Roe the Boat Ashore, by Ray Zwarich

If things were going better for The Empire in Ukraine, they’d save this Roe ‘bombshell’ for another time… I’m telling you… This is what’s known as a ‘tell’… These people are desperate in their fear….

One Mass Mob Hysteria after another… The Roe Hysteria hasn’t even started…. I’m an early riser… Hmm… Big truck out front… Anyone expecting a ton of bricks?

Keep the Common People all-riled up so they can never think straight. Crude… but hey… credit where due… pretty damn effective… Gets old though, eh? How many Mass Mob Hysteria’s do Goebbels Committee folks think the American people have in us?

What if we get so tired we can’t pump out any more hysteria, and in our state of transcendental weariness, we awaken to ‘see’ the pattern?

Hmm… Same pattern… Just keeps repeating…

I’m telling you folks… These guys are sweating bullets… They keep turning their heads to the side, pulling at starched collars with futile bony fingers. Playing the mega-bunker-buster Roe Card now just shows how desperate they are… They KNOW they’re going down… The stern is already rising slightly… The water is already sloshing around their ankles… They KNOW….

We’ve ALL seen this Roe the Boat card tucked into their vest pocket, where they’ve been saving it for some time…

We’ll NEVER know what happened to poor Scalia on that Rich Boy’s Party Ranch down in Texas… Gee… Wonder if any young ladies happened to be out at the ranch that night?… No judge in this land, in our poor bleeding nation, our very heartblood corrupted with foul infection, is not in SOMEONE’s pocket.

Ask any politician, from the lowlines suckup bagman, (like Skinny Joe), to the mastermind Big Bullies running the show, like Bezos Capone… Following in the great American ‘democratic’ tradition of the Political Machine… You get the cops first, then wrap up the judges… By Tony Soprano’s day, those Italian boys no longer were the ones with the cops and judges. The Mafia’s ‘turf’ had been co-opted and then completely taken over by corporate America.

Poor Bugsy Seigel just wanted some naked dancing girls to bring the LA suckers out to Vegas to be fleeced. Now Nevada’s bizarre Porn Disneyland entertains moral degenerates from all across this great land.

I am pro-choice..

But my position is complex… Like many Americans, I am revolted by the ugly snarling Harpy Sluts demanding their god-given RIGHT to abort a living human foetus, as a back-up birth control regimen. They demand their right to be “Sluts”. No… Really…. LOL… If you even DARE shame them for their alley-cat-in-heat behavior, they will turn on you with the gleam of glowing pure hatred in their eyes… Achtung!… “Slut Shaming” (yea… they actually have an ‘official term’ for it) is a capital offense!!…

These are wonderful Queens, after all, every single one a morally superior creature… every one, every single one… can “HAVE IT ALL!”

Isn’t that what CIA Operative and Glamor Girl, Slut Gloria, taught them? heh-heh-heh… I can. hear the Marcusian chuckle… also the Steineminian (just made that up) cackle… All sitting ’round the table… Playing cards in hell… Mack the Finger is dealing… Louie the King is chewing on the most disgusting mucous soaked end of a short cigar…

Where’s that littleBobby fella when ya need a new tune? Abe said, “God, you must be puttin’ me on”… Okey doke, then… “Where’d you say you want this killin’ done?”

Oh… Yea… They can be sluts if they WANT to? They’re FEMALES… They can do WHATEVER they WANT to…. Geez… They’ve been telling us this for how many decades now? They’re morally superior creatures, just ’cause they gots ‘dem stinky lady parts.

Who read ‘Black Boy‘? “Lookit ‘dem white folks dressed so fine, ‘dey assholes all stink jes like mine”  — Richard Wright… This was a rope-jumping ditty, apparently, in Mr. Wright’s neighborhood where he came up…

These bizarre, morally decrepit girls are SOOO self-adoring in their self-worshiping pride, (one of The Seven), that they can ‘know’ a boy in the men’s room, touch up their smeared face paint, then parade themselves back out on the Meat Parade, imagining themselves, in their girly girl dreams, with babes in arms, worshipped by her vassal, King Charming, in a loving warm nurturing happy home, by the hearth, in the eternal human ‘bosom’ of love, nurture, and Family… (The guy that just got the blow job in the mens room is trying to clean the stains off his pants, before returning to his date, (the girl with the rich daddy), his ‘true love’, seated, with bated breath, in the romantic candlelight in the dining room… It’s been YEARS, (at least two), since this now beatified girl, aglow in soft candlelight, gave a blow job to a stranger in the mens room).

Every stinky sloppy slut is really the Madonna?… Uhh… say WHAT???  (The boys all ask… while scratching their heads)…. Getoutta here with that shit… Pump and Dump, man…. Pump and dump… Ain’t that how we do now, boys? (A guttural affirmation rises… Long swigs taken on beers… Jamesons (neat) socked down… Nostrils flaring… guttural male laughter erupts like thunder….)…

These bizarre creatures DEMAND the right to kill their wombs’ budding fruit, should their slutty behavior result in Nature’s dispassionate intention?

