Peter Myers Digest: Israeli MK-84 AIR BURST bomb (supplied by USA) struck al-Ahli hospital grounds

(1) Israeli MK-84 AIR BURST bomb (supplied by USA) struck al-Ahli hospital grounds
(2) “We heard the sound of a missile launched from a plane, and a second later we felt the explosion”
(3) Israeli flag on 10 Downing Street -> Israel controls the UK’s foreign policy
(4) Western governments surrender to Jewish power – Philip Giraldi

(1) Israeli MK-84 AIR BURST bomb (supplied by USA) struck al-Ahli hospital grounds

Compelling video evidence points to Israeli AIR BURST bomb striking al-Ahli hospital grounds, killing hundreds of Palestinian civilians as they slept on courtyard grounds adjacent to the parking lot

Mike Adams

Thanks to the investigative work of <> Information Liberation (Chris Menahan) and “Lord Bebo” (<> @MyLordBebo on Twitter / X), there is now compelling video evidence that Israel bombed the al-Ahli hospital grounds using an “air burst” bomb, and that Israel likewise also bombed the streets near the al-Quds hospital a day later. …

It turns out that all the media outlets claiming the al-Ahli bombing was not the fault of Israel have missed critical pieces of evidence. Here is a run down of some of those critical pieces of evidence.

Critical evidence that points to an Israeli air burst bomb

First, when considering how 500+ people could have been killed on the ground when the hospital building structures were not directly struck, we must realize that the al-Ahli grounds adjacent to the parking lot were occupied by displaced refugees sleeping on the ground. (<> Source)

Thus, they were not in the hospital buildings, and they were not shielded by the buildings. They absorbed the full force of the strike as a giant fireball engulfed the parking lot and surrounding courtyard areas. This is why post-bombing videos show so much carnage on the grounds adjacent to the parking lot. That’s where people were laying when the explosion destroyed them.

Secondly, the fact that there is no crater in the parking lot is consistent with an air burst bomb that detonates at a predetermined altitude above the ground in order to maximize damage. The evidence of this air burst is clearly visible in the tweets and videos shown below, where the hoods and roofs of multiple vehicles are shown to be crushed by a powerful force from above. This damage pattern is only possible with an air burst weapon, not a ground burst rocket or bomb.

Notably, Jihadi forces do not possess air burst ordnance capabilities. Only Israel has that.

This can not be a misfired missile. It would fall to the ground, cause less damage and not produce downwards pressure on cars! …

If a bomb had actually detonated upon impact with the parking lot, these vehicles would have been blasted laterally, and they would have been blown to the side, showing lateral structural damage, not the curved, bent roofs and hoods they currently show. This damage is only consistent with an air burst weapon detonating above them, creating a pressure wave that destroys anything beneath it, including the hundreds of Palestinians sleeping on the courtyard grounds (whose bodies would have been crushed by the blast wave and then burned by the fireball).

Thirdly, the sound of the missile’s arrival is consistent with other known Israeli missile strikes, with a characteristic audible signature that sounds nothing like typical Hamas or Jihadi rockets (which are crude, low-velocity weapons compared with Israel’s weapons.

The following side-by-side comparison video shows a known Israeli bombing strike on the right, followed by the al-Ahli hospital strike on the left. Their sound characteristics are nearly identical and they do not sound like Hamas rockets.

Same <>

— Lord Bebo (@MyLordBebo) <> October 18, 2023

Fourth, Hamas rockets do not possess the explosive power captured on video in the al-Ahli hospital strike. The very large fireball and explosive effects are not possible with the low-tech, crudely-made Hamas or Jihadi rockets.

Fifth, the rockets being fired by PIJ were being fired away from the al-Ahli hospital on the night of the hospital bombing. Yet an Israeli jet flew above the hospital in the correct formation to release a guidance bomb such as the MK-84. The explosion occurred a few seconds after the Israeli jet deployed its bomb and activated flares in order to evade possible ground-to-air missiles. This is clearly shown in the following video and still frame: …

Summary of new evidence that points the figure at Israel being responsible for the al-Ahli hospital atrocity

– MK-84 air burst bomb dropped by Israeli aircraft captured in the video of the bombing.

– Air burst explains the concave vehicle hoods and roofs, as well as the lack of a parking lot crater.

