Peter Myers Digest: Foolish Hamas–they fell into a Mossad trap, and forfeited the moral high ground

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(0) Foolish Hamas–they fell into a Mossad trap, and forfeited the moral high ground
(1) Ari Ben-Menashe on Mossad posing as “Palestinian Terrorists”
(2) Mossad preferred Hamas to PLO – Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad officer
(3) Hamas forfeited the moral high ground
(4) Netanyahu ignored repeated warnings from Egyptian intelligence
(5) Orchestrated by Netanyahu?
(6) Economist Intelligence Failure
(7) Did Mossad let it happen? Philip Giraldi and Prof Michel Chossudovsky
(8) No, the Hamas Invasion Was Not an Israeli ‘Intelligence Failure’
(9) Netanyahu Gets His War
(10) Israel has secretly been supplying weapons to Ukraine

(0) Foolish Hamas–they fell into a Mossad trap, and forfeited the moral high ground

by Peter Gerard Myers, October 12, 2023

How do I know that this was a Mossad operation? Because I study the books of Ari Ben-Menashe and Victor Ostrovsky; they reveal Mossad’s mindset and strategy.

Ben-Menashe reveals cases of Mossad posing as “Palestinian Terrorists” (item 1); and Victor Ostrovsky, a former Mossad officer, reveals that Mossad encouraged the rise of Hamas (item 2).

The objective was to get Palestinians to forfeit the moral high ground. Hamas has done that, and its infamy will justify the ethnic cleansing agenda of the Netanyahu government. The world will not complain, now, when Palestinians are forced out of their enclaves.

Item 4 below, stating that Netanyahu ignored repeated warnings from Egyptian intelligence, is the main clue that the media narrative is fake.

If I can see this, how is it that Hamas did not?

The Hamas attack has been likended to 9/11. And it, too, was a false flag attack. Yes, there were some Arab hijackers, infiltrated by Mossad agents and possibly even led by Mossad agents, but all they intended to do was hijack a few planes and demand a ransom, a quid pro quo as Arab hijackers had always done. But they themselves got hijacked and flown into the twin towers. [although the exact course of events is unclear]

Thousands of people lost their lives that day, but the plotters got what they wanted–a war on Islam, invasions of Afghanistran and Iraq, plus the surveillance state at home.

The true plotters behind the Hamas attack similarly have the blood of thousands of people on their hands, but they too got what they wanted. Palestinians, Moslems and their supporters have, once again, lost the moral high ground.

THAT is what all such operationas are about.

Those who cheer Hamas on are just as foolish as those who celebrated the attack on the Twin Towers, not realising that it was a Mossad/Deep State job.

(1) Ari Ben-Menashe on Mossad posing as “Palestinian Terrorists”

Ari Ben-Menashe, Profits of War: The Sensational Story of the World-Wide Arms Conspiracy, Allen
& Unwin, Sydney 1992

{p. 122} An example is the case of the “Palestinian” attack on the cruise ship Achille Lauro in 1985. That
was, in fact, an Israeli “black” propaganda operation to show what a deadly, cutthroat bunch the
Palestinians were.

The operation worked like this: Eitan passed instructions to Radi that it was time for the Palestinians
to make an attack and do something cruel, though no specifics were laid out. Radi passed orders on to Abu’l
Abbas, who, to follow such orders, was receiving millions from Israeli intelligence officers posing as
Sicilian dons. Abbas then gathered a team to attack the cruise ship. The team was told to make it
bad, to show the world what lay in store for other unsuspecting citizens if Palestinian demands were not met. As
the world knows, the group picked on an elderly American Jewish man in a wheelchair, killed him, and
threw his body overboard. They made their point. But for Israel it was the best kind of
anti-Palestinian propaganda.

(2) Mossad preferred Hamas to PLO – Victor Ostrovsky, former Mossad officer

And if the Mossad could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.

Victor Ostrovsky, The Other Side of Deception HarperCollinsPublishers New York 1994.

{p. 197} The Mossad realized that it had to come up with a new threat to the region, a threat of such magnitude that it would justify whatever action the Mossad might see fit to take.

The right-wing elements in the Mossad (and in the whole country, for that matter) had what they regarded as a sound philosophy: They believed (correctly, as it happened) that Israel was the strongest military presence in the Middle East. In fact, they believed that the military might of what had become known as “fortress Israel” was greater than that of all of the Arab armies combined, and was responsible for whatever security Israel possessed. The right wing believed then – and they still believe – that this strength arises from the need to answer the constant threat of war.

