Responding to Woke Cultist, Pseudo Leftist, Bill Fletcher’s Call for Discussion, by Ray Zwarich

I am writing this in response to an absolutely stunning ‘paper’ from Bill Fletcher Jr., Bill Gallegos, and Jamala Rogers, which was posted this morning, (May 12, 2022), by the pseudo-marxist propaganda site ‘Portside’, which is operated by Bloody Angela Davis’ Bolshevik crew, the Committees of Correspondence on Democracy and Socialism.

At the very outset of this mind-staggering ‘paper’, these three people want to make sure that we ALL know their race, as if that somehow imparts authority to their voices. They demonstrate no awareness whatsoever that outside the inbred confines of these people’s crazed, racist, and sexist ‘Woke Cult’, a blatantly racist cult that believes that all White people are racists, and therefore evil, outside that crazed cult, these people’s race is completely irrelevant, as it should be, when discussing Ukraine.

These three people of color’s complete divergence from reality, concerning the actual FACTS in Ukraine, demonstrates quite clearly that their voices are cartoonishly unqualified to even comment on Ukraine, let alone author and publish a ‘paper’.

Are these people really this ignorant? Or are they lying to advance some sinister objective in their crazed Woke Cult agenda?

After so pointedly identifying themselves by their race, these people never do go on to explain what they think their race has to do with their comical, reality-challenged opinions concerning Ukraine. Do they even know that ALL the nations that are currently sanctioning Russia, (for defending itself against the military aggression of US Empire), are the majority-White nations of the Global North, and that NONE of the nations in the Global South, where non-Hispanic White people are a small minority, are sanctioning Russia?

Thus… these reality-challenged American people of color, who seem to think their race is somehow relevant to a discussion of Russia’s rising in self-defense against the very obvious military aggression of US Empire, as if their race lends enhanced authority to their voices, are actually completely out of step with the VAST majority of the world’s people of color.

Nations representing approximately 85% of the world’s total population, are NOT sanctioning Russia. That Global North-South dichotomy, which largely coincides with the world’s racial distribution, could hardly be more stark when viewed on a map.

Yet these VERY confused (reality-challenged? lying?) individuals seem to think they somehow represent their respective races in their cartoonish opinions about events in Ukraine. They speak, (they want to make SURE we know), “as two African Americans and one Chicano”.

Gee… Is every African American an ‘official representative’ of the African American race? Does Bill Fletcher think HE is? How did he gain such office? Is he not ‘self-appointed’ to hold this office?

Isn’t the ENTIRE ‘leadership’, (what passes so pathetically for such), of the anti-democratic Woke Cult PseudoLeft self-appointed? Is there even a SINGLE ‘elected’ leader from the Woke Cult who can rise and speak on behalf of this egregiously anti-democratic socio-political cult?

Don’t these people, don’t these SELF-APPOINTED ‘leaders’, ‘rule over’ their crazed Woke Cult through Stalinist censorship,and then purging, of ALL voices who disagree with their Stalinist-style ‘party line’?

It’s the classic Stalinist way. Purge (or murder) all opposition, then pretend to be ‘democratic when the remaining ‘loyal’ part members all agree. Ask Fletcher’s close bosom-buddy, the Stalinist Bolshevik, Carl Davidson. He’s well-practiced at this absurdly transparent charade.

In using their egregiously anti-democratic Stalinist tactics, such as their UNIVERSAL, across the entire board, heavy-handed censorship, to purge ALL dissenting voices, have they not created this bizarre, highly inbred pseudo-leftist Woke Cult, and thus have they not utterly destroyed the AUTHENTIC Left in our nation?

Haven’t these SELF-APPOINTED authoritarian (Stalinist) ‘leaders’ of this bizarre, crazed Woke Cult intentionally succeeded in completely marginalizing the Left that holds forth an AUTHENTIC Left Class Analysis, from even existing in our nation?