– Civilians sleeping in the courtyard explains the high casualty rate, even without structural damage to the buildings.

– Israel’s denials carry no credibility because Israel has been previously caught lying about its atrocities.

– Israel has already bombed Gazan hospitals at least 51 times since Oct. 7th, and Israel leaders have repeatedly promised to utterly destroy Gazan infrastructure while bombing schools, hospitals, water treatment facilities and mosques.

– Israel has the motive to carry out this attack and blame it on Hamas in order to further justify genocide against Palestinians so that Israel can eliminate them all and steal their land.

For the record, none of this excuses the Hamas terror attacks against Israeli civilians. What Hamas did against Israeli citizens was clearly a war crime and a brutal display of the complete abandonment of the core principles that should guide humanity. Yet, at the same time, Israel’s murderous brutality against innocent Palestinian civilians is also a war crime, and one war crime does not cancel out another.

This is why I call for peace and diplomacy. The world must demand a cease fire, diplomatic interventions, humanitarian aid and a full investigation of the bombings of hospitals across Gaza. Israel, in particular, must be stopped from escalating its war crimes against the Palestinian people and from trying to engineer yet more atrocities that it can leverage to justify a campaign that clearly qualifies as “ethnic cleansing.”

(2) “We heard the sound of a missile launched from a plane, and a second later we felt the explosion”

‘A complete massacre’: Survivors recount the horrors of Gaza’s Al-Ahli Hospital blast

While the provenance of the explosion remains contested, the scene on the ground at the Gaza City hospital was one of total devastation.

By Ibtisam Mahdi and Ruwaida Kamal Amer

October 19, 2023

At almost exactly 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 17, an almighty explosion rocked Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza City. Without warning, a missile fell directly onto the courtyard of the hospital and burst into flames; the impact, and the ensuing fires — including dozens of cars that were set alight — reportedly killed hundreds among the thousands of people who were sheltering there after having been displaced from their homes in the eastern parts of the besieged enclave.

Hamas immediately declared Israel responsible for the blast; Israel quickly denied the charge, claiming that the explosion was caused by a misfired rocket launched by Palestinian Islamic Jihad — a claim <> echoed by President Biden in his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday. Even as the narrative war raged on in the international media, however, the scene on the ground was one of total devastation.

A woman who was inside one of the hospital buildings when the bomb exploded told +972 that children who just moments earlier were playing in the courtyard suddenly “fell to the ground with their blood flowing. I witnessed a complete massacre that no mind can comprehend.” Medical staff from the nearby Al-Shifa Hospital rushed to the scene after the missile hit, finding body parts scattered all around the courtyard.

Muhammad Al-Naqla, the hospital’s public relations director, explained that the hospital — which is one of the oldest in the strip, and is run by the Anglican Diocese of Jerusalem — is not affiliated with any political faction. It provides both health and social services, and was considered a safe haven for the residents of the surrounding areas as well as those displaced from the eastern region of Gaza City.

Two days prior to the blast, Al-Naqla said, the hospital received a warning call from the Israeli army telling them to stop receiving patients. “We were not informed of the need to evacuate the hospital, which is known from previous wars to be a safe refuge for residents,” he added. After that warning, hospital staff made contact with the Archbishop of Canterbury in the U.K., head of the worldwide Anglican church, who <> called on Israel to protect the hospital, its patients, and its staff — after the hospital had <> already been targeted by Israeli airstrikes just three days earlier.

Palestinians inspect the damage caused from an explosion at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City, October 18, 2023. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90)

Although the blast occurred in the courtyard, Al-Naqla described significant destruction to the hospital itself. “All the buildings were damaged, and all the windows and doors were shattered,” he said. “Communication networks, water, electricity, and internet infrastructure were also damaged, along with the burns treatment department — considered one of the most important departments operating at the present time — the physical therapy department, the church and mosque.”

Al-Naqla explained that he expected a full inventory of the damage to take around two days. But while most of the displaced people sheltering there have been evacuated, the hospital continues to provide urgent care for those who need it. “Right now, there are 10 patients still in the hospital — people who had previously been operated on after their homes were targeted, and who cannot be taken out,” he said.

‘Is there a greater injustice than this?’

