Ralph Nader and Lady Godiva, by Ray Zwarich

Ahh…. lordie, lordie… poor Ralph Nader… such a great American citizen… Among the very greatest in his day… Now he’s asking us to give financial support to an obviously failed organization?

Citizen Nader tells us this ‘Public Justice’ organization, for whom he is now shilling shamelessly, has been “Standing 40 years against brutish corporate power”.  Uhhh… Corporations are MUCH more powerful today than they were 40 years ago. Public Justice has clearly failed to achieve its stated objective. Standing 40 years? I guess they haven’t been standing all that tall? Eh?

40 years of abject failure? Does Public Justice expect to ‘turn the tide’ any day now? True Social heroes…. Send money right away, folks… Before US Corporations get too powerful.

$7 million per year budget, Mr. Nader tells us. In 2019, the most recent year for which the group’s 990 tax forms are publicly available, Public Justice raised $6 million, $687,000 of which was paid to three executives, the salaries of two of whom, Arthur Bryant, $269k, and Frank Paul Bland, $265k, qualified them into the top 5% among earnings by all people in the US.

Courageous legal-eagle champions of the downtrodden are paid better than 95% of us?… Hmmm…. They no doubt feel heroic in their ‘sacrifice’. “So I paid myself a quarter mil to be a champion of the poor”, such people surely say… “Do you know what I COULD have made working FOR the corporations? I deserve an award for my sacrifice! Let’s have a Gala Jubilee Award Night in a fancy downtown hotel”

Public Justice’s website lists their current docket of cases. Public Justice does not appear to be working in any meaningful capacity on any cases that have ANY hope of restricting the power of US corporations over our lives.

Revealingly, Public Justice’s ONLY listed ‘upcoming event’ is the “THE 40TH ANNUAL PUBLIC JUSTICE GALA & AWARDS PRESENTATION“… LOL… (cue the rolling eyes)… LOL… Geez… These people…

40th Annual Gala? LOL… 40 years of abject failure in fighting corporate power… but these wealthy attorneys have never missed a chance to get together in a fancy hotel for rib-eyes, an open bar, and bad jokes eliciting belly laughs? Oh… And to hand out awards to reward one another for their sacrifices and ongoing abject failure to even make the most minor of dents in the steady and rapid advance of corporate power.

No full disclosure from Robert Scheer? (You couldn’t make this up, folks)…

Is Robert Scheer having his old buddy, Ralph Nader, shill for a business that benefits his extended family? The West Coast Office of Public Justice is listed on their website as  475 14TH STREET, SUITE 610, OAKLAND, CA.

Hey… isn’t that the law office of Dan Siegel? Isn’t Dan Siegel a Scheerpost contributor? Isn’t he also married to one of Robert Scheer’s growing harem of ex-wives and girlfriends? Isn’t Dan Siegel’s wife the mother of one of Robert Scheer’s sons?

Isn’t Dan Siegel also the person who directly incited a fatal riot in 1969, (People’s Park), but then had his family’s wealthy and powerful Jewish friends bend California law, (Mr. Siegel’s powerful Jewish friends went all the way to the CA Supreme Court, if I recall, on Mr. Siegel’s behalf), so he could become a lawyer anyway, despite his foolish criminal actions that resulted in people injured and one man, James Recter, dying,  which should have, by California law, disqualified him from being admitted to the CA Bar?

Oh… wait… it’s a different suite number. Is Dan Siegel affiliated with Public Justice? In other words, does he cash in on the public’s donations? Or are they just his next door neighbors in the fancy downtown high-rise tower complex?

Uhh… Dan Siegel is Robert Scheer’s son’s step-father. Has Dan Siegel ever earned income from Public Justice? So… Is Ralph Nader shilling for Robert Scheer’s family’s business enterprises, on Robert Scheer’s website? Or is it just coincidence that the outfit for which Citizen Nader is shilling is next door to Robert Scheer’s ex-wife’s husband’s law office?

Does anyone besides me get tired of hearing these people constantly telling us how wonderful they are as they have failed so miserably to take ANY effective action to slow the rise of corporate Oligopoly?

“Send us money so we can keep being your heroes”… Yea… Okey doke then… That’s what they ALL say…. ALL the time…. but people send them money, but everything just keeps getting worse and worse… Arghhh…. (cue teeth grinding and gnashing). Fight corporate power? Who’s fighting corporate power? Is Mickey Mouse fighting Godzilla? Godzilla always wins… and keeps growing and getting stronger.

Meanwhile, there is NO organized political opposition, none at ALL, ZILCH!…NADA… to Corporate Power, because all these taxpayer subsidized 501 C corporations depend on Wealth Foundations for most of their income. These all the Executive Director social justice ‘heroes’ keep herding the corporations’ victims into the corporate-controlled Democratic Party.

And thus there is NO organized political resistance to corporate power. NONE! The PseudoLeft, like this creep QuislingBob Scheer, refuse to allow a powerful political front to form outside the confines of the Democratic Party Machine.

Hmm… And now Robert Scheer, QuislingBob I call him fondly, actually publishes actual CIA propaganda direct from John Brennan‘s front web sites.