Thus, haven’t these SELF-APPOINTED authoritarian Woke Cult ‘leaders’ stupidly (or cunningly?) played directly into the hands of the Ruling Elites by so dividing the nation’s Common People, along lines of primitive tribal divisions, that the Common People are completely powerless under our shared oppression by the rapacious and deadly US Ruling Elites, whose clearly stated long-held objective is to rule over the entire Earth?

“Divide and rule”, commandeth the Ruling Elites. “Oh goody. That sounds like fun. We’ll help”, answers Bill Fletcher, the midwit (medium smart) affirmative action Harvard man, and his Woke Cult Crazies.

There is NO political force in our nation that has done more to enhance, support, and ensure the power of the Ruling Elites more than people like Bill Fletcher, (I don’t know the other two authors), with their crazed cult belief in irrational and fatally counterproductive ‘divide and rule’ tribal divisions.

Marcuse again. He helped set up the CIA, (he was ‘OG’ CIA), before he became “Father of the New Left’. It was Marcuse who convinced the impressionable young ‘baby-boom’ (Viet Nam era) generation of leftists to completely abandon class analysis in favor of the self-defeating idiocy of identity politics. I won’t delve into that any further here, but will be EAGER to do so should this solicited discussion become an extended public debate, (which I would greatly welcome, but I don’t believe for one second that the cowardly Bill Fletcher will engage in).

Hmm… Can we note, before leaving the subject of ‘race’, before delving into a discussion of Ukraine, that MOST African Americans are NOT ‘oppressed’. Most African Americans are NOT poor. Approximately 22 million, out of a total of 42 million African Americans, are living prosperous, middle-class (or above) lives.

The other 20 million are forced to live in horrifically barbaric, soul crushing conditions that are a moral stain on our nation’s soul. They live in crime-ravaged communities in which nurturing families only rarely even exist. They live in conditions in which their lives are in very real danger in their own homes, and in even more danger any time they go out their front doors.

But isn’t Bill Fletcher one of those privileged racism-peddling charlatans who have lived privileged and prosperous lives while feeding like parasites, to feed their own egos, off the horrific lives of those Black people who are suffering so horrifically?

Has Bill Fletcher EVER been poor? Maybe he has been. I don’t really know. What did his father and/or mother do for a living? I’ve read his various online biographies, which make it sound as if he was raised in a strong nurturing family which provided him with nurturing intellectual stimulation.

That’s sure a FAR cry from the inhuman soul crushing conditions that exist in the Colonies of Misery, the open air prisons, in which those 20 million, (less than half), of African Americans live.

When has this midwit, (medium smart), affirmative action Harvard man ever been oppressed? Sounds to me like he has lived a charmed life. Elite-educated, far beyond what his apparently weak intellect ever merited, (what were his SAT scores?), he was then steadily promoted as a ‘token Negro’ to the upper ranks of the US Labor hierarchy.

What was Fletcher’s salary as John Sweeney’s ‘right hand man’, as part of Labor Fat Cat Sweeney’s top rank ‘insider’ SEIU union Fat Cat team?

Fletcher’s immediate boss, John Sweeney, made hundreds of thousands of dollars, not just in salary, but in pure corrupt Fat Cat union graft. His SEIU salary was over $200k, plus he drew over $34k in ‘salary’, for MANY years, on a Sopranos-type ‘no-show’ job at his former SEIU local. That was in 1990s dollars. The cost of a new ‘tricked-out’ 4wd F-150 pickup in 1995 was about $14k. A more ‘spartan’ 2wd model could be bought brand new for less than $10K. Prices on a new 2022 F-150 START at $42,890.

John Sweeney, Fletcher’s direct boss, earned at least $234,000 in the 1990s. What was the poor oppressed Bill Fletcher’s SEIU salary? As Union Fat Cat Sweeney’s close top-ranking intimate, didn’t Fletcher almost surely ‘wet his beak’ in the pervasive Fat Cat union graft? What was his average yearly ‘expense account’? How many ‘union conferences’ did he and his wife attend in Hawaii, or Las Vegas, or Acapulco, or other posh vacation spots, with the union picking up the tab?

