Russia Is NOT Our Enemy, by Ray Zwarich

To all of Caliban’s Really Good Ones, and to all who, like me, often feel lost and alone and afraid:

The raging mass delusional insanity in our crippled and bleeding nation continues unabated. If anything, the current mass mob hysteria over Ukraine is even worse than the Woke Crazy Race War mass mob hysteria that preceded it, or the crazed #metoo mass mob hysteria that preceded the Race War mass mob hysteria, or the RussiaGate mass mob hysteria that preceded the #metoo mass mob hysteria. (etc etc etc).

Reason is long dead and gone from our crippled bleeding nation. America has been ruled over through the centralized use of Mass Media to engender mass mob hysterias, one following close on another, for years now. As these mass mob hysterias continue to rage, meaningful communication seems ever more impossible. Crazed people, ruled over by their overheated mob passions, are simply not capable of rational thought, let alone meaningful communication.

My many readers in other nations, however, remain avidly interested in Caliban’s dispatches.

I’ve been ‘away’ for several weeks. As I’ve related before, I believe that one must periodically stfu. We all know the proverb. There is a time for every purpose. A time to speak. And a time to listen. If one does not spend enough time listening, then whatever one may have to say cannot have much value. I’ve been ‘away’, but rest assured that I’ve been listening intently.

Immediately before I ‘went away’, I laid some pretty hard blows on PseudoLeftist ‘star’ writer Chris Hedges, and also on Hollywood Liberal, (also absurdly pretending to be a ‘leftist’), Robert Scheer, (who once was a ‘great hero’ of mine).

Caliban’s readers may recall how incensed I felt to see Hedges, a major ‘star’ among the PseudoLeft Woke Cult Crazies, come out in full-throated support of the US Empire, by condemning Russia for defending itself against rapidly advancing US military aggression, whose openly, publicly, and clearly stated objective is to overthrow the sovereign, democratically-elected government of Russia, and to kill its president.

Russia refuses to obey. And Putin does NOT appear to be in the least afraid. “A coward dies a thousand times. A brave man tastes of death but once” These are Shakespeare’s words, of course, put into Caesar’s mouth, but Plutarch actually attributes these thoughts to Caesar himself, reportedly spoken to his lieutenant generals over a supper, (if I recall). When one asked Caesar what manner of death he would prefer, he reportedly answered “A quick one”, then went on to talk about his lack of fear of death.

There is much international commentary comparing Putin to Caesar. Well… I don’t know about that… Putin may be quivering in fear, for all I know, but I just kinda doubt it. Unless the man is stupid, which he clearly is not, he knows quite well that his nation is in a struggle with a crazed and irrational evil Empire, and if he loses, if his nation loses, he will die.

Currently, nations representing about 1.2 billion of the world’s people are sanctioning Russia. There are some 8 billion people now alive on the Earth. Do the math, folks. We’ve passed the tipping point. When you sanction too many nations, in the end you are only sanctioning yourself. Poor ole senile bagman and career long crook, ole Skinny Joe Biden, is clearly delusional, when he says the most delusional things like, “The world us united against Putin”. The facts are the facts, folks. (LOOK THEM UP!, fer crissakes). Unless I’m misinformed, (hey, I’m just looking this up on Google), nations representing about 85% of the world’s population, including not only all of Asia, and Africa, but all of Central and South America, and even one nation, Mexico, in North America, are currently NOT sanctioning Russia.

Russia will NOT obey The Empire. Never! (Nor will Russia’s powerful ally, China). Putin does not appear to be afraid. Therefore, say the unspeakably evil Masters of US Empire, Russia MUST be destroyed. (“Carthago delenda est” — Cato the Elder).

It’s Putin, and the great nation of Russia, homeland of the Kievian Rus, against The Empire. Only one is going to survive. Even a negotiated peace in Ukraine will be the end of this deadly evil US Empire. The dollar has already begun to topple, (like poor Humpty-Dumpty). Most Americans are yet completely oblivious to what’s going to happen when it does.

