Revolutionary Consciousness – An Anatomy of Our Thinking – (Part 3), by Ray Zwarich

I am advocating for non-violent ‘revolution’ because it is obvious to me that our political system has been so corrupted by those who now control it that we must use non-violent “extra-political” means, as are legally provided in our nation’s Founding Documents, in conjunction with political energies and actions within the political system, if we expect to ever ‘take back our nation’ under the People’s democratic control. I hope that all have heard Douglas MacGregor’s reply to the ‘litany of lies’ our nation’s doddering clown-President recited from his cue cards last night, in his State of the Union address. Mr. MacGregor, a colonel (retired) in the US Army, is clearly the most ‘presidential’ public personage in our nation today. I’m sure we’ll all be talking much more about him, and hopefully will be hearing much more from him, as this crucial election year progresses. His reply to our senile President’s address was, in itself, a statement of ‘revolutionary’ intent, in that it addressed, in a direct and meaningful way, the actual levers of power that control the nation, and stated clearly that the government itself is no longer the seat of power over our nation. He clearly stated that it is a group he euphemistically (thus far) calls “The Donors”, the Super-Wealthy Elites, who have transformed our entire government into a giant system of fully legalized bribery under their complete and increasingly tyrannical control.

Colonel MacGregor, a scholar of History, and particularly of military history, has clearly read Sun Tzu, von Clausewitz, and other military geniuses. “Identify the Enemy” is one of the most basic tenets of ‘warfare’, and, as von Clausewitz declared, (paraphrased) “warfare and politics are pursuits of the same ends through different means”.

Colonel MaGregor has clearly “identified the enemy”, and has that Enemy, the Super-Wealthy Elites he calls “The Donors”, in his sights. As I have often entreated with people to realize, anyone who thinks that ‘the MAGA right’, is your Enemy, or anyone who thinks that ‘the woke left’ is your Enemy, are dupes of your REAL Enemy, the Super-Wealthy Ruling Tyrants that control Trump, and the right, every bit as much as they do Biden and the Woke Cult left.

Colonel MacGregor is exhibiting at least the outlines of a ‘revolutionary consciousness’, which is exactly what we all should be aspiring to do. He already stands head and shoulders above any other public figure in our nation, in terms of his consciousness of the truth of matters in our broken nation and in our increasingly dangerous world. And, as someone who follows him closely, and communicates with him, (indirectly), it is gratifying to watch as his consciousness is still developing.
I’m trying to understand our thinking. I’m trying to make sure, of course, that I understand my own thinking, as I’m hoping that all of us are doing the same, that we all are examining our own thinking from as rational and clear-headed a perspective as we can muster. The more that we can free our minds and our thinking from the confines of emotional (‘religious’) commitment to ideology, the better we will be able to understand and address the deadly dangerous predicament we are in.

How many of us know that this past Thursday, (3/7) was the last day of the week-long World Youth Festival, taking place near Sochi, Russia? How many of us were aware that this event was taking place? I would not have known about it myself were it not for a single article about it that I happened to encounter, from world-renowned Brazilian writer Pepe Escobar. That one (and only) article is, as far as I know, the ONLY article about this event that has yet been published in the entire edifice of US Empire (aka: ‘Western’) Mass Media, including in the so-called ‘independent media’.

This event was clearly, (at least to any clear-thinking person), an ongoing expression of the New Spirit that is rising over Humanity. How many of us are even aware of this New Spirit’s rise? Perhaps some have noticed that making us aware of this Good Spirit’s rise, over the morass of evil intent that engulfs all our lives, has been a major objective of mine.

This New Spirit rises over Humanity, to give us new hope, to provide us with inspiration, even as the Jewish-dominated US Empire continues perpetrating its lost war of aggression against Russia in Ukraine, and its horrific mass murder of defenseless people in Gaza. We all surely know that both these dangerous ‘situations’ represent a clear and present threat of metastasizing into WW3, into Humanity’s long-predicted doom.

