SC Editorial: U.S. and NATO Allies Blockade Russia’s Economy, Then Blame Russia for World Hunger

Can Russia be possibly portrayed as any more evil and monstrous than that, as per Western propaganda narratives of Russophobia?

The war in Ukraine has certainly impacted critical exports of wheat and other staple grain products. Russia and Ukraine account for about a third of the world’s supply of wheat. The Black Sea shipping of agricultural and other commodities has been disrupted since Russia launched its military operation in Ukraine on February 24, over three months ago.

But this conflict was primarily created by the U.S. and NATO policy of weaponizing the far-right Ukrainian regime to attack Russian people and destabilize Moscow. After eight years of deadly provocations, President Putin ordered an intervention to preempt the growing hostility.

If agricultural exports have been halted and world prices impacted, then the Western powers should be the ones held responsible for recklessly stoking a war in the first place. Secondly, the ports of Mariupol and Odessa have been mined by the NATO-backed regime in Kiev. This is why civilian shipping has been hampered. That amounts to criminal conduct by the NATO side, not Russia.

Thirdly, Blinken and Von der Leyen complain that Russia is deliberately with-holding exports of wheat and other foods. The fact is Russia is being subjected to economic warfare in the form of illegal and unilateral sanctions on its ability to conduct international financial transactions. Russia finds itself in an “existential challenge” from Western imperial powers who are waging a “total war” to destroy Moscow’s government. And yet, Russia is accused of not exporting food to the rest of the world.

The arrogant Western powers betray a mentality that is tantamount to a robber berating a house owner for not leaving doors and windows wide open for his convenience.

The fact is reckless Western elites have hit their own citizens and societies with unprecedented problems over migration due to their criminal wars and with spiraling living costs due to their aggravation of relations with Russia over energy and other trade. The Western ruling class are the ones waging hybrid war – against Russia, China, and others, as well as against their own populations.

If the Western powers had any concern about food security and hunger (they certainly don’t) why are they funneling weapons worth hundreds of billions of dollars and euros into Ukraine to intensify the conflict? Washington and its European vassals are deliberately thwarting any political, diplomatic resolution to the conflict in Ukraine and more widely with Russia. They are the culprits for endangering the planet, not just from mass hunger, but also from world war.

Source: Strategic Culture