Peter Myers Digest: October 7 Was An Inside Job

(1) Richard Gage on Parallels between October 7 & 9/11
(2) October 7 Was An Inside Job – documentary (2024) by John Hankey
(3) NYT: Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas

(1) Richard Gage on Parallels between October 7 & 9/11

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New documentary on Gaza: “October 7 Was An Inside Job”

John Hankey #RealHistoryChannel

In March, we published our first article in the series “Gaza: the Astounding Parallels with 9/11.” We didn’t have access to this quite revealing new 55-minute documentary by John Hankey. He provides key insights and a good preview into the forthcoming articles in our series, covering several of our 20 parallels:

Part 1: Parallel — Previously Established and Geostrategic Goals — Coveting the Natural Resources of the Target Territory

Part 2: Parallel — A Series of Historic and Recent Provocations and False Flag Operations

Part 3: Parallel — Patsies – Politically Useful Foreign Operatives with History of Violence — Developed by the State

Part 4: Parallel — A Triggering Event — An Innovative Attack with Dubious Origins; A Manufactured Invasion from Foreign Operatives

Part 5: Parallel — A Catastrophic Intelligence Failure

Part 6: Parallel — A Military Stand-down — with an Obvious Uncharacteristic Delay in Response

Part 7: Parallel — Foreknowledge of the Attacks

Part 8: Parallel — Dancing Israelis — During the Attacks

B. They Manage the Public REACTION

Part 9: Parallel — Propaganda with Outrageous Slogans from Government and Media to Manipulate Public Emotion; Crisis Actors

Part 10: Parallel — Atrocities Alleged to the Enemy with Ensuing Dehumanization

Part 11: Parallel — Denial of Alleged Atrocities by the Enemy

Part 12: Parallel — Opposition Media/Journalists Targeted

C. They Offer the Prescribed SOLUTION

Part 13: Parallel — Military Revenge Attack Prepared in Advance with No Investigation

Part 14: Parallel — Occupy Territory of the New Enemy — The Land Grab

Part 15: Parallel — Widening the Conflict to Achieve Original Broader Goals

Part 16: Parallel — Effect Regime Change of Enemy Leadership

Part 17: Parallel — Enact “Forever War” Policy

Part 18: Parallel — $$ Billions Flow to the Arms, Oil, Banking, and Media Industries

Part 19: Parallel — Extreme Public Censorship by Government, MSM, and Social Media

Part 20: Parallel — Draconian Policies and Surveillance Instituted by Government

Part 21: Parallel — Malevolent Roots More Than 250 Years Old

(2) October 7 Was An Inside Job – documentary (2024) by John Hankey


1.15 IDF soldier (male) attests Inside Job:
“The helicopters could have ended the whole thing in 5 minutes”

1.35 IDF Intelligence officer (female):
“I was serving in the Israeli army … in Intelligence … nobody can cross that fence without help”

Every few hunded yards there are machine-gun rurrets.

2.30 Radar system with cameras, lasers for detectiung movement.

surveillance towers; also cameras mounted on balloons over Gaza. Spotters reported that they could see training camps. Soldiers operate the machine gun turrets by remote conntrol.
3.40 IDF uses 28 Apache helicopters for Gaza. The spotters saw Hamas coming, and received an alert, but the IDf did not come.

10.00 Shin Bet and Military brass were aware of the Hamas attack plan.

21.50 The media showed a Hamas tractor breaking through a steel fence; there was no IDF presence. But the video shows that, apart from the elecdtrified steel fence, there was a concrete wall 20 feet high and 22 miles long. , reinforced with steel. How did Hamas vehicles get through that? There was a gate in the middle of the wall. Mossad officers opened the gate and Hamas drove through. (22.20).

The video shows NYT articles asking where was the IDF? And shows NYT article titled: Inside the Israeli Plan that Propped Up Hamas.

Netanyahu provided billions of US Dollars in cash to Qatar, to give to Hamas, in years preceding Oct 7. Why cash? Because arms dealers do not accept Credit Cards.

The reason he propped up Hamas was to destroy the Peace Process; he wanted to block the formation of a Palestinian state, This was also the goal of the Settlers.

This video is a must-watch.

(3) NYT: Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas

‘Buying Quiet’: Inside the Israeli Plan That Propped Up Hamas

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gambled that a strong Hamas (but not too strong) would keep the peace and reduce pressure for a Palestinian state.

By Mark Mazzetti and Ronen Bergman

Reporting from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

Dec. 10, 2023

Just weeks before Hamas launched the deadly Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, the head of Mossad arrived in Doha, Qatar, for a meeting with Qatari officials.

For years, the Qatari government had been sending millions of dollars a month into the Gaza Strip — money that helped prop up the Hamas government there. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel not only tolerated those payments, he had encouraged them.

During his meetings in September with the Qatari officials, according to several people familiar with the secret discussions, the Mossad chief, David Barnea, was asked a question that had not been on the agenda: Did Israel want the payments to continue?

Mr. Netanyahu’s government had recently decided to continue the policy, so Mr. Barnea said yes. The Israeli government still welcomed the money from Doha.

Allowing the payments — billions of dollars over roughly a decade — was a gamble by Mr. Netanyahu that a steady flow of money would maintain peace in Gaza, the eventual launching point of the Oct. 7 attacks, and keep Hamas focused on governing, not fighting.

The Qatari payments, while ostensibly a secret, have been widely known and discussed in the Israeli news media for years. Mr. Netanyahu’s critics disparage them as part of a strategy of “buying quiet,” and the policy is in the middle of a ruthless reassessment following the attacks. Mr. Netanyahu has lashed back at that criticism, calling the suggestion that he tried to empower Hamas “ridiculous.”