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(1) Russia’s killer Lancet drones use Nvidia chips, thanks to Globalization
(2) Western Parts give Russian Lancet-3 Drone advanced Targeting and Anti-jamming Capabilities
(3) Eurovision promotes Trans and Satanism
(4) Australia’s censorship commissar threatens 780k fine for ‘misgendering’ porn-posting Tranny

(1) Russia’s killer Lancet drones use Nvidia chips, thanks to Globalization

Russia’s killer Lancet drone runs on American AI

Russia’s killer Lancet drone runs on American AI

Russia’s use of Nvidia’s TX-2 AI module in its Lancet-3 drone shows US not doing enough to stop proliferation of its top-end dual-use tech

MAY 9, 2024

When the Ukrainians have taken apart Russian weapons, they have found them stuffed with Western electronics, mainly American.

This applies to Russia’s highly successful Lancet Kamikaze drone, also known as a loitering munition. <>In the Lancet-3, a key component for its alleged artificial intelligence (AI) capability is the advanced development module called the Jetson TX2, produced by US chipmaker Nvidia.

Nvidia describes the Jetson TX-2 as “the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI computing device. This 7.5-watt supercomputer on a module brings true AI computing at the edge. It’s built around an NVIDIA Pascal™-family GPU and loaded with 8GB of memory and 59.7GB/s of memory bandwidth. It features a variety of standard hardware interfaces that make it easy to integrate it into a wide range of products and form factors.”

(GPU stands for Graphical Processing Unit. NVIDIA Pascal is a microarchitecture implemented on its GPUs.)

Nvidia has already moved on to a newer module called the <>Jetson Xavier NX, a much more powerful AI module. Nonetheless, the Jetson TX-2 remains available and will be until 2028, according to Nvidia.

Nvidia’s AI modules are based on highly advanced manufacturing techniques. The critical AI integrated circuit is made in Taiwan but the entire Jetson TX-2 module is assembled in China at BYD Huizhou, with a second source in Taiwan at Foxconn in Taoyuan.

The module contains a number of integrated circuits and looks like this:

Some of the other components on the TX-2 module come from different places, including China and South Korea. Other American and European products show up in the Lancet series and in drones from Iran.

One especially important component is the U-Blox Lea-m8s-0-10 GPS navigation system. This device can receive navigation signals from the US GPS system, Europe’s Galileo GPS, Russia’s Glonass and China’s Beidou.

Many cell phones can also do this (though usually not Galileo). What makes the U-Blox special, according to experts who have experience dealing with the Lancet, is that it is both jam and spoof-resistant, meaning it is hard to try and break off the GPS lock guiding the weapon. U-Blox is made in Switzerland.

To be clear, neither Nvidia nor U-Blox has violated any law by selling these products. The chips go into distribution systems where they are sold to end-users. From there, they wind up in Russia or China or Iran.

Washington has tried to take action over the spread of AI chips to China but that has meant in practice urging companies not to transfer manufacturing know-how to China nor to transfer sensitive AI software.

There is little evidence, however, to show that Washington has been able to control the loss of key components such as the Jetson TX-2. If strong action isn’t taken, the Russians, Chinese and Iranians will continue to be able to use the latest AI modules for military and commercial applications.

Part of the reason is that manufacturing for AI products is mostly offshore from the United States. This means that high-level cooperation is essential.

It also means that the US faces significant risk should AI chip production, especially in Taiwan, be cut off either by war, blockade or simply because of a natural disaster. (Taiwan is prone to earthquakes.)

Efforts are now underway to build new advanced chip foundries in the US, which will be a real help in the future. Even so, it will be years before these really come online and Taiwan will continue to manufacture for US companies because TSMC and other Taiwan companies are competitive and highly capable.

For political reasons, the Biden administration is not enthusiastic about leveraging US chip companies. The <>Chips Act, wherein the US is providing massive subsidies, is supposed to help reestablish US manufacturing.