The corollary belief was that peace overtures would inevitably start a process of corrosion that would weaken the military and eventually bring about the demise of the state of Israel, since, the philosophy goes, its Arab neighbors are untrustworthy, and no treaty signed by them is worth the paper it’s written on.

Supporting the radical elements of Muslim fundamentalism sat well with the Mossad’s general plan for the region. An Arab world run by fundamentalists would not be a party to any negotiations with the West, thus leaving Israel again as the only democratic, rational country in the region. And if the Mossad could arrange for the Hamas (Palestinian fundamentalists) to take over the Palestinian streets from the PLO, then the picture would be complete.

(3) Hamas forfeited the moral high ground

UPDATED: Hamas declares war on Israel?

Oct 9, 2023 326
UPDATED: Hamas declares war on Israel?

UPDATED 9/10/23 [Skip]
Head of IDF announces “complete siege” on Gaza.
Experts cast doubt on “intelligence failure” narrative.
Fake news – video game footage passed of as real. Again.
Domestic and international political reactions.

Earlier today, Hamas launched a “surprise attack” on Israel, allegedly killing dozens. Israel has already struck back at Gaza.

According to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Israel is now “at war”. You can almost hear the glee in the words of the Atlantic Council’s experts.

It started this morning (the Washington Post has a handy timeline) with Hamas launching rockets at several Israeli cities including Tel Aviv.

After that Palestinian fighters broke through the Southern border, “taking over Israeli towns” and kidnapping civilians to use as hostages. We know this because they helpfully recorded themselves doing it and uploaded it to the internet.

Then came the insurgents on motorised hang-gliders:

The Israeli response has been as hard as you’d expect. Two hundred civilians are said to have been killed already.

Exactly 50 years and one day since the Yom Kippur war, we have a new war to talk about.

…and talk they are. Already the hot takes are flying around. Social media is the ultimate fog of war machine, and misattributed clips and photos are already being passed around. Just like the early days of the Ukraine “special military operation”.

This gels neatly with Todd Hayen’s column from this morning, reminding us in the age of technology visual evidence is not the touchstone it used to be.

Consider our banner image of war-torn Palestine…

…it was made with a generative AI. (A handy tool for any war photographers who don’t feel like visiting a warzone). How many images and how much footage of this war – or others – is produced this way? Who can say.

There’s already talk that, like in 1973, it could cause an energy crisis. Definitely something to keep in mind.

The most surprising thing about this attack is, well, that it was a surprise.

After all, you’d think an over-funded Israeli military would be well capable of both monitoring and countering any attack from the comparatively small and ill-equipped Palestinian forces.

For those who want an explanation, multiple outlets have already published stories detailing the “historic nature” of the “intelligence failures” that led to this point.

Smart work considering it only happened this morning. A quicker autopsy on a fresher body you will not find.

For those wondering why Hamas, who comfortably held the moral high-ground and the sympathies of Western leftists, would not only kidnap young women from “peace festivals” but also record themselves doing it and publish it to the internet – well, we have explainer pieces for that too.

So that’s how it happened and why it happened all explained before anybody can even be sure exactly what has happened. Very neat. …

(4) Netanyahu ignored repeated warnings from Egyptian intelligence

Egypt intelligence official says Israel ignored repeated warnings of ‘something big’

Cairo official says Israel focused on West Bank instead of Gaza; Egypt’s spy chief said to warn PM of ‘terrible operation,’ Netanyahu’s office denies

Mounting questions over Israel’s massive intelligence failure to anticipate and prepare for a surprise Hamas assault were compounded Monday when an Egyptian intelligence official said that Jerusalem had ignored repeated warnings that the Gaza-based terror group was planning “something big” — which included an apparent direct notice from Cairo’s intelligence minister to the prime minister.

The Egyptian official said Egypt, which often serves as a mediator between Israel and Hamas, had spoken repeatedly with the Israelis about “something big,” without elaborating.

He said Israeli officials were focused on the West Bank and played down the threat from Gaza. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is made up of supporters of West Bank settlers who have demanded a security crackdown there in the face of a rising tide of violence over the last 18 months.

“We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big. But they underestimated such warnings,” the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because he wasn’t authorized to discuss the content of sensitive intelligence discussions with the media, told The Associated Press.

