Re Oct 7: Yossi wants me killed! by Mike Robeson

The New York Times doesn’t need to publish cartoons. Its journalists do it for them. Their recent piece, which presumes to prove once and for all the allegations of serial rapes committed by ‘terrorists’ on October 7, is one of the Times most amusing strips! It features head smacking one liners about the torment of victims, like –
‘I heard screams without words!’ (Huh? Oh, now I get it.)
‘A terrorist slicing off the breasts of a woman being raped by a terrorist.’
‘Terrorists throwing the breasts back and forth to each other’ (Eeww!)
and my personal favorite –
‘A terrorist stabbing the woman each time she flinched while he was raping her.’

(Side note – If only I could make my sexual partners flinch instead of them keeping the pleasure all to themselves.)

There are many more guffaws and howlers where those came from, all reported by the Times as matters of fact, without question, not to mention without supportive evidence, in interviews with a gaggle of well-known comedians who’ve been pedaling their jokes (rhymes with ‘hoax’) for the past two months.

But the most amusing jokester featured in the Time’s stand-up routine is one – Yossi Landau. He’s the famous source of the ‘baby baked in the oven’ joke, and ‘the fetus ripped from a corpse and thrown in a trash can’ routine. He and his team of first responders, having witnessed them with their own eyes, told all the world with straight faces in front of cameras dozens of times, even to the press in far off India.

Their jokes were, in fact, laughingly repeated by the Presidents of numerous countries, and are still being repeated at press conferences staged by Israel’s President Herzog and Prime Minister Netanyahu, neither of whom, unlike America’s, are know to have Alzheimers. Taken together, they put on quite a show, leaving all but the MSM’s loyal audience of nodding donkeys smacking their foreheads at the depths of human credulity.

In the attached video, Yossi Landau is asked by the show’s sideman –
“What would you say to that person who’s downplaying (denying) what took place here?”
Yossi – “I wouldn’t say anything. He should be together with the Hamas terrorists, and he should be killed.”

Oy veh! You talking about me, Yossi?! Well, a Happy Chanukah to you, too!

In the video, Yossi claims that he has evidence. Yup, he has proof. But he humbly states –
“We didn’t give out the pictures (of the beheaded babies) because this is the difference between us and the terrorists. We have respect….This is our nation, this our genes that we have to respect.We will not give out these pictures.”

Yossi’s solemnity is admirable, but his forgetfulness ruins his comedic timing. For the NYTimes’s article clearly states –
“Many volunteers working for ZAKA (Yossi’s) emergency response team, are religious Jews and operate under strict rules that command deep respect for the dead.” And then quotes Yossi as saying –
“I did not take pictures because we are not allowed to take pictures….In retrospect, I regret it.”

So, the gags and pranks all come down to this – “We will not give out the photographic evidence we have, because we are not allowed to produce photographic evidence.”

That’s not exactly Chutzpah, but in the ever evolving self-deceptions of Western colonialism, the current incarnation in the Middle East should come up with a Yiddish term for – ‘burlesque’.

Speaking of which, America’s premier director of ‘talkies’, Stephen Spielberg, is already planning to produce a film documenting the ‘events’ of October 7. And why not? It ain’t just about the shekels. Its about controlling the narrative.
Post WWII films, produced by eminent Hollywood directors and documenting the horrors of concentration camps, were used as evidence at the Nuremberg trials. Those, at least, had the good sense to show actual images, however hysterical, of shrunken heads, of ridiculous lampshades of human skin, and of jewelry made of Jewish bones. (Jew / Jewelry. Get it?) Such over-the-top jokes took some 40 years for scholars to debunk, yet are amusingly still featured in many journalistic accounts and school books.

Nevertheless, it took only 14 years for skeptical minds to debunk the story of the seven year old Jewess who claimed to escape the murderous Nazis by living in a forest with a family of wolves. That story, and the subsequent Hollywood film- Misha and the Wolves (sadly not directed by Spielberg) made the author millions, and knee-slappingly entertained tens of millions of chronically credulous Americans, teary eyed over the newest saga of victim/survivalism.

From 40 years down to 14. Progress is slow. But due in large part to the alternative media like Grayzone and the Cradle and also to Telegram, none of which existed in 1945, maybe now it’s just a matter of months before the audience tires of the one-liners. As for proof of rapes, and evidence of beheadings, only sticklers want to ruin the fun of searching for stories to justify the show of colonialist slaughter. The show, after all, must go on.
The NYTimes article is thoroughly debunked in this video by the party-pooper Max Bluementhal and his fellow self haters in this video –