Questions re Gaza, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Thomas Mann (1875 – 1955): “War is a cowardly escape from the problems of

Today Israeli occupation forces attacked more hospitals in Gaza including
the Indonesian Hospital. Medicines are not allowed yet including most
cancer medicines (one month now) and no fuel for hospitals in the North. 18
Palestinians were killed today in the West Bank and over a 150 in Gaza. The
US is still trying to do tokenism by saying they can agree to a 4 hour
pause daily. That is four hours for the Israeli military to refuel and
resume the genocide for the next 20 hours daily. Humane Gaza Doctors
respond to inhuman Israeli doctors who called for more hospital bombings

Doctors in Gaza Respond

If all Gaza hospitals (eye hospital, cancer hospital, pediatric hospital
etc) are fair game for bombing because of the Zionist lie that they house
Hamas: a) why not allow independent verification of Israel’s claims as
requested by hospital directors (also about the tens of thousands of
residential apartments destroyed) , and b) even if the lie is true, how do
you explain denial of medicines, electricity, food, and water to 2.5
million people including those hospitals? This is a very good interview
with a nurse who just left Gaza:

Do Palestinians, colonized, ethnically cleansed, oppressed for 75 years
have a right to defend themselves?

Is death by thirst or starvation more or less merciful than death by direct
bombing of civilians?

Does the Israeli public really want the hostages out? Or are they like
their government content to have them dead so that there is no prisoner
exchange??? 30% of the captives already died in Gaza due to the carpet
bombing that decimated 45% of Gaza residential buildings and other
infrastructure (so they are actually better protected than Gaza
population). Released video from Israeli helicopter confirmed Israeli
forces killed Israeli civilians confirming earlier reports that question
the narrative given about Hamas (and you still believe headless babies and

Do people really know that things started in 1917 with the Balfour
Declaration and had Nakba 1 in 1948 and that Israel’s plan for finishing
the Nakba is only being thwarted by our resistance

Report: 7 October testimonies strike major blow to Israeli narrative

Is the US, Germany and other Western countries letting Israel do the
genocide in Gaza so that the close the blame (and the guilt) of the Jewish
holocaust or their own guilt of colonialism, ethnic cleansing and genocides?

If there is no military “solution” to this conflict, will Israeli and
Palestinian leaders (yes including resistance leaders like those of Hamas)
sit down and discuss a solution based on equal rights and responsibilities
and either two separate and equal sovereign states with refugee return or
one democratic state for all its people? With the US having been a partner
in the genocide and forfeited its ability to be a broker, who can broker
such a peace (maybe China, Russia)?

Will the genocide of Palestinians in the 2020s be the last genocide?

Isn’t genocide an acceptable price to pay for having a Jewish state?

Why is calling for a ceasefire in the middle of genocide considered

Will we have the new Middle East in the vision of Netanyahu (Zionist
control of the whole area sans Palestinians) and his alternative to China
Belt and Road? Or will we have a post apartheid and genocide Western Asia
where there are secular democracies replacing the horrors of the past 75
years since this apartheid regime was created?

If Israel liquidates the Palestinian struggle, will it be satisfied or will
it go on to expand as originally planned from the Euphrates in Iraq to the
Nile of Egypt?

Will people remember this in later years and set up Palestinian holocaust
museums around the world?

Will Israeli citizens and Jewish supporters of Israel be able to recover
from having supported genocide and ethnic cleansing or will this create a
permanent scar on Jewish psyche?

Why do leaders of other countries like Brazil and Venezuela speak and act
better than most of the self-declared Arab leaders about the ongoing
genocide e.g. ?

Does it send a chilling or an awakening message for the US Congress to vote
224 to 188 to “censure” Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib (the only Palestinian
American in a congress manipulated by a Zionist lobby)? Incidentally the 22
democrats who voted for censure are all supported by the Zionist lobby.

Does it send a chilling message to allow Zionists to use their influence in
media and governments globally to attack those who call for a Free

Have you ever wondered what you would be doing if you were in the middle of
one of the many holocausts in human history (Congo, Vietnam, Armenian,
Eastern Europe in WWII, Rwanda…)? [you are doing it now!]

“From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free” is a slogan echoing
around the world in massive demonstrations that are the most diverse and
largest in history (Christian, Muslim, Jews, Hindus etc). Is it
anti-Semitic or is it like people in South Africa calling for freedom in
all South Africa not just bantustans (freedom from apartheid does not mean
being anti-white)?

Will countries like Australia and the UK ever recover from having directly
supported the most horrific genocide in the 21st century? See

Six Eyes: Australia’s secret support for the Israeli assault on Gaza, through Pine Gap

Israel’s war in numbers

My interview with Sputnik
and with Press TV

Rallies continue globally and pressure on governments need to increase to
stop this genocide. Keep pushing please.
Here are two million solidarity rally in Jakarta last Sunday

Millions on the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia for Palestine

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

Mazin Qumsiyeh
A bedouin in cyberspace, a villager at home