Joe Biden wants more chip production done in the United States. Image: Twitter (X) Screengrab

That by itself is a good thing but it does not deal with the proliferation of AI electronics abroad, especially to China. Unfortunately, the regulatory apparatus in the United States, particularly when it comes to DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion), has <>hindered the rapid use of Chips Act funds.

Russia does not have a DEI problem, although it lacks private investment for its chips industry. In fact, in the bigger picture, Russia’s Achilles heel is its lack of microelectronics manufacturing infrastructure. This came about because Russia was not part of the Western microelectronics revolution.

During the Soviet period, either Russia tried to develop its own electronics in closed cities such as Zelenograd or it offloaded some of the manufacturing to Eastern Europe, especially the German Democratic Republic (GDR), aka East Germany.

Like Russia, the East Germans and others in the Warsaw Pact were mostly isolated from developments in the US.

In the future, Washington has to find effective ways to control AI technology or face the consequences. The Bradleys and Abrams that are knocked out by Russia’s Lancets in Ukraine represent a real military problem that badly needs attention.

Stephen Bryen served as staff director of the Near East Subcommittee of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and as a deputy undersecretary of defense for policy.

This <>article was first published on his Weapons and Strategy Substack and is republished with permission.

(2) Western Parts give Russian Lancet-3 Drone advanced Targeting and Anti-jamming Capabilities

Russian Lancet-3 Kamikaze Drone Filled with Foreign Parts: Western Parts Enable Russian Lancet-3 Drone to Have Advanced Targeting and Anti-jamming Capabilities

by Spencer Faragasso

December 18, 2023

<> Download PDF


The Institute for Science and International Security has reviewed open-source images and information found on the internet, identifying several key Western parts, commonly available on the commercial market, used in the Russian Lancet-3 kamikaze drone.

The Lancet-3 is an effective combat drone that has been successful in combat operations against Ukrainian systems, including Western supplied armor and artillery.

This report follows a series of reports published in the last year by the Institute on Russian drone systems and its acquisition of foreign technology.

Russia is increasingly relying on large quantities of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to identify, target, and attack Ukrainian positions, vehicles, and structures.

Russia has a limited capability to design and produce advanced strategic commodities. To build these UAVs, Russia depends on extensive procurement networks to acquire strategic commodities produced by foreign countries, particularly the United States.

Because of the use of civilian Western components in Russian military systems, the United States and its partners are intensifying controls on critical items used in Russian drones, but more needs to be done.

Key Findings and Recommendations

The Russian Lancet-3 drone, produced by ZALA-Aero Group, contains key parts produced by Western firms.

Parts from companies based primarily in the United States, Switzerland, and Czech Republic, were identified (see Table 1 below). This table is not exhaustive and is only based on the available open-source information the Institute could identify.

The Western components allow the Lancet-3 drone to have advanced targeting capabilities it would not have otherwise.

The foreign components enable Russian drones to defeat Ukraine’s defense systems more effectively.

The drone’s power source was identified by the Institute in the materials reviewed as the only component made by a Russian company. However, ZALA-Aero claims to be the producer of the airframe and the camera.

Western products found in the drone include analytical modules, the engine, and parts used in communication components, telemetry, and guidance.

The Lancet-3 has AI analytical and image processing capabilities powered by a Jetson module, produced by the American company NVIDIA and utilizing NVIDIA software, which enables the drone system to autonomously seek and track specific objects alone or in groups. The drone system is also equipped with a U-Blox guidance and navigation module that contains advanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities that have been effective at defeating Ukrainian electronic warfare measures.

Several of the Western products have been found in other drone systems operated by the Russian military. Swiss U-Blox GPS systems that have advanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing capabilities have been found in the Orlan-10 and the Shahed-136. American NVIDIA AI development modules used as an internal analytical system have been sought after by Albatross LLC for use in its Albatross M5 reconnaissance drone. The recurring appearance of these Western products in Russian drone systems shows a keen dependence on them for key capabilities in the drone systems.

The use of parts produced by Western firms follows a trend in Russian drone systems, which are highly dependent on foreign acquisition to operate as intended. This has required a range of actions to try to thwart the acquisition of those commodities, which have rarely received export control or sanctions attention in the past.

