Propaganda vs where to get actual information, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

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counteract the propaganda that helps genocide

“The Hamas attack on Israel was part jailbreak (from Gaza, the world’s
largest prison since the destruction of the Warsaw Ghetto) but more than
that it was a revolt of the hopeless by the hopeless for the hopeless.
Sometimes suffering becomes so unbearable that anything goes,” former
ambassador Chas Freeman

“…euro-americans in the United States can’t talk about Gaza, because we
can’t talk about Israel. Because we can’t talk about the fact that the
world is not suffering from an Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but that the
world is suffering from the fact that Europe has never been able to deal
with its ‘Jewish Question’ without some sort of intense barbarity and
horror from the Inquisition to the Holocaust. And that Europe, in
particular ‘Great’ Britain, the masters of divide and conquer ‘solved’ the
problem by supporting the radical, terrorist, extremist Zionists and their
mad plan to settle the ‘homeland.’ We can’t talk about Israel because we
can’t talk about Wounded Knee. Because we can’t talk about Sand Creek or
Carlisle ‘Boarding School.’ Because we can’t talk about forced
sterilization or smallpox blankets or Kit Carson and his scorched earth
policy in the Southwest. Because we have Andrew Jackson on our twenty
dollar bill. Because we are one huge settlement on stolen land. We can’t
talk about Israel because we are Israel.” Winona LaDuke, Native American

Here is a journalist doing his job showing US Hypocrisy in supporting
crimes against humanity


John Pilger and Ilan Pappe on Palestine

Jonathan Cook: The blood of Gaza is on the West’s hands

Zionists demonstrating in New York parrot Israeli leaders and call for

One Zionist wrote to me: “You are worse than animals. And when the cowards
hide in places where there are civilians, civilians will be hurt. But those
terrorists don’t care about their own. They only want to focus on the
objects of their hatred, Stop sending me your propaganda garbage. Not all
professors are intelligent. As I said before How Dare YOU/// YOU ARE JUST
EDUCATED” so I responded “I only hope you shed your addiction to the
Golden Calf of Zionism and wake-up to check reality not the propaganda
which you were fed with from childhood. 15 million Palestinian victims of
Zionism are not going anywhere except home. As Martin Luther King Jr said
‘we either live together as fellow human beings or we die together as
fools’. Learn to live with us in equality and peace (which can only be
based on justice including the right of refugees to return).
Superiority-inferiority language, dehumanizing your victims, and genocide
will not help.”

There is a lot of misinformation out there about what actually happened.
This video shows clearly Israeli forces firing at Hamas militants with
Israeli party goers caught in the crossfire
Here are just three lies: and
historically the Israeli government and its mouthpieces have lied
repeatedly to the world including on murder of American citizens like 34
sailors of the USS Liberty, like Rachel Corrie and Shireen Abu Aqleh and so
much more. And even Israeli own drone video counteracts their stories:

Here is Netanyahu in a video worth watching very carefully

Here is how Israel was created
and my earlier views in short about the future:

Truths – Mazin Qumsiyeh

The apartheid and colonial oppressive system is floundering and as many
Israelis are realizing that no amount of genocidal actions (cutting water
and electricity to 2.3 million people or bombing whole neighborhoods) and
no amount of military aid or asymmetrical warfare will stop freedom surely
coming to a people denied it for 75 years. Peace will be the fruit of
justice and it is inevitable. The sooner this happens the sooner we can
intensify our efforts for sustainability of human and natural communities
(climate change, pollution, environmental justice).

Stay human