State terror, the right of Palestinians to self-defense, and lies that try to cover genocide, by Mazin Qumsiyeh

In the late 19th century and early 20th century, some Jews like Martin
Buber and Judas Magnas and the chief Rabbi of Jerusalem under Ottoman rule
argued with political zionists like Rothchild and Herzl and Wizeman telling
them that a Jewish revival can only be done with the support of the native
inhabitants of the land. This logical argument was not accepted by the
Zionist leadership which emphasized the need for a new economy and polity
based on Jewish labor, Jewish power, Jewish militias, and Jewish hegemony
over the land. Political Zionism was strengthened to become a quasi state
after the Balfour Declaration of 1917 and the British sponsorship of the
Zionist project. The first non-Ottoman ruler of Palestine was the right
wing Herbert Samuels in 1921. Jewish power was born and with it Jewish
terrorization of the local people. Zionists as all colonists engage in
terrorism to get the land (see ).

The terrorof these early colonizers reached a crescendo in 1948 with large scale
ethnic cleansing of more than 500 Palestinian villages and towns. Arab
collusion and weakness in the past allowed Israel to keep expanding its
colonization programs with fake “wars” like 1967 when a mere 800 Israeli
soldiers were killed. That failure to save Palestine by corrupt Arab
countries or a complicit international community led by the USA (itself
under the Zionist boot/lobby) led to the birth of revolutionary
indigineous resistance (Palestinian factions like Fatah, PFLP, DFLP, etc).
Since then, military might of Israel (with Western imperialist partnership)
failed to achieve much other than killing civilians like in Lebanon and

The capitulation of the PLO in 1988 to accept a fictional two-state
“solution” (never in history did such a delusion help stabilize a
colonization situation) and the Oslo deceptive accords were conceived to
delay liberation and create a permanent occupation. Thus other resistance
movements were born. Yet, and as I wrote in my book “Popular Resistance in
Palestine: A history of hope and empowerment”, the vast majority of the
resistance was not armed. According to international laws and conventions,
both armed and un-armed resistance are legitimate in situations of

Since 1.4 million Gazans are now refugees (more than 2/3rd for the second
time), the total number of Palestinian refugees since Israel was founded is
now about nine million. Over 120,000 have been killed needlessly since 1948
for the dream of a racist (apartheid), ethnocentric chauvinistic state. It
is not too late to work for a democratic secular state (see my 2004 book
“Sharing the Land of Canaan”
and end this needless blood bath.

The self-declared “I am zionist” US president Biden questioned the number
of people killed in Gaza as documented by the Ministry of Heath so in
response, the ministry released the data with names, ages, and ID card
numbers (Biden has no shame to dehumanize Palestinians and start to lie on
behalf of his pimps. The list released did not include the names of the
reported missing (over 1670 including over 950 children) who are likely
mostly dead under the rubble.
You can find the list of names here but this grows daily by hundreds

What happened on 7 October? Evidence is now emerging that up to half the
Israelis killed on that day were combatants and many killed by Israeli
forces. Since Israeli oppression and killing of civilians has been going on
since the early Zionist massacres of peaceful ancient villages in 1948 to
facilitate ethnic cleansing. We are talking about >27,000 days of murder
and killings of Palestinians (with a nod, a wink, and billions in support
from countries like Germany and the US). But the LIES peddled for this
genocidal war are many and their is a long history of now debunked LIES
including a just released investigation by the UN showing US Citizen and
reporter Shireen Abu Aqleh was intentionally and recklessly shot in the
neck by Israeli soldiers. For a compilation of sample LIES that helped
genocide, see (especially question # 9 but other
questions document facts distorted by the ten-billion Zionist media
propaganda campaign that emulates Goebbles and his Nazi media machine).

110 Palestinians were killed here in the West Bank including two tortured
to death in Israeli jails.

The people are mobilizing around the world and even mainstream spineless
media and Western colonial powers (US, UK, France etc) are being pressured.
But we must redouble the work and flood social and mainstream media and
politicians with facts like those found at Increase the pressure
and even if we succeed in shortening this genocidal campaign by ONE DAY
then that saves hundreds of innocent civilians.

500 drawings by gaza children who are now being murdered (average 15
children killed DAILY)

For those of you who act: Stay human
For those of you who are still on the sideline: you can’t be neutral on a
moving train or in situations of severe injustice so please act
My own list of potential actions that can be done is here:


Mazin Qumsiyeh