Putin’s ‘Empire of Lies’ kill shot of the century is beginning to reverberate, by Scorpion

The following is a comment on Moon of Alabama’s post ‘On Lavrov’s Spat With Israel – Who Is Right?’

Putin’s ‘Empire of Lies’ kill shot of the century is beginning to reverberate, permeating all aspects of the current world crisis. This particular spat has the potential to evolve into a major, versus a minor, reverberation. Remains to be seen.

International and political Jewry, foment, foster and exploit ‘anti-semitism,’ one of the foundations of which is the Holycause narrative which has been milked for all it is worth for decades now. Arguing about which parts of it are true and which false is a fruitless exercise (not to mention also unlawfully made illegal in many western jurisdictions) but suffice to say that in every aspect of that narrative whopping great lies have been exposed at which point the narrative picks up, regroups and moves onto the next iteration. First it was mass execution by electrocution or mechanical skull-penetrating hammers, or diesel-fume chambers. Nope. Then it was in all the camps in Germany. Nope, not one. Then it was nearly all of them in Auschwitz. Nope. Now I believe it is nearly all of them in Treblinka despite three (?) earth-analysis studies scientifically proving there are no mass graves. I stopped following the narrative about 20 years ago soon after the Irving trial (whose transcripts I read along with both of the Zundel trials which latter featured extensive cross examination of experts like Hilberg and eyewitnesses like Vrba, both of whose core narratives were essentially destroyed on the witness stand by lawyer Christie), but perhaps the latest theory is that all the ashes of all the many millions were dumped into a river and so can never be recovered (leaving aside the hundreds of millions of bone fragments that would also have been included therein).

In other words, though it is hard to prove definitely exactly what did happen in that narrative, it has been definitively proven, as even Yad Vashem admits in many cases, that much of the narrative is made up of outrageous lies, many of which were used in post-war trials to get the death sentence.

This also means that our collective sense of ‘Nazis’ is warped beyond repair. Our history of WWII is warped beyond repair. Our ability to process what has been going on with the Zionist political project for so long is warped beyond repair. Our ability to analyze what is going on with all these neocons seemingly governing US foreign – and perhaps also much of domestic ‘identity politics’ including ‘wokeism’ – is warped beyond repair. Our ability to analyse and discuss how all these Nazi groups developed in Ukraine financed by one or more Jewish oligarchs is warped beyond repair.

Maybe. Maybe one of the principal results of this ‘Special Military Operation’ whose stated goals include ‘demilitarization and denazification’ will be the exposure of the world-obfuscation tissue of subterfuge and corruption holding together this vast Empire of Lies, the principal role of the SMO being to attract all its defenders into a military cauldron now waiting with open arms, like a mouth, along the upper, middle and lower parts of South Eastern Ukraine.

In any case, b has done well – and bravely so – to highlight this particular spat and with such a well-presented article in so doing. Thank you. Because unless and until much of the deception behind the Jewish hold on Western culture and its core institutions is more widely perceived and understood, the Empire of Lies will continue as such with all its captive people unable to push back against it. And these captive people include most regular Jews who themselves are as much a victim of these pernicious self-victimizing and hate-engendering narratives as the general population in their various host countries. Letting go of these deception-based quasi-religious, faith-based fundamentalist narratives will liberate us all and pave the way for a genuinely new world order.

So one consummation of this SMO in Ukraine might well prove to be the liberation of all captive western peoples whose governments right now seem to be doing everything they can to undermine their civilization and make their peoples’ daily lives unstable, uncertain and worst of all, without meaning.

“A consummation devoutly to be wished.”

Posted by: Scorpion | May 4 2022 13:49 utc | 65