Almost 60 million White Americans are living sub-middle lives. Thus, those 22 million middle-class or above African Americans are LESS oppressed than almost 60 million White Americans.


Is every “Chicano” an “official representative” of their race? Do Bill Gallegos even know that most American Hispanic people, (among those who speak English as their native language), consider themselves, as descendents of Spanish Europeans, to be White?

These three ‘authors of color’, as they are so insistent on identifying themselves,  seem to think that the blatantly racist and blatantly sexist Woke Cult, to which they apparently belong, now defines and comprises the American ‘left’.

It does NOT. This Woke Cult, and people like Bill Fletcher, are very obviously, in their confused stupidity and/or rank lying dishonesty, enemies of the AUTHENTIC Left in America.

The Woke Cult comprises a pseudo ‘left’, and these three people-of-color’s mind-staggering paper, which is totally divorced from reality, which presents a mind-exploding array of outright lies in defense of US Imperial aggression against Russia, is an excellent case-in-point example of how far this PseudoLeft, in its crazed racist and sexist belief system, has diverged from actual reality.

These people are CRAZY. They are delusionally insane. They can no longer tell the difference between their lies and delusions, and actual reality. Look it up in a medical text. Is the inability to discern between reality and fantasy not a classic definition of delusional insanity?

In the interest of full disclosure, I have never even heard of Mr. Gallegos or Ms. Rogers, but I have been ‘acquainted’ with Bill Fletcher and his work for some 20 years or more, and other than my common human respect for him as a fellow human being, I have almost zero respect for his intellectual capacity.

I also know, from experience, that he is a crass intellectual coward. I am delighted to see him step forward here to invite ‘discussion’. As he fully well knows, I have frequently challenged him to public debate, but he has always been too cowardly to venture outside the ‘safe spaces’ of his Woke Cult.

I am an AUTHENTIC Leftist. I reject the blatant racism of this tragically confused Woke Cult, which any informed person can easily see has been cunningly ‘engineered’, by the Ruling Elites themselves, to adopt its racist and sexist beliefs, in order to cleave tribal divisions among our nation’s Common People, in order to “divide and rule”, in order to ensure that the Common People cannot organize politically to defeat our, the Common People’s, (of ALL races), Common Enemy, the US Ruling Elites.

As an AUTHENTIC Leftist, I reject ALL forms and manners of racism and/or sexism. I believe that ALL people are created equal. I reject this crazed Woke Cult’s racist contention that people of color are somehow of higher ‘rank’ than White people on the left. And I reject this crazed Woke Cult’s insane, and blatantly sexist, contention that female humans are somehow morally superior to male humans, and that all women, even the most privileged and pampered women, are somehow ‘victims’.

I am an AUTHENTIC Leftist because I recognize that the ONLY social division that is relevant to a Left perspective is the division between ‘the haves’ and ‘the have nots’, between the Ruling Elites, and the Common People.

I am an AUTHENTIC Leftist because I fully realize that our, the Common People’s, (of ALL races), ONLY chance to throw off the oppressive yoke of the Ruling Elites is to heal our racial and other primitive tribal differences, so we can UNITE to defeat our oppressors.

I write as an AUTHENTIC Leftist, not as a person representing any race. Thus I categorically REJECT and REVILE, as egregiously anti-Leftist, these three people’s opening remarks claiming enhanced status for their reality-challenged ‘paper’ on Ukraine simply due to their races.

This mind-staggering ‘paper’, so completely divorced from the mere FACTS of actual reality, is typical of Bill Fletcher’s weak and cowardly intellect. Again, I am not familiar with these other two authors’ work, but to be honest, (and please correct me if I’m wrong, this is only a guess), I think this absurdly reality-challenged paper was primarily written by Bill Fletcher, who was then too cowardly to publish it on his own, so, in keeping with his crazed, racist Woke Cult beliefs, he recruited an ‘intersectional’ (a double victim, in the Woke Cult’s cherished identity politics Hierarchy of Victimhood), a Black Woman, and a “Chicano”, to lend him the courage he needed to publish this piece of reality-challenged horse-poopy, (generously flavored with bull-poopy).

