Pots and Kettles – All Black, by Ray Zwarich

Copied below are comments I posted (as Jack Everman) to a self-righteous article written by a kind and good-hearted woman named Andrea Mazzarino. I like this woman, a LOT. I’ve been reading her work for a couple-few years now. She’s a ‘Woke Liberal’, which means that while living in relative privilege, she does so guiltily, (she even cites her constant sense of guilt in this article), as her heart bleeds for the downtrodden, most all of whom she feels far superior to, of course, as a member of a privileged class. Like all squeaky-clean, privileged ‘liberals’, she loves ‘the poor’ as long as she’s not forced to get close enough to smell them.

As old Phil Ochs famously said about people like her, (does anyone even remember him?), she leans ‘to the left of center’ whenever times for her personally are good, but she scurries quickly ‘to the right of center’ whenever she’s threatened with a ‘price to pay’ for her liberalism. Like the people in ‘Sanctuary Cities’, (like Martha’s Vineyard), who resent having actual poor, homeless immigrants sent to THEIR privileged communities. (Martha’s Vineyard quickly had the arriving immigrants bused out of town to a military base).

Above all, Ms. Mazzarino exudes her need to be loved for her bleeding heart. “Love me. Love me. Love me. I’m a liberal.” — Phil Ochs (I met him once)…

As we all should know, in our broken bleeding nation 20% of the population owns 85% of the nation’s total privately held wealth. At the end of 2023, there was an estimated $156 trillion dollars in private wealth owned by our 330 million (or so) citizens. That’s $473,000 per person, or $1.9 million per theoretical ‘family of 4′. The figures don’t lie, people. There’s no reason that ANYONE in our nation should be living in constant anxiety for their families’ security.

Ensconced in security and comfort among the privileged 20%, Ms. Mazzarino, professionally associated with elite Brown University, from which she earned a PhD, dons her self-sanctifying halo of liberalism every morning, and seldom, if ever, ventures out of her manicured rural-residential community, just outside DC, (where she hugs her backyard chickens), to consort among ‘the Deplorables’, for whom her article cited here expresses her oozing contempt.

She is a ‘therapist’, which means she helps people cope with living in our insane culture/society, as long as they can somehow afford her $145/hour fee, of course. (Her fee is publicly posted online, where you can actually see a picture of her hugging a chicken). If your political beliefs are ‘woke’, her bleeding heart very much wants to help you, (as long as you have the cash, of course, or else good insurance). If you aren’t ‘woke’, she very likely will decline to help you, (she’s very selective about the ‘patients’ she will accept). If you aren’t ‘woke’, you see, she considers you to be a member of the Deplorables Tribe, and she has no idea whatsoever how crudely primeval her raw primitive TRIBALISM  is.

Poor Ms. Mazzarino cannot yet understand that she herself is very much ‘part of the problem’. Human Tribalism, programmed so deeply into our human nature, (so deeply into our DNA itself), IS ‘the problem’.

But like ‘everybody else’ who adheres to a ‘tribal’ political faction with ‘religious’ fervor, (which particular faction it might be does NOT matter), she thinks that HER faction is ‘the solution’. Every tribe thinks it can solve ‘the problem’ by conquering and ruling over any and all other tribes. The Woke Left, of course, wants to rule over the MAGA Right, and vice versa. Never mind such old-fashioned notions as ‘compromise’ to reach a ‘consensus’. To every tribe nowadays, ‘democracy’ means winning elections by hook or crook, (by lies or deceit), and then subjugating the losing tribe(s) to your will.

A child of elite privilege, (with her Brown degree proudly on the wall), she holds other people’s primitive tribal ignorance and confusions against them, while she regards her own tribe’s ignorance and confusion as ‘wisdom’. Her liberal heart weeps and bleeds in the gilded posh theater with red velvet curtain for ‘Les Miserables’, (poor Cossette), but she shudders in fear and reactionist contempt when she confronts any actual unbathed smelly poor people, whom she considers “Les Deplorables”.

If you are on the MAGA Right, dear reader, and think the Woke Left is your Enemy, you are WRONG! If, like poor Ms. Mazzarino, you are on the Woke Left, and you think the MAGA Right is your Enemy, you are WRONG!

For thousands of years, literally since the dawn of human civilization, Ruling Elites have ruled over the Common People by cunningly dividing us into tribal groups, and then setting every tribe against every other. In ancient Rome they called them ‘tribus‘, with  ‘tribunes’ (tribunus) to represent the tribes of the Common People politically. With the powers of wealth in hand, capriciously rewarding and/or punishing one tribe over others, and then another, to stimulate primitive ‘mob’ passions, it has always been relatively easy for the Ruling Elites to convince each tribe to regard all the other tribes as their enemies, rather than realize that it is the rapacious Ruling Elites, wielding the carrots and sticks to cruelly exploiting their lives, that are every tribe’s Common Enemy. It’s even so much easier today, with their fully centralized control of modern Mass Media.

The MAGA Right and the Woke Left are both far too busy hating and fighting each other, exactly as they have been so cunningly trained to do by the Ruling Elites, to even think about fighting their Common Enemy that so cunningly trained them.