Manufacturers of the identified components need to control and limit the sale of the specific items identified more tightly.

Manufacturers should require their distributors to increase end-use and end user checks, and if necessary, reduce or temporarily cease the use of distributors altogether for certain key items, and stop exports to high-risk diversion countries, primarily China, altogether for certain key items.

The U.S. government should swiftly sanction more known Russian producers of military combat drones. A major drone producer that has yet to be sanctioned despite it supplying Shahed-136 drones to the Russian military, with the goal to have supplied 6000 by September 2025, is JSC Alabuga, which should be sanctioned along with its related companies Alabuga Development Company, Alabuga Machinery, Alabuga ExIm, and individuals with senior roles in the drone production.


The Institute for Science and International Security has analyzed open-source information on downed, recovered, and deconstructed Russian Lancet-3 drones, identifying numerous Western parts and components.<>1 This report follows a series of reports issued by the Institute analyzing Russian and Iranian drones used against Ukraine, identifying a common trend that these drone systems depend on electronics exclusively produced by firms in Western countries, particularly the United States.<>2

The Russian Lancet-3, produced by the Russian firm ZALA-Aero Group, a subsidiary of Kalashnikov Concern, is an unmanned aerial vehicle that operates as a loitering munition that remotely targets and conducts attacks in a kamikaze style.<>3 ZALA-Aero Group is sanctioned by the United States.<>4 The open-source materials analyzed by the Institute contain images of downed, destroyed, captured, and deconstructed Lancet-3 drones.<>5 The images indicate that Russia is dependent on foreign origin goods for its Lancet-3 drone system, such as the motor, image processing and analytical components, and microchip sub-components used to produce a larger component. Parts from primarily the United States, but also Switzerland, and Czech Republic, were identified (see Table 1).

The Lancet-3 Loitering Munition

The Lancet-3’s airframe and distinctive dual X-wing shape (see Figure 1) are built from composite materials enabling it to have a lightweight design. The drone is stored in a case that can be carried onto the battlefield, where the drone can be unfolded at the designated launch point. A crew of two trained soldiers operate the system. The drone is then launched via a catapult system and is controlled by a ground operator (see Figure 2 and 3). The drone can be communicated with using an antenna or a mobile ground station.<>6 A camera at the front of the drone is used for visual identification of targets and guidance in the attack. According to ZALA-Aero Group, the Lancet-3 has a purported range of roughly 40 kilometers (km) and has an advertised maximum speed of 80-110 km/hour.<>7 The drone is powered by an electric motor. The drone system carries a warhead towards the front of the UAV weighing 1-3 kg.

The drone system has made a dramatic impact on the battlefield and has successfully targeted and destroyed or damaged a multitude of combat systems operated by the Ukrainian armed forces, including Western supplied armored vehicles and artillery. The Lancet-3 reportedly has the ability to identify and attack targets autonomously in groups with the help of AI processing modules embedded in the drone system. <>8 Ukrainian officials further observed that Lancet drone strikes occur when Russian reconnaissance UAVs are conducting operations, indicating that they operate in conjunction. <>9 Once the drone system has identified a target, it locks on to the target and explodes at a designated distance from the target using a rangefinder, enabling it to defeat anti-drone protection cages, which often confuse the impact fuses on other drone systems. <>10 Prior to the war in Ukraine, the Lancet had been tested in the combat theater of Syria against Turkish forces.<>11

Newer versions of the drone, purportedly called “Product 53” or the “Izdeliye-53,” can be launched from a four pneumatic tube launching system, which enables multiple next generation Lancet drones to be launched in short succession (see Figure 4).<>12 According to the Institute for the Study of War, the Russian government claims that the new Izdeliye-53 had been used in combat missions in Ukraine, although no evidence of actual use has been found. <>13 Images of the Izdeliye-53 show that it is very similar in design to the Israeli Hero-120 loitering munition, produced by UVision. <>14
(3) Eurovision promotes Trans and Satanism

Click on the link, to see it.

