff to prepare a courteous rejection of the man’s request over the phone.

The trans-identified male then sent Lady’s First fitness an email requesting continued access to the facility while promising to avoid using the showers altogether. His offer was denied.

Speaking to NIUS, Lange noted that a significant number of her clients were Muslim females who required a sex-exclusive place to train away from males.

“With all understanding for the lady’s situation, we only have one large training room, one changing room and one shower. 20% of our members are Muslim women. The women come to our studio specifically to train in an environment that is safe for them,” Lange said.

“It looks to my female customers as if I’m letting a man train there – at least as long as this lady is still equipped with male sexual organs.”

On May 16, Lange received a letter from the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS), headed by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, instructing her to pay the man compensation.

“The facts of the case could be a violation of the AGG (General Equal Treatment Act, editor’s note) in the form of direct discrimination on the grounds of gender,” reads the letter from Ferda Ataman’s office, the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency (ADS), to Lange.

“The AGG characteristic of gender also protects trans* women. This applies regardless of whether the person concerned has already officially undergone a change of name and civil status and/or gender reassignment measures.”

It continues: “With this in mind, we would ask you to consider what possibilities and starting points exist for an amicable solution to the matter on your part. For example, we would suggest that you pay … appropriate compensation in the amount of 1000 euros for the personal injury she has suffered.”

Dr. Christoph Franke, who is acting as legal representative for Lady’s First fitness, expressed his shock to NIUS that the Federal Anti-Discrimination Commissioner had ordered the fine.

“This is a remarkable case. The Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency is directly integrated into the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and suggests through the letter that our client is under a sovereign obligation to pay compensation. Not only is this not the task of the Anti-Discrimination Agency, it is also arrogating to itself the powers of the judiciary.”

While the identity of the man in question was withheld by NIUS in accordance with German privacy law, <> Reduxx will reveal that the trans-identified male involved in the case is Laura Holstein.

As previously reported by Reduxx, Holstein was the first trans-identified male to be approved by the Bavarian Football Association (BFA) to play in a women’s football league.

After being rejected from the fitness club, Holstein submitted a 1-star review of the club in which he complained about being disrespected.

“As a trans woman in particular, I had high hopes for the studio, as they are a studio for women and I therefore hoped to have a respectful atmosphere,” wrote Holstein in his review.

“So I arranged a trial training session and my first impression was very positive. But then I was told on the phone that they couldn’t accept me. When asked what the exact reasons were, there was only an unfriendly answer. Apparently they categorically reject women who don’t fit the concept. I find it very unfortunate,” he continued. “Absolutely not recommended for trans people and their allies.”

Holstein, who is a Master’s Student at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg,<> recently made headlines after becoming the first trans-identified male to be accepted into a women’s football league in Bavaria. He was given the ability to participate after Grit Labahn, the head of policy at the Munich BFA headquarters, personally vouched for him.

I can’t tell people who have a different, non-binary gender identity and want to play football: You were unlucky,” Labahn said. Though there are only male and female categories in German football, the BFA has a “case-by-case” inclusion policy, so Labahn explains she had to argue for Holstein’s right to participate in the women’s league.

Labahn said that an opening had emerged in the club after a trans-identified female had decided to opt out due to the fact that testosterone was making her too strong to participate with the other women. Labahn then “turned the tables,” arguing that estrogen had caused Holstein to “lose” muscle mass and would have stripped him of a competitive advantage.

While Holstein won’t officially begin playing against opposing women’s teams until the August season, he has begun participating in training sessions, and is sharing the female locker room with the women and girls on the Effeltrich/Hetzles Football Syndicate.

As some players are underage, concerns were raised about Holstein exposing his penis during shower times — an issue the coach attempted to address by providing Holstein a shower schedule.

The coach, Christian Wagner, is also preempting “transphobic” remarks from other players or spectators, and says that anyone who is discriminatory towards Holstein will be immediately banned from the arena.

Holstein reportedly began identifying as a woman after watching The Danish Girl in 2015. The film is based on the life story of Lili Elbe, a trans-identified male who died of complications after his body rejected a uterus implanted into him in 1931. Following the movie, Holstein says he was “touched extremely internally. I questioned what I really feel deep inside.” He then says he “discovered the woman” within himself.

In 2020, Holstein began hormone replacement therapy and laser hair removal. He is set to legally change his sex to “female” in September of this year.