“Divide and Rule” is, quite literally, THE “oldest trick in the book”. THE oldest. Literally THE oldest… And here we are, after all these thousands of years of human history trying to teach us, still falling for it. Even brilliantly intelligent graduates of elite universities, like poor Ms. Mazzarino, are falling fo it like so many tons of bricks…

Tribal factions fighting each other while the Elites rule over us unopposed.

Are we humans even capable of ‘democracy’? Do we think ‘democracy’ means that the most powerful faction rules over all the others?


Hope all are well, and in Strong Spirit.

Simius Cognitius

My comments to poor Ms. Mazzarino’s article:

To the cadence of a children’s jump-rope ditty:

“The pot and the kettle got into a nettle and called each other “black”. Each could see the other, but neither one could bother to see their own self-lack”.

I feel certain that Ms. Mazzarino, oozing self-righteousness from her every pore, has no awareness at all that her passive-aggressive (‘kind and sympathetic’) depiction of the deplorability of ‘The Deplorables’ is a disgusting exercise in unfounded self-adoration.

She very clearly has FAR too little self-awareness to be aware of that. “See not the splinter in thy neighbor’s eye. Instead see the log in thine own”. Who said that?

“Know thyself if ye seek wisdom”. Who said that?…

It’s always easy to see the other guy’s faults. The key to wisdom, however, is seeing our own.

The MAGA right is a planned ‘reaction’ to the obvious (to any clear thinking person) ideological excesses of the Woke Cult Left. Trump was recruited by the nation’s rulers to lead this reactionist MAGA faction. To all who are not blinded by their own factional self-righteousness,Trump was VERY obviously elected by the Mass Media. Gee… Who controls the Mass Media?

Ms. Mazzarino clearly has little awareness of the degree of sophistication of the techniques of psychological control being applied to our entire population by the people who own and centrally control ALL our Mass Media, and thereby completely control our political system, and thus rule over our nation using the age-old “divide and rule” strategy.

Our nation’s Ruling Elites, (i.e.: those who own and control our Mass Media), gave Trump an estimated $4 BILLION in ‘free’ Mass Media exposure in 2016, as compared to an estimated $900 million given to Ms. ‘Deplorables’ herself, that hideously disgusting human being, Hillary Clinton. (The hideously narcissistic Trump is disgusting enough, to be sure, but Clinton has him beat by a good wide margin). To put those numbers in perspective, Clinton’s campaign itself spent $563 million, with PACs supporting her spending another $205 million. About $775 total. Trump received some $3.1 billion MORE worth of Mass Media exposure than Clinton. That’s fully 4 times what her own campaign and all her PACS raised and spent in total.

Isn’t that amazing?

Then there was the little matter of Comey’s October Surprise. Gee… 4 years later (in 2020) ‘they’ completely buried the Biden lap-top story, but in 2016 the head of the FBI, in a Democratic administration, drops the hatchet? Hmm…

The people who own and control the Mass Media, and have the power to ‘influence’ (shall we say) the head of the FBI, (an Obama appointee), deliberately elected Trump. Then as soon as they elected him they unleashed an unprecedented Mass Media onslaught of a bloody hatchet-job demonizing him as a monster, and whipping the opposing ‘mob’ into a frenzy of completely irrational hatred of him.

Why would they do that? Why would they first elect him only to immediately start demonizing him to arouse ‘the woke mob’ against him? (Ms. Mazzarino might ask herself).

Could it possibly be that dividing the nation into equally sized and mutually hateful factions was ‘their’ plan all along? Gee… Ya think?…

‘They’ don’t care who’s in the White House, Ms. Mazzarino, as long as it is some sleazy Trump-or-Biden-or-Clinton type character that they can control.

“If only we could vote in good leaders”, poor Ms. Mazzarino weeps, in concluding her self-righteous and self-adoring pot’s condemnation of the kettle for being black. When, since ‘they’ started murdering candidates and leaders that they feared, since poor Jack’s trip to Dallas, and his brother’s walk through the kitchen, have we had a candidate to vote for who wasn’t a sleazy lying two-faced ‘politician’?

There’s no voting our way out of this deadly dangerous predicament we’ve fallen into, Ms. Mazzarino. We can’t use a completely corrupted political system to ‘vote out’ the completely corrupted people who exert an iron-fist control over that system.

It’s ‘THEIR’ system. They’re NOT going to let us use it to unseat them from power. How can ANY be so stupid as to think they ever would? The time has come for us to remember Jefferson’s words. “… whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”

Gasp!!… Did we all think that those were just words in a musty old history book?…

The Woke Cult Left and the MAGA Right are far too busy fighting each other to fight together against their common enemy. THAT is the ‘whole point’ of ‘their game’. Divide and rule. It’s worked ‘like a charm’ for many thousands of years. (It’s quite literally THE “oldest trick in the book”).

Ms. Mazzarino herself is dutifully playing her part in ‘their’ game. Totally blind to her own foibles, she points to the other guy’s foibles and blames everything on ‘the others’. And as she blames ‘the others’ for blaming ‘the others’, she’s totally blind to the massive irony.

I do NOT blame her. As are we ALL, poor Ms. Mazzarino is ‘Only a Pawn in Their Game‘.

The pot and the kettle… both are black… Each hates the other for being so black…