As incensed as I was to hear Hedges give his full support to The Empire’s military aggression by demonizing The Empire’s enemy for defending themselves, it was when QuislingBob Scheer then began publishing actual CIA propaganda, (as is the entire morally corrupt, stinking rotten edifice of the American PseudoLeft alt-media), direct from ex-CIA director John Brennan’s mouthpieces, that the retchingly disgusting degree to which these crazed PseudoLeft people are in thrall to their patrons, the US Ruling Elites, came into focus even much sharper than the finest Zeiss, Leica , or Hasselblad lenses could bring it. (pardon the rather lame metaphor… I once was a professional photographer).

‘Portside’, Bloody Angela Davis’ posse, which seems to function as a sort of American Bolshevik ‘politburo‘ to set the official PseudoLeft ‘party line’, (which all must toe, or else be ‘canceled’), is the worst of them all. I read their dispatches every day, as I have since ‘Portside’ sent out its first issue, which must be 20 years ago now, (maybe even more). Not a day goes by now that Bloody Angela’s Bolshevik crew does not publish the actual texts of blatant CIA propaganda demonizing Russia for defending itself against The Empire.

Anyway… In response to my pommeling flurry of opening blows, (these are only the early rounds, boys and girls, I’m pacing myself), both Hedges and QuislingBob have made impressive displays of their own raw power, calling on all their devoted Woke Crazy allies to shore up their massive egos. Hedges’ own recently published output, (since I stepped ‘away’), of his messianically exaggerated sense of himself, as a major prophet/savior of the PseudoLeft, (a bona fide ‘Messiah in his own mind’), has been especially impressive. He’s been flexing his considerable ‘star-power’ at poor old Caiban… LOL… Woooo… I sure feel ‘intimidated’, Mr. Hedges. Little old Caliban, lowly shit-shoveling ape of a chicken farmer, up against such a heavy hitter ‘luminary’ as Cane Toad Hedges himself? (LOL… Geez…). What chance does a broke-down old silverback have?

Hedges even played the race card, daring me to touch the hottest ‘third rail’. He called upon ole GapTooth CrazyHair, Cornel West, to come stand by his side. Surely most of us know that Dr. West, elite Princeton professor emeritus, maven of ugly racist CRT ideology, makes his oppulently lucrative living as the US Elite Academic Establishment’s official ‘mad negro’ mascot. He has been a major proponent of the rise of this ugly and hateful CRT philosophy of blatant and ugly racial hatred, which has torn the US population into complete political impotence against the Ruling Elites. Hedges gave Dr, West some  ‘air time’ on his brand new TV show, on the Real News Network, yet another PseudoLeftist Mass Media outlet primarily funded by Wealth Foundations.

In a gushing mutual love fest, these two lovey-dovey PseudoLeftists heaped praise on one another, with Hedges actually (and disgustingly) likening this crazed maven of raw CRT hatred and ugly racism, to Dr. King, and other African American historical luminaries, (WEB Dubois, etc), saying “Cornell West is the premier standard bearer for the prophetic  Black tradition”, whereupon the opulently wealthy professional ‘mad negro’ gushed back in praise: “I want to begin by saluting you, my brother. I want the world to know that I believe you are one of THE great prophetic and progressive voices of our time”, [emphasis his].

LOL… Geez… Talk about massive egos?… After so humbly calling each other “great prophets”, these two modest and humble servants and heroes ‘of the people’ went on to vomit up mainstream CIA propaganda about the personification of the US Empire’s primary enemy, Russia’s elected president, Vladimir Putin.