(3) Female Athletes sue Athletic Association for allowing males to compete in the women’s category.

‘Crying Out For Justice’: Female Athletes Sue NCAA Over “Dangerous” Transgender Policies

Authored by Liliana Zylstra via The College Fix

TUESDAY, APR 30, 2024 – 04:35 AM


Female college athletes are “crying out for justice,” safety, and privacy in a lawsuit challenging the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s transgender policies, their attorney told The College Fix in an exclusive interview.

Attorney William Bock III said the 16 plaintiffs, all current or former collegiate athletes, are challenging the NCAA and the University of Georgia for violating Title IX’s provisions for equal opportunity in sports by allowing males to compete in the women’s category.

The <>lawsuit also alleges female athletes’ right to bodily privacy under the 14th Amendment was violated.

According to the suit, the NCAA authorized “naked men possessing full male genitalia to disrobe in front of non- consenting college women and creating situations in which unwilling female college athletes unwittingly or reluctantly expose their naked or partially clad bodies to males.”

Bock told The Fix in a recent phone interview that many athletes sent letters sharing their concerns about these policies to the NCAA, but they were ignored.

“They’re crying out for justice and the NCAA won’t even talk to them,” he said.

“It isn’t even willing to respect their concerns enough to give them an audience. So it became clear that the only thing that would have a chance of changing their policy is filing a lawsuit.”

Bock told The Fix, “The NCAA is so committed to radical gender ideology that they have completely lost concern for women’s rights.”

“It’s very clear that the NCAA violated the law,” he said.

Bock formerly worked as general counsel for the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and served as the lead attorney for USADA in the case against professional cyclist Lance Armstrong.

“The advantage that Lance Armstrong got through doping pales in comparison to the advantage that male athletes have when competing against females in collegiate sports,” he said.

“The NCAA suggests that one can reduce or eliminate the performance gap [between men and women] by suppressing testosterone and that’s ludicrous from a matter of science,” Bock told The Fix.

Bock also served on the NCAA Committee on Infractions for several years. However, he <>quit earlier this year after expressing concerns about transgender athletes like former University of Pennsylvania swimmer William “Lia” Thomas, a male who identifies as female who won an NCAA Division I championship on the women’s team in 2022.

Safety is among female athletes’ biggest concerns, Bock said. “The NCAA is not in many instances even telling women that they’re competing against a male. And that’s dangerous … in a contact sport where you can get a concussion.”

Female athletes speak out

Two of the plaintiffs also spoke with The Fix in a phone interview about their concerns for safety, fairness, and the overall future of women’s sports.

<> Ainsley Erzen (pictured right), a soccer and track athlete at the University of Arkansas, said, “We want the stories that people are seeing now to be the last ones. We don’t want the generations in the future to deal with that.”

Erzen said she and her fellow athletes are fighting so women will have the opportunities to set records, win championships and earn college scholarships.

“What kind of message are we sending to women — but especially to young girls — when we tell them that their safety doesn’t matter, their rights don’t matter, their opportunities don’t matter, their futures don’t matter?” she told The Fix.

Kaitlynn Wheeler (pictured left), a former swimmer for the University of Kentucky, said the protection of women’s sports is a ”common-sense issue.”

Wheeler told The Fix speaking up is important “because the overwhelming majority of people are on our side.”

“This lawsuit is really not about hurting anyone. It’s about helping the women who have been hurt and preventing it from happening in the future. It’s about ensuring fair, equal, and safe competition and I think that just about everyone should want that,” she said.

An NCAA spokesperson declined to comment on the lawsuit in response to a request from The Fix.

“College sports are the premier stage for women’s sports in America, and while the NCAA does not comment on pending litigation, the Association and its members will continue to promote Title IX, make unprecedented investments in women’s sports and ensure fair competition in all NCAA championships,” the association said in an emailed statement.

Others involved in the lawsuit include Riley Gaines, a former 12-time All-American swimmer at the University of Kentucky and current advocate for women’s sports. The Independent Council on Women’s Sports is supporting the athletes’ case.

(4) Britain’s Oldest Medical Journal Goes Full Woke

Britain’s Oldest Medical Journal Goes Full Woke


The Lancet, Britain’s oldest medical journal and the second most important one globally, has been edited by Richard Horton for the past 29 years. During that time, the 62-year-old has become embroiled in nuermous controversies – several of which involved him using the journal to promote political viewpoints that aligned with his own.

