Self-immolation for Palestine and more, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

Item 1: Speaking tours in two new continents: Over the past 40 years I
spoke about human rights and justice at 45 countries around the world (8 in
Africa, 13 in Europe, 22 in Asia, 2 in North America). Now my wife and I
are planning two trips to two new continents: Australia/New Zealand and
Latin America). We welcome invitations and support or at least network us
with friends you know there who could do this. Events are filling quickly
so please notify us ASAP if you want to help or invite. Rough schedule:
April 15-18: Perth
April 19-23: Adelaide
April 24-28: Sydney
April 29-May 3: Brisbane
May 4-6: Sydney
May 7-12: Melbourne
May 13-17: Canberra
May 18-June 3rd New Zealand
November and December: South America (Chile, Argentina so far but other
countries could be arranged)

Item 2: When I am gone (song by Phil Ochs)….

Item 3: Two decent human beings set themselves on fire on the US: A woman
protester in front to the Israeli consulate in Atlanta and a US active duty
air force member Aaron Bushnell burned himself to death in front of the
Israeli embassy in Washington DC having declared he “will no longer be
complicit in genocide. I am about to engage in an extreme act of protest.
But compared to what people have been experiencing in Palestine at the
hands of their colonizers, it is not extreme at all” and as he burned
himself shouted repeatedly “Free Palestine”. This is bravery and courage
beyond words. His plight cannot be in vain. Please share. We will plant a
tree in his honor in Palestine. [Wish the complicit Arab and Western
leaders burn themselves instead of living the rest of their lives in shame!]

Item 4: On Thursday, February 29th, at 3pm EST / 10pm GMT+2, I’ll be
interviewed by New York-based journalist Jasper Nathaniel on Instagram
Live. You can follow him at @infinite_jaz and tune in at that time to watch
us live (or the recording will be saved on his profile). We’ll walk through
the museum/institute ( and I’ll discuss my scientific
diagnosis of the Palestine situation.

Item 5: 2 March events globally to stop the impending invasion of Rafah

Item 6: Netanyahu Unveils HORRIFYING Plans For Post-War Gaza

and his henchman BenGivir sends his thugs to attack even families in Tel
Aviv having refused to exchange prisoners to release Israeli captives in
Gaza being bombed by Israeli forces

Item 7: The right to boycott
Social media kit

Item 8: How Israel created a water crisis in Palestine

Item 9: This is what the Ashkenazi European colonial settlers really think
from Netalowst soldiers being used as cannon fodder in Gaza

on State Department Inspector-General to investigate illegal shipments and numerous violations of Federal law

Item 11: More information on the legal case against the German government

Item 12: Watch what the criminal Sisi regime has built on the Gaza “border” to help israel

Item 13: No Access, No Information: Thousands of Gazans “Forcibly
Disappeared” by Israeli Forces

Item 14: China says to ICH: Palestinians have a right to armed struggle

Item 15: Brazilian President speaks the truth

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relevant items…..

Mazin Qumsiyeh