Does anyone happen to know if Cornell West’s 6 figure income is more, or a bit less, than a sweet $500k per, which would put him well within the so-called ‘top 1%’? Isn’t he a multi-millionaire by now?Being a modest and humble ‘hero of the downtrodden’ is certainly a lucrative gig, you see. Ask multi-millionaire Jesse Jackson, or ‘the reverend’ Al Sharpton, or any other of the social parasites in the lucrative racism bid’ness. Tawana Brawley still swears she told the truth, despite such convincing evidence, (just like that creepy idiot actor, Jussie Smolett, holding up his ridiculous ‘power to the people’ clown fist as he walked out of court). Ole Reverend Al  sure knew a meal ticket when he saw one, Eh? He saw all the other racism peddling charlatans making big money in the racism bid’ness, and he latched onto the gig that still supports him in lucrative style to this day. (For those who don’t remember, it was the Tawana Brawley case, in 1987, that launched the Reverend Al on his career as a charlatan entrepreneur in the lucrative racism bid’ness.

With due respect, (which frankly is very little), this ridiculous poseur, this wealthy, self-serving entrepreneur in the ‘racism bid’ness’, elite Princeton university’s star ‘mad negro’, Dr. Cornel West, could not shine Martin King’s shoes, nor carry Vladimir Putin’s jock strap. I got a benjamin against a sawbuck says this charlatan poseur pulls down OVER $500k per, maybe even a cool mil per, which this wealthy charlatan ‘earns’ by shamelessly pimping out the downtrodden from his privileged catbird seat among the nation’s rarified wealthy elites. He is one of them. He has little in common with the Common People.

I feel sorry for these pathetic people. They are so utterly lacking in self-awareness that they actually truly believe that they are opposing the very Empire whose highest priorities their convoluted, self-serving woke craziness advances. They are so totally devoid of self-awareness that their egos rule over them completely. Calling each other “great prophets”? LOL… geez… It staggers the mind…

The US Empire long ago ‘set the hook’ into these kinds of people’s monumental self-serving egos, playing these over-fed ‘lunkers’ with great skill on light 10 lb test line, as these two idiotic ego-maniacs dutifully serve The Empire’s highest priorities, (promoting ugly racial hatred to completely destroy the US population’s capacity to organize ANY opposition, any at ALL, to the Ruling Elites, and condemning the US Empire’s enemy for defending themselves).

These poor pathetic people, loving themselves so intensely, as they gush in the most ridiculous mutual praise, (likening Cornell West, the Ruling Elites Mad Negro mascot, to Dr. King?… LOL… Geezus h), have no idea at ALL what they look like to people who are not their crazed Woke Cult followers.

Believe me, Caliban KNOWs what I look like to them. I KNOW how they hate me, as they hate anyone who does not revere them. And even more, Caliban KNOWS how they fear me, as most every day more among their ranks write to ask me to “add me to your network”, (the term many of them use).

Hedges’ more recent opus, published by QuislingBob Scheer, is a self-promoting statement of the tragedy that even ‘great prophets’ like Chris Hedges are being censored. “It no longer matters how prominent you are or how big a following you have”, he proclaims. Even major media ‘stars’ like me are being censored. Gasp!

Hedges is, of course, his own damn self, a mainline party to the crasset forms of censorship. Grass roots censorship, we could call it. No one who does not agree with Chris Hedges’ vomitus of the official PseudoLeft party line is even allowed to comment on ANY PseudoLeft forum. Censorship on this clown show PseudoLeft is total, (as in totalitarian). “Toe the Party Line or be canceled”, is the well-established PseudoLeft policy. As folks can perhaps well-imagine, Caliban, as an AUTHENTIC Leftist, is ‘censored’ from EVERY PseudoLeft forum, as is anyone else who refuses to toe the idiotic, ugly, and toxically hateful Bolshevik Marionette Party line.

Can Chris Hedges even spell H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-S-Y? (“When they came for Caliban, I wasn’t Caliban. So I said nothing. Then, when they came for me, it was too late“).