In one of the said warnings, Egypt’s Intelligence Minister General Abbas Kamel personally called Netanyahu only 10 days before the massive attack that Gazans were likely to do “something unusual, a terrible operation,” according to the Ynet news site.

Unnamed Egyptian officials told the site they were shocked by Netanyahu’s indifference to the news and said the premier told the minister the military was “submerged” in troubles in the West Bank.

The Prime Minister’s Office denied the reports in a statement Monday, claiming they were a “complete lie.”

“No early message came from Egypt and the prime minister did not speak or meet with the intelligence chief since the establishment of the government — not indirectly or directly. This is completely fake news,” the statement read.

However, Israel was not only ignoring clear warnings from its allies.

For Palestinians in Gaza, Israel’s eyes are never very far away. Surveillance drones buzz constantly in the skies. The highly secured border is awash with security cameras and soldiers on guard. Intelligence agencies work sources and cyber capabilities to draw out information.

But Israel’s eyes appeared to have been closed in the lead-up to the surprise onslaught by the Hamas terror group, which broke through Israeli border barriers and sent hundreds of terrorists into Israel to carry out a brazen attack that killed over 700 people and wounded over 2,000.

Israel’s intelligence agencies have gained an aura of invincibility over the decades because of a string of achievements. Israel has foiled plots seeded in the West Bank, allegedly hunted down Hamas operatives in Dubai and has been accused of killing Iranian nuclear scientists in the heart of Iran. Even when their efforts have stumbled, agencies like the Mossad, Shin Bet and military intelligence have maintained their mystique.

But the weekend’s assault, which caught Israel off guard on a major Jewish holiday, plunges that reputation into doubt and raises questions about the country’s readiness in the face of a weaker but determined foe. Over 48 hours after the start of the attack, Hamas terrorists continued to battle Israeli forces inside Israeli territory, and over 100 Israelis were in Hamas captivity in Gaza.

“This is a major failure,” said Yaakov Amidror, a former national security adviser to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. “This operation actually proves that the [intelligence] abilities in Gaza were no good.”

Amidror declined to offer an explanation for the failure, saying lessons must be learned when the dust settles.

Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari, the chief military spokesman, acknowledged the army owes the public an explanation. But he said now is not the time. “First, we fight, then we investigate,” he said.

Some say it is too early to pin the blame solely on an intelligence failure. They point to a wave of low-level violence in the West Bank that shifted some military resources there and the political chaos roiling the country over steps by Netanyahu’s far-right government to overhaul the judiciary. The controversial plan has threatened the cohesion of the IDF, seen as the people’s army.

But the apparent lack of prior knowledge of Hamas’s plot will likely be seen as a prime culprit in the chain of events that led to the deadliest attack against Israelis in decades.

Israel withdrew troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip in 2005, stripping it of a close handle on the happenings in the territory. But even after Hamas overran Gaza in 2007, Israel appeared to maintain its edge, using technological and human intelligence.

It claimed to know the precise locations of Hamas leadership and appeared to prove it through the targeted killing of terror leaders in surgical strikes, sometimes while they slept in their bedrooms. Israel has known where to strike underground tunnels used by Hamas to ferry around fighters and arms, destroying miles (kilometers) of the concealed passageways.

Despite those abilities, Hamas was able to keep its plan under wraps. The ferocious attack, which likely took <> months of planning and meticulous training and involved coordination among multiple terror groups, appeared to have gone under Israel’s intelligence radar.

Amir Avivi, a retired Israeli general, said that without a foothold inside Gaza, Israel’s security services have come to rely increasingly on technological means to gain intelligence. He said terrorists in Gaza have found ways to evade that technological intelligence gathering, giving Israel an incomplete picture of their intentions.

“The other side learned to deal with our technological dominance and they stopped using technology that could expose it,” said Avivi, who served as a conduit for intelligence materials under a former military chief of staff. Avivi is president and founder of Israel Defense and Security Forum, a hawkish group of former military commanders.

“They’ve gone back to the Stone Age,” he said, explaining that terrorists weren’t using phones or computers and were conducting their sensitive business in rooms specially guarded from technological espionage or going underground.

But Avivi said the failure extends beyond just intelligence gathering and Israel’s security services failed to put together an accurate picture from the intelligence they were receiving, based on what he said was a misconception surrounding Hamas’s intentions.