Like the crazed Woke Cult in general, Mr. Fletcher demonstrates in this paper his belief that in order to resolve Humanity’s current existential crises, (not merely the fact that WW3 is now in progress, but also the climate crisis, etc), we first must revisit and solve EVERY injustice in ALL of Human History.

Does Mr. Gallegos think the descendants of his anscestors, the Aztec and Maya, should be punished for their practice of the most brutal forms of slavery, which even extended to the murder, in ‘human sacrifice‘, of sometimes tens of thousands of slaves in a single day?

SHAME be on YOU, Mr Gallegos. Doesn’t this crazed Woke Cult believe that people are fully responsible for the sins of their ancestors, even if committed LONG before they themselves were born?

We must sort out and avenge all the ‘racist’ sins in all the sordid tragic history of Humanity? The ‘racist’ Cro-Magnon people, after all, wantonly stole Europe from the people-of-color Neanderthals. Thus the fact that Crimea was Russian territory for centuries, with its major naval base in Sevastopol in continuous operation as a Russian naval base since 1783, is irrelevant because the Russian Empire (now long in History’s dustbin) stole it from the Tartars. Isn’t that what this midwit affirmative action Harvard man, Fletcher, just told us?

LOL… That is an excellent example of this crazed Woke Cult’s manner of thinking.

This is further an excellent example of this demented Woke Cult’s cunningly ‘engineered’, (by the Ruling Elites), confusions. This crazed Woke Cult thinks that the fact that 50 million (thus far and counting) foreign nationals have ‘invaded’ our nation in the last 25 years is fine and just, because our nation is descended from the indentured (enslaved) White population of Europe, which, empowered by far superior technology, ‘stole’ America from its Stone Age indigenous people. Those people are now ‘just’ in stealing it back in vengeance.Yea… Let’s initiate a program of hateful revenge for ALL Humanity’s past sins. That’ll sure get us on the path of justice and peace, to ensure Humanity’s survival.

Bill Gallegos is a SLAVE MURDERER, because his ancestors murdered slaves.


Oh… And anyone who thinks differently is a no good Nazi scum right wing racist. Isn’t that what these Woke Cult Crazies SAY?

Do these three ‘people of color’ know that 75% of African Americans are AGAINST even legal immigration? How could they not be? How could people suffering in economic oppression, (those Blacks who still are), or people who have only recently emerged from economic oppression, as a majority of Blacks now have, not resent the importation of unskilled excess labor that dramatically suppresses wages as they compete for jobs?

“You White people stole our country. Now we’re taking it back.” Isn’t that the ethos of the Woke Cult’s support for the importation of unskilled and desperate excess labor, which OBVIOUSLY harms the lives of our OWN nation’s once middle class, but now impoverished, and rapidly sinking, working class?

The Ruling Elites first exported every job they could, then they threw open our borders to import foreign workers to do those service jobs that could not be exported.

Indeed… Europeans ‘stole’ this territory. No one denies that. Those White Europeans were themselves mostly ALL indentured ‘slaves’, (a word derived from the word Slavic, btw, and historically there have likely been more White people enslaved by rapacuious Ruling Elites than Black People), who were desperate for freedom. Many were so poor they were actually starving when they chose to leave their homes and loved ones to seek a new life in the New World, (so-called at that time). In keeping with the ENTIRETY of Human History up to that point, people in possession of advanced technology did indeed supplant more primitive people from their territories, just as the Cro-Magnon people supplanted the Neanderthal.

The history of Humanity is a long tragic story, governed by the often brutal Laws of Nature. The stronger survive. The weaker perish.

We, Humanity, have only recently begun even TRYING to be more ‘civilized’ than that. Slavery has existed in Human Civilization for 10,000 years, as it STILL does today, with as many as 45 million people still estimated to be living in some form of slavery. After 10,000 years as a mainstream human institution, slavery was abolished in America within 75 years of this nation’s founding.