If he cannot spell hypocrite, he could at least learn what one looks like in any handy mirror. Chris Hedges is not merely a flaming self-serving LIAR, he is also a self-serving glowing neon HYPOCRITE! When HE is censored, it’s a great tragedy. But when anybody who does not toe the PseudoLeft Party Line is censored, when anybody who does not agree with ole Cane Toad is ruthlessly censored, this bozo the clown character thinks that’s just fine.

Might Caliban dare be so insolent as to preach to a self-styled, messianic ‘great prophet’ like ole dour Cane Toad?

The instinct to compete for primacy within our tribal groups, (i.e.: our egos), is inherent in our human biology. This behavior is programmed into our DNA. We ALL have our ridiculous egos to contend with. We can’t help being poor dumb humans. None of us can… I’m certainly not pretending to be ‘the Buddha’. My own ridiculous ego hassles me constantly. It’s contantly in my way, urging me to do the stupid things I do so often, (poor dumb human that I am). Unlike poor Hedges, however, I do my best, (which often isn’t all that good), to keep mine in check. Why? Because I KNOW it’s my ‘enemy’.

Our egos are nothing but what we pretend to be. Our egos are never who we really are. Hedges ego is fooling him, and it is fooling his Woke Cult followers, but it is NOT fooling me. I see him for the lying pretentious sack of guts that he IS.

Self-awareness is the only ‘weapon’ that is at ALL effective against this bane of human existence, against our primal instinct to dominate others by competing for primacy. (“I’d sooner be the First Man among a primitive tribe in Gaul than the Second Man in Rome”. — Gaius Caesar, of the Julian Clan).

Zen Buddhism, like other schools of Eastern philosophy, strives to conquer the confines of the ego. We must lose ‘the self’ to find our deeper truer ‘selves’. We must cast aside our absurd pretenses to discover who we really are.

Western philosophy actually says much the same. “Know thy Self if ye seek wisdom”, (saith the Oracle at Delphi, some 2400 years ago), though in our devotion to mass mob hysteria, our sick bleeding nation has renounced all concerns for mere wisdom.

Poor Mr. Hedges has a good heart. I know that. He is a ‘good person’. Anyone can see that. But he is totally ‘owned’ by his massive ego, and therefore would not know wisdom, nor his deeper truer self, if it slapped him in the face with a stinky dead fish, trying to get his attention.

Mr. Hedges’ pathetic ego makes him very easy for powerful forces to manipulate and control. This is why this poor pathetic man is able to be so magnificently eloquent in describing the evils of the US Empire, (he is, after all, a highly skilled writer), but when a nation fights back to defend itself against the evil US Empire, like the idiot marionette he has been ‘engineered’ to be, Hedges condemns that nation for doing so.

Mr. Hedges’ likes to pretend to be a journalist, but to any but his cult followers, he is very obviously a lying propagandist. Again, it’s the self-same ‘devil’, his massive ego, that drives him to be a crass LIAR. He plays to his audience, the Woke Mob, and to win their praise, the mere truth is no obstacle. Noted American historians, Will and Ariel Durant, said of famous Roman philosopher, (and Caesar’s enemy), Cicero, that he had the political sense to “trim his sails to whatever political breeze prevailed”. Hedges has no respect for the truth when it comes to playing to the Woke Cult’s mob passions.

Did you all know, for example, that police forces in the US kill poor White people in the US in almost exactly the same proportion as they kill poor Black people? It’s a FACT that ANYONE can easily look up. There are almost THREE TIMES as many poor White people in America, (almost 60 million), as poor Black people, (about 20 million), and looking back over recent years’ FBI statistics, police, not surprisingly, kill approximately TWICE as many poor White people as Black. (Don’t take my word, folks… look it up fer crissakes).

Moreover, approximately half, or more, (depending on definitions, and on which statistics are used), of all African Americans are NOT poor. MOST African Americans are living relatively prosperous middle class, (or above), lives. Only a MINORITY of African Americans are poor, (poor defined as sub-middle class).