Israel’s security establishment has in recent years increasingly seen Hamas as an actor interested in governing, seeking to develop Gaza’s economy and improving the standard of living of Gaza’s 2.3 million people. But Avivi and others say the truth is that Hamas, which openly calls for Israel’s destruction, sees that aim as its priority.

Israel in recent years has allowed up to 18,000 Palestinian laborers from Gaza to work in Israel, where they can earn a salary about 10 times higher than in the impoverished coastal enclave. The security establishment saw that carrot as a way to maintain relative calm.

“In practice, hundreds if not thousands of Hamas men were preparing for a surprise attack for months, without that having leaked,” wrote Amos Harel, a defense commentator, in the daily Haaretz. “The results are catastrophic.”

Israel has also been preoccupied and torn apart by Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul plan. Netanyahu had received repeated warnings by his defense chiefs, as well as several former leaders of the country’s intelligence agencies, that the divisive plan was chipping away at the cohesion of the country’s security services.

Martin Indyk, who served as a special envoy for Israeli-Palestinian negotiations during the Obama administration, said internal divisions over the legal changes was an aggravating factor that contributed to the Israelis being caught off guard.

“That roiled the IDF in a way that was, I think, we discovered was a huge distraction,” he said.

Times of Israel staff contributed to this report.

(5) Orchestrated by Netanyahu?

From (name & email withheld)

Isn’t it funny how just as Israeli society is tearing itself apart and
appeared close to civil war, this attack comes along and within hours
Netanyahu’s political opponents are forced into a coalition government to
support him?

I take nothing away from the bravery of the Hamas soldiers who are fighting
in this battle, but it is simply not credible that Hamas could have done
this… The Gaza fence is in open country with little to conceal advancing
Hamas units, and we are talking about hundreds of Hamas soldiers moving
across the border. Where were all the IDF units who normally man and
monitor this border fence? What happened to the surveillance of the border
fence? What about the sensors? What happened to the vaunted IDF air
defenses that were overwhelmed by Homemade hang gliders powered by lawn
mower engines and box fans?

We are hearing rumors that Iran conducted a cyber attack that took down the
electronic surveillance of the border fence, but did the Iranians also
order the removal of IDF units that apparently left the Israeli border
towns utterly defenseless? It seems much more likely that Netanyahu
orchestrated this as an easy way to solve his political problems while also
providing a pretext for the IDF to finish the ethnic cleansing of Gaza and
perhaps the West Bank as well.

Posted by: BobM | Oct 8 2023 12:05 utc | 2

(6) Economist Intelligence Failure

Middle East and Africa | Clueless in Gaza

Hamas’s attack was an Israeli intelligence failure on multiple fronts
It was also a textbook military operation

Oct 9th 2023 | JERUSALEM

The vicious success of Hamas’s attack on Israel, without their plans being unveiled, is matched by the astounding failure of Israeli intelligence at every level. The assault by land, sea and air on October 7th left at least 800 dead in Israel, and must have required months of planning. Officials are in shock that such a significant military buildup by the Islamist movement that controls Gaza escaped their notice. That will surely be the subject of multiple investigations once the fighting in Gaza is over. But it is already clear that the failures came in two forms: one of intelligence-collecting and the other of assessing and interpreting that intelligence.

First, Israel was let down by its extensive array of electronic sensors, surveillance systems and old-fashioned human intelligence in the form of agents on the ground. These are all the responsibility of the army’s intelligence branch and Shin Bet, the domestic security service which is tasked with covering Gaza and the West Bank.

(7) Did Mossad let it happen? Philip Giraldi and Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”? They Let it Happen? Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?

Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”? They Let it Happen? Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?

By Philip Giraldi and Prof Michel Chossudovsky

Global Research, October 09, 2023

Early Saturday October 7, 2023, Hamas launched “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” led by Hamas’ Military Chief Mohammed Deif. On that same day, Netanyahu confirmed a so-called “State of Readiness For War”.

Military operations are invariably planned well in advance (See Netanyahu’s January 2023 statement below). Was “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm” a “surprise attack” ?

U.S. intelligence say they weren’t aware of an impending Hamas attack.

<> “One would have to be almost hopelessly naïve to buy the corporate state media line that the Hamas invasion was an Israeli “intelligence failure”. Mossad is one of, if not the, most powerful intelligence agencies on the planet.”

Did Netanyahu and his vast military and intelligence apparatus (Mossad et al) have foreknowledge of the Hamas attack which has resulted in countless deaths of Israelis and Palestinians.