The Romans conquered the more primitive tribes of Europe. How and why? Because they possessed advanced technology. Thus Ghenghis-Khan’s advanced mounted archers once conquered Ukraine, and much of eastern Europe, which was defenseless against these Mongol marauders’ advanced military technology of expert mounted archers.

Does Bill Fletcher, spewing out his shallow sophomoric intellectuality, (shallow despite his affirmative action bestowed Harvard degree), in spewing out his simplistic lessons on the history of Ukraine, even know that the territory of the powerful Rus tribe, was centered in Kiev, in the rich chernozem soil of the Dnieper Valley? The Kievan Rus, as they are often called, would go on to impart their tribe’s name to the nations of Russia, and also Belarus. The original home territory of the Rus was Ukraine.

Does Bill Fletcher know much of ANYTHING at ALL about the history of these Slavic people’s? Or does this reality-challenged person just think he can impress other people who themselves are ignorant of actual History with a few shallow ignorant words about Tartars and the Russian Empire?

putin did indeed speak to the fact that the existence and borders of the nation of Ukraine has been very ‘fluid’, and constantly changing. My own Ukrainian grandparents, who barely ever spoke English, (who were VERY dear to me), immigrated from a nation that no longer even exists, that was known as Austria-Hungary. It says so on their Ellis Island immigration records, which I have seen. They immigrated from ‘Austria’. The territory they came from is now (again) a part of Ukraine. Most of western Ukraine, right up to the Dnieper River, was once a part of Poland.

The ongoing enmity between the Slavic Poles and Slavic Ukrainians dates back to before the times of Taras Bulba, the great hero of the Zaporozhian Cossack. (I was taught, at the knees of my own family’s elders, to pronounce this word as co-SOCK, and the plural is the same, (like the word ‘deer’, for example). No ‘s’ on the end. A Cossack. Or a troop of 100 Cossack).

When my father’s cousin, Eugene Moroz, married a beautiful Polish maiden, Olga Petracho, in the 1950s, it created a huge ‘scandal’ in the family, such was the animosity between Poles and Ukrainians still lingering from the days of Taras Bulba.

My uncle took my grandparents and me to see the movie ‘Taras Bulba‘, whose plot included a forbidden love between a Cossack, (Bulba’s son, played by heart-throb of that day Tony Curtis), and a beautiful Polish Maiden. My grandparents, as they did again only a few years later as I sat beside them and watched Dr. Zhivago, both wept while watching this ‘epic’ legendary story of the Cossack tribes, in whom they placed their own ethnic pride.

Interestingly, my family name, Zwaryck, (as my grandparents spelled it), is also a common Polish name. It is roughly analogous to the English name Cook, or Baker. It’s also interesting that according to my family’s lore, it is derived from the Persian word ‘suarac’, which apparently refers to somehow ‘wielding fire’. In his sophomoric affirmative action Harvard knowledge of History, Mr. Fletcher may not know that going back millennia, the fierce tribes of the Ukrainian Steppes, and the Caucasus, established the northern limits of the Persian Empire.  Once that boundary had been established, the inevitable comely smiles of Slavic Maidens bestowed upon exotically handsome young Persian men, (and vice versa, the smiles of exotic Persian Maidens upon handsome Slavic men), caused cultural exchanges to take place.

Giving the benefit of the doubt to this ignorant affirmative action Harvard man, Bill Fletcher, let’s assume that he is misinformed, rather than lying, (as I think he is), in his understanding of what Vladimir Putin said about the nation of Ukraine. Quite the opposite of this ignorant man’s confused, (shall we say), assertions, Putin has shown great respect for Ukraine and Ukrainians as “Slavic brothers”.

