Six Actions and Global uprising grows, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

“Silence in the face of Evil is itself evil” Dietrich Bonhoeffer, German
anti-Nazi dissident (1906-1946)

Selected interviews and more highlighting our work and tour (now in

Land & People

Land, Biodiversity & the Colony: continued
and updates of public events will be posted at bottom of this blog:

Our murdered friend’s relatives also murdered (by a Depraved apartheid
colonial regime)

Action 1: The US House is likely to vote on the HR 6090 the Antisemitism
Awareness Act this week. It would cement the “IHRA” depraved definition of
antisemitism in the Department of Education. This law would silence
criticism of Israel. Take action here:

Action 2: EU citizens vote for Palestine


Action 3: Demand safe passage for flotilla

‘Demand Safe Passage’ – Gaza Freedom Flotilla Ready to Set Sail 

Action 4: Please see and disseminate and

Action 5: Academics call on the CNRS – Higher education and research in
Gaza destroyed. Please sign the petition below and forward…The petition
is open to all in academia and is now in English.

Action 6: May 15 is Nakba Day commemoration. Join events in your community
or plan one yourself. Here us an example British Palestine Committee Event,
15 May, 5.00 pm London time

Global uprising spreading on 200+ universities and beyond to stop the gecide (like 1968 but global and much
larger) (paris) (Birzeit) (Cornell)

Why does the Christian West stay silent as Israel eliminates Christians in
the Holy Land

Stay Human and keep Palestine alive

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