Muhammad Al-Dahdar is still in a state of shock. The 46-year-old from the Shuja’iya neighborhood in the east of Gaza City was sheltering at the hospital courtyard with his family when it was bombed.

“We heard the sound of a missile launched from a plane, and a second later we felt the explosion,” he said. “I flew 10 meters away from where I was sitting, sustaining several wounds throughout my body.”

Palestinians’ bodies are removed in the aftermath of the explosion at Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City, October 18, 2023. (Mohammed Zaanoun)

Al-Dahdar explained that during the nights, the men sheltering at the hospital cleared the courtyard so that the women and children could have some privacy. That meant that while he and his son were sitting behind the hospital walls when the blast occurred, his wife and children were inside the courtyard.

“I became like a madman, calling for my son and searching for my family among the wounded,” he recalled. “It was dark and there was fire everywhere, and a smell of blood and burned meat. I felt like I was stepping on body parts. The situation was very difficult and painful.”

Minutes later, an ambulance arrived at the scene, their lights making it easier to see the devastation caused by the explosion. Al-Dahdar discovered that his wife, his son, and three of his daughters were seriously wounded, while another two were missing.

Another survivor, Abu Muhammad Al-Turkman, is unable to speak after losing his wife and five children in the bombing. According to one of his relatives, Al-Turkman could not comprehend that he was collecting the body parts of his children and his wife, incapable of distinguishing one from the other. He placed their remains in a nylon bag, before a relative prayed over them and buried them next to his home at Al-Turkman’s request.

Palestinians inspect the damage caused from an explosion at the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital, Gaza City, October 18, 2023. (Atia Mohammed/Flash90)

It didn’t take long for news of the massacre to reach the rest of the Gaza Strip. In the southern city of Khan Younis, people were crying in the streets when they found out.

“When I saw the news of the targeting of Al-Ahli Hospital, I did not believe the incident at all,” said Ibrahim Odeh, 27. “Then pictures and videos began to be published on social media, and I could not bear the scenes of children scattered in pieces. Is there a greater injustice than this? I burst into tears. I could not bear it.”

Another Khan Younis resident, 30-year-old Enas Rizek, told +972: “The neighbors heard me crying from the dreadful shock. This hospital is where my friend works, and it serves citizens across the Gaza Strip.

(3) Israeli flag on 10 Downing Street -> Israel controls the UK’s foreign policy

Lawless in Gaza: Why Britain and the West back Israel’s crimes

Lawless in Gaza: Why Britain and the West back Israel’s crimes

13 October 2023

As the West cheers on Israel’s starving of Gaza’s civilians to soften them up before a ground invasion, it is important to understand how we reached this point – and what it portends for the future

Declassified UK – 13 October 2023

More than a decade ago, Israel started to understand that its occupation of Gaza through siege could be to its advantage. It began transforming the tiny coastal enclave from an albatross around its neck into a valuable portfolio in the trading game of international power politics.

The first benefit for Israel, and its Western allies, is more discussed than the second.

The tiny strip of land hugging the eastern Mediterranean coast was turned into a mix of testing ground and shop window.

Israel could use Gaza to develop all sorts of new technologies and strategies associated with the homeland security industries burgeoning across the West, as officials there grew increasingly worried about domestic unrest, sometimes referred to as populism.

The siege of Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians, imposed by Israel in 2007 following the election of Hamas to rule the enclave, allowed for all sorts of <> experiments.

How could the population best be contained? What restrictions could be placed on their diet and lifestyle? How were networks of informers and collaborators to be recruited from afar? What effect did the population’s entrapment and repeated bombardment have on social and political relations?

And ultimately how were Gaza’s inhabitants to be kept subjugated and an uprising prevented?

The answers to those questions were made available to Western allies through Israel’s shopping portal. Items available included interception rocket systems, electronic sensors, surveillance systems, drones, facial recognition, automated gun towers, and much more. All <> tested in real-life situations in Gaza.

Israel’s standing took a severe dent from the fact that Palestinians managed to bypass this infrastructure of confinement last weekend – at least for a few days – with a rusty bulldozer, some hang-gliders and a sense of nothing-to-lose.

Which is part of the reason why Israel now needs to go back into Gaza with ground troops to show it still has the means to keep the Palestinians crushed.

Collective punishment …

What Israel is doing to Gaza is the very definition of collective punishment. It is a war crime: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of every year, for 16 years.