The Eurovision 2024 Finale Was Basically a Demonic Ritual

The Eurovision 2024 Finale Was Basically a Demonic Ritual

Through highly symbolic performances and an overarching narrative that appears to have been scripted, the Eurovision 2024 finale was actually a Demonic ritual. Here’s a look at this celebration of degeneracy and the occult elite’s brand of Satanism.

Published on May 16, 2024

By Vigilant Citizen

Eurovision is a massive television event that has been held annually since 1956. Throughout the years, the competition has launched some of the world’s best-selling singles and turned numerous artists into global superstars.

Of course, the world elite had to turn this campy music competition into an outlet for indoctrination. And they couldn’t be subtle about it; the entire thing had to become a heavy-handed embodiment of Sodom and Gomorrah. I wish I were exaggerating or being overly dramatic but, as we’ll see, I’m just stating facts.

Eurovision’s gradual shift towards all-out elite lunacy became fully apparent during the 2019 finale. Other than its ever-increasing promotion of degeneracy, the finale culminated in a <> highly ritualistic performance by Madonna, which appeared to have predicted the coming of COVID-19.

Since then, Eurovision has been making it a point to assault its viewers with elite garbage. For instance, in 2021, Cyprus’ song entry titled El Diablo was so <> blatantly Satanic that the song sparked protests in its home country.

That said, the 2024 edition of the competition was particularly egregious in agenda promotion. In fact, the finale’s overarching narrative turned the show into an all-out mega-ritual.

However, as usual, mass media focused on everything except the competition’s actual content, making sure that people ignored the evil that stared them dead in the eyes.

Indeed, most media coverage of Eurovision 2024 focused on Israel’s controversial participation in the competition. This was not helped by the fact that Eden Golan’s song – initially titled October Rain – was a reference to the October 7th Hamas attacks.

Media coverage of Eurovision 2024 in one image: A weirdo dressed in a furry/BDSM outfit shows his support for Israel.

During the finale, every mention of Israel was met with extra loud boos (and some cheers) as the hosts awkwardly attempted to ignore the palpable tension in the crowd. In the end, despite the protests and the controversy, the Israeli contestant ranked #2 in popular votes. Since the song was rather unremarkable, one can assume that most of these votes actually supported Israel – the country.

With all of that being said, all of this attention surrounding a contestant who happened to be from Israel caused media to, once again, completely ignore what Eurovision 2024 was truly about: A tribute to Satanism and general degeneracy.

Let’s look at the actual competition.

Sodomvision 2024

Not unlike previous editions of the show, Eurovision 2024’s explicit performances – combined with the unavoidable gender-blurring agenda – exasperated people who still expected the show to be somewhat family-friendly.

Pretty much.

Here are some examples of the “musical” performances featured during the finale.

Spain’s performance featured two male dancers in g-string corsets and high-heeled boots shaking their butts at the public.

During the voting segment, contestants usually wave their country’s flag. However, in several cases (such as in Spain), the LGBT flag is more prominently displayed. Considering that the elite is looking to erase national identities and replace them with a global “culture,” this makes sense.

The UK’s performance was all about gay group sex in a filthy bathroom. That’s it.

It seems like everyone hated that performance. In fact, it received exactly ZERO points from the viewers. Not because of “homophobia”. But because it was cringy, gross, and possibly created a new form of STD.

I’m not British, but I felt second-hand embarrassment.

The representatives of Finland also made it a point to turn this music competition into perversion.

Finland’s performance was all about this guy being naked from the waist down.

While the performance was supposed to be “humorous,” it mostly felt as if a perverted creep was taking pleasure in exposing himself to the young viewers of the show.

Since the contest took place in Sweden, the final featured a tribute to ABBA – the mythical Swedish group who won Eurovision exactly 50 years ago. Did ABBA come out to perform for this occasion? Of course not. This guy did.

Conchita Wurst – the winner of Eurovision 2014 – sang an ABBA song. Why? Because he’s a bearded guy in a dress. No other reason. It’s also why he was invited to perform at the European Parliament and the United Nations. He’s the perfect representation of the elite’s unhinged gender-blurring agenda.