Was a carefully formulated Israeli plan to wage an all out war against Palestinians envisaged prior to the launching by Hamas of “Operation Al-Aqsa Storm”? This was not a failure of Israeli Intelligence, as conveyed by the media. Quite the opposite.

Evidence and testimonies suggest that the Netanyahu government had foreknowledge of the actions of Hamas which have resulted in hundreds of Israeli and Palestinian deaths. And “They Let it Happen”:

“Hamas fired between 2-5 thousand rockets at Israel and hundreds of Israeli are dead, while dozens of Israelis were captured as prisoners of war. In the ensuing air response by Israel, hundreds of Palestinians were killed in Gaza.” (<> Stephen Sahiounie)

Following the Al Aqsa Storm Operation on October 7, Israel’s defence minister described Palestinians as “human animals” and vowed to “act accordingly,” as fighter jets unleashed a massive bombing of the Gaza Strip home of 2.3 million Palestinians…” (Middle East Eye). A complete blockade on the Gaza Strip was initiated on October 9, 2023 consisting in blocking and obstructing the importation of food, water, fuel, and essential commodities to 2.3 Million Palestinians. It’s an outright crime against humanity. It’s genocide.

It is worth noting, that Netanyahu’s military actions are not targeting HAMAS, quite the opposite: he is targeting 2.3 million innocent Palestinian civilians, in blatant violation of the <> Four Basic Principles of The Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC):

“….respect for and protection of the civilian population and civilian objects [schools, hospitals and residential areas], the Parties to the conflict shall at all times distinguish between the civilian population and combatants and between civilian objects and military objectives and accordingly shall direct their operations only against military objectives.” [Additional Protocol 1, Article 48]

This was not a “surprise attack”

Was the Hamas Attack a “False Flag”?

“I served in the IDF 25 years ago, in the intelligence forces. There’s no way Israel did not know of what’s coming.
A cat moving alongside the fence is triggering all forces. So this??
What happened to the “strongest army in the world”?
How come border crossings were wide open?? Something is VERY WRONG HERE, something is very strange, this chain of events is very unusual and not typical for the Israeli defense system.
To me this suprise attack seems like a planned operation. On all fronts.
If I was a conspiracy theorist I would say that this feels like the work of the Deep State.
It feels like the people of Israel and the people of Palestine have been sold, once again, to the higher powers that be.
(Statement by <> Efrat Fenigson, former IDF intelligence, October 7, 2023, emphasis added)

Ironically, the media (NBC) is now contending that the <> “Hamas attack bears hallmarks of Iranian involvement”

History: The Relationship between Mossad and Hamas

What is the relationship between Mossad and Hamas? Is Hamas an “intelligence asset”? There is a long history.

Hamas (Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiyya) (Islamic Resistance Movement), was founded in 1987 by Sheik Ahmed Yassin. It was supported at the outset by Israeli intelligence as a means to weaken the Palestinian Authority:

“Thanks to Mossad, (Israel’s “Institute for Intelligence and Special Tasks”), Hamas was allowed to reinforce its presence in the occupied territories. Meanwhile, Arafat’s Fatah Movement for National Liberation as well as the Palestinian Left were subjected to the most brutal form of repression and intimidation.

Let us not forget that it was Israel, which in fact created Hamas. According to Zeev Sternell, historian at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, “Israel thought that it was a smart ploy to push the Islamists against the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO)”. (<> L’Humanité, translated from French)

The links of Hamas to Mossad and US intelligence have been acknowledged by Rep. Ron Paul in a statement to the U.S Congress: “Hamas Was Started by Israel”?

“You know Hamas, if you look at the history, you’ll find out that Hamas was encouraged and really started by Israel because they wanted Hamas to counteract Yasser Arafat… (Rep. <> Ron Paul, 2011)

What this statement entails is that Hamas is and remains “an intelligence asset”, namely “an “asset” to intelligence agencies”

See also the WSJ (January 24, 2009) “How Israel helped to Spawn Hamas”. <>

Instead of trying to curb Gaza’s Islamists from the outset, says Mr. Cohen, Israel for years tolerated and, in some cases, encouraged them as a counterweight to the secular nationalists of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its dominant faction, Yasser Arafat’s Fatah. (WSJ, emphasis added)

Netanyahu’s “New Stage” of “The Long War” against Palestine <>

Netanyahu’s stated objective, which constitutes a new stage in the 75 year old war (since Nakba, 1948) against the people of Palestine is no longer predicated on “Apartheid” or “Separation”. This new stage –which is also to directed against Israelis who want peace– consists in “total appropriation” as well as the outright exclusion of the Palestinian people from their homeland:

“These are the basic lines of the national government headed by me [Netanyahu]: The Jewish people have an exclusive and unquestionable right to all areas of the Land of Israel. The government will promote and develop settlement in all parts of the Land of Israel — in the Galilee, the Negev, the Golan, Judea and Samaria.” (Netanyahu <> January 2023. emphasis added)

We bring to the attention of our readers the incisive analysis of Dr. Philip Giraldi pointing to the likelihood of a “False Flag’”.

Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, October 8, 2023

Read below the incisive analysis by Dr. Philip Giraldi.

Is the Gaza-Israel Fighting “A False Flag”?

They Let it Happen?

Their Objective Is “to Wipe Gaza Off the Map”?

by Dr. Philip Giraldi

October 8, 2023

Am I the only one who read about a speech given by Netanyahu or someone in his cabinet about a week ago in which he/they in passing referred to a “developing security situation” which rather suggests (to me) that they might have known about developments in Gaza and chose to let it happen so they can wipe Gaza off the map in retaliation and, possibly relying on the US pledge to have Israel’s “back,” then implicating Iran and attacking that country.

I cannot find a link to it, but have a fairly strong recollection of what I read as I thought at the time it would serve as a pretext for another massacre of Palestinians.

As a former intelligence officer, I find it impossible to believe that Israel did not have multiple informants inside Gaza as well as electronic listening devices all along the border wall which would have picked up movements of groups and vehicles.

In other words, the whole thing might be a tissue of lies as is often the case.

And as is also ALWAYS the case Joe Biden is preparing to send some billions of dollars to poor little Israel to pay for “defending” itself.

(8) No, the Hamas Invasion Was Not an Israeli ‘Intelligence Failure’

No, the Hamas Invasion Was Not an Israeli ‘Intelligence Failure’

By Ben Bartee
Global Research, October 09, 2023

One would have to be almost hopelessly naïve to buy the corporate state media line that the Hamas invasion yesterday morning was an Israeli “intelligence failure.”

Mossad is one of, if not the, most powerful intelligence agencies on the planet. It routinely shares intelligence, furthermore, with the “Five Eyes” intelligence services.

It has its tentacles deep inside of every ally and foe of import.

Its spies are littered across the Gaza Strip, which is an effective open-air prison into which goods do not flow but for the blessing of the Israeli state. The Gaza Strip is arguably the most heavily surveilled geographic area on Earth.

The Hamas invasion of Southern Israel yesterday was an operation involving tens of thousands of operatives, at least, across land, sea, and air, using all manner of equipment and weaponry – drones, thousands of rockets, countless firearms, and even bulldozers that were positioned to knock down Israeli fencing.

And MSNBC and CNN would have you believe this was all a big “intelligence failure” by Mossad.

Bibi Netanyahu was in real political trouble before this conveniently timed invasion.

Now, or at least this is the hope, Israelis will rally around the flag for some patriotic Palestinian ass-kicking and their Prime Minister’s imminently obvious corruption will be, at least temporarily, forgotten, if not forgiven.

Meanwhile, Israeli intelligence, rather than being punished for its “failure,” will use its “failure” as a pretext to garner more funding and more authorities for itself so as to prevent another such “failure.”

The Hamas invasion was only a “failure” if one believes the goal of Mossad is to protect Israeli civilians rather than accrue more power for itself.

At a bare minimum, Mossad knew of the attack beforehand and let it happen for political convenience. More likely, in my view, is that it actively facilitated the attack.

The kind of person who would believe this was a big intelligence whoopsie are the same kind of people who would buy that a handful of semi-literate cave-dwellers halfway around the world singlehandedly pulled off the greatest terror attack in world history with no assistance from spooks and that buildings with structure fires at the top of them collapse at freefall speed neatly into their own footprints.

(9) Netanyahu Gets His War

Martin Jay, Gaza Crisis Gives Netanyahu His Wet Dream – The War He Has Always Longed for

Gaza Crisis Gives Netanyahu His Wet Dream – The War He Has Always Longed for

Do the people in Gaza have no legal pretext to defend their rights being stripped away while the West increasingly gives Israel its tacit approval to a new holocaust which Palestinians wake up to every day since 75 years?