In a particularly egregious <> example last year, Horton penned an editorial denouncing then-Home Secretary Suella Braverman for saying that migrants crossing the Channel “possess values which are at odds with our country”. Exactly what business a medical journal had criticising the Home Secretary’s views on immigration was not explained. In fact, Horton went so far as to praise Italian communist Antonio Gramsci, and wrote that “we” must not be afraid to engage in a “war of position” against “populists”. It was embarrassing stuff.

NowThe Lancet appears to have gone one better, with its latest <> author guidelines throwing science completely out the window. Under the heading “Reporting sex-based and gender-based analyses”, the guidelines state:

In human research, the term “sex” carries multiple definitions. It often refers to an umbrella term for a set of biological attributes associated with physical and physiological features (eg, chromosomal genotype, hormonal levels, internal and external anatomy). It can also signify a sex categorisation, most often designated at birth (“sex assigned at birth”) based on a newborn’s visible external anatomy. The term “gender” generally refers to socially constructed roles, behaviours, and identities of women, men, and gender-diverse people that occur in a historical and cultural context, and might vary across societies and over time.

So a supposedly serious medical journal is peddling the rather dubious distinction between “sex” on the one hand and “gender” on the other. (There are “socially constructed roles, behaviours and identities” associated with different ages, but we don’t have a whole other word to refer to them.) Not only that, but it is claiming sex is something “assigned at birth,” rather than being an inherent property of an individual.

The Lancet’s new definition of ‘sex’ follows <> similar pronouncements from the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Expert opinion on matters of sex is now firmly on the side of left-wing woo-woo. And it gets worse. The guidelines continue:

Sex and gender are often incorrectly portrayed as binary (female/male or woman/man), concordant, and static. However, these constructs exist along a spectrum that includes additional sex categorisations and gender identities, such as people who are intersex/have differences of sex development (DSD), or identify as non-binary. In any given person, sex and gender might not align, and both can change. Sex and gender are not entirely discrete concepts and their definitions continue to evolve.

So sex is a “spectrum” that can change “in any given person”. If you’re female today, who’s to say you won’t be male tomorrow – or perhaps somewhere in between? This is complete piffle, of course. As Alan Sokal and Richard Dawkins <> note, “sex in all mammals is determined by sex chromosomes; and there are two and only two sexes: male and female”.

The Lancet’s guidelines on sex conclude by explicitly telling authors to use the term “sex assigned at birth” because it is “more accurate and inclusive”. I’m imagining a future Lancet article on <> Elizabeth Garrett Anderson: “She was the first person who’d been assigned ‘female’ at birth to qualify as a doctor in Britain, and she went on to found the first medical school to train people who’d been assigned ‘female’ at birth. All in all, she was a truly remarkable person who’d been assigned ‘female’ at birth.”

(5) Capitalists, having offhored jobs to China, now build factories again in the West

Globalist financiers destroyed the Working Class by offshoring their jobs; but the “Made in China 2025” Plan made them realize that China was using Globalization to achieve Technology Transfer, and seeking Technology Dominance. The Capitalists sold the Golden Goose to China. Now, Protectionism, Industry Policy and On-the-Job-Training are back, after being sidelined for decades. But it’s not because Business have any loyalty to the workers; they are just worried that their Globalist policies have caused the Fall of the West, something that the Workers knew long ago. – Peter M.

Eyepopping Factory Construction Boom in the US: Semiconductors, Auto Industry, and Everyone Else

Eyepopping Factory Construction Boom in the US: Semiconductors, Auto Industry, and Everyone Else

by Wolf Richter • Jun 3, 2024 • <>5 Comments

A massive corporate rethink is underway. Inflation in construction costs explains only a small portion of the spending boom.

By Wolf Richter for WOLF STREET.

Companies plowed $18.4 billion in April into the construction of manufacturing plants in the US, a seasonally adjusted annual rate of construction spending of a record $212 billion, according to the Census Bureau today. This was up by 140% to 200% from the range in 2015 through mid-2021,

The spike in factory-construction activity began in the second half of 2021. The CHIPS Act, signed into law in August 2022, seems to have turbocharged it, though the money hasn’t even started flowing yet.