While this depravity was going on throughout the show, another elite obsession was happening in parallel: A Demonic ritual. Am I exaggerating? Nope.

The Ritual

While many Eurovision performances were dark and exuded Demonic vibes, Ireland’s entry to the contest depicted an actual Demonic ritual.

Ireland’s Bambie Thug wears a Satanic corruption of Jesus’ crown of thorns. As we’ll soon see, this black crown will take an important meaning at the end of the competition.

Bambie Thug’s performance at the Eurovision Finale was nothing less than a Demonic ritual.

During her performance, Bambie Thug lights candles around an inverted pentagram, the center of which is an all-seeing eye. This is not “entertainment” anymore; it is an actual ritual.

Then, Bambie Thug summons a demon on stage.

The singer lifts the demon from the depths of hell at the center of the ritualistic circle.

The witch and the demon share romantic moments. Meanwhile, families are sitting in their living rooms wondering if they’re still watching a music competition.

On Bambie’s forehead is a triskelion, an ancient Celtic symbol with a profound occult meaning. In this case, the triskelion was stylized to look like 666. Coincidence?

The circle’s center turns into a dodecagram, a 12-pointed star associated with the 12 signs of the zodiac, the 12 tribes of Israel, and other occult meanings.

The last leg of the song consists of Bambie screaming her head off as she uses her witch powers to cause the demon to convulse on the ground.

The performance ends with the words “Crown The Witch.” At the end of the competition, these words will have different meanings.

Then, the viewers were treated to more Satanic symbolism.

In a “funny” segment, the show’s host informs viewers that the Eurovision soundtrack can be listened to in runestone form.

Eurovision 2024 took place in Sweden, where runestones are part of the country’s history. However, there’s something purposely inaccurate about this fake runestone: It features a prominent inverted cross at the bottom. From my research, there are no runes shaped like an inverted cross. This whole segment was just an excuse to display Satanic symbolism to millions of viewers.

As if to confirm everything stated above, the competition ended in the most symbolic way possible.

Crown the Witch

The competition winner was Nemo. He performed wearing a short skirt and a pink top. Of course. While Nemo is from Switzerland, the true winner of the competition is the Agenda.

Nemo’s song, The Code, is an “ode to the singer’s journey toward embracing a nongender identity.” Of course, the winning song had to have an elite-friendly message.

Of course, the winner had to be used to push agendas mere days after the win.

When Nemo was announced as a winner, things got very symbolic.

Following his win, Bambie Thug “crowned” Nemo with her Satanic crown of thorns.

Nemo held on to the crown throughout his long walk to the stage. When he was given the trophy, he was still wearing the Satanic crown that was “blessed” (I mean “cursed”) during Bambie’s Demonic performance.

In short, the whole finale was scripted, ritualistic, and highly symbolic.

Odd fact: The trophy broke and injured Nemo shortly after the competition.

“Speaking to the press, Nemo described the moment the trophy was accidentally broken: “I lift it and when I put it down, it just shattered.” Nemo was later seen wearing bandages on stage after sustaining deep cuts to the thumb.”
– BBC, ‘It just shattered’ – Winner Nemo explains how the Eurovision trophy broke


In Conclusion

Watching Eurovision 2024 was a sad experience. It wasn’t about music that happens to contain social messages; it was social indoctrination that happens to contain music. Things got even sadder when, before each performance, viewers were shown Eurovision snippets from the 20th century. From the proud, healthy, beautiful, and wholesome artists of the past, we suddenly cut to the weird, perverted, tormented, gender-confused, and gremlin-like “artists” of today. Every time, we find ourselves asking: “What the hell happened?”

The answer is simple, as the same phenomenon can be observed across all mass media: Eurovision was co-opted by the elite. And this year’s edition heavily revolved around two elite obsessions: Gender-blurring and the celebration of Satanism. As seen in previous articles, these two agendas go hand in hand and are often tied together through symbolism in mass media. This shouldn’t be surprising, as Baphomet—the main “deity” of the occult elite—embodies both genders.