Our hearts are heavy with despair over the ongoing mass murder in Gaza, and our spirit’s are addled by crushing anxiety over the constant threat of apocalyptic world war. Yet despite these clear and present dangers, this World Youth Festival is testament that the New Spirit continues to rise. Despite these desperate efforts by the evil people who command the US Empire to do everything they can to prevent its rise, despite the Empire’s best efforts to maintain its grip on its crazed intentions to rule the world, even as people’s hearts are heavy to witness so much suffering taking place at the hands of the Empire, people all over the world are somehow holding on to their sense of hope, as they participate in the New Spirit’s rise.

Hope is the rarest and most precious commodity here in the belly of this evil beast, and it is certainly no surprise that the Empire’s Mass Media Propaganda Machine wants to keep us ignorant of this festival of international hope which took place in Russia, a leading nation in nurturing the New Spirit’s rise, and thus a nation the US Empire most avidly commands that we must hate. It’s certainly not surprising that the centrally controlled Mass Media Propaganda Machine would not report even ONE WORD about the World Youth Festival. But what about of so-called “independent media”? One article from a Brazilian writer. That’s it?


I’m asking us to examine our own thinking from as dispassionate a perspective as we can muster, freed from emotionalized ideological commitment. As dissident writers and activists, whether from what are being called ‘the right’ or ‘the left’, who all understand that our nation has been captured under the control of tyrannical forces, why are we not more aware of, why do we not feel a sense of common purpose with, the nations in the world that are mounting an open rebellion against the oppressive authority of the same ‘tyrannical forces’ that we all know are cruelly oppressing our own nation’s people?

In a video interview (with transcript for those who want to save time) Chris Hedges recently conducted with journalist Gretchen Morgenson, discussing her recently published book, ‘These Are the Plunderers – How Private Equity Runs – and Wrecks – America’, Ms. Morgenson explains how the SAME forces that are commanding that we must hate all the nations that refuse to obey the US Empire, that are telling us we must prepare for war against those nations, to kill their people, to punish them, the forces of the Super-Wealthy Elites that are running the US Empire, (which, as mentioned above, Douglas MacGregor euphemistically calls “The Donors”), the same crazed forces that have clearly and publicly stated that they intend to rule the entire world, so they can pillage and plunder among all the world’s nations and people, are the SAME people, the SAME forces, that are pillaging and plundering, like shameless murderous pirates, our OWN nation’s people. These plundering pirates, these US Ruling Tyrants, running this evil US Empire, against which nations representing most of the world’s population are in open rebellion, are not just the Enemy of the nations that are nurturing the rise of the New Spirit over Humanity, they are our OWN deadly Enemy as well.

They are shameless DEADLY predators, They prey on us. They pillage and plunder and KILL! They prey on our lives, and on the lives of our families and children, and on the lives of all the people we love. I haven’t read Ms. Morgenson’s book, but she makes its point well enough in the video interview (with transcript) linked above.

“Identify the Enemy”…

These people who run the US Empire are the Enemy of the American People… They are ALSO the Enemy of the nations that are openly rebelling against their tyrannical authority. The US Ruling Tyrants that are the Enemy of the American People are also the Enemy of the nations that are actively nurturing the rise of a New Spirit of hope, a New Spirit of peace, social harmony, and cooperation among ALL nations, over all Humanity.

To be sure… The Enemy of my Enemy is not always my friend, and due caution is surely in order. But much more often than not, we will find our friends among our Enemy’s enemies… This is really happening… The Enemy of our own nation’s People, is also clearly perceived by most of the people now alive on Earth, as their OWN Enemy as well. These nations, which our own Enemy, the American People’s own Enemy, the Jewish-dominated US Ruling Tyrants want us to hate, are actively, against the applied hatred and deadly violence of the tyrannical US Empire, nurturing a courageously hopeful New Spirit’s rise over Humanity.

The Enemy of my Enemy… Why are we not more aware of this loudly implied connection? If we had a developed “revolutionary consciousness” we would certainly be more aware of it.