Beyond semiconductors, a large number and a great variety of manufacturing plants have been announced over the past two years, and we’ll get to some that were announced just in recent weeks. They’re part of what the National Manufacturing Association has termed, “general reshoring.”

During the record year of 2023, spending on factory construction spiked by 71% from 2022, and by 138% from 2021, to $196 billion. And 2024 is on track to set a new record as the eyepopping boom continues.

This boom is a result of a massive corporate and government rethink after the supply-chain and transportation chaos during the pandemic, the increasingly edgy relationship between the US and China, the fundamentally scary dependence by US companies on production in China, and the nerve-racking dependence on semiconductor production in Taiwan.

Inflation explains only a small portion of the spending boom.

The Producer Price Index for construction costs of nonresidential buildings exploded in mid-2021 through 2022, but then hit a ceiling and has remained roughly unchanged at this sky-high level since December 2022 (red in the chart below).

From September 2021 through December 2022, the index spiked by 28%. Over the same period, investment in factory construction jumped by 56%. Since then, the PPI has remained flat to down, while investment in factory construction jumped by another 64%.

On a year-over-year basis, the PPI for nonresidential construction has been negative for the first four months of 2024 (green):

Construction costs are just part of the investment in a factory.

In general, today’s largely automated manufacturing processes require costly equipment that can dwarf the construction costs of the building. But the costs of the manufacturing equipment and related costs are not included in the data of construction spending here.

In terms of the semiconductor industry: the total cost of a chip plant might reach $20 billion, but the construction costs are only a smallish part of it. The costs of the equipment and the costs of getting it all to operate eat up a far bigger part of the investment.

Massive investments in semiconductor plants.

The first grants and loans under the CHIPS act were awarded only in March 2024, spearheaded by the announcement that <>Intel would get up to $23 billion in grants and loans, plus up to $25 billion in tax credits. This was followed by announcements that TSMC (the world’s largest contract chip maker), Samsung, and Micron each would get over $6 billion in grants, and that Global Foundries would get $1.5 billion in grants. Smaller announcements followed.

But the deals will take time to finalize, and disbursement will be spread out over phases.

The total costs of building a fab, to equip it, and to get it up and running are huge. TSMC has announced over $65 billion in investments, including $40 billion for two fabs that are now under construction near Phoenix. Despite assorted delays and issues, TSMC said that its first fab “is on track to begin production leveraging 4nm technology” in the first half of 2025.

Intel has rolled out $100 billion in investment plans, including $43 billion for facilities in Ohio, New Mexico, Oregon, and Arizona. Texas Instruments is investing $30 billion in Texas. Samsung is investing about $45 billion in Texas. Micron is talking about $125 billion, with new plants in New York and Idaho. These numbers are gigantic, but only a smallish part of it all will be construction costs of the building and will be tracked here.

New factories beyond semiconductors.

Chip plants are written all over this boom in factory construction because the plans are huge and costly, heavily government subsidized, and get all the publicity. But there’s more going on.

Here is a sampling of announcements beyond semiconductors over just the past few weeks:

Toyota announced a $1.4-billion investment in its Princeton, Indiana, facility to assemble its new three-row battery electric SUV, bringing total investment in Indiana to $8 billion. “This investment will not only provide plant infrastructure to build the all-new BEV, it will add a new battery pack assembly line using lithium-ion batteries supplied by Toyota Battery Manufacturing North Carolina, a $13.9 billion facility slated to begin production in 2025,” Toyota <>said on April 25.

Kohler Co., maker of kitchen and bath products, inaugurated a 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility in Casa Grande, Arizona.

Crystal Window & Door Systems announced a new manufacturing facility in Johnston County, North Carolina, to specialize in aluminum and vinyl extrusion, and window and door fabrication.

ION Storage Systems commissioned a solid-state battery manufacturing plant in the US, in Beltsville, Maryland.

GAF Energy inaugurated its 450,000-square-foot Timberline Solar manufacturing facility in Georgetown, Texas.

GF Casting Solutions AG, a division of Georg Fischer AG, headquartered in Switzerland, announced a new manufacturing facility in Augusta, Georgia, to produce large structural cast-aluminum components for the automotive industry.

Boviet Solar announced a 1-million-square-foot manufacturing facility for solar panels in Greenville, North Carolina.

Green New Energy Materials, a battery component manufacturer, announced a $140 million lithium-ion battery separator manufacturing facility in Denver, North Carolina.