Eurovision 2024 was not a “competition”; it was a scripted narrative where a product of the elite’s gender-blurring agenda was “crowned” by a Satanic witch.

(4) Australia’s censorship commissar threatens 780k fine for ‘misgendering’ porn-posting Tranny

Online ‘child safety’ hypocrites threaten $780k fine for ‘misgendering’ porn-posting tranny

Online ‘child safety’ hypocrites threaten 780k fine for ‘misgendering’ porn-posting tranny

Australia’s censorship commissar is at it again, this time ordering Canadian child safety campaigner to take down the above image from X. The image has already been published by the Daily Mail.

Date: May 15, 2024


THE office of Australia’s so-called eSafety commissioner Julie Inman Grant, has ordered Elon Musk’s X platform to take down a post allegedly “misgendering” and “mocking the gender identity” of a trans-sexual man Teddy Cook.

It was posted by Canadian man <>Billboard Chris, who campaigns against child gender drugging and sexual mutiliation that is now officially backed by governments worldwide (including Australia) in cahoots with LGBTQ activists. Welcome to the Orwellian world of the global internet censorship commissariat defending the global LGBTQ+ revolutionary assault on traditional values, the family and childhood innocence.

Cook, <>originally a woman who now calls himself a non-binary activist, has been hired by the WHO to help a panel draft guidelines on “care for trans people”. The <>Daily Mail reported that Florence Ashley, another tranny with extreme views on medicating children with puberty blockers, has been sacked from the 21-member panel tasked with setting international treatment guidelines for treating gender dysphoria. Another transvestite panel member named Cianán Russell was also exposed over his posts on Grindr.

We can also predict that Australia’s eSafety office will prosecute other people who dare criticise these same LGBTQ activists behind the warped and diabolical practice of “gender transitioning” children.

Inman Grant’s office has threatened X and Billboard Chris with a fine of up to a maximum of $782,500 AUD if they do not comply. The unsigned notice attributed to a delegate for the eSafety Commissioner lays out in Orwellian language the alleged “crimes” of the post. It says “an ordinary reasonable person would conclude that it is likely that the Material is intended to cause serious harm to the Complainant.

“This is because the material Misgenders the Complainant and reiterates that this point is deliberate, which is likely intended to invalidate and mock the Complainant’s gender identity. The Material also contains a statement that implicitly equates transgender identity with a psychiatric condition.

“This statement is deliberately degrading and suggests that all transgender people – and in this case the complainant in particular – have something that is ‘wrong’ about their psychology owing to their gender identity.”

The Daily Mail reported that Cook advocated for taxpayer-funded surgeries for all trans Australians, and worked on a study about trans people having better sex when they’re high on drugs. “Cook’s social media posts are even more revealing. He’s posted about everything from public nudity to bondage parties, trans orgies and even a photo of a man apparently having sex with a dog.

“These revelations should not necessarily exclude Cook from work at the UN. But, for many, his antics are too smutty for a strait-laced intergovernmental body,” the newspaper reported.

The report also notes Cook posting “crude and inappropriate” social media material including photos of himself naked on beaches, with hands covering his privates, in bondage gear in nightclubs, or wearing t-shirts text such as ‘come in me bro’. Another post appeared to show a large, black dog penetrating a man from behind.

Cook also co-founded a “safe sex campaign” group called Grunt, which promotes ‘hot, informed sex between trans guys and cis guys’. The group published a booklet of photos of trans people wearing bondage gear in graphic sex scenes with multiple partners.

This week the smug and smiling corporate power lady Inman-Grant welcomed her fellow EU censorship czar Ylva Johansson to Australia on some sort of global junket promoting what Inman-Grant calls “our continued commitment against online child sexual exploitation and terrorist content”.

These people are dangerous, diabolical and totalitarian hypocrites of the highest order. On one hand they claim to be protecting childhood innocence, but on the other they are zealous in prosecuting people like Billboard Chris, who is fighting the LGBTQ+ assault on traditional Christian morality and children themselves.

These grossly overpaid activist bureaucrats in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, UK and Europe are operating under Acts of Parliament to control, censor and punish online speech deemed not only threatening, but merely “hateful”.