Approximately 22 million African Americans (over half of the 42 million total) are more prosperous than approximately 60 million White people who now are living sub-middle class lives. (Again… don’t take my word… look it up! See this… Or this… There’s no shortage of sources. These are established facts.)

The police in the US kill approximately the same percentage of those 60 million poor (sub-middle class) White people as they do poor Black people, and they kill a MUCH lower percentage of prosperous African Americans than poor white Americans. In the course of doing the job that these working class people, the Police, earn their wages to do, the police kill almost exactly the same very low percentage of middle class, or above Black people as middle class or above White people, (hardly any).

In an unjust nation like ours, (from which justice has long ago been banished completely), it’s the Police that are the paid working class people whose job it is to enforce the pervasive injustice. The Police enforce the law. They are hired hands. They are wage earners. They do NOT make the law. If the law is unjust, then the police are paid working people whose job is to enforce injustice.

There is NO evidence that I’ve yet seen that the Police, as an institution, have any more, nor any less, animus against poor people of color than against poor White people. Can anyone produce any such evidence?

Almost ALL the people, of whatever race or class, that police in the US kill, are armed, and are threatening police with weapons, when the police kill them. In our moral cesspool of a society, poor people, of EVERY race, are forced into crime to survive. Police kill any and all races of poor people in approximately the same percentage, which is actually very low. The police kill approximately 1000 Americans every year, in a nation of 330 million, and more relevantly, in a nation of 100 million poor people.  Almost ALL people who are killed by police are armed and brandishing weapons when they are killed.

These are ‘hard facts’ that anyone can look up for themselves. But to please his primary audience of the Woke Crazy Mob, Chris Hedges tells outright LIES to perpetuate the myth that US police forces function with racial animus against Black people. During the BLM riots, (brought to you by the Super Wealthy Ruling Elites who deliberately engineered them), this bald-faced LIAR, Chris Hedges, once reported that a man who was not merely armed, but actually fired at police, was “murdered in cold blood” by the police who shot him. These are the kinds of bald-faced lies this lying propagandist routinely tells.

Whatever else Chris Hedges is, or may be, Chris Hedges IS a LIAR! He lies to serve his massive ego. He lies to serve his popularity among his crazed Woke Cult Mob followers. I don’t give two shites how big a ‘star’ this fool is among the Woke Cult. A liar is a liar. A liar, by definition, cannot be a journalist. Chris Hedges is a star propagandist, and he apparently thinks this is ‘impressive’? Whatever Chris Hedges is, or may be, he is NOT a ‘journalist’.

Again, the entire idiotic edifice of the Woke Crazy US PseudoLeft, (aka: the Bolshevik Marionettes), are now twirling furiously, in their clown-like pirouettes, in deep-throated support of their own professed ‘enemy’, the US Empire, by demonizing the Empire’s disobedient miscreant, Russia, for defending itself.

Well… You know what they say… “Follow the money”… The entire American PseudoLeft is incorporated as tax-payer subsidized 501C corporations, almost ALL of which are primarily supported by Wealth Foundations. Instead of paying their taxes, the Super Wealthy give the money, tax deductible, to the PseudoLeft, to do and say things that the Super Wealthy want them to do and/or say.

Everybody knows that BLM’s mainline funding comes from corporate America, and from the Super Wealthy. Hedges mutual admiration confab with wealthy hate monger, Cornel West, was brought to you by Wealth Foundations, which are The Real News Network’s primary funding source.

Thus this ego-maniac, Chris Hedges, dutifully supports the US Empire’s attempts to crush a sovereign democratic nation, kill its elected president, and subjugate its people by subjecting them to siege warfare, to cause as much suffering and death among them as possible.

Vladimir Putin is a great hero of the Russian nation. Nobody will remember Chris Hedges once his grandchildren are gone. But just as statues of Caesar still stand in Rome, over 2000 years after his death, statues of this man, Putin, will still look out over public squares and green parks in Russia in 2000 years’ time.