And yet no one in the so-called international community seems to have noticed.

Rules of war rewritten

But the trickiest legal situation – for Israel and the West – is when Israel bombs Gaza, as it is doing now, or sends in soldiers, as it soon will do.

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu highlighted the problem when he told the people of Gaza: “Leave now.” But, as he and Western leaders know, Gaza’s inhabitants have nowhere to go, nowhere to escape the bombs. So any Israeli attack is, by definition, on the civilian population too. It is the modern equivalent of the Dresden fire bombings.

Israel has been working on strategies to overcome this difficulty since its first major bombardment of Gaza in late 2008, after the siege was introduced.

A unit in its attorney general’s office was <> charged with finding ways to rewrite the rules of war in Israel’s favour.

At the time, the unit was concerned that Israel would be criticised for blowing up a police graduation ceremony in Gaza, killing many young cadets. Police are civilians in international law, not soldiers, and therefore not a legitimate target. Israeli lawyers were also worried that Israel had destroyed government offices, the infrastructure of Gaza’s civilian administration.

Israel’s concerns seem quaint now – a sign of how far it has already shifted the dial on international law. For some time, anyone connected with Hamas, however tangentially, is considered a legitimate target, not just by Israel but by every Western government. …

Those redefinitions of the rules of war proved invaluable when the US chose to invade and occupy Afghanistan and Iraq.

‘Human animals’

In recent years, Israel has continued to “evolve” international law. It has introduced the concept of “prior warning” – sometimes giving a few minutes’ notice of a building or neighbourhood’s destruction. Vulnerable civilians still in the area, like the elderly, children and the disabled, are then recast as legitimate targets for failing to leave in time.

And it is using the current assault on Gaza to change the rules still further.

The 2009 Haaretz article includes references by law officials to Yoav Gallant, who was then the military commander in charge of Gaza. He was described as a “wild man”, a “cowboy” with no time for legal niceties.

Gallant is now defence minister and the man responsible for instituting this week a “complete siege” of Gaza: “No electricity, no food, no water, no fuel – everything is closed.” In <> language that blurred any distinction between Hamas and Gaza’s civilians, he described Palestinians as “human animals”.

That takes collective punishment into a whole different realm. In terms of international law, it skirts into the territory of genocide, both rhetorically and substantively.

But the dial has shifted so completely that even centrist Western politicians are cheering Israel on – often not even calling for “restraint” or “proportionality”, the weasel terms they usually use to obscure their support for law breaking.

Britain has been leading the way in helping Israel to rewrite the rulebook on international law.

Listen to Keir Starmer, the leader of the Labour opposition and the man almost certain to be Britain’s next prime minister. This week he <> supported the “complete siege” of Gaza, a crime against humanity, refashioning it as Israel’s “right to defend itself”. …

Israeli flag on No 10

Starmer is, of course, far from alone. Grant Shapps, Britain’s defence secretary, has also <> expressed trenchant support for Israel’s policy of starving two million Palestinians in Gaza.

Rishi Sunak, the UK prime minister, has emblazoned the Israeli flag on the front of his official residence, 10 Downing Street, apparently unconcerned at how he is giving visual form to what would normally be considered an antisemitic trope: that Israel controls the UK’s foreign policy.

Starmer, not wishing to be outdone, has called for Wembley stadium’s arch to be adorned with the colours of the Israeli flag.

However much this schoolboy cheerleading of Israel is sold as an act of solidarity following Hamas’ slaughter of Israeli civilians at the weekend, the subtext is unmistakeable: Britain has Israel’s back as it starts its retributive campaign of war crimes in Gaza. …

(4) Western governments surrender to Jewish power – Philip Giraldi

The Damage Israel Does
Constitutional rights and genuine national interests are ignored as governments surrender to Jewish power


