Sleeping Through the Lessons of Naked Tyranny, by Ray Zwarich

I’ll try to make this short (relatively). I am responding here to an article from a person whose work I have admired for a very long time, Colonel (US Army retired) Ann Wright. I have her email address (she’s reading this, assuming her same address is still functional), because she and I once corresponded (years ago now) concerning our shared distress over the brutally murderous nation of Israel’s treatment of the people it keeps under the murderous, monstrous Iron Heel of Zionist racist fascism.

Here’s her article, appearing on QuislingBob Scheer’s CIA propaganda site, ScheerPost.

Now that freedom of speech no longer exists in our lost, tragic, bleeding nation, with the Ruling Elites now in complete centralized control of ALL our Mass Media, (having so cunningly even gained control of those media that once liked to call themselves the ‘alt-media’, but are now loyally parroting (squawk! squawk!) the Ruling Elites’ own CIA propaganda, as QuislengBob Scheer is), the next primary objective of the Ruling Elites would be to disarm the population.

But they can’t… Lucky for us… They just do NOT have the power to do so…

That power is simply beyond them. Why?… The answer is VERY obvious.. Because only people with guns could take away the guns, and the people who already have guns would shoot back… THAT is why…

Because the people in our nation who own guns, (I don’t own ANY firearms, and for reasons of my own, I never plan to), would use those weapons against government tyranny if that government was stupid enough to even TRY to disarm them.

As he was preparing the Nation’s PseudoLeft forces for the coming DPM (Democratic Party Machine) Coup, Colonel (US Army retired) Larry Wilkerson (he’s reading this), the very man who so loyally helped Colin Powell, (as his fawning Chief of Staff), lie our rnation into the disasters we are now mired in so deeply we will NEVER get back out, warned us that most of the FBI’s estimated 400 MILLION firearms in private hands in our nation are in the hands of people who are now so foolishly looking to Trump for leadership.

People’s fear of government tyranny was PRECISELY why the Second Amendment was added to the Constitution. It simply would never have been ratified had the people’s right to bear arms, the right to retain the power to protect themselves against government tyranny, not been forever guaranteed in that document.

So… Unable to do it themselves, the always cunningly evil Ruling Elites, with the help of its evil, cunning operatives like Wilkerson, (he had me completely fooled with his ‘fallen on the road to Damascus’ masquerade), have fully enlisted the crazed Woke Cult PseudoLeft as their primary ally in their evil designs to solidify their tyranny over the nation.

The PseudoLeft’s idotic SELF-DEFEATING Woke Cult now wants to help the Ruling Elites establish their complete tyranny over the American Common People. This crazed Woke Cult PseudoLeft is so STUPID that they don’t understand even the most basic political principles that History itself has tried to teach us for thousands of years.

Et tu? Colonel Wright? You too are THIS stupid?

When Caesar won a decisive battle against a fiercely spirited Gallic tribe, he would NEVER accept their surrender, or show them any mercy, until they had surrendered ALL their weapons. They would often plead, (Caesar himself tells us), that without weapons they would be defenseless against the other Gallic tribes. Caesar was absolutely resolute. They could count on his mercy once they turned over their weapons, and they could count on his protection against the other tribes, but he would annihilate them, to the last living person, unless they surrendered their weapons. (There were a few times that some hapless tribe refused, and Caesar made good on his promise to annihilate them).

An unarmed population is completely helpless against an armed government.

The ONLY thing standing between our ‘engineered’ population, so precisely divided between equal camps, each unable to defeat the other, EXACTLY as the Ruling Elites, advised by the nation’s finest minds in mass psychology, engineered us to be, the only thing standing between us and complete fascist tyranny, is the heavily armed ‘right-wing’, (which is no more a true ‘right’ than the PseudoLeft is an AUTHENTIC Left)…

The PseudoLeft has no idea whatsoever who the people on the PseudoRight are, or what they think.

The PseudoRight, on the other hand, though confused in CRUCIAL ways, (in trusting Trump, for example), is NOT delusionally insane, as the Woke Cult PseudoLeft CLEARLY is. The PseudoRight, though fatally confused in their trust in the Orange Man Shill, is VERY rational in their own analyses of the Woke Cult forces opposing them.

That, of course, is to their DECISIVE advantage over the delusionally insane PseudoLeft. BOTH these mutually hateful ‘sides’ are confused, but the PseudoRight is very rational in assessing the thinking of its opponents. (Sun-Tzu would approve).

The STUPID, delusionally insane PseudoLeft has no fucking idea on God’s green earth, not one fucking CLUE, who their opponents are, or what their opponents are thinking. Sun-Tzu would laugh uproariously at them, over their com[lete stupidity.

These idiotic Woke Cult Crazies are doing their best to pave the way for tyrannical fascism. Freedom of speech is already gone. If the tyrants could disarm the population, we would see naked Fascism’s terrible face.

Poor Colonel Wright. Didn’t they make you study military strategy at the US Naval War College, (her alma mater)? Did you sleep through those lessons, Colonel?

The tragedies of these ongoing mass killings are but a symptom of our poor bleeding nation’s Mass Insanity. Any rational person can ‘see’ that. Even if we COULD ‘get the guns’, (as we CAN’T), the Mass Insanity would just manifest itself in other equally deadly ways. How about a rental truck plowed into a crowd? How many times has that happened? Shall we then stop renting trucks? How about poisoning people’s drinking water? Shall we all then only drink bottled water? How about poison pills in Tylenol bottles?  Shall we stop selling pills in drug stores?

When will we stop so foolishly thinking we can eradicate the disease itself by palliating its symptoms? When will we begin to face the disease?

History has taught us well that it is not at ALL rare for whole nations to go as dingbat insane as ours has. We just relatively recently witnessed Mass Insanity on this scale in Germany, not even a century ago. Now it has infected our own nation. Are we so far gone insane, en masse, to even ‘see’ it?

Advocating for disarming the population is like advocating for beach weather in the wintertime… It’s NOT going to happen… The only thing this self-defeating advocacy accomplishes is to deepen the divisions between the Common People that have already rendered us politically powerless against the Ruling Elites.

“Divide and Rule”, saith the Ruling Elites. “Oh goody… Sounds like lotsa fun… We’ll help”… answers the stupid, delusionally insane Woke Cult PseudoLeft.

QuislingBob Scheer, once an opponent of the Ruling Elites, has now cashed in his 30 pieces, and is now a willing sold-out lackey errand boy for them.