Again I ask… How many of us are even aware that this World Youth Festival, a forward-looking expression of hope for all Humanity, took place? Out of over 300,000 applicants from all over the world, 20,000 hopeful young people, from Russia, Asia, Africa, and Latin America, (and even a few from the Empire-dominated Western nations, including a few from the US), attended. “Together into the Future” was the motto being promoted.

Mr. Escobar writes:

“Each day at the festival is dedicated to a main theme. For instance, March 2 was on “responsibility for the fate of the world”; March 3 was for “unity and cooperation among nations”; March 4 was for “a world of opportunities for everyone”. ”

Hmm… Acceptance of responsibility for the fate of Humanity. Cooperation among nations, through democratic negotiation, to create a fair and just world economy that like the rising tide will ‘lift all boats’, thus creating opportunities for ALL people, in ALL nations, to pursue their own dreams and aspirations, as they nurture their children’s future.

Mr. Escobar writes:

“President Putin is once again quite sharp: he emphasized how a clear distinction applies between citizens of the world – including the Global North – and the intolerant, extremely aggressive Western plutocracy. Russia, a multinational, multicultural civilization-state, by principle welcomes all citizens of the world”.

Hmm.. A clear distinction between the People, and the Tyrants who rule over us… Hmm.. This man we are commanded to hate, this man we are commanded to regard as “the new Hitler”, this man that the US Empire Ruling Tyrants tell us wants to attack and conquer Europe, this man extends an open hand of peace and friendship to us, to the People of the nations that live under the yoke of the self-same Tyrants who lust for world rule, and want to kill anyone who refuses to obey them. As these evil US Empire Tyrants, (the same who are murdering masses of defenseless people right out in broad daylight, right before our very eyes), snarl at him in vehement hatred, and send billions of dollars worth of weapons intended to kill him, he talks ‘over their heads’, addressing us, addressing the victims of the Tyrants’ hateful war-mongering propaganda, welcoming us to participate in nurturing the rise of a New Spirit of Hope, Harmony, and Cooperation among ALL the world’s nations, over ALL Humanity.

Hmm.. “Something is happening here but we don’t yet seem to know what it is, do we, Mr. and Ms. Jones?” Not a SINGLE article from an American writer about the World Youth Festival?

Hmm… Does the rise of this hopeful New Spirit over Humanity not seem like something we should be aware of, if for no other reason than to learn more about it?… These are the nations that our OWN nation’s Ruling Tyrants, our OWN Enemy, which preys viciously on us, and on our own families and children, and on all the people we love, insists that we should hate so much that we should lust to kill them. Hmm…

To give you a sense of the World Youth Festival’s atmosphere, here’s a roving camera video. You can skip through it just to get a ‘flavor’. Here’s a video of Putin’s inspiring 9 minute address to the assembled crowd at the Festival’s closing plenary session, which ALL of us should watch.

A rough transcript of snippets from that inspirational speech:

“Despite all our differences, despite the fact that we all look different, despite our different skin colors… There’s something that brings us together… We’re all human… We’re all born equal… And since we’re all equal there is no place in the world for any ‘exceptional-ness’, for any segregation based on any trait or feature… we’re all born equal”… (a rousing cheer from the crowd, then a spirited chant breaks out that is not translated)… Putin thanks the crowd… (D’yacu). “We’re all born from the union of a man and a woman, and, on International Women’s Day we should honor our women and young girls… We’re all born equal but the question is whether we have the opportunity to grow and live in equal conditions… Regrettably the answer is no.. and that’s the main injustice in today’s world… If you ask me is it possible for us all to grow under equal conditions, for the good of one’s family, and for the good of all Humanity… I don’t know. (Ya nas nayu)… But there’s one thing I know for SURE… We should ALL strive to achieve that… The very fact that we strive to achieve that will make the world better, will make the world more fair, more sustainable, and more democratic… Friends, you’ve come to Russia to make new friends… All of Russia is now your friend… Our doors are always open to you, and to all your noble endeavors… The future has begun… But what it will be is up to YOU… I’m confident that your future will be full of success… The motto of this Festival is “let’s start our future together”.. I wish you every success… Be happy… ”

Who can hear echoes of Jefferson’s voice? (“We hold these truths to be self-evident… that all people are created equal…”). Who can hear echoes of Kennedy’s inspirational Peace Speech, from June of ’63, only shortly before he was murdered? “For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.”