Canada is even proposing life imprisonment for people who advocate genocide under its “Online Harms Bill”. The previous penalty was five years. So-called hate speech is also being lumped in with child pornography, as if there is some sort of moral equivalence.

Canada’s Bill C-63 seeks to force social-media, user-uploaded adult content and live-streaming platforms to reduce exposure to content deemed harmful, to strengthen reporting of child pornography and “better address hate propaganda and provide recourse to victims of hate online”.

Canada’s National Post reports it also amends the Criminal Code to create a new “hate crime” offence designed “to deter hateful conduct”, as well as raising the maximum punishments for “hate propaganda offences” from five years to life imprisonment for advocating genocide.

Those pushing this legislation are the same shrill voices who will endorse a transgender freak grooming a child in a library, reading books about gender and sex, or activists pushing into school curricula books with graphic details of various sexual activities indulged in across the range of LGBTQ variants. How far removed is that from child pornography?

And should we mention their diabolical gender clinics and drugging and mutilation of children, even behind the backs of their own parents? Oh no, it’s misogyny and hate speech they’re after folks and to express hatred of this government-LGBTQ child abuse scandal could land you with a commissar’s notice for “hate speech”.

Now consider for a moment, a member of some Middle Eastern ethnic group that has suffered genocidal attacks by an outside nation state or other ethnic group. This person expresses hatred for them and posts on social media “the xyzs are all scum and they deserve to die”.

Such a comment would probably be dismissed for what it is – just someone expressing hatred. Hatred simply means intense dislike and that has never been a crime in common law. However if that hatred becomes a specific plan or threat to harm or kill others, it does become a crime and that person might well be investigated by police or a security agency.

But should people be hauled before some tribunal headed by some commissar and be jailed for merely expressing hate? Absolutely not. That is violation of free speech and thought. But “wrongthink” is exactly what the globalist NGOs are targeting in cahoots with governments who will pass the censorship laws they write, allegedly “for your protection”. Australia’s own eSafety Commissioner has already demonstrated this.

What the globalist NGOs, such as the Germany-based Digital Policy Lab (DPL) are really targeting is speech and content that challenges globalist political agendas, for instance the DPL’s paper <>Misogynistic Pathways to Radicalisation (promoted by Jacinda Ardern’s online censorship NGO Christchurch Call) states: “The Digital Policy Lab (DPL) is an inter-governmental working group focused on charting the policy path forward to prevent and counter the spread of disinformation, hate speech, extremist and terrorist content online.”

“Disinformation” and “hate speech” are highly subjective terms, but clearly the globalists have become alarmed by online opposition to their programs promoting LGBTQ ideology, mass, uncontrolled immigration aka “white replacement”, and control of property and resources under fake environmental narratives – basically their Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (DEI) global program they have forced on the corporate sector.

DPL describes itself as “an inter-governmental working group focused on charting the policy path forward to prevent and counter the spread of disinformation, hate speech, extremist and terrorist content online. It comprises representatives of relevant ministries and regulatory bodies from liberal democracies.”

That statement alone tells you what this “eSafety” campaign is: A globally co-ordinated assault on online content deemed dangerous by the states and various ideologically-driven special interest groups invested in the global agenda.

The Orwellian double speak is not difficult to decipher: “The DPL aims to foster inter-governmental exchange, provide policymakers and regulators with access to sector-leading expertise and research, and build an international community of practice around key challenges in the digital policy space.”

The paper goes on to explain how the DPL, through the Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) organised working group meetings on the topic of online gender-based violence between May and June 2023.

The working group comprised DPL members representing national ministries and regulators from Australia, Canada, Germany, New Zealand, the UK, and the US. Members of the Global Partnership for Action on Gender-Based Online Harassment and Abuse (Global Partnership) and the hristchurch Call’s multi-stakeholder Community joined the working group and contributed to this paper.”

Cairns News would politely suggest that these gaggles of femocrats, bureaucrats, LGBTQ activists and various corporate hangers-on go out and get real jobs and do something productive.