Quite the opposite of this ignorant affirmative action Harvard man’s ignorant assertions, Putin has talked at length about the right of Ukrainians to rule over their own affairs. He could hardly have been more clear in his public statements anouncing that Russia was forced to take pro-active defensive measures before the Ukrainian Ukro-Nazis, who were actively preparing an assault on the ethnic-Russian people of Donbas, could murder more ethnic Russian civilians in eastern Ukraine. Putin could hardly have been more emphatically clear that Russia does NOT intend to ‘conquer’ Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian people must govern themselves”, Putin said quite clearly. Russia never has had any intention, Russia’s elected president has said emphatically, and still does not, of either capturing Kiev, or even overthrowing the Zelensky government. When the safety of the now seceded, (by democratic referendum), regions that were formerly a part of Ukraine are assured, and the Ukro-Nazis are disempowered, Russia’s mission in Ukraine will be successfully complete, as far as Russia is concerned. Though Putin has said it will be up to the people of Ukraine to decide, he has said that when Russia’s defensive mission in Ukraine is complete, as far as Russia is concerned, Zelensky will still preside over Ukraine.

Russia did not “invade Ukraine” in 2014, as this ignorant (or lying) Harvard man asserts. People have the right to govern themselves. Right? Crimea is 90% ethnic Russians. Not surprisingly, after the Ukro-Nazis ascended to power with US assistance, after the Ukro-Nazis overhrew the legally elected democratic government of Ukraine, and in their first act outlawed the use of the Russian language, the ethnic Russian people of Crimea VOTED by a 90% margin to secede from Ukraine and be absorbed back into Russia.

At that time, there were already 25,000 Russian troops in Ukraine, permanently stationed there as the garrison guarding Russia’s key Black Sea naval base. Well, sure, possibly some military personnel movements were made, but very few additional Russian troops were required, (if any), over and above the long stationed permanent garrison of 25,000, to secure Crimea in 2014.

The ethnic Russian people of Donbas ALSO voted in 2014, also by a similar overwhelming margin as Crimea, to secede from Ukraine and be annexed by Russia. But Putin refused their request. He insisted that Donbas should remain a part of Ukraine proper, and that accords should be reached guaranteeing their semi-autonomous security as part of a federated Ukraine. Putin then worked tirelessly for peace as the driving force behind the Minsk Accords, which the US puppet junta government of Ukraine signed, but which the hateful and violent Ukro-Nazis refused to allow to be implemented.

Financed primarily by Jewish oligarch warlord Ihor Kolomnoisky, Zelensky ran on a peace platform, which was overwhelmingly favored by the people of Ukraine. Zelenky won over 73% of the vote, on a platform of implementing Minsk and achieving peace and partnership with their Slavic brothers and sisters in Russia. Then, as the cunning Kolomoisky no doubnt KNEW they would, (he quite possibly even paid them to assure that they would), the Ukro-Nazis openly and publicly threatened Zelensky’s life if he even tried to implement the already signed Minsk Accords.

Thus, this ‘courageous hero’ completely abandoned his ‘peace platform’.

It’s hard, of course, to discern truth from propaganda, but numerous reports are emerging that Zelensky has earned $850 million since his election. Well… I personally don’t necessarily believe that, but given the pervasive corruption in Ukraine, and especially the corruption of Ihor Kolomoisky, Zelensky’s billionaire backer, Zelensky very well COULD have… (honesty, it smaks of propaganda at this point… I don’t believe things on evidence this flimsy)

These Ukro-Nazis, which were the driving force behind the Maidan ‘revolution’, took their place in the  US puppet junta government that the US installed after the vicious Ukro-Nazis forced the ELECTED president of Ukraine, Yanukovich, who out of moral conscience declined from using military force against the Ukrainian people, to flee for his life.

The primary leader of Maiden, who affected the actual title of “Kommandante”, was a Ukro-Nazi named Andriy Parubiy. This Ukro-Nazi was the co-founder, with Oleh Tyahnybok, of perhaps the most powerful of the Ukro-Nazi Parties.  Here’s a picture of Tyahnybok speaking to his adoring Nazi throngs.

Immediately after the violent Nazi-driven coup that overthrew the elected government, the Nazi Maiden leader, Kommandante Parubiy, was put in charge of all of Ukraine’s police, security, and military forces. Later he held an important office, as ‘speaker’, in the US puppet junta’s legislature.

And incredibly, this hate soaked Nazi, was invited as a ‘hero’ to come to Washington to confer with members of the  US Congress, which indeed this NAZI leader, Parubiy, did in 2018.