Please recall that I am not addressing the general public. I know that the general public in our nation yet remains so heavily propagandized that useful discussions are not yet even possible. I am addressing a select group of writers and activists, from across the so-called ‘political spectrum’, who are disposed to express their often vehement dissent against the people and/or forces that run our nation. I am addressing people selected from among the nation’s intelligentsia, people who one would hope are more aware of the truth of current matters than are the general population.

I am asking us to try our best to free our minds from the confines of emotionalized ideology, to thus be freed to examine our own thinking. What do we think about this World Youth Festival? Do we think about it at all? If not… Why not? Do we understand what is happening in our world from a perspective outside the propaganda bubble that the Ruling Tyrants impose on our entire population?

How many of us see ourselves as ‘dissidents’ from the status quo powers, but are nonetheless under the propaganda control of those powers? I am constantly aware of the immense power of the US Empire’s Mass Media Propaganda Machine, and of how it affects my own thinking. My awareness of the affect helps me counter the affect, helps free my own mind from the Propaganda Machine’s influence.

Are we at all aware of the highly sophisticated techniques of social engineering being applied to ALL of us? “Crush the opposition” was once the primary means of totalitarian control. But no longer. “Control the opposition” is the highly sophisticated technique now used by the Elite Powers that rule over our nation. They don’t want to crush us. They just want to control us.

How many are even aware of the New Spirit rising over Humanity? How many were even aware the the World Youth Festival was taking place? If you are not aware of such things, are YOU not under your own Enemy’s control?

How many dozens upon dozens of articles have been written and published by dissident American writers over the past week or so, since the World Youth Festival began? How many of these articles even mentioned the World Youth Festival? As far as I can tell, the answer is “zero”.

Hmm… How many dissident American writers are even aware that this event took place?

If we are not aware of such events, (as I was not, and would not have been, had I not happened upon Pepe Escobar’s article), can we claim to be aware of the Big Picture of world events? I try to be, as I’m sure most all here do. We all surely know that If we are not aware of the Big Picture, our unawareness deleteriously affects the value of our analyses of specific situations and events. How can we understand the ‘specific’, unless we understand how it fits into the ‘general’?

I try to be aware of the Big Picture, but a major aspect of whatever degree of awareness I may be capable of mustering is my awareness of the limitations imposed on my vision by the Elite Ruling Powers that are using their centralized control of the nation’s Mass Media to control our mass consciousness. It is VERY difficult to achieve and maintain a perspective outside of, and free from, the propaganda message that constantly bombards our consciousness.

Being aware of the insidiously cunning nature our predicament is a necessary preliminary step down the path of developing a “revolutionary consciousness”. Once that preliminary step has been taken, we then must take the next steps. When we are sufficiently aware of ‘the problem’, we must then begin to conceptualize ‘the solution’. I am arguing that the latter requires that we develop a shared awareness of our Common Enemy, and then that we develop our “revolutionary consciousness”

“Whenever any government becomes destructive of those ends, it is the RIGHT, it is the DUTY, of the people to alter or to abolish it” — T Jefferson..

ALL our writers seem to be stuck in the preliminary mode. ALL write, (many brilliantly), about ‘the problem’. When are ANY going to start writing about ‘the solution’?

Douglas MacGregor is, thus far, (as far as I can see to the left, to the right, or in ANY direction), the ONLY public personage in our nation who is developing a “revolutionary consciousness”. He knows what ‘the problem’ is. But he’s a trained soldier. His ‘job’ is not to merely report on ‘the problem’. His job, as a loyal soldier dedicated to his nation, dedicated to our nation, to America, is to find and then execute ‘the solution’.

What’s yours? What is your own conception, fellow ‘activists’, of your ‘job’?

Hope all are in Strong Spirit.

Simius Cognitius