Putin’s ‘approval rating’ in Russia, as measured by American polling agencies, currently stands at over 83%. At the time that the US engineered the overthrow of the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014, after he took action to defend ethnic Russians in Ukraine from Ukrainian Nazis, (annexing Crimea, at Crimea’s referendum-established request, and helping the people of Donbas defend themselves against Ukro-Nazi genocidal atrocities), Putin’s approval rating was over 90%.

A prolonged (years long) Harvard study of Russia’s powerful ally, China, reports that:

“The survey team found that compared to public opinion patterns in the U.S., in China there was very high satisfaction with the central government. In 2016, the last year the survey was conducted, 95.5 percent of respondents were either “relatively satisfied” or “highly satisfied” with Beijing. In contrast to these findings, Gallup reported in January of this year that their latest polling on U.S. citizen satisfaction with the American federal government revealed only 38 percent of respondents were satisfied with the federal government.”

Don’t take my word for it. Read it for your own damn selves. 95.5% of the Chinese people LIKE their government. Well… Gee… 83% in Russia. 95.5% in China. Sure sounds something like some form of ‘democracy’ to me.

Our own current crook in the White House, who gained office through an obviously rigged election, (when the ENTIRE edifice of Mass Media acted in lock-step unison to bury the Biden Laptop story),  currently enjoys an approval rating of 33%. The current approval rating of the US congress is 20%.

Yet we denounce both Russia and China as ‘dictatorships’, and champion the US as a paragon of democracy? Only crazed, insane people, (which most of the US population currently is), could reach such bizarre conclusions.

Yet here we have this certifiably delusional charlatan, this Dr. ‘Mad Negro’ West, and this ego-maniacal sidekick, the ‘messiah in his own mind’, the “great prophet” Christopher Lynn Hedges, demonizing an elected leader who enjoys the support of over 83% of his nation’s people, as an evil “autocrat”.

These people are very obviously delusionally insane. Their Woke Cult Mob belief system is entirely divorced from ‘the facts’, which some of us are bold enough, (unfearing of being ‘canceled’ by the delusionally insane PseudoLeft), to call ‘reality’.

Okey doke, then… Your turn, Christpher Lynn.

How about you, Dr. West? Wanna come out and play? (He’s reading this). Public Square… High Noon?… What say we have a public debate? Is the professional Mad Negro mascot of the Ruling Elites too chicken shit? (Hey… I really DO shovel chicken shit. I really AM a chicken farmer). You ever worked a day in your life, Dr. Corny? You ever had a callous on your soft hands in your entire privileged life among the Ruling Elites? Yea… Dr. Corny drinks old whiskey among the glitterati at the poshest cocktail parties, where all are thrilled to have their Mad Negro mascot among them. When was the last time you shared a pint bottle with folks behind the old stone wall on The Corner down by Ben’s Liquors? People know Caliban well, in places that might surprise a privileged soft-clothes charlatan poseur like you.

Let’s see what ya got, MessiahDude. Yer a pretty damn good writer. No doubt at all about that. It’s such a shame about that crippling ego, though. It’ll always be your downfall, Cane Toad. You’d sure make one heck of a journalist, though, if you could ever gain control of your ego and bring yourself to quit with the lying propaganda.

I can write a little me own self, Chrissy Lynn. Even people in Russia read my writing. (No… Really), as do people in many nations. Like me, people in Russia love their families, and are hopeful that their national hero, Vladimir Putin, can save Humanity’s future by defeating the evil deadly murderous US Empire.

If any want to help ‘save the world’ from the evil US Empire, first we have to get these clown idiots, these PseudoLeftists, like Cane Toad and Dr. Corny, out d’way.

Tell ole QuislingBob ‘Hollywood’ Scheer I said hello, Cane ole buddy. (Actually, QuislingBob himself is reading this, of course)