OCTOBER 23, 2023

[…] Biden’s nice package of $105 billion, which will likely sail through Congress because it is “for Israel,” will include $14 billion for Netanyahu to buy some new heavy ordnance to exterminate the Palestinians, which guarantees that the Muslim world will hate the United States for the foreseeable future. The money is also funding the war in Ukraine for the next year and arming Taiwan with some shiny new weapons to ward off China. Ironically, a new CBS/YouGov poll <> finds that most Americans don’t want the US providing Israel with weapons and supplies in this war, but, of course ordinary voters are never asked their opinion when the White House chooses to demonstrate “American exceptionalism” towards the country that it loves beyond all others. Oh, and the bill will also include some cash to “fortify” America’s Mexican border, a sweetener that runs completely contrary to what Biden has been doing for the past three years. All this will be piled on to the United States <> government debt which, at just short of $33 trillion, is considered to be unsustainable and weighs in at $350,230 for every American family. And it is all being done for no good reason whatsoever in terms of genuine American interests, and probably illegally too as proxy wars run by the Executive Branch would seem to go against the Constitution’s separation of powers as well as the time constraints in the War Powers Act of 1973. Congressman Michael McCaul from Texas, the Israel firster fanatic who heads the House Foreign Affairs Committee, is currently <> pushing legislation that would provide an in-advance authorization to go to war on Iran and on Lebanon if Hezbollah were to come in to support the Gazans when Netanyahu starts his potentially genocidal ground attack. Another Congressional clown, Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina is already calling for an attack on Iran under the presumption that it assisted the Gazans.

Fortunately for all of us who care for such issues as life and death, some cracks are appearing in the wall surrounding total subservience to Israel and its interest. Some even suspect that the “US-based Middle East system,” which mandates blind support for Israel, has become so abusive that the public is become reluctant to support it. Indeed, public opinion polls suggest that support for the Palestinians is increasing while that for Israel is growing weaker as atrocities against the Arabs multiply with Israel new ultra-conservative government. The <> resignation letter of senior State Department official Josh Paul, who recently quit over the Biden administration’s position on the Gaza War, makes for interesting reading. Paul described the Hamas attack as a “monstrosity of monstrosities” but continued: “This Administration’s response – and much of Congress’ as well – is an impulsive reaction built on confirmation bias, political convenience, intellectual bankruptcy and bureaucratic inertia. Decades of the same approach have shown that security for peace leads to neither security nor peace, The fact is that blind support for one side is destructive in the long term to the interests of the people on both sides.” …

But some of the most bizarre lashing out by the Israel lobby and its friends is taking place in the United States. In Florida the state Attorney General has told prosecutors to <> “exercise zero tolerance” when dealing with the “anti-Jewish hate crimes” engaged in by college students who have been demonstrating in support of the Gazans. At Harvard, major donors who are mostly Jewish have cut off donations to the university due to its tolerance of pro-Gazan student demonstrators. A so called “conservative group” Accuracy in Media headed by one Adam Guillette, who is Jewish, has led the response to a coalition of more than 30 Harvard student groups that posted <> an open letter on the night of the Hamas attack, citing Israel as “entirely responsible” for the violence that killed more than 1,400 people, mostly civilians. The letter was posted on social media and did not include the names of the individual students in the groups. But within days, students connected to those groups were being identified together with their personal information, all of which was posted online. Families back home were threatened while presumed Harvard alumni businessmen and executives demanded a list of the student names to ban their hiring. And a truck with a digital billboard paid for by Accuracy in Media circled Harvard Square, flashing student photos and names, under the headline, “Harvard’s Leading Antisemites.” The students now have to deal with “people’s lives being ruined, people’s careers being ruined, people’s fellowships being ruined” because they opposed a certainly controversial war being fought. Guillette said his organization’s next move, which has already started, is to create online domains using the students’ first and last names to create sites identifying them as antisemites. Guillette boasted that “I think it’s incredibly important for people to know who the antisemites are on their campus and in their community.”

<> And on a final note, if you have wondered where the money is coming from to fund Israel’s wars and crimes beyond what Joe Biden and his buddies are willing to hand them, there is an interesting story out of Georgia. Republican Governor Brian Kemp has ordered his state treasurer <> to use tax revenues to purchase $10 million in Israel Bonds. The bonehead then issued a statement: “Israel is one of Georgia’s strongest allies and greatest friends, and our support for its people as they endure horrific attacks from terrorists is unwavering. Purchasing these bonds is just the latest expression of that support.” It is not clear if the purchase is completely legal and someone should have advised the governor that buying Israel bonds is in the nature of a gift as they lack liquidity and are generally regarded as a terrible investment. So it is a rip-off of the Georgia taxpayer. I wonder if anyone will notice!