It’s not really a good look on you, girls… uhhh… Morally speaking…snarling out your screeching screams, like Harpy she-demons… DEMANDING the RIGHT to kill your babies while you still bear them in your bellies?…

And you are SO self-adoring, with this UGLY snarl on your jezebel-painted faces, that you feel self-righteous in demanding your RIGHT to kill a budding human life in your wombs?..

It is my own moral sense of empathy, and just common human kindness, and forgiveness, that makes me pro-choice.

The Durants, (Will and his precious partner in scholarship and in life, Ariel, the famed American Historians, married for over 60 years, who then died within days of one another), wrote:

No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for these are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history

A youth boiling with hormones will wonder why he should not give full freedom to his sexual desires; and if he’s unchecked by custom, morals or laws, he may ruin his life before he matures sufficiently to understand that sex is a river of fire that must be banked and cooled by a hundred restraints if it is not to consume in chaos both the individual and the group.

History has shown that the first ‘rule of freedom’ is that is that it must be restrained and limited, else it will explode into chaos.

“Both the individual and the group”..

Yea… I read the Durants… I have the whole ten volumes… The book club threw in ‘The Lessons of History’ at no extra charge… What a shameless rake I was… Remember Abby Hoffman’s ‘Steal This Book’?  Eventually the book club quit billing me… I got my ‘Complete Hank Williams’ album set the same way. Early 70s…. I was so stupid I didn’t even know that ‘credit scores’ even existed… My FICO is well over 800 now… LOL… Wait….The statute of limitations has expired… wait… right?… No… I was just boasting… it was only my clown bozo ego… none of that is really true… I swear….(LOL… the follies of youth…)

The repercussions of an unwanted pregnancy can destroy a woman’s life… literally… In many circumstances… (not referring only to medical difficulties, but rather to ‘cultural’ as well)… it can be FATAL..

It can be as costly to a boy, as well… (Billie Joe MacAllister threw something off Tallahatchie Bridge, then he jumped)…

Should people who lose themselves to human passion, (which of us has not?), receive a life sentence? Or capital punishment? How many saw the excellent film, ‘An Education’? One of our very finest actresses, so quietly accumulating a career’s worth of masterpieces. Celtic lass… Dame Carey Mulligan… A wee wisp of a smile in a permanent knot in her awe-knowing cheeks… Dame Mulligan… perhaps not yet so titled, but she surely will be…

The girl (her character), was forgiven for her foolishness, after being ‘swept away by a cad… She was given back her ‘promise’… Many a girl in that exact circumstance has lost it ALL!… Forever…. A life that could have been becomes a life of woe and misery…

Asking the society for penance and forgiveness is one thing. We humans can be monstrously heartless and cruel, but look how we light up with a deeper joy when we feel genuine forgiveness… We feel the rapture of relief from the tension of impending judgment.

Humbly asking the society’s forgiveness is one thing… The haughty pride of shameless hussy sluts, who think their stinky female ‘plumbing’ makes them morally superior creatures, is quite another.

There’s no clear moral line… When does human life begin?… A human foetus would be moving… Squirming…It is a living thing… If they pulled it out whole and chopped it up on a stainless steel table… Instead they chop it up inside a human womb, and then suck out the jelly-mess…

Do you not KNOW, ladies, how revolting-ugly you look snarling like primitive beasts in your haughty prideful anger, over your ‘right’ to have your baby chopped by and vacuumed away?

These bizarre self-adoring creatures, these Black Widow Feminists, are SO self-righteous in their UGLY sluttiness that they DEMAND this moral butchery as a ‘right’, and look down upon women who revere ther responsibilities as women, as womb bearers, (if you will), they look down upon such women as “deplorables”….

Last I looked… It was all-even… The nation’s female citizens were evenly split… About 42% pro-Life… About 41.9872652% pro-choice.

I’m pro-choice… But my position is complex…And these Black Widow Feminists snarling in their slutty pride are aboutb the UGLIEST human creatures I EVER saw in all a very old ape’s born days!

Awright… Sun’s up… We’re burning daylight, boys and girls… Let the fun and howls begin.

If your rutting passion in the mens room results in consequences you didn’t anticipate, girly girl, you might not be able to find a convenient, though bloody, solution… GASP! This is the essence of Feminism we’re fighting for. We’re Females… (“We’re FEMALES”… echoes the snarling mob)… We can do whatever we WANT! It’s OUR womb! We can rip our babies out and flush them if we WANT to! The mob erupts in the hysteria of wild female rapture…

To the barricades!

Never mind that WW3 is raging… We’re talking IMPORTANT stuff now… the freedom of American women to kill fetuses whenever they WANT to ! No force on earth can withstand raw female DESIRE!

Roe the boat… This’ll be fun…

As our bleeding nation bleeds