Please send a donation, folks, to the heroic legal organization, Public Justice, to help them pay for their Gala Awards Jubilee. Inflation and all. The caterers for the poached quail eggs and rarest Caspian Sea Caviar, on crackers made from the finest Ukrainian wheat, with olives from ancient, now  uprooted, Palestinian olive groves, all want to be paid ahead. With inflation the cost of booze and caviar is up 21%. Please send a tax-subsidized donation so wealthy attorneys can celebrate their heroism in style.

Plus there’s the reservation fee for the Four Seasons Hotel’s Gilded Ballroom, and, of course, the ladies will need new gowns, and expensive coiffs, and a new line of cosmetic paint for their faces, and all the men want to wear a $5000 tux with hand stitched brocade needlework, to impress each other with their ‘heroism’.

Naw… just kidding… These dedicated folks probably wear stuff from the Dollar Store, where most Americans shop.

Poor Ralph… Once a ‘great’ man… now a pathetic shill for Robert Scheer’s family enterprises.

On a closing note… have all heard about ole Bob Scheer forcing his old hot-mama Viking Shield Maid, Dr. Kasia Anderson at USC Annenberg, to walk Cersei’s gauntlet of naked ordure and shame?

Just kidding about the naked walk, but he did force her to endure public humiliation for allegedly telling nasty lies about his bullying sexual behavior. Steamy stuff… Hey… The guy is what… 86? Impressive… Kinda… No surprise him being such a cad, of course, forcing a woman into public humiliation…

I’m investigating. I’m awaiting replies to inquiries sent to various departments, like the Faculty Council, at USC Annenberg, and also to Dr. Anderson herself. Could she possibly still be employed there? That’s her in the picture still on the Annenberg website… A #metoo Harpy from hell? Scheer apparently alleges that her claims of his sexual bullying of a subordonate at work (her) were completely fabricated.

Well… Maybe… Believe women? How many men’s careers and entire lives were destroyed by totally unsubstantiated allegations of sexual abuse made by ambitious women?

Believe women? LOL… I was born at night, but it was not LAST night… “May the devil take the women, for they always lie so easy… Moosheringham durham dah…whack foe the daddyo… there’s whiskey in the jar“.

This woman, Dr. Kasia Anderson, was forced by Robert Scheer to publicly confess that she told lies about his sexual abuse of a subordinate at work (her) specifically to harm him and damage his career.

If that’s true, surely Annenberg has moral standards of SOME kind?… She’s surely not still employed there?

Well… I read her confession… Uhh… I suspect that the actual truth is a good deal more… uhhh.. ‘complex’. Fascinating story… Real life slice of sick American sexual culture… Alley cats in heat, and lying lotharios… Love American style… Weren’t Robert Scheer and Hugh Hefner close associates? (Don’t let me even get started on Marcuse… LOL… who hired Hefner to translate “Eros and Civilization” into ‘The Playboy Philosophy‘.

If the wholesome Girl Next Door will atrip naked for men’s pleasure, after they’ve finished and wiped up after themselves, the men can read serious ‘liberal’ journalism.

An excerpt from this article:

Playboy’s most quoted interview likely was a 1976 meeting with then-presidential candidate Jimmy Carter. He was speaking to political journalist Robert Scheer, who asked whether people should worry that his Baptist faith would make him a “rigid, unbending president.” Carter responded with a long examination of his beliefs, including a passage that immediately, and permanently, became part of his legacy.

“I’ve looked on a lot of women with lust,” Carter confided. “I’ve committed adultery in my heart many times.”

Scheer wrote in a recent email that Playboy interviews “were a protected zone within this racy publication” and praised Hefner for supporting “serious journalism.”

I haven’t heard back from that old devil Bob Scheer’s red-hot Annenberg mama, the Viking Shield Maid, Dr. Anderson, yet, or from the various Annenberg institutions to which I’ve inquired as to her current status.

If Scheer is planning to force the Shield Maid to walk naked through the mob and have shit poured on her, I’ll be sure to let all know… Knowing Scheer, he’ll probably be selling tickets.

Do we remember that when Lady Godiva made her ride, honor in every yeoman’s heart, and in every stout woman’s soul, kept ALL eyes averted. Her modesty was never violated… Save by one… Thomas… And Peeping Tom was then struck blind..

Maybe this Shield Maid deserves shame?… Believe women?… Ughh… Wackfoe the daddyo… LOL… I’ve known too many of the little darlins maybe… But public humiliation? The only reason I even know this woman exists is because Robert Scheer disrobed her and forced her to walk in public… If I was forced to watch, I’d look to see what was in her eyes. (And if you believe that I’ll tell ya another).

Cersei’s humiliation? I’ve known it. You think I don’t know shame and humiliation? What human could make such a claim? It’s not ‘theoretical’. It’s not something I have to imagine. I’ve known it.

It’s not something that should ever be inflicted on man or woman.

The Constitution we once had, now just a mantlepiece, forbade ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment. If you take people’s dignity from them in meting out punishment, all chance of penance and atonement almost always disappear, as hateful revenge is instead almost always bitterly sworn.

I’ve once in a while, in almost 75 years on this Earth, been hateful-angry at a female human or two… Indeed… How so many lie SO easy… But I cannot imagine subjecting a woman to that sort of public humiliation.

Did Scheer avert his eyes when Lady Godiva rode by? Or did he have an orgasm when Cercei walked naked, covered in shit?

I’ll keep folks posted on what I find out about what has happened to the Viking Shield Maid.