Interestingly, (as an aside), the Ukro-Nazis cleverly ‘mirror’ the symbols of Hitler’s Nazis. Instead of the “National Socialists”, for example, the official name of Hitler’s Nazi Party, Parubiy and Tyahnubok cleverly called their Ukro-Nazi Party the Social National Party. (The party later changed its name to Svoboda, which means ‘freedom’ in Ukrainian). Note that in the picture linked, Tyahnybok’s straight-armed Nazi salute is with the left arm, (Hitler’s Nazis used the right). The Nazi Wolfsangel symbol, a symbol of the Nazi SS, in the version used by the Ukro-Nazis, is a mirrror image of the Nazi SS Wolfsangel .

Throughout the Nazi-led Maidan riots, a slim majority of Ukrainians supported their ELECTED president, Yanukovich. About 45% of Ukrainians supported Maidan. There were spirited pro-government demonstrations to counter the Maidan riots.

The brutality of the violent Maidan Nazis was clearly demonstrated when the Nazis sorrounded an outnumbered pro-government demonstration, whereupon the pro-government forcess fled into a public building seeking shelter. The Nazis barricaded these people in the building, and then set in afire with molotov cocktails. Some 50 people were burned alive. The Ukro-Nazis shot people who tried to escape by jumping from windows. Video of the Nazis’ victims mourning in the aftermath. There is video available online of the peeled skin bodies of the dead, but I’ll not post it here.

This poor ignorant affirmative action Harvard man’s assertion that there is little evidence that the US was involved in instigating Maidan is so off-the-wall dingbat crazy, so utterly delusionally insane, that one is rendered speechless in regarding this midwit affirmative action Harvard man’s staggering degree of sheer ignorance, (or is he actually LYING, as I suspect).

Upon confronting this crazed delusional Fletcher’s absurd contention that the sky is chartreuse green, I refuse to be forced to argue to ‘prove’ that the sky is indeed really ‘blue’.

My only question is, is this affirmative action Harvard man truly THIS ignorant? Or is he cynically lying in pursuit of some sinister agenda he does not reveal. Even poor senile old Skinny Joe haas openly admitted that the US objective is, as it has liong been, to overthrow the government of Ukraine.

Anybody with at least a plug nickel’s worth of brain matter can ‘see’ that the US has been waging an aggressive proxy war against Russia for even years before 2014.

Again, is this poor man, poor reality-challenged Bill Fletcher, REALLY this staggeringly ignorant? Or is he cynically lying?

As Russia has stood up to defend itself against the naked military aggression of US Empire, the hopes of the VAST majority of the people on Earth, their hopes to at long last be free of this evil and DEADLY-murderous US Empire, rest on Vladimir Putin’s shoulders. Nations representing less than 15% of the world’s population are sanctioning Russia. Those nations are the nations of the majority White and wealthy nations of the Global North. The nations representing the world’s people of color, are NOT sanctioning Russia.

But while boasting about his racial status, this prosperous and privileged American ‘person of color’, Bill Fletcher, masquerading as an “oppressed person”  stands foursquare with the wealthy majority White Global North, in full deep-throated support of US Empire, demonizing Russia for its defensive pro-actions against the naked military aggression of the murderous US Ruling Elites whose OPENLY and publicly stated objective is to rule over the entire Earth.

As an AUTHENTIC Leftist, I urge any and all other authentic Leftists, to band together to rid ourselves of this delusionally insane Woke Cult PseudoLeft.

I will be EAGER to continue this discussion with Bill Fletcher, (or anyone else, of course), though as I said earlier, I would be surprised if this intellectual coward would have the ‘cojones’ to venture beyond the snowflake ‘safe spaces’ of his Marcusian Identity Politics Woke Cult, from which all AUTHENTIC Leftist have been purged.

In his crass exploitation of genuinely suffering African Americans to aggrandize himself and feed his ego, I think this privileged and pampered ‘person of color’ has long ago forgotten what ‘class analysis’ even means.

R Zwarich
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