The attacks and subsequent war are nearly all from the West’s goading of Israelis to do whatever they want to Palestinians to get what they need. And now watch how western media portray Israel as a victim needing to “defend” itself.

It was simply inevitable. How much longer did Israel and the West in general think they had in Palestine with the daily slaughter of its citizens, unlawful arrests, land and property grabs and the general dehumanisation of the people? While western observers seemed to be shocked by the scale and seriousness of the attacks, many in the Arab world are shrugging their shoulders and saying “we told you so” to the Israeli government and Benjamin Netanyahu.

One such pundit who was quick to respond was Saudi Arabia. Ironically this country was about to sign a normalisation accord with Israel which would have been the starter’s pistol for not only other Arab countries but even Muslim countries like Indonesia to respect the state of Israel and milk the new relation for what it was worth – mainly arms and spying software.

But now with the bloodbath which the Palestinians have carried out, there can be no more “normalisation” as countries like Bahrain, Sudan, UAE and Morocco now will have to rethink everything while Netanyahu will undoubtedly throw everything he has at taking over Gaza in a full military operation while going to full-out war with Hamas fighters.

Perhaps somebody should tell him though that this is exactly what Hamas wants: to bring the war to their doorsteps. Surely Hamas have been planning this for years as the detail and coordination of the attacks were impressive. And yet there will be some who will say that the trap that Netanyahu is being pulled into – a full-on war in Gaza backed on the Palestinian side by Iranian money – is not a trap at all. Perhaps this is what the Israeli leader has been dreaming of all his life and that he wasn’t taken off guard by the attacks at all. It is entirely feasible that Netanyahu learned of them and prepared for a response which would justify a new ‘state of emergency’ where a swathe of new emergency laws can be passed while he goes to war with Iran and Hamas. A dream come true.

It is not at all far-fetched to imagine this scenario given that sacrificing his own people to infuse such a scenario is already there as evidence for many to see with video clips on social media of his own air force attacking Hamas vehicles speeding away with captive IDF soldiers inside.

But if he didn’t know about it, then he should be prepared for a second major shock when Hezbollah in Lebanon engages in the battle with its long-range, precision rockets aimed at hundreds of Israeli government and military installations, airports, power stations and other infrastructure. Can Israel really believe it can carry out a guerrilla war in Gaza which they have not seen before as well as fight Hezbollah and Iran in Lebanon and in Syria respectably? Is Netanyahu dreaming or does he have an ace up his sleeve? He may well believe that Biden will back him financially and militarily although the relation between the White House and Netanyahu’s administration is hardly one which would step up to the mark in such a war with Iran. It’s unlikely that Biden will want his name carved into the history books as the first American president since Iran’s revolution to actually go to war, albeit a proxy one, with Tehran.

International law should play a key role in Palestine and yet it has been largely airbrushed out of the entire equation for 20 years, along with any kind of objective viewpoint from EU countries who long ago could look at the situation objectively. These days though the message is clear from both the EU’s gardener-in-chief, the hapless Josep Borrell and from EU member states individually: We are with Israel no matter what the details of this are.

Amazingly, the Abraham Accords and also the blinded ignorance of western countries to not even accept the appalling occupation of Gaza – supported by media giants like BBC for example – is what has collectively contributed to the Palestinians going this far. They literally have nothing to lose. The Abraham Accords were perhaps a tipping point, a marker in the timeline of the ultimate betrayal by the Arab world and one which twisted a knife even further in the Gaza gut. The Palestinians could not take any more.

Prepare yourself to be shocked even further how absurdly one sided and bigoted the reporting will be from western MSM who will send their top journalists to cover the new war with their shiny new Israeli press accreditation badges who have already latched on to the key phrase offered by western leaders “the right of Israel to defend itself”. Defend is an interesting word to use. Do international laws simply not apply to Gaza? Do the people there have no legal pretext to defend their rights being stripped away while the West increasingly gives Israel its tacit approval to a new holocaust which Palestinians wake up to every day since 75 years? Defend?

(10) Israel has secretly been supplying weapons to Ukraine

IDF may be faced with a shell shortage crisis because the Israeli government reportedly agreed to covertly supply a big chunk of Israeli war reserves to the Kiev regime

Kiev regime’s hunger for weapons exacerbated by latest Israel-Gaza conflict

Kiev regime’s hunger for weapons exacerbated by latest Israel-Gaza conflict

By Drago Bosnic

October 9, 2023